Tuesday, 15 November 2016

#talk 38: Hello, I am here.

Dear readers,

I am genuinely surprised that it has been more than six months since my last update. I wonder where I should start!

I'm alive and I'm doing very well. I'm actually living in America for a while, for professional and personal reasons, and am enjoying my time here very much. Of course, the move, the transition and all the necessary things that I have to do has really filled up my time and left me with little to translate or write.

I wanted to thank all of you readers who still come to my blog, read my translations, read my stories and most of all, leave me comments. It is all these small notes of love that keep reminding me that I need to return, I need to come back.

Being here in America, right now, during such a divisive period - really makes me appreciate the common beautiful things that we can all share regardless of where we come from, or what language we primarily speak.

I've actually a few ideas for quick, short one-shots and may post one or two first. My heavier stories and work will require much more effort, and I can't really promise when I will have that length of time. 

But, I promise to always be here. Thank you so much for coming here.