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Fiction: The Princess Who Cannot Marry (Chapter 2)

   Happy Chinese New Year Eve!

   Dear readers, thank you so much for the warm response to Chapter 1. I am so incredibly excited to share this story with you. Honestly, sometimes I get overwhelmed with how much I want to share, but every time I read someone's comment, my heart gains in strength and somehow I manage to overcome my insecurities and try my best to forge on. 

  I've put more thought into the military hierarchy and changed Hu Zi from General to Captain in Chapter 1. Age-wise, Yu An is just on the cusp of turning eighteen and Hu Zi is about a year younger, so he is seventeen. It's a bit too unrealistic (teehee) for Hu Zi to already be a general. Even the great Huo Qiubing (of Da Mo Yao) was only a Captain at eighteen and was made a General around twenty. 

  Generally, the Emperor has his own private elite guards (this is headed by Hu Zi's father Hu Jun) and the military. The military hierarchy will briefly flow like this (from bottom to top): Soldier - Lieutenant - Captain - Lieutenant Colonel - Colonel - Lieutenant General - General - Second in Command - Unit Commander. 

    Now, on to the story! 

Chapter 2: The Fox Meets the Wolf


  The Grand Yan Empress had called for a carriage and Yu An's own private maid, Xiao Qing (小青 - little green) to fetch Yu An back. So, when Yu An was led out of the Grand Yan Empress' palace by the servants, she was surprised to see his long tall figure leaning on a large pine tree, his head towards the moon in the clouds. 

   Before Yu An could say anything, Hu Zi had already turned his head towards her. She did not know what had given her away. 

   She did not know how long she had already been at her grandmother's residence, but she knew it must have been long, for she had sat until her feet had gone numb. She had stayed till her grandmother stopped wanting to speak, and could hardly open her eyes. That was when she knew the Grand Yan Empress would be too tired to think of anything else anymore. That was when Yu An decided to leave. 

  Yu An had exited the Grand Yan Empress' palace slowly because her feet were all pins and needles, but suddenly, upon seeing this stubborn boy waiting outside in the cold, she felt the soles of her feet being instantly warmed. She hopped step by step, entirely unbefitting of a princess, towards Hu Zi.

  Even though Xiao Qing looked in mild horror at the princess hopping like an awkward chicken towards Captain Hu Zi, the man himself had a calm imperturbable expression. 

   Yu An almost fell and she steadied herself by holding Hu Zi's shoulder, a familiar action she always used to do as a child. Sometimes, she felt like Hu Zi was intentionally distancing himself, but every time when she needed someone, he would be there. When Hu Zi turned fourteen, he asked to join the military - a step surprising to everyone since his father was the Head of the private elite guards. But, his innate maturity, sense of integrity and the excellent martial arts skills he inherited from his father, led him to rise very quickly within the military and silenced the naysayers who thought he would get by based on his connections. In fact, he was the most highly praised captain and considered to be the most likely captain to be promoted to lieutenant-colonel soon. 

  Yu An smiled at Hu Zi, "I haven't seen you stayed so late in the palace again ever since you joined the military." 

  Yu An knew that once Hu Zi joined the army, he no longer wanted to make use of the private elite guard's privileges in remaining in the Royal Palace after the sun sets. But, still, she liked teasing Hu Zi. 

  "Since you are here," Yu An continued, her eyes clear and determined, "Why don't you bring me to see my father?"

  Xiao Qing felt her head go dizzy as she cried, "Princess! It's so late already. The Grand Yan Empress ordered me to bring you back to your residence."

  Yu An smiled sweetly at Xiao Qing, "Xiao Qing, why don't you close both your eyes so you didn't see me at all? If you didn't see me, then you have no need to bring me back."

  Yu An turned her head eagerly at Hu Zi. Hu Zi said nothing but he gave a short and sharp whistle. Yu An saw a beautiful dark grey horse galloped from afar, like dusk arriving on the evening wind. 

  Without an additional word, Xiao Qing watched the Princess disappear with Captain Hu Zi on his dark steed. No, Xiao Qing shook her head, she never saw the princess.


