Monday, 23 January 2017

#39: So Much Goblin Feels

  I have so much Goblin feels. I absolutely loved the drama. Yes, it has so much problems, but it's still pretty much my most favourite drama experience in a long while. 

  I'm having such a hard time letting it go, and been listening to the songs on almost repeat. I even started having dreams - not really on Goblin, but a fantasy-themed story that evokes that same kind of existential romantic tension. 

 I'm half-decided if I should collect all these fragmented images inside my brain and write it out into a story. I can't decide if it would be relieving or merely sink me into deeper grief over the end of Goblin. Decisions, decisions.

  I'm going to sleep on it (haha), it's now dreaming between a one-shot or a three chapter short story, with really just two central images I really want to capture. 

  The story goes like this: the male character is the God of Death, chinese myth-inspired, basically the Underworld where all deceased souls pass through to assess if they go to Heaven, Hell or reincarnated again. I imagine him like a CEO of a soul-processing corporation haha. By some accident (don't really want to go into it here in full), he saves the life of the female character, who is more than human, but not immortal either. Nothing really unique or special about the setting, except these dream images I got and a scene I really really want to write. I think it's because in a lot of the romantic stories, maybe the male lead gets more attention, but in my dream, I really liked the personality of the female character - who is so spunky and philosophical and funny. 

  Shall sleep on it.

Much love,


  1. It will be a great story! I am looking forward to it. And also I like this drama very much, only that the main actor is superugly. It is a great pity. For this are novels the best because you can imagine a handsome face... Have a great time. Karol

    1. Dear Karol, thanks for the support! I have posted the first chapter. It will have three chapters. :) Hahaha I find Gong Yoo handsome though!!! <3

  2. Hello decembi!

    Oh Goblin! How I loved it!!!! *throws confetti into air*

    At first, my boyfriend was making fun of me for watching a drama titled Goblin. He asked me if it was about GCIed Goblin and trolls! lol I did my best to convince him that Goblin had a handsome human like appearance haha. Who could fault Gong Yoo? XD

    Like you, I felt that Goblin could have been better, but it was an amazing experience overall, very enjoyable. Been listening to the ost on repeat since it ended... and I shall never be the same when blowing out a candle.

    Add oil with the story. Would love to read it!

    Much love,

    1. Dear Hanakoxiao, thanks for the encouragement! So sweet of you. I also love to heart the ost on repeat. It's so trueeee to the feelings of the drama.

      I posted the first chapter! It will have 3 parts <3

  3. Hello Decembi!

    Great to see you posting again. Yes I totally agree w you. Goblin is one of the few dramas in recent years that touched me so much. I have been putting the OST on reply as well.

    All the best with the story!

    <3 Klutzyfeli

    1. AWWW Klutzyfeli, happy chinese new year! Hope you are doing well. <3 I have been really busy here hahaha.

      Goblin was SOOOO good. I've posted the first chapter :) hope you will like it. Think my writing style changed a little. Hope it's still ok!

  4. Hello Decembi,

    I hope you are doing fine. I was waiting for your post for a long time. It's really nice to hear from you. Though I have not checked out the "GOBLIN" drama, but now I am hoing to do it very soon. Thanks for your update.

    Wish you all the best to you & your stories.

    1. AWWW so sweet. Thanks for still supporting me despite my hiatus. I'm really trying to post more. Hope you like my new story!!! <3 It will have 3 parts.

  5. Hello Decembi ^.^
    It's been a while but it seems like all is well :D
    I got "addicted" to Goblin despite the beginning episodes. I think one flaw is the length in each episode but wow, did the story picked up from episode 9. It's not that often Korea makes a drama with both historical and modern elements intertwined and weaving in our characters with one another <3 I love the idea of a God of Death and wish there's a spinoff on the grim reapers.

    1. Me too! Goblin remains an obsession for me. I've only just stopped listening to the ost on repeat hahaha.

      ME TOO! I want to watch more... I want to watch the grim reapers. I just love the backstories of everyone.

  6. Omg yes, Goblin was soooooooooo good. Am still rewatching clips cuz I can't seem to stop and nothing has been able to fill that void. So good. Granted, there were problems and holes like you said, but overall the storyline, the characters and the quality was very on point. I especially loved that each character had their own friends and lives and dreams. The bromance was sooo cute too. And I even adored the ghost friend.

    Plus, am watching those BTS like crazy cuz it showed just how close and cute the casts were together. So good for my heart.

    Also, very happy to see you back!
    Ok, back to watching.

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