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Fiction: The Princess Who Cannot Marry (Chapter 8)

  I confess that I was motivated to finish up Chapter 8 faster because of an anonymous comment describing the little bits she liked from the three male leads. It really touched me! And this is an important chapter for one of those male leads! 

  We return to the palace and Yu An realises that things are never the same again.

Chapter 8: Secrets Revealed


     Hu Zi and Drifter were waiting outside the cave when Yu An and Qing exited. Hu Zi immediately knelt down and greeted Uncle Qing, "Captain Hu Zi pays his humble greetings to Grand Prince Qing."

   Qing gestured for him to rise and shook his head, "No need for formalities, I am only a monk. I do not recognise the title you greet me."

  Drifter remained aloof on his steed. Qing gave a whistle and his horse sprinted towards him. The quartet made a smooth and silent ride back to the Mo Tribe headquarters.

  "Aunt Mo and Uncle Lang," Qing nodded his respects to Grandmother Mo and Master Lang upon reaching the Mo Tribe camp. 

   No further words were said under the deep veil of the stars. It seemed like all was finally at peace. 


  The return journey was without any obstacles. Hu Zi was much more willing to be trained by Master Lang on the way back and Drifter remained his silent self. Qing seemed to enjoy the silence and he often went aside by himself to meditate. Sometimes, Yu An and Qing would converse about her childhood and her younger brother, the Crown Prince Hsiao Yang. Yu An remembered Qing's face when she informed him that her brother was a reluctant prince and his dream was to wander the cities as an artist. Qing had a face of wistfulness before he said, "Like his father."

  The night before they returned to the Capital, as usual, Qing had went off to meditate, Master Lang and Hu Zi went away to duel, and there was only Drifter and Yu An left at the campsite.

  As Yu An fed the camp fire with more firewood, the only sound was the flickering of the fiery tongues of the flames. No, she realised, there was also her heartbeat. Faint but pulsating. She turned to look at Drifter, who was sitting on top of one of the tree branches, as if he was a bird, longing to be released to the sky.

  "Drifter," she called out. Her voice wasn't loud but she knew he could hear her. 

  "Thank you for accompanying me on this journey," Yu An said sincerely. She paused then continued, "I don't know why you called yourself a sinner, but the fact that you hold whatever past sins so close to your heart tells me that you are definitely not heartless."

  "And in fact," Yu An said with an almost wondering voice, "You probably have the most gentle heart of all." She thought of Drifter always silently waiting in the background - not because he didn't care, she was sure, but because he wanted no credit in his protection.

  Drifter didn't reply, and Yu An didn't need him to. For someone who loved to make music, she found herself comfortable listening to the flames and her heartbeat in the silence. 


   Yu An calculated that it had been about twenty three days since they left the Yan Kingdom on the third day of the Grand Yan Emperor's funeral. Thus, when they finally returned to the Yan Kingdom, it was already the twenty-sixth day.   

At the city gates of the Capital of the Yan Kingdom, Master Lang and Drifter remained outside as if indicating that this was where they stopped. 

   Qing nodded his appreciation to Master Lang and Drifter then turned to Yu An, "Tell your father I will meet him tonight at our garden." With that, Qing rode off. 

  Yu An rode her horse closer and whispered towards Master Lang, "I just have one last thing to say, Master Lang. My grandmother goes to the main temple in the Capital twice a month to pray, on the eighth and on the twenty-eighth. She has done this for every month since I've known her. I followed her once and it was strange, for on the twenty-eighth, she prays while looking very far away. As if the person she prays for does not belong in the Yan Kingdom."

  Yu An moved her horse back, her eyes twinkling, and then she bowed low on her horse before Master Lang, "If fate decrees, we will meet again."

  She gave a smile and quick nod towards Drifter, and then turned towards the city gates with Hu Zi. Master Lang and Drifter watched as their backs disappeared into the gates, into the crowd, no longer to be seen. 

  Master Lang inclined his head towards Drifter, "Now that you have met the princess you were supposed to be betrothed to, would you like to return to your real identity?"

  Drifter's face remained impassive and Master Lang shook his head, "Your cold expressions don't fool me." Master Lang pointed to afar, "Your brother has arrived as representative for the final ceremony of the Grand Yan Emperor's funeral. Go see him. You can't run from your past forever. I will see you again on the final day." 

