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Fiction: The Sun's Dark Love (Chapter 13)

   I was torn between finishing Chapter 13 or another chapter of a translation. In the end, I decided to finish Chapter 13 and complete the second arc. Partly in thanks to the comments and partly because I also stand, amazed, that I have finally reached this part of the story...... many have commented that the title 'The Sun's Dark Love' has ominous overtones, but if you look at it from another angle, this story could be equally read as 'The Dark Princess' Sun'. 

Chapter 13: Promise


   Xi Yang thought back about the words he had exchanged with the Dark Lord regarding the Spider Demon Tribe. The Dark Lord had given him a deep penetrating glance, "What purpose will it serve? Are you not scared of losing Wang Huan?"

  Xi Yang had returned the Dark Lord's glance with neither fear nor favour, "I am, which is why I am doing it."

  The Dark Lord had laughed heartily and nodded, "I have no objections. But, you will have a hard time convincing your stubborn father."

  Xi Yang looked at the still unconscious Wang Huan, yes, it will be difficult, but what's the point if you don't wake up Wang Huan? The Heavenly Imperial Physician had informed him that Wang Huan may still be unconscious because the ambrosia flower poison was too deadly and even if Wang Huan's blood had the power to naturally counteract against the poison... it may take time......

  Xi Yang watched over Wang Huan day after day. He hated the feeling of being powerless... he had once sworn to himself that he would not stand by helpless again while watching someone he cared about suffer...... Xi Yang took Wang Huan's cold hands and squeezed them, "Don't you still owe me a promise?"

  As if Wang Huan had heard him, she slowly, very slowly, opened her eyes.

  "You have been unconscious for a week."

   Wang Huan tried to raise herself up, but Xi Yang stopped her. Xi Yang reached out his hand and stroke the hair on her forehead. 

  "Your father has indicated that he will bring you home when you wake up," Xi Yang sighed.

   "Wang Huan," Xi Yang called, just like he had silently, ceaselessly, called for her inside his heart while she was unconscious.

  "You are going to go very far away," Xi Yang said, his voice had a melodic lilt to it, like a moon lullaby, "Can I put a seal on you? A seal so powerful that I can still sense you from here?"

    Slowly, very slowly, Wang Huan nodded her head. Gently, very gently, Xi Yang bent down and kissed Wang Huan on her forehead.


    Wang Huan could hear the deep pulsating throbs of her heart. It was so loud that she was worried Xi Yang could hear them too. 

   As Xi Yang sat straight up again, a sparkling glint in his eye, Wang Huan felt her heart throb anxiously. Was her throbbing heart a consequence of any residues from the ambrosia flower poison in her body? 

  In the awkward aftermath of a kiss, Wang Huan did not know how to act. So, instinctively, her body acted for her - her stomach started to rumble like boulders clamoring down a hill slope. She had not eaten for a week and her body was yearning for food.

  Xi Yang burst out laughing, "Pig!"

  At this moment, Wang Huan really wished that she could disappear - even if her heart dreamt of romance, her gluttonous stomach would rather feed on bread than love.

  Xi Yang flicked his hand quickly as if sending out a magical signal to afar. Wang Huan guessed that he was instructing the kitchen to send food. Wang Huan pointed to her throat. Xi Yang supported Wang Huan up, leaned her comfortably onto the bed and magically summoned for her a cup of tea. 

  Now that her throat was sufficiently moistened, Wang Huan said, "Call Xiao Mi here, I want to make special orders for food."

  Xi Yang nodded and gave another flick of the hand. He smiled proudly at Wang Huan, "Now, I have planted an extremely strong tracer on you. Let's see you try and remove it this time."

  Wang Huan felt a pang of embarrassment prick inside her, It was not a kiss. Crown Prince Sun was just putting a tracer on her! But the embarrassment quickly changed to anger, and that surge of anger gave her the strength to hit Xi Yang on his arm, "Who plants tracers like that!"

  Wang Huan heard the door open and she turned her head to see Xiao Mi entering with her eyes wet with happy tears. "Mistress!" Xiao Mi cried, "I was so worried for you."

