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Fiction: Little Ode to the Boss! (One Shot - Completed)

     I said in the Heavy Sweetness translation that it would be fun to write another fiction with Master Pu Chi's character as the main male lead. Since I don't have much time on my hands, it needed to be a one-shot and something simple. So, I've chosen a modern setting and a rather typical story construct - but I still hope it would be short, sweet and enjoyable for you.

   The truth is after finishing this short piece, I realised that the male lead hardly resembles Master Pu Chi at all. Haha! In any event, the name of the character is inspired by Master Pu Chi (Yan You) and the female lead is Xiao Mi, except her Mi is not Jin Mi's Mi (觅) but Mi(米) meaning rice. Haha!


Little Ode to the Boss!

 “Xiao Mi! You better stop drinking!” Ni Lan cried as she watched Xiao Mi gulp down another shot.

  Xiao Mi blinked back tears as she placed another shot in Ni Lan’s hand and gave a hearty knock from another shot in her own hand, “Cheers!”

  “We shan’t stop till we are completely drunk!” Xiao Mi declared as she finished another shot.

  Ni Lan shook Xiao Mi’s arm, “What happened?”

  Ni Lan thought Xiao Mi was rather strange tonight, inviting her to an expensive luxurious club and then ordering three dozen shot glasses.

  Xiao Mi took in a deep breath. She was hoping that a few shots of alcohol would give her the courage that she always lacked.

  “Ni Lan, tonight, I’m drinking away eight years of unrequited love,” Xiao Mi sighed.

  “Ah? You confessed to President Yan?”

   Xiao Mi’s eyes widened and her face turned white, “How did you know my unrequited love is President Yan?”

   Ni Lan laughed, “I’ve been your roommate for the past eight years – have I ever heard you talk about any other guy?”

  Xiao Mi felt the heat on her face as she sighed, “I didn’t confess… but my mother has been chasing me and threatening that if I don’t get married by this year, she will force me back to my hometown. And, I know if I don’t kill these feelings in my heart, I will never be able to enter into a proper relationship with someone.”

  Ni Lan nodded in agreement, “President Yan is someone you can admire, or have fantasies of, but the way he changes girlfriends is not something the hearts of us ordinary mortals can handle.”

  Xiao Mi felt the need to defend President Yan, “Boss is very good – he may have many girlfriends but he is open, honest and gentlemanly to all of them. He is a very good boss – patient, kind, generous…” Xiao Mi thought back to how President Yan even broke up with girlfriends who were mean and rude to her, “Actually, President Yan seems lonely… he only dates all these girls as a protest to his father’s attempts to get him into a marriage alliance…”

  “Yes, Ms Thoughtful Secretary,” Ni Lan teased, “You should know this best as the one who arranges all his dates, reminds him of their birthdays and prepares their presents!”

    Xiao Mi’s gaze on Ni Lan turned serious as she said, “Ni Lan, that is why I’ve decided to resign.”

   Ni Lan looked shocked as Xiao Mi placed another shot in both their hands.

   “Cheers!” Xiao Mi cried.


     Lan Ming looked down curiously from the raised VIP section in the club to see two men harassing two ladies sitting at the bar. He recognized one of the men as a known player at the club with a bad reputation, Zhi Kai. He sneered, “Wolf going for an easy target.”

    The man sitting next to Lan Ming turned slightly at Lan Ming’s comment. Lan Ming watched, startled, as he saw his friend’s usual handsome profile with an easy-going smile turned cold with an edge of light fury in his eyes.

    “I’m off,” was all the man said as Lan Ming watched him exit, head straight to the bar and punched Zhi Kai.


    Ni Lan kept trying to push away the two men who tried to pull a tipsy Xiao Mi away. Ni Lan saw that Xiao Mi was about to fall off her bar seat and she screamed, “Are your dogs or men?”

    Just as Ni Lan was about to use her handbag to start hitting both the men, she heard a loud swish in the air and she watched one of the men fall to the ground.

    Before the other greasy men could react, one of the male club staff held him back.