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Fiction: The Princess Who Cannot Marry (Chapter 7)

Haha I have to confess that I am suffering from food coma due to copious consumption of mooncakes. I've fallen behind a bit on my wish to finish arc 1 by the weekend but we should get there in 1 or 2 chapters. And, oooh when we do, I have so much to say!

Chapter 7: The Heart's Answer


    At Yu An's words, Hu Zi opened his eyes - they were bright but had traces of faint red lines. Yu An shook her head as she sat down next to him, "Wait till I tell your father about how much alcohol you drank!"

  Hu Zi gave a tiny shrug in his shoulders as if he didn't care. Yu An's head turned slightly towards him, her eyes carefully, very carefully, observing his side profile. He inherited Uncle Hu Jun's handsomeness - but it was an austere handsomeness, all cold hard edges. The only softness were his eyes that resembled Auntie Hong Meng, or perhaps the only softness were when Hu Zi occasionally relaxed himself with Yu An.

  "I'm sorry," Yu An said finally, "I feel like I pulled you selfishly into my adventures again." She paused, as if finding the right words, "I couldn't think of anyone else that I could trust...... but I forget that you have your own dreams and ambitions."

  Yu An felt Hu Zi leaned back against the tent. She waited for him until the silence was no longer comfortable and she prodded him on his shoulder, "You are not going to say anything?"

  It was then that Hu Zi's gaze connected with Yu An's own, and she felt like something was trapped in her mouth because he looked at her with an intensity she was not expecting.

   "I was afraid," Hu Zi said, his voice so low that Yu An had to move forward to listen, "that if I was too honest, I would frighten you."

   Hu Zi shook his head and laughed, "Last night, the Grand Tribe leader led you to Grand Prince Qing?"

   Yu An nodded, "I have to give him an answer tomorrow night to convince him to return to the palace."

  Hu Zi paused and then said, "When we return to the palace, we might not be able to see each other for a while... I've signed up for the naval expedition led by General Jiang... it will be a long journey into the Western Seas." 

   He hesitated for a moment and then took Yu An's hand into his, "But, I will come back before your nineteenth birthday and then I will tell you what I wanted to say."

   If they had still been children, Yu An would have squeezed Hu Zi's hand and forced him to say what he wanted right now. But, there was something in Hu Zi's grip, something in the pressure in which he pressed into her palm, which made her think that the words he were saving were something heavier than any she had ever borne before. 

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#talk 35: Dreaming about my New Translation Project!

      The twenty-seventh day of the September will be the fifteenth day of the lunar moon. The day of the Mid Autumn Festival! Where we eat mooncakes, carry paper lanterns and admire the moon's beauty with our families. 

     The Mid Autumn Festival has a peaceful feeling of reunion, and of completion. It feels perfectly apt since after about a year and eight months, I've finally finished the translation project for Heavy Sweetness. I've been asked these a few times and I want to state clearly that "yes, I will translate all 5 epilogues!". 

   I'm currently deciding my next translation project, and in that time, I will be writing The Princess Who Cannot Marry and finishing the epilogues for Heavy Sweetness. For my 2 projects which have been put on hiatus, Once Promised and The Emperor's Strategy - I must confess, I love The Emperor's Strategy to bits, and I do feel like taking it on full haul as a translation project, but I also feel like I need a fresh start. 

  Translating is organic in the sense that the translation grows with the translator's perceptions and emotions. I've been very busy this year and my output is about 30% of what I published in 2014 (crazy productive!). The last few chapters for Heavy Sweetness were emotionally draining and I had to take a break - and found some sweetness (ironically) in Our Second Master - it was a very pure story that arose from troubled circumstances, and somehow it gave me new found momentum in my translations.

  So, I'm in search for that something new, hopefully something special, to give me a new perspective on translating. I do plan on continuing Once Promised and The Emperor's Strategy, but now not.  When my schedule clears out (and I always pray that it does), I plan on doing one proper translation project, one side project and one of my own fiction. I hope it's not too selfish, but I feel like I've grown from the decembi that translated one year plus ago and I'm interested to see how I would approach a completely new translation project. 

  I've actually read lots of chinese novels along the way, but I don't think I've met anything that really grabs me and makes me want to translate it. The top of my translation list in 2014 was The King/Prince is Here (shusheng link), but I don't feel as passionate about it as I first felt when I read it in 2014. It's also around 100  internet chapters, and not a length I'm particular excited about (for comparison, Heavy Sweetness is about 68-70 internet chapters). The other top pick was Three Marriages (shusheng link/review link), but again, it's a novel I read very long ago and don't feel as strongly about. 

