Frequently Asked Questions

I will slowly build up this page with the Frequently Asked Questions ("FAQs") I get. :)


1) Personal information, purpose of the blog and information about readers: #talk 17 - Where are you from? 
Personally, one of my favourite entries where everyone introduces themselves and how they started their c-novel journeys. Please feel free to introduce yourself at any point of time (and in any entry), but I'm going to benchmark this as the page to go to if you want to find out more about the people you will commonly meet and read about on the site. I especially welcome further introductions at this entry! 


1) What is 仙侠 (xianxia), 武侠 (wuxia) and 宫(gong)? : #talk 13: An Introduction to C-Novel Genres
I have only started writing about the various genres in c-novels, but this entry is a good one to get a basic understanding of the three most popular genres for ancient c-novels. 

2) What is the black belly boss? : #talk 4: The Perfect Representation of the Black Belly Boss
"Black belly"/ 腹黑(fu hei) is a common term used to describe a character's personality in c-novels. Literally, it means stomach black and is usually used to mean that someone is secretly quite evil/sly/manipulative, because you will only know that the person is black belly after being eaten up!

Chinese Traditions

1a) What is the legend of the Cow Herder and the Weaving Goddess/Maiden?: Chapter 10.2 of Heavy Sweetness Ash-Like Frost 

1b) What is Chinese Valentine's Day?: Scene 8 of the Emperor's Strategy

The legend of the Cow Herder and the Weaving Goddess/Maiden is one of the most famous chinese folk-tales and is usually considered as a paradigm of faithful unceasing love (see Chapter 10.2 for a short summary of the folk-tale). It is also the folklore behind Chinese Valentine's Day which falls on the seventh day of the seventh lunar month, also known as 七夕(Qixi Festival) or double seventh festival. Chinese Valentine's Day is the day the Cow Herder and the Weaving Goddess reunite every year. 

Feel free to leave a question here or in any of the pages. I will slowly build up the Q&A here, especially with more specific categories in reference to the translation projects we have here. Till then, enjoy the site!


  1. Hi, I'm squinty. I'm from the US, I like carrots and tragedies, but this site is starting to convert me... Ah, no, bad bad! I <3 SE! And I'm currently writing about a cannibalistic carrot fairy. Oh, and ooh, I'm first!
    I AM NOT A ROBOT. Just so you know.

    1. Hello squinty! Lovely to hear from you! Haha I'm afraid I am firmly in the sugar side and love happy endings. My only translation project that is sad ending is Once Promised. I do hope you will enjoy the stuff you find on my blog ♡ and all the best for your writing!

  2. Hi Decembi, out of curiosity, are you planning on finishing up the translation for Once Promised? I know it's a sad ending but I love the novel. I also know that you're quite busy with heavy sweetness translation & your own fiction novel but I'm just wondering... Thanks for your hardworks!!


    1. Hello Sian, yes, I do plan on returning to work on Once Promised again! But real life work has been all consuming for me :(. I actually plan to translate a short modern novel after Heavy Sweetness finishes then return to my ancient novels ♡♡♡

  3. Hello! I recently found your website and have been enjoying your translations immensely. Contemporary Chinese novels are rarely ever translated officially into English, so many amazing stories are unreadable without the kindness of fan translators like you using your free time to do this for us. Thank you so much for your dedication.

    My question- I read your site on my tablet, as I have no home computer. The text is very, very tiny on most websites. I was wondering if you would ever consider uploading ebook or PDF or mobi files of your completed translations? For those reading on tablets, ereaders or smartphones it would be a boon. However, i understand this would require a lot of formatting and extra time, so if it is not something you are wanting to do its very understandable. I will still read it without the files, it just takes a lot longer.

    1. Hello Anon,

      Thanks for the support! Your question is a really good one and I've often thought about this before. My position for the translations for now is that I'm not comfortable making them into an e-book since they are unofficial translations and it feels like I'm making an unauthorised copy of the author's work.

      For my own fiction, I'm open to making them into e-books, but I haven't mostly due to the lack of IT knowledge haha.

      I hope you enjoy my blog :) thanks so much for the support!

  4. hello, i just found ur website and i thought it was fateful meeting..since i loves chinese novel so much
    do u translate chinese bl novels too? i have been searching for hua rong tian xia online but i have failed....may i know the alternate english title for it? did u do translation for it?

    sorry for taking up ur time
    thank you very much.

    p/s: i am not a robot..hehe

    1. Hi! No, I don't translate chinese bl, haven't read any actually. So sorry I'm not able to help better!

  5. (I lost my first comment, it got deleted somehow >.<)

    Hi Decembi!
    I've never ever read any c-novel right up until Ashes of Love was aired in Netflix. Eventually I found out it was based on a book called Heavy Sweetness Ash-Like Frost.
    I honestly admire the prose behind c-novel writing, and I can see that through your translations.
    I also commend how you translate because I understand that you add poetic creativity to flesh out your translations, without losing the essence of the original story.

    I could relate to you when you said that when a story (c-novel) touches your heart, so much so, you're moved to create a translation from it.
    I've always loved writing, whether the story is my own or a fanfic that I made. So when I feel giddy about a story like Heavy Sweetness Ash-Like Frost, I get inspired about my own take of how things could be or should be.
    In short, I started on a fanfic based on this story, and I wanted to ask, would you recommend any website or platform that hosts c-novel fanfics?
    I've been looking around, and I did see, but somehow I feel reluctant. Idk why, but I guess I'm looking for that right place or platform to publish my fanfic, even if it's 'just' a fanfic.
    I've also considered publishing it in my own Blog, but, I feel more reluctant to do that because I don't have a (huge or even a humble) following that appreciates fanfic writing in general.
    There's also, but I noticed there's not much entry or community for HSA-LF in (Or am I wrong?)

    What do you think? Where could I go to submit mine?
    Hehe it really got me inspired during this time of Quarantine... writing about it keeps me motivated during this period.

    Hope to hear from you soon!

    PS. To be more direct, your translation of HSA-LF inspired me to write my own fanfic. Both you and Dian Xian's style of writing got me going. It was the subtlety and the poetic justice especially during intimate scenes that moved me. I found it dignified, respectable, but still amorous at the same time. I've never read anything like it before, so as a writer, it inspired me how to write something so 'difficult' into something 'pleasant' to read.

    ...Hence why I want to publish it, to be judged if my work does have that effect HAHAHA...

    Thank you and more power! - Spinx (