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Heavy Sweetness Ash-Like Frost: Translation (Chapter 10.5: The Great Phoenix Feather Treasure)

   Ok, the web version of Heavy Sweetness has 68 chapters and 5 chapters of epilogues. For Chapter 10.5 of the book, we are around the web version of chapter 31. So, after Chapter 11, we should be exactly at the halfway mark. *Wipes a bead of sweat* whew, this commitment is much heavier than I thought it would be, but the support and comments from readers are also much warmer than I thought it would be, so I suppose everything works out in the end :) 

  This chapter has a little more childish squabbling between Phoenix and Night over Jin Mi before a secret is seemingly revealed. I like Dian Xian's style of writing because she never gets too dramatic or morose, and the action moves fast. I hate it when a novel just beats to death one secret as if there are no other secrets in the universe, but Heavy Sweetness has many secrets --- Jin Mi's love curse, Jin Mi's Unfeeling Pill, Jin Mi's birth. So even when one is resolved, it merely opens another can of worms. 

  Sometimes, I feel sad that Phoenix and Night could never really be true brothers. Is it a personality problem? Or, perhaps it's their fate to fight over the same woman?

Chapter 10.5: The Great Phoenix Feather Treasure (Part 5 of 5)

  As I nodded my head and moved half a step towards Night, "Ding Xian, Little Flower Leader, please do not blame Night, Night is a good dragon, I like him."

   In that instant, the surrounding people stopped breathing. The old pine tree shook and dropped a pine needle. 

  "What did you say?" Phoenix's voice was so low it sunk into the ground, each word by each word, his glazed eyes appeared like a perfect porcelain that had been hit by a small hammer, there were cracks everywhere. 

  "Night is a good dragon, I like..." Before I could finish, the glaze that held cracks suddenly destructed, broken into a chaotic mess, it frightened me into swallowing my last word back into my stomach. 

   Some sympathy seemed to flash across Night's eyes, there was the glitter from soft glowing stars, but if you observed closer, it returned to its normal quiet gentle attitude, he said to me, "Thank you for Jin Mi's affections, Night also likes Jin Mi."

  I smiled appreciatively. The twenty four Flower Leaders' expression became alarmed and angry, the Head Flower Leader's flower tendrils immediately pulled me to her side, she sharply glanced at my eyes, "You and Night?" The wild flora on the mountain trembled until they closed their leaves and petals at her sudden burst of anger.

  "Jin Mi..." Phoenix muttered, his expression flickered between alarm and suspicion, deep disappointment and loss, but also a sense of being hit on the head and just regaining his consciousness, "Is what the two of you speak of real?"

  Why is this bird so stunned again? I nodded my head and said, "Yes, indeed very real, more real than the pine needles on the tree." The old pine tree shook again, it shook even harder this time, besides the pine needle, some acorns fell.

  Phoenix's eyes closed, the mountain wind abruptly became piercingly cold, Phoenix's hair blew up, his face deathly white, woodenly he said, "If so, I had only been a bridge across the river, to allow both of you to meet across the shores..."

  Night looked at the cloud, looked at the wind, his expression was calm and relaxed.

  The Head Flower Leader flower tendrils' grip tightened and caused me pain, she fiercely cried, "Don't even think of it! As long as the twenty four of us still have one gasp of breath, this thing will never be!"

  Yu Lan Flower Leader's face was in great pain, "This is to commit a sin! With the relationship between the two of you, how can your have feelings for each other?!"

  To be honest, I was extremely confused, why is everyone more conflicted than the bark on the old pine tree?

  Yu Lan Flower Leader's words caused Phoenix's expression to change, Phoenix turned to Night and said, "Do you know who Jin Mi is? Do you know where did our father stay before he became the Heavenly Emperor? Do you know about the previous Flower Goddess? Do you know that Jin Mi can create flowers, her basic nature belongs to water, and that the previous Flower Goddess' real self was a water lily?" Finally, he sorrowfully laughed, "Do you know father had admitted it to me? You, me, Jin Mi... the three of us... are siblings of different mothers."

  Hearing this, Night was surprised and turned to look at me, then turned to look at the Twenty Four leaders. Some of the twenty four leaders were astonished, some alarmed, some were completely calm, as if silently acknowledging.

  In a moment, I was shocked, happy and sad. Shocked because a grape like me, could have such birds and beast as my relatives; happy because no matter what, I can use this to trick for some cultivation pills later; sad because the Heavenly Empress was definitely a hard to deal with step-mother.

  To sum up, my present feelings were complicated.

  Night was truly Night, he was only surprised for a while and quickly regained his composure, as if he had decided something in his heart, he calmly said, "It's also good we are siblings, it doesn't matter..."

  Before he could finish, Phoenix appeared as if he was struck by five thunders, "To go against the laws of nature is to run the risk of incurring heaven's wrath and incinerating one's self into ashes. If his first highness insist on dragging Jin Mi into the un-returnable deep valley of disasters, I will use all my efforts to stop this!"