  So, do give me any suggestions you might have! It can be book titles or genre preferences - for eg xianxia like Heavy Sweetness, or you want wuxia, or palace novels, or you like modern university romances, first love or traveling back to the past! Mystery, violence, etc! I'm curious what people might be interested in. I've no specific preferences for modern or ancient c-novels as a translation project - I've done some modern c-novel translations when I do book reviews, and I do find I translate them faster. I think it just needs to be a book that grabs my heart!

  Oh, I want to add that I will not for my next translation project take on another translator's project that went on hiatus. I did that for Heavy Sweetness and was very grateful to xiaoyuer for letting me continue the translations, but I do feel like starting something completely new. 

much love,

Update on 27 Sep 2015: Thanks everyone for the suggestions and recommendations! Do keep them coming in. I have added a few of the suggestions on my reading list. I will also check out new c-novels based on some of the suggested genres. I think this will expand my usual reading and who knows what I would find? Haha. Even if some of the suggestions don't become my new translation project, I may still write a review for it if I really like it. 

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Heavy Sweetness Ash-Like Frost: Translation (Chapter 24.2: The Tears of the Deep Blue Sea & Final Chapter) *COMPLETED*

Dear readers,

I feel incredibly touched to have people following this story from the start - it has taken me a year plus to finish this! Thank you for your patience and most of all, thank you to Dian Xian for creating such a beautiful story.

Chapter 24: The Tears of the Deep Blue Sea (Part 2 of 2)

   Today when I just opened my eyes I saw that everything was shining. It was so dazzling that my eyes spouted gold stars. When I finally stabilisied my consciousness and looked carefully, I was truly shocked.

  Wasn't the person in front  Grandfather Buddha? How could he be so easily seen? This host of mine must come from quite a big backing.

   "Xu Feng greets the Buddha." Xu Feng? So his real name is Xu Feng.

  The Buddha was sitting cross-legged on top of the lily platform, his lowered eyes lightly looked at him, in one glance it was as if he saw through everything, "You do not need to ask, what can be done, even without asking will be done, what cannot be done, even if you ask a hundred times, it will also end up empty."

  I felt the body of my host pause, his breathing froze for a moment then I heard him speak lowly, "Xu Feng understands this logic. I will have to face the consequences of what I caused, but..." He paused for a long time before continuing, "I just want to see her again, even one glance is fine... if not one glance, even hearing one word from her....."

  Although his looks were ugly, his voice was nice to listen. I did not know why but today his voice was hoarse and broken, like a brokenhearted child with choked sobs. 

  After a long while, he continued, "Her soul has not completely dispersed, I can still feel her presence but I do not know where she is. I don't ask for anything else, I just ask for some guidance."

  Grandfather Buddha let out a breath and said, "Before your eyes, at the heart of your eyes, only your heart can see."

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Fiction: The Princess Who Cannot Marry (Chapter 6)

Hello! I was actually really in the groove when I finished chapter 5 yesterday, so I wrote as much as I could - and think I should have enough till Chapter 8. Just need to clean up the text before posting. Hopefully, I can finish the first arc by this week (I am so ambitious) - the first arc will be completed around Chapter 9. Due to the break I took from writing this, the narrative of this story may be less clear - especially since it takes less of a typical romantic novel structure. The general narrative of the story should become clearer once the first arc finishes and most of the background is established.

I'm actually very excited to finish the first arc because I've been dying to write about the second arc since I started! Oh my goodness, have to stop myself from spoiling - I can only wait till Chapter 9 to squeal. 

For those anxious Heavy Sweetness fans, do not worry because I've also largely finished translating the last two chapters and will have it published by thursday. If you like Heavy Sweetness, do check out my other works!

much love, decembi

Chapter 6: A Riddle


   Yu An immediately sensed that this man before her must be Uncle Qing and she respectfully knelt down before him. She answered his questioning eyes in a half nervous tone, "Uncle Qing, I am your brother's daughter, Yu An."

  Yu An saw a light wave ripple through Uncle Qing's gaze and she gently took out the painting in her bag that her father had entrusted her before she left and passed it to Uncle Qing.

  "Father wanted me to tell you that the Yan Grand Emperor had passed away and he is requesting for you to return to pay your last respects to him," Yu An said in a soft tone, as if she was afraid that to speak any louder would offend this calm yet almost too withdrawn man before her.

