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Heavy Sweetness Ash-Like Frost: Translation (Chapter 22.4: Love and Hate Changes in an Instant)

Enjoy the end of Chapter 22!

Chapter 22: Love and Hate Changes in an Instant (Part 4 of 4)

 In the early morning*, I went to the study to find Night and saw a few immortal attendants that were usually around Night's Four Stars Palace. These female immortal attendants were always very polite and would lower their heads to greet me, "Greetings to the Higher Water God." I would nod my head in response.

  When I look at people, I usually only generally look at their faces. But, today I was surprised by a sense of familiarity by her face and stopped my footsteps, "What are you called?"

  "Higher God, I am called Huan Kuang Lu."

  I thought for a moment but the name remained unfamiliar. Seeing my confused look, she added, "Tai Shang Lao Jun ** is my father." The female immortal attendant spoke with a sense of pride at her father who had almost sacrificed himself in helping Night ascend the Heavenly Throne.

  The daughter of Tai Shang Lao Jun? I suddenly vaguely remembered her silhouette and nodded, "I remember seeing you before. You are the little heavenly soldier who asked if the Heavenly Emperor will take concubines?"

  Her face turned red and she lightly nodded her face, she was so embarrassed that she looked like she wanted to jump headfirst into the clouds.

  I looked at her and said, "I've remembered it. You can return first."

  She gave me a look of disbelief and seeing that I was not mocking her, she happily blushed again, gave her thanks and respectfully sent me into the Four Stars Palace before leaving.

  When Night saw me enter the study, he immediately threw his brush aside on the table and rose up to take my hand. My hand instinctively retreated a little, but I did not pull it away and let him hold it in his palms.

  "Jin Er, you came just at the right time. They just sent a plate of pomegranate cakes over. I have already had breakfast and am full, why don't you try them for me?" As he spoke, he personally placed the beautiful red plate of treats before me.

  I took one piece and nibbled it. Lately, I have always been absentmindedly eating something*** but Night has never tried to reveal the reason for this. Except, whenever I visit him in his study, he would already have prepared some treats for me to eat for him.

  He treats me very well, so well that it could not be better. It made me feel even more insecure and guilty, not being able to bear his gentle and kind gaze. I said, "I have been hearing prayers about drought in the mortal world. However, when I visited the dry lands, I realised this was not something rain could cure... it's Huo Do**** and some other creatures' evil doing..."

  He pressed my hands and with some difficulty under his gentle gaze, I finally said, "Ren Yu (Night's first name)......" He liked to hear me call his name and if I used the wrong name, he would stare at me until I changed it.
  Hearing this, he smiled contentedly - as if this one call by me made him happy from the bottom of his heart, like he had just received ten thousand years of divine essence.

  "I saw Tai Shan Lao Jun's daughter outside," I decided it was better to say it out loud.

  "Ah?" Night turned his face towards me, there was a glimmer of light passing through his gaze and he looked at me with a curious expression. 

  "Actually, I don't object to you taking more concubines. If you do have people you like, you may also marry them." He treats me so well, but what he wants, I cannot give... I can only hope that someone else can give him what I could not give.

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Heavy Sweetness Ash-Like Frost: Translation (Chapter 22.3: Love and Hate Changes in an Instant)

   I'm back! Here's a beautiful long update for Heavy Sweetness Ash-Like Frost ;). This is one of my absolute favourites and the point where I completely know that Jin Mi's happiness is what I root for at the end of the day. 

Chapter 22: Love and Hate Changes in an Instant (Part 3 of 4)

   Frantically running, I finally landed in a thick growth of grass. 

   When I woke up again, I was leaning against a cold stone tablet. I lifted up my head and saw my father's grave. There was not a speck of dust, just like his robes when he was alive. It turned out that I had fallen back into the Water Boundary last night. 

  I knelt before father's grave in silence until the sun's shadow was as high as the third wooden beam in the window sill. 

  "Grape?" A bright red colour jumped into my sight. I looked up and saw Old Carrot Immortal rubbing his fat belly and using effort to lean down to catch sight of me. When he saw my face, he was in shock, "Grape, what happened to you? You... you... are you crying?"

  He reached out his hand to catch the tears falling off my face. He placed these droplets under his eyes and scrutinised it carefully. He spoke with glee, "How lucky that I came to pay my respect to the Water God today! If not, I would never have been able to see the rarest of the rarest tears!" He paused to think for a moment and then suddenly looked up in shock, "Oh no! Oh no! I must quickly go back and pack my stuff. For Grape to cry, the Flower World is going to collapse!"

  "Hong Hong, you should also quickly leave! Return to your Heavenly Realms. What grudge can you have when the current Heavenly Emperor is also your nephew? I'm afraid one can no longer stay in the Flower World," Old Carrot Immortal turned around and pushed the young lad in red robes. 

  "Hmph!" The lad huffed in disdain, "How unlucky! To see the most ungrateful person in all the lands today, even if you don't push me, I will leave!" After he finished speaking, he swished his robe sleeves angrily and glared at me. I realised it was the Moon God who had left the Heavenly Realms for twelve years.

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On holiday - back in week of April 13!

   No proper internet connection. On family holiday in europe. Was working all the way till my flight, hence had no time to give a proper update! Will resume regular blogging in the week of April 13. love, decembi