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Our Second Master (我们家二爷) by Twentine (HE) (Chapters 5 & 6) (Part 3 of 4)

  Something cropped up over the weekend so I couldn't post this earlier. Also, chapter 5 is incredibly long! But very satisfying.

*edit: I double-checked with the original text and realised I joined Chapter 5 & 6 haha into one long Chapter 5. Have separated them correctly.

Chapter 5: Our Second Master Succeeds!

  Because of that incident, Second Master was angry for a whole half a month. Later, he became too busy and so he forgot to be angry. Basically, I'm not able to see Second Master now - every morning, he leaves early and comes back late. Sometimes, he only comes back to sleep after two or three days. Second Master's originally fair face darkened quite a bit. But, there was one change that I thought was good - Second Master became strong. 

  Actually, Second Master's body wasn't considered weak previously. But, because of his injury, his whole body seemed to have weakened quite a bit. After these few months, Second Master's back became broader and his chest became thicker. Even his two arms became tougher by quite a bit. Once, Second Master returned late and called me to eat together. I said I would quickly set up the table but Second Master said there was no need, we could directly eat in the kitchen. 

  Second Master sitting on the small stool, holding a bowl of rice and eating with big mouthfuls - I looked at him dazed. Second Master placed the bowl down and said casually, "Why are you looking at me?"

  I quickly lowered my head. Second Master said, "Lift up your head." His voice was low, but it wasn't an angry tone.

  Second Master asked, "Why do you keep looking at me?"

  I felt my brain being pulled as I opened my mouth, "Your humble servant was looking... looking at Second Master's change."

  "Ah?" Second Master had eaten his fill and his whole demeanour seemed lazy. He looked at me and asked, "What change?"

  I said, "Changed from before."

  Second Master was dazed, casually placing his hand lightly on his leg, he said in a low voice, "Indeed, it has changed."

  I knew he misunderstood and forcefully shook my hand, "It's not... it's not because of that."

  Second Master looked at me and didn't speak. I was only concentrating on explaining, "The change your faithful servant speaks of... are... are changes in other places."

  Second Master said, "What place."

  I thought for half a day and blurted out, "Second Master has turned black."

   After speaking, I wanted to give myself a slap. Second Master was dazed for a moment and then he laughed. He touched his own face and nodded, "Yes, it is black." He touched his face until he felt a piece of dead skin. He peeled it off and said, "Rougher too."

  I looked at Second Master's firm chin and clear distinguished brows and eyes. He was wearing robes made of rough cloth, a waist-belt, just leaning his body a little and that thick and broad body will cause the robes to tighten on him. In that moment, I realised those loose silk robes of yesteryear, the man who embraced beautiful maidens and played by the West Lake only seemed to exist in a dream now. 

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Our Second Master (我们家二爷) by Twentine (HE) (Chapters 3 to 4) (Part 2 of 4)

   After the tragedy that befall the Yang Manor and Second Master, Second Master really fell into the pits of hell. But in that hell, there is someone who forces him to eat, who takes care of his shit, pee, food and water, and who most amazingly, inspires him to stand up again.

Chapter 3: Our Second Master is bullied

  From that day on, I found the method to apply the medicine and to feed Second Master. Something to rejoice and celebrate. Later on, Second Master stopped scolding me and just acted as if I did not exist. Every day, he laid in the same position, staring with his eyes wide open at the ceiling. He ate, drank, shit and peed all on the bed. Speaking of eating, drinking, shitting and peeing, I suffered for the first two and Second Master suffered for the last two. 

  As he could not get down the bed, I had to enter the room and serve him at every few intervals. For peeing, Second Master could pretend he was a dead fish. I only needed to hold the urinal pot at the correct angle. But shitting was like taking his life. I had to carry him up to sit. Although I said sit, it was more like supporting the buttock and then placing the shit basin below. Because Second Master's right leg was completely removed, for the buttock to move even a little would touch the wound. But for shitting, you can't avoid exerting some force and once you exert some force, both sides will ache. Every time Second Master passed motion, it was 'heng heng ah ah duo duo suo suo' (sounds of pain and exertion). Shit, pee, cold sweat and tears - the atmosphere in the house was as terrible as terrible could be. 