    Ni Lan watched as Xiao Mi fell into the arms of a tall man in a dark grey suit. Ni Lan knew who this was but Xiao Mi recognized him first.

   “Ni Lan, am I really drunk? Why do I see President Yan?” Xiao Mi blinked furiously as the man stabilized her.

   The man didn’t answer her but turned to the male staff and the staff nodded, “We will take care of this, President Yan.”

  At that very instant, Xiao Mi became sober.

    “Ah,” Xiao Mi quickly moved away from President Yan and grabbed onto Ni Lan. She bowed her head, “Thanks for helping us.”

    Swiftly, before Xiao Mi could run away, she felt a sharp pull on her ear.

   “Ahhh!” Xiao Mi cried, but she didn’t dare to look at President Yan.

   “Good, you are sober,” President Yan said in the eerily cool tone which Xiao Mi recognized as hiding his deep anger, “Come, I will send both of you home.”

   “No, no… no need, President Yan, we can make our way ourselves,” Xiao Mi answered hurriedly and not caring how unseemly she looked, started to run towards the exit with Ni Lan.

   Ni Lan followed after Xiao Mi, but turned back at the last moment before they exited the club. She wasn’t sure if it was a trick of the eyes due to the dim lighting in the club, but she thought President Yan was smiling.

Friday, 17 July 2015

Heavy Sweetness Ash-Like Frost: Translation (Chapter 23.2: No Door For Redemption)

Dear readers,

I apologise for leaving so long without a word. I was honestly really busy both professionally and personally so I did not have any spare capacity to update. 

I was honestly very touched by the lengthy comments I've gotten and so many personal emails writing to ask me to be well and missing my stories, especially my own fiction. I must tell you how much all this meant to me and weighed in my heart to come back when I could.

Unfortunately, life is still overwhelming so I can't promise now that I will return to my usual schedule of blogging. I will try my best to update when I can, because honestly I've so much to say. Readers can sign up for email updates at the top left hand corner of the side, and you will get an email when the blog updates. 

I will certainly try my best to update whenever I can, because I feel so much love for this blog and its readers. And, I look forward to returning to the c-novel translation community, which I've fallen so far behind that I'm not really sure what's happening. 

Still, everyone's life is their own story, you can try and peek into someone else's stories whenever you can, but meanwhile your own story is being furiously written.

Enjoy Heavy Sweetness --- I promise to take all of you to the end.

Much love,

Chapter 23: No Door For Redemption (Part 2 of 4)

"Mi Er."

   I continued to play with the flowers and grass with my hands, and pretended I did not hear anything. He has imprisoned me for three months. No matter how much I pleaded, there was only a gentle reply, "I will not let you go, and will not tell you what is the missing medicine in the golden pill. When spring arrives, we will get married."

  After a month, I stopped pleading with him, and I also stopped speaking. I only treated him as a thorn. He came everyday, always speaking to me gently and softly. He looked after my three meals, so dedicated that he even controlled the temperature of the tea and water perfectly. He was scared my waist hurt from sitting, scared my back would hurt from lying down - he acted as if he hated that I could not be placed in his palm to care for. The immortal attendants all cried injustice for him. They all felt that I was blind and such a devoted man like the Heavenly Emperor was few in this world.

  Yes, how can a man treat a woman so well in this world? If such a thing happened, then it must be false. Perfection is an illusion. If I had not personally experienced it, who would believe that behind such gentleness and elegance lied such fierce cruelty?

  "All of you go down, I want to speak alone to the Water God." He waved his hands and the immortal attendants retreated. He bent down, "Mi Er, are you farming?"

  My hands paused, it was his voice, it was his breath, but this tone...

  "Beauty... Mi Er, why are you not rising to greet me? You cannot rely on my fondness for you and be so rude. Do you know why I became the Heavenly Emperor? One good point is that besides the Heavenly Empress, I can also marry many concubines."

  I placed down my shovel and answered, "Whatever." I haven't spoke in a long time and my voice was a little hoarse.

  "Ah ya, what impertinence, looks like I have to personally teach you," He single-handedly held his chin, looking as if he was in pain and sadness, "But, how should I teach you?"