  Uncle Qing did not seem affected by the news of the death. She could not guess if it was perhaps he had forgotten this father of his, or he had already heard of the death. She guessed the latter was more likely. 

  After a long quiet moment, Uncle Qing untied the ribbon entwining the painting and the long parchment unravelled before their eyes. 

  Yu An immediately recognised her father's style in drawing, but there was something much younger, purer and innocent in the strokes than any of his later works. It was a beautiful garden - she felt like she had seen it, or even played in it before, but it was not in the palace. In the late evening, the moon hanging full in the sky, a pavilion, two handsome youths, their faces exactly alike - one playing the flute, the other playing the guzheng, and an almost ethereal girl dancing in the middle. All their faces were lit up by the moonlight and happiness.

  Another long silence, finally, this man with the same face as her father spoke, "Yu An - An from An Wen? (安稳 - meaning safe and secure)"

  Yu An nodded and she saw a faint smile play on Uncle Qing's lips. 

  For a moment, Yu An thought that Uncle Qing's gaze became extremely soft, but that flicker of vulnerability vanished so fast that she wasn't sure if she imagined it.

  Uncle Qing spoke in a calm, melodious voice, "I left the palace because of a riddle. If you want me to return, you shall also answer my riddle. You cannot tell anyone else of this riddle."

  "Do you know about An Chi?"

  Yu An nodded, "My mother told me." She added silently, I was named after her.

 "Tell me - who did An Chi love as a man? Your father or me?" 

  Yu An's eyes widened slightly, she never thought that Uncle Qing, especially as a monk, would ask her such a question. 

  Uncle Qing suddenly smiled warmly, "I will hear your answer back here in three days." 

  Uncle Qing nodded at Yu An and then turned back to the tombstone. 

  "Can I offer some incense to Grand Aunt Jin?" Yu An asked softly.

  So, Yu An offered a humble prayer to Grand Aunt Jin before she walked out of the dark cold cave. Her head and heart in turmoil from Uncle Qing's request.

 She did not realise until she got on her alpaca that there was another person outside. She raised her head in surprise to see Drifter. 

  His eyes had no emotion as usual as he sat stone-faced on his horse. 

  "Master Lang was afraid you might meet desert thieves," Drifter said in his usual monotone way, as if he was merely counting the number of grains of sand underneath their feet.

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Fiction: The Princess Who Cannot Marry (Chapter 5)

Dear readers, apologies for the break in The Princess Who Cannot Marry updates. Writing my own fiction takes at least twice (or even thrice) as long as translating a chapter! Although I've already sketched out the whole storyline, it's still a pretty tough endeavour fleshing out each event into a chapter! 

But, the emails from all you readers in support of Yu An's story really touched me so much! Honestly! I'm going to try my best to update as fast as I can. My writing is quite rusty but hopefully it will smoothen as the story progresses. 

I came across the picture above and I was like "oh gosh, that is so adorable" and seriously this story had nothing to do with alpacas... but since this is a fictional kingdom in a fictional timeline... I'm going to imagine that the people in the Sand Kingdom travel on camels and alpacas (haha). 

Chapter 5: Memories from Childhood


    Yu An had brought a simple green maiden robe in case she needed to change her attire. Although Yu An had never travelled beyond the Capital, she had often joined Empress Yue in her "incognito" matchmaking adventures in the Capital and thus there were no lack of more ordinary "peasant" clothes in her wardrobe.

  However, this was the first time Yu An had dressed up as an ordinary maiden outside the palace since she usually dressed as a male. Yu An realised that without Xiao Qing's assistance and no mirror, she had absolutely no idea how she was supposed to tie up her hair.

   "Yu An?"

     "Yes," Yu An answered slightly glumly.

  Thus, when Hu Zi had came to check on Yu An who had changed behind the cover of several thick trees, Yu An saw that his expression was slightly frozen upon his sight of her. Yu An sighed, she must really look a sight with her hair!

  But, Yu An did not know that Hu Zi had never seen Yu An in ordinary maiden clothes - and the sight of her, unadorned, pure and simple - as if she was just a maiden walking down the street, someone on his level, someone he could touch - his heart had lurched and his mind had completely blanked out.

  Yu An flushed and gave several loud coughs and she glared at Hu Zi. Hu Zi seemed to regain his composure and the edges of his mouth tipped upwards when he noticed how Yu An's hair was in disarray.

  "Did you bring a comb?" Hu Zi asked as he got Yu An to sit down on a clear spot and knelt down behind her.