  "I'm fine," Wang Huan smiled, and added a little sheepishly, "Just very hungry. Go prepare rice, duck, chicken, fish..."

  Wang Huan looked at Xi Yang and added with a wink to Xiao Mi, "And the vegetables we had worked so hard for Crown Prince Sun. Prepare one whole pot! Using normal cooking oil!"

  Xi Yang grimaced but did not stop Xiao Mi as she quickly left to prepare the food. Xi Yang looked at Wang Huan - seeing her being so energetic about punishing him was also fine. Xi Yang added, "It's Xi Yang."

  Wang Huan looked curiously at Xi Yang, "What?"

  "My name is Xi Yang," Xi Yang smiled, "Have you ever heard the poetry line,《夕阳无限好,只是近黄昏》(Xi Yang Wu Xian Hao, Zi Si Jin Huang Hun) - although the sunset (Xi Yang) is magnificent, it is ending because dusk is approaching. Nothing beautiful stays forever. Isn't it funny that your Huan (欢- joy) sounds like the yellow (Huang 黄 ) of the sunset?"

  Xi Yang's smile widened, "Actually, I never hid my identity. I gave you a huge clue when I gave my other name to you. Ri Shi (日食) meaning eclipse of the sun - a hidden sun. Ri itself refers to day, or the sun in the day. If you think about it, my identity was always staring at you in the face."

  Wang Huan glared at Xi Yang. She quickly hollered, "Xiao Mi! Xiao Mi! Prepare two pots! Two pots of oily garlic vegetables!"

  That night was a long night for Xi Yang. But in many ways, it was also a happy one.   


  The next morning, the Dark Lord arranged to depart from the Heavenly Realms with Wang Huan. 
  The Heavenly Empress looked longingly at Wang Huan and was reluctant to let go of her hand, "I have packed a lot of rare and nutritious herbs for you to eat when you are in the Dark Realms... you must properly rest and recuperate. I will also instruct Yi Mei to go down with your bridal necessities and..."

  "Hong Cha (红茶 - red camellia)," The Dark Lord interrupted the Heavenly Empress, "By the time, I hear you finish nagging, we will all have aged a hundred years. In a month and a half, Wang Huan will return for the Royal Engagement Ceremony."

  The Heavenly Empress gave a resentful look to the Dark Lord, "You are taking her away too quickly." The Heavenly Empress added thoughtfully, "Perhaps, we should just skip the engagement ceremony and go straight to the wedding!"

  Wang Huan turned to catch Xi Yang's eye but he stayed silent. Wang Huan sighed inwardly, the one with more feelings will always be the one who gets hurt.

  Wang Huan was going to turn away and go up the carriage when she heard someone calling her from afar. 

  She turned back. It was the Prosperity God. It was a rather humorous sight to see the white-haired plump god run. His cheeks were flushed and he was slightly out of breath.

  "I was worried I would not arrive in time, "The Prosperity God puffed. He lowered his head apologetically to Wang Huan, "I apologise on behalf of my daughter and myself for any rudeness to you... yesterday, Jin Mei finally awoke. For everything she has done to you, I am sorry. To repay such greed with kindness, I, the Prosperity God, will always be grateful to you." 

  The Prosperity God reached out his hand to reveal a beautiful glimmering jade bangle with shades of iridescent red, like the ever changing and shimmering glow of a flame. The Prosperity God pressed the jade bangle into Wang Huan's palm, "This is one of the Prosperity God's line of heirlooms... this bangle is made up of a special jade that crystallised the Holy Phoenix's blood... it will bless the wearer with a long blissful life."

  "I can't take this," Wang Huan gasped, "It's too precious."

  "Please," The Prosperity God insisted, "You are my family's benefactor."

  The Dark Lord picked up the jade bangle from Wang Huan's palm and held it up in the sunlight. He nodded appreciatively, "Such a bangle... probably only one exists in all the realms."

  The Prosperity God bowed a greeting to the Heavenly Empress and the Dark Lord quickly. 

   The Dark Lord pushed the jade bangle through Wang Huan's wrist, "You deserve it." The Dark Lord smiled at the Prosperity God, "I will also send you something in return."

