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Fiction: The Princess Who Cannot Marry (Chapter 10)

Dear readers,

  Thank you for all the love you have given me in the last two chapters. It made me so happy! This work week has been so overwhelming and I have perennial headaches. But, everytime I read a comment, I feel really revitalised. Thank you. 

  I really hope you enjoy the second arc! 

love, decembi

Chapter 10: New Beginnings


   "Xie, this girl - I will take her." 

  The moment the beautiful man spoke those words, Yu An felt like her heart may burst at the hope that was filling inside of her.

  Suddenly, everyone else fell down on their knees at the sight of the man standing. They called him, "Your Highness". Except of course, another figure with a strong presence, sitting on a raised throne-like chair, was still in his seat.

  Glances were exchanged between these two powerful figures and Yu An was mildly horrified at how her life hung in the balance as two men looked at each other. Could she be more pathetic?

  But, suddenly, the figure on the chair stood up as well, a false smile on his lips as he raised a goblet of wine at her, "Come and serve a toast to his Highness."

  Yu An guessed this must be Prince Xie of the Crocodile Tribe. There was a bloodthirsty edge in his eyes as if he wanted to suck her blood dry at this very moment. 

  Yu An took in a deep breath and stood up from the guzheng.  She slowly and carefully walked through the still kneeling audience towards the man who said he would take her. 

  Very gently, she controlled the expression in her face as she took the goblet of wine from Prince Xie. She bowed down towards the man they called your Highness. It was as if her mouth knew what to say when her mind didn't, "Your humble servant pays her respects to his Highness."

  "Rise," He said calmly and repeated it in a deeper tone permitting for everyone to rise. 

  When he took the goblet, Yu An's deliberately calm exterior almost broke. His eyes, she thought, they were so dark, as if they could never be lit by any light or warmth. 

  Suddenly, Yu An did not know if she had picked the wrong side - which was safer? The crocodile or the abyss?


   Yu An stayed silent throughout the whole time she followed his dark Highness. She instinctively sensed that a simple wrong word or action would send her reeling back into the dangerous claws of the Crocodile Prince. Even if she did not trust in the character of the dark Highness, she knew at the very least that he was not interested in eating her. 

  Finally, they were at the entrance of the mansion. Her whole mind cried at the chance to escape. But, where could she go? She was not even lost in her own land, she was entirely transported into an entirely different realm. 

  A silver carriage strode up on winged horses. Yu An didn't know if she was more surprised by the gleaming carriage as if it was made out of the stars in the sky, or the long feathered wings arching out of the horses' backs. 

  A servant opened the door to the carriage, and as if playing the part of a doting lover, his dark Highness actually raised up his hand to lift her gallantly up to the carriage first. Yu An only too gleefully complied like a good partner in crime. 

  When she got on the carriage, she immediately moved as far as she could inside and leaned as deep as she could onto the silk linings. When his dark Highness entered, he seemed to smirk as he comfortably took his place on the other side. 

  Yu An remained quiet as she felt the carriage took to the sky. She didn't dare look out of the windows at first, but the light from the stars seemed to stream in and if she wasn't in such a compromised position, she genuinely thought that she might be enjoying this. 

  Still, she knew her position. His dark Highness, whoever he is, must be higher up the political totem pole than the Crocodile Prince. Although they smiled at each other, she guessed that his dark Highness only picked her, like a terribly petty boy taking the prized toy of another, just to prove that he could. 

  But what happened to the toy when the other boy is no longer around? Does the toy become worthless?

  She wondered if she could barter her way out of here. Maybe convince him to send her back to the mortal realms? But what did she have to give?

  Before Yu An fell too deep into her thoughts, her reverie was broken by a chuckle.

  "You aren't foolish," Yu An rose her head towards his gleaming eyes. 

   "Come," He said, patting the space next to him. He added, "I won't bite."

    What could she do? Yu An moved over to his side. 

  He arched his brows lightly, "Who would have thought that the famous Courtesan Yin Hua was so wooden?"

  "There's no point wooing a man who doesn't even see me as a woman," Yu An blurted out before she could control herself.

  "Then what do I see you as?" He asked. Yu An thought that it was unfair that his voice was as beautiful as his looks - the way the sound of his words twirled over his tongue, into her ears, like a hynoptic drawl. 