   Before she could answer him, Hu Zi was already carefully and gently untangling some of her hair that got entangled. She had never noticed it before when Xiao Qing did her hair but the touch of someone's fingers through her hair was somewhat... intimate. She was glad that Hu Zi could not see her face as she felt her face heat up and the fine hairs on her neck started to prickle.

  She hurriedly passed him a small jade comb.

  "Don't fidget," Hu Zi said calmly as he threaded the comb through her hair.

  "I'm not fidgeting!" Yu An replied in annoyance as she willed herself to stay still. She reminded herself that this was just Hu Zi. Yes, just Hu Zi, who I watched grow up. 

  Just as Yu An had cooled down, Hu Zi bent forward to look at her. Yu An tried to avoid his gaze but the edge of her eyes saw that he was scrutinising carefully if the hairstyle looked fine from the front as well.

  Hu Zi was concentrating on Yu An's hair so intently that he did not notice that his face was just a breath away from Yu An's face.

  After what seemed like an eternity for Yu An, Hu Zi moved away and smiled, "It's done."

  There was no mirror so Yu An could only gingerly touch her hair with her fingertips. It seemed proper. Yu An looked curiously at Hu Zi, "How did you know how to comb a girl's hair?"

  "Because I'm not stupid," Hu Zi said with a hint of mocking. He smiled at Yu An and walked off, "The rest are waiting."

    What Yu An did not know was that Hu Zi had often watched his father combed his mother's hair when he was young, and already at that young age, he thought, one day, I would do it for my wife.

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Heavy Sweetness Ash-Like Frost: Translation (Chapter 23.4: No Door For Redemption & Chapter 24.1: Tears of the Deep Blue Sea)

    To make up for the delay, I've combined two chapter updates into one. I will also combine the last part of Chapter 24 with the final ending chapter. To be honest, translating the last few chapters were so emotionally heavy that I am spent and have nothing much to add --- let Dian Xian tell you everything!

Chapter 23: No Door For Redemption (Part 4 of 4)

"Indeed!" With one hand, Phoenix grabbed me tight, his white lips at my ears, I felt the thinness of his lips lightly swept pass my ear lobes, "So it turns out, your goal for today... ah, the Water Goddess is held hostage by the Great One, the Heavenly Emperor breaks out in fury, to save the Water Goddess, he has no choice but to attack the Demon Realms, to be the hero of justice and right all wrongs!"  

"Look at how perfect an excuse it is! Everyone's heart will follow this wave of justice. I can only say that I cannot reach such a level, I am far beneath......" He held my earlobe in his mouth, the tip of his tongue continuously grazing it, finally, he bit it and a drop of warm blood slid down my neck. 

  "Pity, I have to disappoint you. I have long prepared for this, there are one hundred thousand demon generals ready for battle, only waiting for this moment!" He lifted his head, a smile stained with blood broke open on his perfect face. His fresh red lips cleanly spurted out, "Fight!"

  The River of Forgetfulness has no boundaries, the water no traces, the souls no end. The black clouds were so heavy that they could destroy cities, the armours overwhelmingly shining from the sun rays.

  At one side of the River of Forgetfulness, the Heavenly Emperor stood tall in his robe of white, his arms behind his back, behind him were the thirty six heavenly generals from the Heavenly Realms and innumerable heavenly soldiers. The sharp blades of their weapons reflecting the heavy rays of the afternoon sun such that one could not look directly at them. 

  At this end of the River of Forgetfulness, Phoenix stood on the ferry, his fiery red robes flying wildly, the dark clouds falling behind him, even the afternoon sun appeared dull next to him. The ten kings of hell personally came forward, commanding their own battalion of ghouls and demons. 

  Besides the passing clouds and the wailing wind, there was not a single trace of sound, not a single movement. In the silence, there was a heavy ferocious energy slowly spreading, slowly brewing. 

  I was placed on a wide ebony chair. The surrounding decorations were elaborate and grand, a very long threaded tassel slid down the back of the chair, very much like a lady's elegant long mane, rising and falling gently with the wind. I reached out my hand to grab it, staring blankly as the threads fell through my fingers, the touch was smooth, but the tightly gathered threads pierced through my almost numbed heart. 

  I was only two steps away from Phoenix, but it felt like the distance between us was further than even the entire River of Forgetfulness. I watched Phoenix, Phoenix watched Ren Yu (Night), Ren Yu watched me. How hilarious, what a strange round of glances. 