  But the days passed like this. 

  After a month, Second Master's wounds became better. First Master and Yuan Sheng had not returned yet but the household was already almost falling part. I squatted at the yard and thought over this, if no money was earned, in about four to five days later Second Master won't even be able to drink sparse porridge water. Thus, I decided to make things to sell. What should I sell? After some thought, I decided to make some handicrafts. Don't just look at my monkey appearance, I actually have a nimble pair of hands. In the day, after I took care of Second Master, I would run to the fields outside the city to pluck flowers and ferns. Then, I returned home and made flower crowns, necklaces and bracelets.

  It was presently the good season of spring. Every day, rich gentlemen will bring out their maidens to play outside the city and so I stood at the city gates to sell my wares. I actually sold quite well. It was only a bit tiring. Because the flowers and ferns would wither overnight and they had to be fresh for them to look good, I had to run out every day. But, it was good that I had money to earn, I couldn't let Second Master starve to death after all. 

  I was feeding Second Master food again when Second Master suddenly said, "Open the windows". I quickly opened the windows. It was already spring, the weather was bright and windy, the birds were chirping, everywhere was aglow with life and vitality. I looked outside and for a moment, I relaxed. Second Master spoke in a low voice, "Close it." I swore I really didn't hear it the first time. Second Master may have thought I was intentionally disobeying him so he shouted, "I order you to close it!" I was shocked and turned around. I saw that Second Master had turned his head away, half hidden under the blanket.

   Suddenly -- in that moment, suddenly I felt that Second Master was a little pitiful. I didn't know where I got the courage but I told Second Master, "Second Master, let me bring you out to look around." Second Master ignored me. I walked forward and held Second Master's shoulders, Second Master tossed his shoulder. "Don't touch me!" In that moment, I was really possessed, I actually didn't listen to Second Master and pulled him to sit up. Second Master's injuries were almost fully recovered but he couldn't really rise up. To rise up so suddenly, he would immediately feel giddy and dazed. Taking advantage of his dizziness, using my hands and legs, I moved him onto a wooden handcart. When Second Master regained his bearings, he was already lying on the handcart. As he was about to unleash his fiery temper, he turned his gaze at the things next to him.

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Our Second Master (我们家二爷) by Twentine (HE) (5 stars) (Chapter 1 to 2) (Part 1 of 4)

   Dear readers, I actually suddenly came across one of the short story projects I've translated a part of before in my computer archives! I had completely forgotten about it. It seemed such a waste to let it stay hidden in the archives. I've translated it as "Our Second Master" by Twentine and it's one of my absolute favourite stories. It's so perfectly written - it wrenched my heart into all kinds of pieces, but it was also truly such a classic happy ending! 

  It's a short but powerful seven chapters and I've decided to finish translating it as a gift for all my long-time readers. The whole story will be up hopefully by this week (if possible). And, please, for this story, NO SPOILERS in the comments! Enjoy! 

love, decembi

P.S. Heavy Sweetness fans, please wait patiently! The last few chapters are a real burn on the heart!

  The synopsis I've posted on shushengbar:

  What would you say is the most valuable thing in this world?
   A mountain of gold and silver.


   Then what is it?

   The return of the prodigal son.*

*Prodigal means extravagantly wasteful. In this context, you can think of a libertine, a wanderer. There's a famous chinese saying 《浪子回头金不换》which means that you won't exchange the return of a prodigal son for gold. I chose the prodigal son because it's also usually means the second son, which fits perfectly with the title.