  And for that moment, Yu An was hynoptised. She asked, her tone hopeful and uncertain, "Have we..." but she stopped herself before she could finish her words and embarrass herself completely.

  "A pawn," Yu An answered, "Only a means and not an end."

  He suddenly got very close to her. So close she felt his breath prickle her neck. And then, he reached into her robes and she was going to smack him when he pulled out the guzheng scroll she kept at her chest.

  He unravelled the scroll and looked at it with amusement, "Did you write this music?"

  Yu An shook her head as she tentatively moved back.

  "Now, now, don't make your fear so obvious," He said in a deceptively gentle tone, "If you are brave enough, I might even let you leave alive."

  He is deliberately scaring me, Yu An comforted herself.

   He picked up her hand, "You are trembling."

  "I don't know what you are made of," Yu An said rather gruffly, "But I am a weak mortal made of flesh and blood and we were not meant to fly."

  He actually laughed. And more shockingly, he took off his outer piece and wrapped it around her shoulders, "I still have some use for you. Don't die yet."


    After they reached back to his Highness' palace, Yu An noted that his men and servants were shocked to see a maiden step out of his carriage. He ordered for one of the servants to take her to the bluebells courtyard and that was the last she saw of him. 

  She thought at that moment, I don't even know your name.

  Later, she got closer to the female servant attending to her, Xiao Li, and she learned more about where she was. At first she thought that the Dark Realms was what they mortals believed to be the netherworld for lost souls, but it wasn't. The Dark Realms was a realm full of creatures from her mortal nightmares. Demons, ghouls, sprites and ruled by Dark Immortals that preyed on the seven mortal sins: lust, greed, sloth, apathy, envy, wrath and pride. 

  Her dark highness was Prince An Hun of the Wrath Tribe. 

  The Dark Realms was made up of seven royal tribes and ruled by the Dark Lord. Most preposterously, the Dark Lord appeared to enjoy the natural conflict between his royal princes in the seven tribes. Prince An Hun himself was competing for supremacy with Prince Lie Hun in the Wrath Tribe. 

  Yu An reminded herself never to be angry in front of Prince An Hun. He was a being, she believed, whom it was never wise to show a weakness.

  Yu An could hardly tell if time passed in the Dark Realms for she grew increasingly weaker. As much as she tried to muster her energy to do something, her body was faltering. 

  Just as she thought that she would disappear so unwillingly in this dark forsaken land, he appeared. And, he rather roughly poured a black liquid into her mouth. Wasn't that the black liquid she suspected was poison and had been pouring away behind the garden? She had tested the liquids passed to her on the plants around her and was shocked to realise that it killed the plants. Thus, she had been sneakily pouring them away. 

  "Stupid," He spat after the whole of the bowl's liquid had stained her mouth and robes, "I can't tell if you really have a death wish." 

  The liquid was bitter but she felt her limbs tingle as if coming to life. 

  "Yes, this is poison," He said icily, "Poison to counteract the poisonous fumes you breathe in just by staying in the Dark Realms. Do you think this is such an easy place for silly mortals like you to live in?"

  I cannot be angry, Yu An thought as she answered, "Then let me go!"

   Yu An saw Xiao Li enter her bedchambers and bowed towards Prince An Hun, "Your Highness, his Dark Lord has arrived."

  He held up her head and stared coldly into her eyes, "Even if you want to die, you have to wait for my permission first."

  He got up and ordered Xiao Li, "Get her ready."
   The tips of his mouth actually rose at the sight of Yu An's hands slightly shaking. "Yes," He said, "Get angry. If you have energy, get angry at me. Make me regret treating you this way."

  She had been weak before, but now she got up from her bed. The speed of which made her legs wobble slightly but Xiao Li caught her. 

  Yes, she could not remember anything, but she knew from the very fibre of her being that no one has ever treated her in such an infuriating way. She will definitely not die. No, she will live, she will torment him even if it was the last thing she did, then, then, Yu An thought in agitation, she will leave and find her true place.

The Princess Who Cannot Marry
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  1. thanks decembi, what a nice treat been waiting for this.,,marie

    1. Dear marie, thanks for the support and encouragement <3

  2. YAY! new chapter :D Thanks decembi. Love it a lot <3 Finally Yu An getting angry. Such a rare sight. Very proud of my An Hun. Only he could create such a reaction from her. LOL. I don't know why but whenever I read about their interaction, I think about food. Yu An is the food and An Hun is the spices. He adds some interesting flavours to the palate. Waiting forward to Yu An devising ways to "torment" him.