  "Ren Yu came today not for battle but only to bring back the Water Goddess," the Heavenly Emperor finally spoke first. His pair of clean untainted eyes were fixed on me. What was actually hidden in those eyes? There seemed to be a trace of anxiousness and loss, but how was this possible? Forever, he is impossible to read. 

  Phoenix gave out a light air of disdain, his long narrow eyes lifted slightly, his voice like a qiang di (musical instrument) that resounded between the flags, "What if I don't release?"

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Our Second Master (我们家二爷) by Twentine (HE) (Chapter 7) (Part 4 of 4) (THE END)

We have come to the last chapter and it has so many of my favourite moments. I wish Second Master and Little Monkey - the greatest and simplest of happiness. 

Chapter 7: The End

But I told him, "Second Master, I cannot stay."

  Second Master's hand was always covering his eyes. After hearing my words, he did not open his mouth, he did not lower his hand.
  I said, "Second Master, you should tell the housekeeper all that needs to be done. If not, I'm afraid he would not be able to take care of you properly."

  Second Master did not move. So, I acted on my own accord to call the housekeeper over. The housekeeper's hands laid weakly by his side as he stood in one corner. I told him, "Housekeeper, you must remember what I am going to tell you."

  The housekeeper nodded his head, "What does Miss wants to say?"

  I said, "Second Master's leg is about fully healed, but his leg will hurt on cold and rainy days. You must prepare a hot towel in advance to press on the leg. There's a medicinal shop called 'Return to Spring Hall' on the old street we lived, although it's a small shop, but the practitioners there are very skilled. All these years they have been taking care of Second Master's leg, if there are any problems, you should go there."

  "The bamboo pole for the leg has to be changed every three months. The carpenters in the city know the exact measurements. You cannot use soft silk to cover the leg because it won't hold, you have to use rough cloth. For Second Master's clothes, the left robe sleeve needs an additional layer, I have already left the pants' measurements to Old Mistress."


  "Second Master isn't picky with food but he likes strong flavours. For health reasons, he should not eat spicy food. You have to tell the kitchen to minimise putting chilli when cooking."

  "You have to be more conscious at night - when Second Master can't fall asleep, he likes to drink alcohol in the yard. But, you can't let him drink too much. Don't disturb him, secretly hide behind the house to watch him, don't let him get too sad...... housekeeper?" I just said a few words and saw that there were lines of tears on the housekeeper's face and he was kneeling down.

  "Miss --" I did not know what happened to the housekeeper. Previously when Old Master Yang was around, I never realised that he liked to cry so much. I turned my head and was thinking of getting the Second Master to say a few words to comfort the housekeeper but Second Master was still in the same position and unmoving. 

  I suddenly felt like I had returned to a few years ago, when Second Master just returned home after his injury, that image of him not being able to live and yet not being able to die. I shook Second Master and asked, "Second Master, what happened to you?"

#talk 34: Writing & Friends

Dear readers,

       Can I say thank you for all the emails sent to me about my fictions (Little Moon's Matchmaking Mission, The Sun's Dark Love and The Princess Who Cannot Marry)? Thank you for telling me how you enjoyed my works, thank you for telling me you are still waiting to read Yu An's story. I would like to say - it is not done, and I will continue! I've actually planned the whole story out long ago but I've been suffering from a lack of time. I'm very grateful to everyone's patience. I've been asked questions about it here and there, and I thought I would address it as a whole - yes, The Moon God will have his own story (his story will be the last in this universe)! There's supposed to be a story for the Destiny God and also another story for the Dark Princess Lan Ye (from The Sun's Dark Love) as well, but I don't know if I will ever have the opportunity to write it. I do hope I will get to write the Moon God's story one day - because he really is the beginning and end of the universe I planned. 

  I do have some modern stories planned and some other one-shots. Would anyone be interested in reading modern stories? Any preferences? 

 For all the love for my translations, thank you! I've been overwhelmed with work, but will work hard to finish the last chapter this weekend for Our Second Master. I'll return to Heavy Sweetness thereafter, and promise not to cheat on any other translation project.

  Finally, I met klutzyfeli for lunch today! Haha. My first time meeting someone I got to know online, and it was fun. Also, the funniest thing was that klutzyfeli was surprised that I looked much younger than she thought I would be. I think my heart kind of died laughing when she said I looked like a student. Still, we also bonded over having other halves who had baby faces and looked younger than we did. #sorrowsofababyfacepartner 

  Would be pretty cool if all the c-novel fans in Singapore meet up one day!