  With that, the Dark Lord entered the carriage as if indicating that his departure had been delayed long enough.

  Wang Huan quickly bowed towards the Prosperity God to give her sincere thanks. She couldn't help thinking of Yi Mei's words, "You must win their hearts or you can never be the Empress peacefully". Has she succeeded - even if just a little?

  Just as Wang Huan was about to follow the Dark Lord up the carriage as well, she felt a gentle but firm tug on her other arm. She knew who it was even without turning her head. She felt his familiar breath at her cheeks and he said into her ear, "I shall collect the promise now. Promise me you will be safe and sound till I find you again."

  Wang Huan lowered her head and smiled. She watched as the red curve of the bangle caught the sparkle of the sunlight, like her heart being set on fire, "I promise."


  The Dark Lord watched as his daughter entered the carriage, a pink flush blossoming on her face. Although the Jade Emperor and him had ensured that the secret of Wang Huan's blood in curing Jin Mei's poison was hushed up, there was only so much damage control they could do.

  When the Moon God had approached him regarding the matrimonial thread between Crown Prince Sun and Wang Huan, he had hesitated. For many years he had hid Wang Huan away, trying to keep her safe. But, he knew in his heart, that one day, Wang Huan needed to be able to live in the open. For won't a flower die without sunlight? 

  Even now, he did not know if he made the right choice. He knew that Wang Huan was wholly unsuitable to marry and remain in the Dark Realms, but to marry the future Jade Emperor of the Heavenly Realms was also a dangerous position to be in. Few people would be powerful enough to protect Wang Huan's blood, but these powers would also place her in an even more vulnerable position.

  "Do you regret leaving the Dark Realms?" The Dark Lord asked.

  Wang Huan's eyes widened slightly, as if surprised that the Dark Lord would ask her a question. She gave a little smile and shook her head lightly, "Although it has been difficult, I have never felt more alive."

  The Dark Lord paused at Wang Huan's answer. His eyes were momentarily clouded. 

  "You are your mother's daughter," The Dark Lord finally said, and then he closed his eyes, and waited for time to catch up with him.

  Even now in his mind's eye he could see her clearly, remember how they first met...

   Deep in the night, in the hours before dawn, he liked to go to the Royal Kitchens alone to find food. It was a habit he had gained as a prince, and something he continued to maintain even as the Dark Lord. He could accept being fussed around by servants in the day, but late at night, he much preferred doing things his own way.

  So, he was surprised to find someone already in the kitchen. She must be new, He thought. He watched her cook quietly from afar, and when she finished, with a swift hand, he stole her dish. It was a chicken dish with a strange aroma. He took a bite of it - a smooth tangy flavour washed over his tongue. It was simultaneously delicious and weird. He laughed.

  "Thief!" She cried, indignant and startled.

  He stepped into the light and watched as her eyes widened. He could tell she was not unaffected by his looks, but she did not recognise him. She seemed to guess that he was not ordinary from his clothes and finally said, "You don't look like a thief of the palace." She lowered her head, "I'm Le Fu (乐福 - her name means joyful blessing), a new kitchen maid sent to the Main Royal Palace."

  "You want to be a cook?"

  She lifted up her head with a clear determined look, "Yes."

  He laughed and pointed at the dish, "The Dark Lord would never eat this chicken."

  She replied, cheeks slightly flushed, "I'm experimenting with new flavours. After all, the Dark Lord would be bored eating the same royal dishes every day right?"

  He laughed even deeper. At that time, he was just curious... he would eat her dishes every night. It was too late to stop when curiosity grew into something more. He would tell Wang Huan many, many years later, "Don't get curious unless you want to take responsibility for that person... because curiosity always leads to something else."

  He had always been a bold person, but for her, he hid his true identity. On one hand, he liked interacting with Le Fu without any burdens or complications. On the other, he didn't know how she would react... she was not a woman with political or power inclinations, she was a woman, he knew, he could not add to his harem. 

 But, what is the Dark Lord if not selfish? He refused to be the only one in love. So, he made her fall with him. 