    1. Dear Non2,

      Hahaha! I smiled at your comment that you are "very proud of my An Hun". Aww. I wondered if some readers might wonder how callous or cruel An Hun can be? And, how infuriating he is? Hahaha. But to me, that's An Hun. He is the prince of anger afterall and is best at making use of people when they lose control.

  3. Go angry Yun Ah! it'll be so much more fun now that she's taking him head on.
    I notice that he has taken alot of interest in a mere mortal...wonder what's there in his head.

    1. Dear Lumyangnao Shaiza, thanks for reading <3 she starts out being more fearful, but that's only natural considering her circumstances. It's amazing that she can ever talk back actually. Haha. But, it will be fun to write as Yu An slowly gains confidence in her new dangerous surroundings. I think we will get An Hun's POV in either chpt 11 or 12.

    2. Yay! There will be Ah Hun's POV. I like that he doesn't come off too cocky but actually quit serious( atleast to me).
      I like him alot,I do but my heart is with Hu zi, something about his sincere and genuine Care for Yun ah that dugs my heart string, I already miss him wah!!

    3. Ooh I like your description. I'm also pleasantly surprised that Hu Zi is quite well liked. Haha. Thanks for being so interested in my story <3

  4. Yay!!!! 'Good partner in crime' Indeed! hm, it seems like An Hun means to use her to elevate his own position, but I do think he enjoys his interactions with her! I can't wait till both of them are on the same page about who they are and how they met. Its too bad that she is mortal and cannot withstand being in the dark realms without that liquid. >< That being said, maybe the moon god can work his magic hehe

    1. Dear Hanakoxiao,

      Hahaha! I like your observations <3 I don't think a match between Yu An and An Hun will ever be easy. An Hun's environment is literally poisonous for her. Haha. But, that's what makes it interesting to write and explore.

    2. No, I wouldn't wish for Yu An to end up with An Hun, and I wouldn't think Yue would approve. ( I should hardly think a mother would send her daughter to such a fate! Its much too unstable and dangerous for a mortal girl!) But I think she will definitely learn and gain from this experience... and make her appreciate Hu Zi even more! Hold on to that jade girl! lol

      Thank you for writing!! I really look forward to reading your stories. They remind me slightly of Georgette Heyer novels but with Asian flair and a lot of heart! <3

    3. OMG my heart could burst. I'm a huge Georgette Heyer fan. She's so funny and her characters are so wonderful!!!! I never thought about it consciously but the comparison is super flattering. GH is way more awesome though.

      And a Hu Zi fan!! I only know that klutzyfeli is a hu zi fan too haha

    4. Gh is awesome, but you are too! I could always tell how the plot is going by the first few chapters, with the ending already mapped out with GH novels. But with your stories, the suspense is in the air! Keep up the good work. =)

      Yes, Hu Zi all the way! The most sensible one.

    5. Thank you thank you! GH's beauty is in her style of writing, I think, she just has this lovely wit about her! She's one of my favourite writers. <3

      I'm really grateful for your trust! I try my best to write out an interesting story.

  5. I can't exactly say "aw" at their interactions, lol. I'm wondering why An Hun's purpose is in keeping Yu An.
    Loving this story more. Keep at it :D
    I'm waiting for Yu An to slowly recover her memories ~

    1. Awwww thank you ♡♡♡ am always very encouraged by you.

  6. i saw the introductiory picture and my heart cannot stop thumbing, thanks for great story. karol

    1. I know!!! I've been saving this picture of An Hun for ages <3 so glad to finally be able to use it. Thanks for the support karol <3

  7. thanks for translating, totally liked this

    1. Dear Anonymous, aww thanks for reading! Haha. Actually I wrote this.

  8. Hello Decembi and fellow followers, (Part I)

    such a nice treat. I must admit that I am practically stalking your blog by refreshing the page every day a couple of times at least on my computer and on my mobile phone; when I saw this new post, I was so happy. I read it as soon as it was published, but before commenting on it, I wanted to let it sink ;-)

    About your previous post with the cast, I liked your An Hun a lot. He has a mischievous, manly look with a dash of playfulness and hotness. As you can understand, this post's highlight will be An Hun. =J