[original c-novel]

Chapter 1: Our Second Master is a pair of silk trousers

  The whole city of Hangzhou knows that my household's Second Master is a pair of silk trousers (negative term for a rich man's son). The Yang Family operates the biggest silk business in the whole country, the richest family in town with two sons. The First Master, Yang Yi Fang, when everyone mentions him they will raise up their big thumbs in approval. He is one of Hangzhou's top scholars, well-learned and a successful candidate in the imperial examinations. In addition, Yang Yi Fang's appearance was elegant with clear handsome brows and eyes, thus Old Master Yang always liked to bring Yang Yi Fang along when he went for business gatherings. With a brush, he creates a painting, with a chant, he recites a poem. In the uncouth world of coins and commerce, his elegance stood out like a stem of plum, white snow in spring. And, the Second Master, Yang Yi Qi, well, he is also a character --- after all, there isn't many people who are able to cause people to furrow their brows after hearing his name. Second Master was younger than First Master by a year, but his emotional maturity and character was definitely different by more than a star and a half.

  There's a saying that a person's personality is fixed by three years old. When Second Master was three, the Yang Manor held a huge feast that extended to the whole street. They invited the most famous opera troupe to perform. When the main star was singing halfway on stage, she suddenly let out a huge cry. Everyone looked over and realised that a person was rolling out from under her skirt --- that's right, this was our Second Master. From that day on, almost every one in the city knew, the Second Master of the Yang Family from three years old already knows how to climb into the star's skirt and touch her leg. Old Master Yang and Old Mistress Yang completely lost their face and almost lost their life's breath. Later, Old Master Yang invited five tutors, senior ones, junior ones, strict ones, benevolent ones, but all of them couldn't control Second Master. Without even mustering the effort to blow away dust, Second Master chased them all away.

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Heavy Sweetness Ash-Like Frost: Translation (Chapter 23.3: No Door For Redemption)

   The long-awaited meeting between Jin Mi and revived Phoenix! The intensity of this chapter is so satisfying, but also makes my heart ache.

Additional note: There's technically only four more updates and then we reach the epilogues (5). There's chapter 23.4, two parts of Chapter 24 and the final chapter. The final chapter is very short so I will try and combine it with Chapter 24 - I know you guys will kill me if there's a long wait in between. Unconsciously, we are so close to the end! 

Chapter 23: No Door For Redemption (Part 3 of 4)

   I was guided towards the backyard. From far, I could see a sea of fiery red flowers, in the midst of which was a small river. In the river laid a Fei Yan pavilion*, there were musicians playing, the sound of stringed instruments mingling with the flow of water. He was leaning on a rail supported by a row of short posts**, a table in front with two or three parchments scattered around, a half-opened bamboo book*** that was slightly yellowed in his hand, he was concentrating on it. His side profile was half in the light and half in darkness, as if an illusion.

  The surroundings were ablaze with blossoming flowers, but nothing was more eye-catching than the red vermillion powder at the tip of his brush. My heart shook.

   The demoness led me to the stone steps before the pavilion, "The Great One, the Water Goddess seeks an audience."

  I half-closed my eyes. A gush of wind swept by causing the sea of flowers to ripple into each other, the sound of the instruments immediately stopped. The surroundings were entirely silent. After a moment, there was a soft discordant sound.

  Someone lightly laughed, the musicians frantically bowed down, "May the Great One punish us."

  "All of you are not to be blamed, even I am afraid of the Water Goddess," His tone was cold. What was clearly a sharp insult, also carried a layer of ambiguity, resembling the bloodstains remaining on the knife blade, "All of you can leave."

  "Yes," After a flurry, all the surrounding people exited.

  My eyes downcast, in a moment, a pair of brocade boots appeared in my gaze. My heart suddenly skipped, a thousand words and expressions were stuck in my throat, but I did not know how to start.

  "Why? Is the Great Water Goddess insulted that I did not go out to greet you such that you can't even deign yourself to speak?"

  His one "Great Water Goddess" pierced my whole self in pain.

  "Xu Feng (Phoenix's first name)......" I hurriedly lifted up my head to look at him and my eyes struck into a pair of icy cool eyes, "I..." I already didn't know what I wanted to say, even just looking into his eyes, I felt so contented that I became almost dumb.