Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Fiction: The Princess Who Cannot Marry (Chapter 13)

Dear readers,

Thank you so much for your well wishes and support. It really touches me that there are readers for my story. I know it must take a lot of faith and patience for readers to follow my story and I am ever so grateful.

I'm having a lot of fun now that we are at the second arc. A lot of new things to explore even as there are old secrets to unravel. The thing that pleases me the most I think is watching Yu An grow into herself - even without knowing her identity. 

I think all three male leads have their own connection with Yu An in the past - so all could be considered childhood connections. What's important as the story continues is who will live with her in the future. 


Chapter 13: You and the Deep Blue Sea 


       The Dark Prince An Hun brought Yu An to an island. They landed on the edge of the island which faced a horizonless blue sea. Yu An had never seen anything like this before. She had seen paintings of ponds, lakes and rivers - but nothing ever like this - as if they were at the point of infinity.

      By the time they reached this island, dawn had broken. So, the sea was lit with a light golden shimmer as if the stars had fallen from the sky and were swimming.

  Wordlessly, they stood at the edge, the waves rising and falling, rising and falling, its own beautiful rhythm. She took off her her shoes and her feet pressing onto the sand - leaving an imprint, an impression as if to say she was once here. And, then the waves rose up and everything was a smooth sheet again. She liked to think that the smooth sand was pure like her mind, that the absence of memories was only just a beginning, because she would find them again - they were waiting out there for her, beyond what her eyes could see, but she knew that they were out there.

  With her feet planted firmly, her heart comfortably in her chest, she held the golden flute in her hands, raised it to her lips and started playing.


    He could not see her face clearly. She stood right under the rising sun. The rays lit up the edges of her body, sparkled off the gold, and lit the musical notes that floated melodically from the flute.

  The salt of the sea. The sand under his feet. The ascending and descending waves. They were achingly familiar. 

    With every strong wave that reverberated from the sea, he thought he could hear his mother's voice. 

Monday, 7 December 2015

Fiction: The Princess Who Cannot Marry (Chapter 12)

One of my favourite chapters in The Princess Who Cannot Marry so far. It's always fun to reveal the thoughts of a different character. Enjoy! 

Chapter 12: The Dark Lord's Mission


   The Dark Lord chuckled deeply to himself when he heard the report on Yin Hua from his trusted ward. It was believed in the mortal realms that the famous Courtesan Yin Hua had been successfully redeemed by a travelling merchant. However, the truth was that one of Crocodile Prince Xie's men had forcefully abducted Yin Hua whilst brainwashing the truth of this incident from the mortals of the Golden Peony Mansion. 

    Nothing seemed out of the extraordinary except his ward had also discovered that Crown Prince Xin Yang was tracking Courtesan Yin Hua's movements and will soon trace her to Crocodile Prince Xie, despite Crocodile Prince Xie's attempts to silence the news about Dark Prince An Hun taking her away from him at his birthday feast. 

  The Dark Lord could tell that his ward, clever and savvy as he is, had not made the connection. His instincts had been true - the Yin Hua in the Dark Realms was likely not the real Courtesan Yin Hua. Crown Prince Xin Yang's only ties to the mortal realms was his god sister, the now mortal, EmpressYue of the Yan Kingdom. The current Yin Hua must have some links to the Royal Yan Family, which would explain the faint traces of gold in her soul. Not all royals will have gold in their soul of course, but the royals linked to the Great Yan Emperor, Hsiao, likely would. 

  Could it be? The Dark Lord's eyes crinkled at the sudden thought that struck him. 

  If it was true, things would get very messy, the Dark Lord thought to himself, but he did always like a bit of chaos. 

  He ordered his ward to call Dark Prince An Hun to see him immediately. 


   An Hun could never tell what his father was thinking, but this was the first time he felt a huge pressure overwhelming him when he stepped into his father's private study. 

   He bowed and greeted the Dark Lord, "Your humble son greets the Dark Lord."

  The Dark Lord didn't tell him to rise but asked, "Do you really want the throne?"

Friday, 4 December 2015

Translation: You Owe Me Your Draft! (拖了稿兮你要還) by Li Mu Cuo (林無措) (Complete) (5 stars)

Dear readers,

Apologies for the hiatus! Fell very sick in November and had to take a leave of absence from my blog.

Will slowly get into the groove again.

As a present, I have translated this perfect short love story between a lazy genius type male writer and a hardworking female editor!




Can a draft be eaten: Did you order the takeout to my house? Thanks.

Selective blindness: Draft!

Can a draft be eaten: Next time order the beef brisket noodles. I don't like sour vegetables.

Selective blindness: Draft!

Can a draft be eaten: Oh, can you help me hire a household helper? My clothes are still soaking in a pail of face-wash like substance.

Selective blindness: Draft!

Can a draft be eaten:... this must be automatic reply. When you return and see this, also call a mechanic for me. My washing machine at home has been spoilt for a long time. 

Selective blindness: Can you be even more shameless? Can you can you can you? Draft you jerk!

Can a draft be eaten: How difficult is it to make a telephone call. I need to concentrate on writing my draft.

The story

   Mister Lu is a mystery novel writer who never checks his mailbox. He is also a household idiot and naturally missed the notice in his mail informing him that his editor had changed. 

  Miss Cai is an easily irritated workholic magazine editor. She is also a household skills genius who loves to stay at home. Thus, she naturally became the sacrifice to chase for the drafts.

   Above is what is called the narrative background.

  Below is a chat log. From Mister Lu's computer. 

  This was a day in which passions started brewing. 

  [9.30 AM]

 Selective blindness: Master Lu, have you returned from your work trip? Please send this week's draft and personal column to my inbox.

Selective blindness: AFK (away from keyboard) is also no use. I know that you are there. I want to see a draft in half an hour.

Selective blindness: ...... An hour has already passed!

Selective blindness: Two hours!

Selective blindness: Draft you jerk! Do you want to miss your deadline for the second time this year?!


   Recently in these few months, such angry howls will appear every half an hour, from Monday to Saturday, no matter the weather. Mister Lu felt a little guilty and was considering if he should change his nickname.

  It looks like he may have gotten too used to dragging his drafts, if not why would Editor Little C who only used to chase him for his drafts three days before the deadline suddenly be so hardworking until it caused his hair to stand? Mister Lu stretched his lazy waist and decided he will first stop the continuous howling from that side.