  Once, she dirtied his hair accidentally with flour she was using for a dish. She laughed and got him to lie down as she cleaned his hair. As she bent down towards his face, he felt like it was the first time he smelled flowers, and no other scent would satisfy him again. He decided then he would marry her, the only thing he could give was a promise that she would be his last wife.

  As she combed through his hair, his fingers threaded through her own long hair. He closed his eyes and his fingers curled around a few strands of her hair, he pulled them down tightly.

  He smiled maliciously as she felt her head lower even more. Her scent flooded his senses. 

  "Marry me," He did not ask, he commanded.

  "I have already promised my heart to the Dark Lord," She replied calmly.

   His eyes instantaneously opened. He saw that her eyes were twinkling with laughter. He smiled, so she knew, she had known for a while.  And that was when he first thought, I love her.

    He always thought happiness was his entitlement. Something he decided whether he wanted to exercise the right to or not. It was only later he realised that happiness was something you gave away, and it leaves, with no return, with the person you gave it to.

    He never believed in the words, too late, but he was forced to surrender to these words when Le Fu was poisoned beyond cure by the ambrosia flower poison... It was then he realised that he was a person who could stand on the top of the world and live boldly --- but the person he loved most of all, was falling. Falling again because of him. He planned to save her anyway but she knew that the poison was too deep, and both of them would die. He wanted to preserve her body and slowly distill the poison away but she forced him to take her remaining untainted divine heartstone to give to Wang Huan. She wanted him to save Wang Huan instead...... 

   Wang Huan was saved. With Le Fu's remaining divine heartstone and his divine energy, her life was saved. Miraculously, she could no longer be poisoned and her blood could cure all poisons... but it was too late.

  At the end, he asked her if she ever regretted being with him. If she did not, she would still be a simple happy kitchen maid dreaming of the food in the mortal reams and experimenting all kinds of dishes. 

   She replied, "Although it has been difficult, I have never felt more alive."

   The Dark Lord opened his eyes again and he saw that Wang Huan had fallen asleep. I am still guarding our promise, Le Fu. 


   Wang Huan tried to lose count of the days that had passed since she returned to the Dark Realms, but she knew in her heart only too well how long it has been since Xi Yang last spoke to her. Fourteen sunrise and sunsets. Where was he? What was he doing? Yi Mei had told her that Xi Yang had left the Heavenly Realms the same time Wang Huan did.

  Now that Wang Huan knew that Ri was Xi Yang - didn't it mean that the sun was no longer hidden? But, why was she still unable to see him clearly?

  Another sunset. Another night looking at the moon. She wondered who Xi Yang thought of when he looked at the moon?

  She heard footsteps in the courtyard. Footsteps that did not belong to Xiao Mi. Firm footsteps... footsteps belonging to a man.

 She smiled. Her heart quickened. With even swifter steps, she opened her doors to rush out to the courtyard.

  She froze.

  The courtyard was empty. There was no one around. But, the courtyard had transformed into a magical winter wonderland... yet, it was not snow that covered the courtyard but shimmering thin almost translucent spider webs. Glistening white strings embroidered to form snowflakes of all sizes, of all patterns, lit up in the moonlight like sparkling diamonds.

  Many, many years ago, when she was still young. She was crying in her room. Crying so hard, her tears fell into her mouth, and she could hardly speak. "She promised... she promised," I sobbed, "She promised we would watch the first snowflake fall in winter together... she promised she would wait at least that long."

    Her mother had left quickly that summer. There was nothing the young boy could say to a broken-hearted girl's tears against her mother's unfulfilled promise. A promise her mother could no longer fulfill in death.

  She cried and cried. Until, she finally fell asleep.

  The next morning, she saw the tree outside her window. It had a small snowflake. Made up of spider webs. She could not help but smile, she knew it was his first spider web.

   And that boy had told her much later, when I grow up, I promise to make you a whole winter wonderland.

    That promise was made so long ago. The boy was no longer a boy, the girl already a woman. 

   "Yan Zun," Wang Huan cried, her kneels fell to the floor, "Yan Zun."

Thank you for following me to the end of the second arc! Time is catching up with our characters. I like to think that to really move forward in life, you have to reconcile your past - the beauty, the sad, the laughter and the pain. 

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