  Night replied, "The second highness may have misunderstood." He turned to face me, "Jin Mi, besides liking me, do you also like the Fire God?"

  I thought for a while and reluctantly replied, "I do." Phoenix was confused, the Flower Leaders' body shook unsteadily. 

  Night asked again, "How about the Moon God?"

  Without hesitation, I replied, "I do." Phoenix's expression darkened and the Head Flower Leader relaxed.

  Night continued, "How about Gentleman Yan You (Master Pu Chi)?"

  I nodded my head, "I do." Phoenix raised his eyebrow, the Head Flower Leader finally released me from the flower tendrils that had held me.

  Night laughed, "How about the small attendants at Qi Wu palace?"

  "I do." I still gave the same answer.

  After hearing finished this question and answer, Phoenix's long eyes were lit with fire, he was furious, the surrounding flowers and trees were set ablaze with fire, suddenly the cliff edge we were on became bald.

  I prayed and mourned in my heart for the old pine tree. Who knew that listening to gossip will cost one to pay with their lives?

Comments: Hahaha, I died laughing. As always, the smartest person in the room is Night. The next chapter is quite unexpected! 


  1. Hahaha, Jin Mi is so dense all thanks to the unfeeling pill!!! Here Phoenix is burning, raging furious and she doesn't know why LOL! Thanks for the translation, I had a good laugh, can't wait for the next chapter!

    1. Hahaha thanks for reading! :) I know readers will want to kick her for being so self-absorbed and dense, but really she's liked someone who has been poisoned and cannot process feelings, so she looks at Phoenix (with all these raging emotions) as a mercurial strange bird! Hahah

  2. Will you say your marriage vows? "I do" - can mean so much!!

    Thanks for this chapter.


    1. Haha thanks for reading! :)

      Actually in chinese, she says 喜欢 which is "like" but instead of translating it as "I like him", I decided it would be funnier to translate it as "I do" like the marriage vows you suggest :)

  3. I hope I did not miss the mention of the unfeeling pill in the early chapters of this book. This was one of the first instance when I started to resent Jin Mi at the way she dismisses Pheonix feelings. By the time I read about the pill, it was already like chap 60 or something, and she has done too many cold-hearted things to change my mind about her.

    Having said so, this part is still funny as Jin Mi is so dense, which give Night a chance to use to first rile Pheonix, and then to clarify the situation before it goes out of hand.

    Thank you for your translation, it is very well done.

    - Moonblossom

    1. Hello Moonblossom,

      Thank you, you are so kind! :) Thanks for reading.

      The unfeeling pill is only explicitly mentioned in the prologue! The Flower Goddess calculated that Jin Mi will face a love trial so she fed her daughter the Unfeeling pill the moment she was born in an attempt to save her daughter from her own fate.

      Jin Mi is a hard female character to love, but an easy character to laugh with/at. I do think she redeems herself in the end though! Heehee

      Night is quite fu hei in this respect! Haha

    2. Thank you for pointing out about the prologue! So now I know it is my own omission and not a writing fault, which is frankly relief because I can't understand how the author can use someone so cold as the female lead. I skipped the middle chapters - and by pure luck, started at the part where she vomited out the pill. I like the epilogue best because I like to read about Pheonix grief (must be the sadist in me!) and the OTP happy ending.

    3. *SPOILER alert for the above comment*

      Hahahaha! I actually found the female lead's strange rationalisation of everything quite refreshing since I was pretty sick of emotionally sensitive female leads, but I do see how it can be very strange if you missed that part!

  4. hahaha..jin mi jin mi..everybody is going crazy but her only concern is how to increase her cultivation...phoenix is scary when angry ..poor phoenix

    1. Hahaha! Thanks for reading. Yes, Jin Mi has a one track mind! Phoenix is born with a naturally fiery temper heehee

  5. I posted before but somehow it didn't get posted :(
    Thanks for the spoiler alert Decembi LOL

    So far I was shipless and even now I sort of am. However this chapter just shows that perhaps I like Night more than Phoenix. Phoenix's love for Jin Mi so far seems superficial. Yeah, he does like her but as far as I remember he used to treat her quite coldly until he saw her real face which was beautiful. And then suddenly he is in love. In other words insta-love. Where as for Night it has been a slow burn.

    1. Haha I try my best.

      Hahaha! Phoenix is really the type who bullies the girl he likes! I know that's a bit perverse, but he has I think liked her even before he saw her real face. He only exposed her face to the others because some female goddess wanted to marry her. Although undeniably, Jin Mi's beauty makes it easier for males to fall for her, I do believe Phoenix just likes Jin Mi for the ridiculous person she is.

      But it's true! For Night, it clearly wasn't her beauty, but more her genuine attempt to be his friend and to share in his loneliness that really stirred him.