  Few people would dare to visit the Yan Emperor's private palace late in the night. But, luckily, Princess Yu An was one of the few people. 

  As Hu Zi silently brought Yu An down his steed, Yu An looked thoughtfully at Hu Zi. She said concernedly, "Since the military starts daily training around the hour of tiger* every morning, you had better not wait for me. I may stay up all night talking to father."

  Hu Zi did not answer as he signalled for his steed to ride away. 

  "Sometimes I think you are part donkey!" Yu An huffed at Hu Zi and then left him to simmer in his own quiet thoughts. 

  The earlier anxiety that Yu An had felt in her heart started to coil tighter inside of her. It did not cease until she was brought into the Yan Emperor's study.

  When she entered and saw her father's pale face at his study, she wanted to immediately run towards him. But, years of palace upbringing, caused her to reflexively bow down first and pay her greetings. 

  Hsiao shook his head lightly as he beckoned for Yu An to rise, "It's so late already, Yu An. Why have you come?"

  "I was worried," Yu An said, then gave a soft smile to father, "I did not think I would be able to rest till I saw you. I just came from seeing the Grand Yan Empress. She was fine when I left her."

  Hsiao's eyes clouded with worry, "It's good that you went to see her... I was discussing with the officials earlier on the preparation for the royal funeral for the Grand Yan Emperor."

  Yu An could see that her father was extremely weary emotionally. 

  "Father, let me play you a song," Yu An said, "Can you lend me your flute?"

  The dullness in Hsiao's eyes momentarily brightened. He felt the edge of his lips reluctantly being pulled up as he took out his jade bamboo flute from his robes and passed it to his daughter. 

  Yu An closed her eyes for a long moment, as if she was remembering something. 

  And, then she started. 

   Light high notes - sweet, almost happy, but only almost. It was a yearning sweetened with longing, a longing that grew deeper, longer, with each step. So, quickly, one fell back into the past, those younger simpler days. And, then the still waters, the slow steps of growth, the goodbyes. 

  As Yu An was playing the flute with her eyes closed, she did not see the shocked expression on Hsiao's face when she started playing the song from her memory. 

  As the song reached its final notes, Hsiao started to recite**: 

    For a few times, as the flowers fell, we sat with the tune of my flute, 
    My love is just behind the red-brick wall, but the distance I look on is as far as the milky way,
    The stars in the sky are not those of yesternight, as I stand alone here, who do I bear the cold night wind and dew for? 

    When Yu An opened her eyes, Hsiao and her exchanged a look. While Princess Yu An dearly loved her mother, there was no doubt that Princess Yu An was her father's daughter. 

  Hsiao looked curiously at Yu An, "Where did you learn that song?"

  Yu An gave a slightly sheepish smile, "I heard the faint melody of this song while at grandmother's residence... I kind of imagined how the tune must be like."

  Hsiao paused for a moment and then nodded appreciatively, he smiled at his daughter, "This was the first time I heard the song being played like that."

  "Like what?" Yu An asked.

   "Hopeful," Hsiao finally said, "Surprisingly hopeful."

  Hsiao took in a deep breath, as if he was finally breathing after a long day. Yue had wanted to be with him as he tried to grieve or grapple with whatever feelings was falling upon him, but Hsiao had sent Yue off after a while - she still had their two new-born twins to nurse. But, deeper than the comfort that Yue had given him, was the surprising hope he felt from his own daughter - which made him think, did he ever give his father that same kind of hope? That same kind of hope that endures beyond their own lives? 

  His father after all was a true dragon that had given up his throne at its peak. How many men have been able to give up their power when they were the most powerful? 

  This was the Grand Yan Emperor, who had woken up one morning and taken a brisk stroll in the royal gardens. He had marvelled upon the beauty of a flower and bent down to pick it. And yet, it was at that moment, as if struck by the perfection of the flower's beauty, he had fallen to the ground. The royal physicians stated that he had passed peacefully with no pain and only an enlightened smile on his face. 