    What can I say for An Hun, I love him! Hahahaha! :-) Especially, because he is a god from the wrath tribe, I can sense what a nice rom-com our couple can have, cue lots of cute and heart-warming, blood-boiling bickering scenes. :-D

    It was such a nice move that you thought of Yu An being a mortal in demon realms, so there needed to be some vulnerability to set her apart from other creatures in that realm. Something demonic which would put her in danger and at mercy of An Hun, so he could overlord her and help her, which might make this vulnerability such a nice plot point for push and pull between our couple. And this coming in the form of very literal poisoning surprised and excited me for the story's sake, not that I am being sadistic here. This is "it hurts so good for the sake of story" kind of thing. Hehehehe ;-)

    The sprites, gouls, demon gods and goddesses may poison a mortal's soul or spirit, in the figurative sense, say, from a religious point of few; but that their world is literally harmful to the body, I wasn't expecting that; hence, I was pleasantly surprised.

    1. (Part II)
      This has two outcomes for our beautiful, talented, and clever Yu An. 1) Even if she finds a way to escape, she cannot, as she would need that antidote to stay alive. She would need to somehow find the recipe of that liquid to concoct her own. This means she would need to interact with the servants and make friends at best. Some may warm their way into her heart, which would make it difficult for her to leave them behind, especially when she doesn't remember where she belongs. She can lose her heart to them.

      2) If she stays there to anger An Hun, An Hun would become stronger and she weaker. Using her wrath, An Hun would start controlling her will and making use of her, which may at first have negative effects on Yu An, but later, after An Hun discovers his own heart and treat her deservingly, would be good for Yu An, too. This would lead them to become closer, such as Yu An accompanying An Hun to his family gatherings. I guess, this will be how Xi Yang, my forever Crown Sun Prince, will see and recognize her as Yue's daughter because of her eyes and musical talent. He will come into play and bring her back to mortal realms. Yu An will have lost a part of heart to An Hun and An Hun his completely to her until then.

      I guess, this means there's only one outcome, though! Hahahaha :-)
      I have my doubts, though, that Yue would allow something like that or let their love blossom, as this would pose bodily harm to her beloved daughter. I want to give An Hun a chance to prove the man he is and the depth of his love. Just like his mother had left her world as a mermaid to follow her heart, the Dark Lord, even though this would mean to give up on her own life, An Hun may also leave his ambition for the throne and go live with Yu An in mortal realms. Of course, this would lead to Yu An becoming old with the years to come but An Hun preserving his youth as a god and witness her old days and eventual death. Such a heartbreak!

      This doesn't mean, I am shipping them. I'll wait patiently for their love and friendship to blossom fırst. As you know, Hu Zi has a great head start compared to the other two. So, An Hun and Drifter need some alone time with Yu An to further their relationship. Otherwise, we can't consider them as contenders for her heart, can we?

      I am eagerly waiting for your next post and the continuation of this beautiful story! Thank you for sharing your imagination with us. Also, greeting to your husband!
      Lots of love,


    2. Dear Dedicated,

      Your reply is epic!!! So sweet. I feel really happy and blessed. Haha.

      It's nice to hear that you like the push and pull between An Hun and Yu An. Actually, your observations are really quite sharp and I think you have picked up on several important threads, it's just how they will fit in the overall scheme/picture. There are some clues in the first arc of the ideas I have for this story, and more will definitely be revealed in the next few chapters. I'm rather swarmed so not sure how fast I will be for the next chapters, but I'm much freer in Nov/Dec - so I feel like the story should get better as I have more time on my hands <3

      You are absolutely right about how Yu An's anger will only feed into An Hun's strength. Haha. Poor Yu An.

      I really love reading your thoughts and I don't specifically reply to all of them because it would be too spoilery. But, I was really inspired to share with you some preliminary thoughts on the three male leads that I don't think will spoil the story - just based on what has been revealed.

      When I started planning Yu An's story, I didn't specifically plan for a particular male lead - unlike Little Moon or The Sun's Dark Love where the one true pairing is so very clear that there really is no room for anyone else. In this story, it's really about Yu An growing into herself and deciding who is her true partner. All three male leads will have a strong connection with her, and all are equally viable.