    2. Maybe I understood incorrectly. The first time it seems Phoenix has any sort of feelings is when she reveals her true face on that boat ride to the underworld. Before that it never seems like he had any attraction what so ever towards her. My memory is failing me but remind me Decembi, had Pheonix seens her face or given any indication of having feelings for her before that scene?

    3. Hello! Oh, Phoenix was nicer to Jin Mi before that, like how he brought her to his palace in the heavenly realms, allowed her to be the worst book clerk ever around him (this perverse special attention), saved her when she ate fire bird eggs, spent time teaching her how to cultivate properly (instead of all the shortcuts she attempts instead haha), bringing her to the underworld when Old Carrot Immortal wanted to bring her back to the Flower World. I genuinely think Phoenix likes Jin Mi for who she is, although I will never be able to ascertain if this was only motivated by her beauty, but I don't really think so. Hahaha.

      I don't know when Phoenix seen Jin Mi's real face, but it's clear he knew she was female way before he removed her soul sealing hairpin.

    4. Yeah, you are right. It's just that as Jin Mi has the unfeeling pill, she seems oblivious to many things around her. This makes for funny situations but reading other people's emotions through her POV is difficult.

    5. Hahaha yes, I agree. She's a very unreliable narrator! I usually just laugh and go along with the ride. Although I am more sympathetic to Night in my re-readings haha

  6. OK...did I miss the part where it mentioned about the relationship between Jin Mi's mom and the current Heavenly Emperor? What happened between them? Former lovers? He ditched her for the throne?

    1. Nope! It's not revealed yet. That's still one of the unsolved secrets! Heehee

    2. oh I see... oooh I really want to know what happened between her mom and the Emperor. Will be looking forward to that story arc...

    3. The story arc plays a prominent role in the next two chapters!

  7. Oh yay! A new translation! It's a good thing that Night caught on pretty quickly that Jin Mi's definition of "like" is not quite what Pheonix thought it meant. I think I finally found what bothers me with Jin Mi about being unfeeling. Is the unfeeling pill only with regards to relationship (e.g. love and friendship)? She seems to feel annoyance and anger just fine. Thank you decembi for the translation, I had a good chuckle.

    1. Ahahahah! Night should know best, since he probably doesn't sense any feelings of real "romance" from Jin Mi. I do think his passion is less than Phoenix, which thus makes him more clear-headed.

      I followed the "Unfeeling Pill" from xia0yuer's translation, but the literal translation is more like death/descending/falling. It is described as destroying emotion and denouncing love, with an emphasis on romantic emotions and affections - so it probably doesn't affect annoyance and anger.

      Thanks for reading and commenting :)

  8. Jin Mi, Jin Mi, Jin Mi...this book wouldn't even be half as funny if it wasn't for her foot in mouth syndrome. But boy, how the words that come out of her mouth can cause so much trouble and confusion sometimes put me at a loss for words.

    I don't think she means to be thickheaded, but I'm assuming her closed and sheltered way of living and the presence of the unfeeling pill inside of her attribute to her simple-mindedness.

    It's so funny that the ONLY reason why she was sad was because it meant she would have such a horrid stepmother. LOL! Too funny. :D

    thanks again for the awesome translating, decembi :)

    now I'm off to continue reading Wipe Clean After Eating. I think I have a new found fondness for modern c-novels...they're so much easier to understand without all those underlying meanings hidden in the prose of ancient novels. It would usually take me at least a few days to finish an ancient novel, but surprisingly, I'm already on chapter 8 of WCAE and I just started.

    I'm going to ask you and Peanuts for more modern novel recommendations when I'm done with WCAE. :D

    1. Hello joanna,

      Hahahaha! I agree. Jin Mi is priceless. I do think that the Flower Leader's sheltering made Jin Mi especially vulnerable to Moon God's "brain washing" hahaha. Hence, the misconception of what mutual cultivation is.

      Thanks for reading and commenting! Haha. Yes modern c-novels are much easier to read than ancient novels and can be great romantic fluff! Some of them are zippy light confections, just the thing between heavy meals. I enjoyed Wipe Clean a lot! Haha

  9. soooo funny! can't wait for more

    1. Hahaha! So glad you enjoy this :) Thanks for reading and commenting!

  10. These flowers are funny people "we drugged you into a psychopath, taught you nothing and in fact hid the truth from you, HOW DARE YOU LIKE THESE PEOPLE ITS AGAONST THE HEAVENS!"

  11. I don't know that this scene would be so hilarious :D
    poor the old tree for being bald!

  12. This chapter is so interesting. Phoenix, despite being day and night with JM for hundred years, does not know that JM has no or very little understanding of romantic love. Night understands JM best that is why he is able to manipulate her. Phoenix probably is wrestling with his own emotion, can't really "understand" JM well. JM is confusing too; subconsciously she says and acts likes she loves him but consciously, with the unfeeling pill, she says and interprets emotion confusingly and hilariously.