  Hsiao closed his eyes and thought about how he had often asked his father in the last few years if he wanted to see Qing again. But his father had always smiled and even said once, "Why call back someone who has seen through this world?"

  But he could not let go, Hsiao thought, he could not let go.

  Hsiao nodded at his daughter and said, "The Grand Yan Emperor's funeral will be the grandest the Yan Kingdom has ever seen. His body will be placed in the Royal Temple for forty-nine days for the citizens to pray for his soul and give their blessings. We will hold a grand ceremony on the final day. You should play his favourite song for him that day."

  Yu An blinked back the surprise in her eyes softly. She did not know why but it felt like her father's grand plans aimed beyond the funeral itself - as if he was waiting for someone.  

  Hsiao even managed a soft smile, "In the royal messages to our neighbouring kingdoms, I know Yue had indicated a preference for them to also send young eligible males as their representatives at the grand ceremony."

  Yu An groaned, no matter how serious the event, her mother will not lose focus on matchmaking her. She often inwardly rejoiced at the fact (albeit guiltily) that the two sons of Queen Bai Ying of the Xue Mountain Tribe, her mother's closest royal friend, were ineligible - the eldest was sickly and never left the mountain and the second had married quickly to a Xue Mountain Tribe girl when he was young. 

  Hsiao patted Yu An lightly on her head and Yu An knew that her father wanted to be alone again. She gave her father a comforting smile and passed her father back his jade bamboo flute. She bowed to indicate that she was retreating. 

   Her father frowned, "How are you returning to your palace in the late of the night?"

   "Xiao Qing is waiting with a carriage for me," Yu An said sweetly with a straight face. For it was true, Xiao Qing was waiting somewhere in the palace for Yu An. 

  As Yu An was guided by the servants out of Hsiao's private palace, she started to replay in her mind again and again her father's words. 

  When she finally reached the exit and saw the boy again, waiting, his eyes towards the sky. She did not know why, but she felt as if something fell through her heart. 

  Something small, soft and indiscernible like the night dew. 

My love is just behind the red-brick wall, but the distance I look on is as far as the milky way,
    The stars in the sky are not those of yesternight, as I stand alone here, who do I bear the cold night wind and dew for? 

   Hu Zi gave a whistle for his steed and walked towards Yu An. Yu An gave a wide-eyed glistening look towards Hu Zi, "Hu Zi, I'm hungry."

   As stone-faced as Hu Zi can be, he frowned then said, "I will send you back to your palace and you can order Xiao Qing to prepare food for you."

  "No, you know what I want," Yu An smiled. 

  "I was fourteen and didn't know better," Hu Zi shook his head, as if mildly shuddering at the memory. 

  Yu An sighed as she looked down towards the ground, "Alright, though I feel so empty inside."

   Hu Zi narrowed his eyes at Yu An and Yu An watched him grimaced as he gruffly said, "Fine."

   Yu An laughed as Hu Zi carried her up onto his steed and they rode off into the night. 


   After Yu An left, Hsiao walked out of his study towards the bamboo garden situated at the back of his palace. 

    Sure enough, he was there. The moment Hsiao heard the song on the flute, Hsiao knew that this man must have come. 

    How many years since he had last seen him?

    The emperor bends down to no one, but Hsiao started to bend down on his knees. Many years ago, a young boy had sworn to a man that no matter who he became in the future, the young boy will always be this man's disciple.

  And, how can a disciple not show his teacher respect? 

   "Shi Fu (teacher)," Hsiao greeted. 

   Hsiao prided himself for being a clever cunning fox, and his father was also the same kind of cunning fox. But, his teacher, Hsiao knew, was an entirely different kind altogether. 

   His teacher, Hsiao could sense strongly with all his predatory instincts, was a great untameable wolf. 

*The hour of the tiger is around 3 to 5 am.
** I translated the lines from the poem "绮怀 " (Qi Huai - loosely translated as longing) by 黄景仁(Huang Jing Ren ):

The Princess Who Cannot Marry
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