      Hu Zi will be such a wonderful husband to Yu An if they do get married. Either he rises up the ranks on his own strength and wins her hand equally, or Yu An chooses to leave behind her princess rank behind, but no matter what the choice is, you know that Hu Zi will always treat Yu An with all the love that he has, and she will always be a princess in his heart. Hu Zi has close ties to Yu An's family as well, so on paper, this looks so ideal. The only problem of course is that Yu An's feelings for Hu Zi is complicated - whether it's romantic, familial, or both, remains to be discovered.

      Drifter has more of the typical structure of a male lead - mysterious background, potentially tragic/dramatic backstory and an interesting dynamic with Yu An. If Yu An and Drifter get the chance to know each other - it would be interesting to see if Yu An could really thaw Drifter's pretty intense commitment to distance himself from the world. Yu An represents the past Drifter left behind, but if Drifter could resolve his past properly, he might become more comfortable with who he really is. In this way, Drifter may return to being the First Prince to marry Princess Yu An, or Yu An could also give up her title to roam the pugilist world with Drifter. Both of them have that dual interest/identities in that sense which makes potentially opens them up to many possibilities.

      So, everyone's right that on paper, An Hun will be Yue's nightmare. The one person she would not wish for her daughter. The fact that Yu An is mortal and An Hun is immortal is enough to label this as "mis-matched" and potentially "star-crossed". However, what is so fascinating about these two is that they really bring out aspects in each other that no one else can.

      In some ways, I think the three male leads represent abstract ideals - Hu Zi is childhood, comfort, family, Drifter is exploration, mystery and intrigue, and An Hun, well, I think Yu An has describes it best so far when she thought his eyes were an abyss.

  9. Dear decembi,
    Thanks so much for this chapter. I'm really intrigued by An Hun right now, though I find myself wondering a lot about what happens back home - will Hu Zi and Drifter hear of her disappearance, will people be mobilised to look for her etc. Did Yu An get such a thorough and lasting disguise, that her true looks are completely hidden? Or will they be revealed when she washes her face? :P I'm also curious as to what An Hun wants to use her for and have a feeling that their story will be a case of 'didn't know I loved until I lost' for AH.

    1. Dear Ivy,

      Awwww. Actually, Yu An was mostly veiled at the Golden Peony Mansion and when she performed at the Crocodile Prince place. But, An Hun has already seen her face since she took it off back at his place. Think I didn't make it clear enough haha - but you see from Chpt 1 that Yin Hua performs with her face veiled, so most people haven't seen her real face.

      Been sick so haven't updated. But the next few chapters are very ooooh to my heart and will show what happens back on the mortal realms too. <3

    2. Ohhh, I see XD I read your lovely chapters too fast and eagerly to pay attention hehe :P
      I've just read chapter 11 and love it, it's awesome to hear An Hun's POV

    3. Awwww! Thanks for the support Ivy <3

  10. Dear Decembi,
    Very conflicted here afeter reading "Drifter has more of the typical structure of a male lead",its not that i dont like Drifter, i have a very soft spot for that kind of mysterious n desolate type. But An Hun, what can i say, i already fall for him since he just merely the heroine big bro.
    I hope he doesnt pick the wrong choice and end up being a lonely ruler. He gets the throne but loses everything (happiness, love of his life), he wouldnt be complete anymore if he let go of Yu An. Oh my, am i jumping in to the wrong ship .....
    I guess after Wang Huan departure to Heavenly realm, my An Hun must be very lonely. And that loneliness will go on n on n on for centuries or millenium if he decide wrongly.
    And if he choose to be with her, i thing his sacrifice will be the greatest. But it would in balance with the happiness he he could get. Although i dunno how can this 2 become one. But isn't it Yue the moon maiden managed to become mortal, so i think it's not impossible for An Hun to become mortal too. Coz the other option : Yu an lives in dark realm is definitely not an option. It's really a danger environment for her. Even Dark Lord n An Hun preferred Wang Huan who was the dark princess moved to a better realm.
    Secretly praying my An Hun will get his happy ending n live happily ever after.

    Thank u for the update Decembi, be blessed.

    1. Dear Anon,

      Awww! No worries because my description that Drifter has more of a typical structure of a male lead does not mean that he is THE male lead. :) I very consciously made all three male leads an equally viable choice.

      Also, awwwwww I really love your description and analysis of An Hun. It really touched my heart.

      Thank you so much for reading!!! Will work hard for the future chapters <3

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