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Drama Recap: 追鱼传奇 (Mermaid Legend) : The Love Story of The Crown Prince & A Fishing Village Girl (Part 9 of 12)

   If you are using the maplestage player I introduced in part 1, we will be at episode 22. I'm having some difficulties with the maplestage player, so I'm using this link, in their version, we are at episode 18. 

   In episode 18, Tang Xin is getting married with Gentleman Qin --- what will Zhan Feng do? ;) 

   At the end of Zhan Feng's martial art practice and drinking, he bows down his head and two lines of tears fall. It's as if he finally realises the weight of what he is losing. 

   Tang Xin gets ready to be sent off in marriage. She is beautiful and the whole family wishes her well. Tang Xi promises Auntie Lan that she will be a good virtuous wife.

But, the marriage party gets stopped by a masked bandit along the way! Hmm, why does this bandit look so familiar? 

  Because it's Zhan Feng! He smiles to himself that he will "save" the bride from the bandit and Tang Xin will finally realises she likes him instead! He does not "save" her immediately but waits for her to sob inside for someone to let her out. 

   When Zhan Feng finally decides to save Tang Xin, she has already prepared herself to storm down the door. She pushes so hard that she pushes Zhan Feng with the door and he falls into the river! At this point, Gentleman Qin arrives to save her (awww, Gentleman Qin is a good man) and Tang Xin tells him to save Zhan Feng who has fallen into the river!

  Poor dirty Zhan Feng covered with weeds follows the happy couple behind. Tang Xin tells Gentleman Qin he has to marry her again. 

  Zhan Feng returns to his manor and he has fallen ill because of the fall in the river. He sighs that his plan has been foiled again. Suddenly, he rises up to take something. 

  He takes a box from his shelves and when he opens it, the eunuch waves his hand in front of his nose as if to signal that the item has already been stale for a while. Zhan Feng picks up a bun and smiles at it (awww, is this a bun Tang Xin made for him ages ago that he has kept?). 

   The next day, Zhan Feng comes and find Tang Xin with a beautiful basket of buns. Tang Xin teases Zhan Feng that he has been cheated - the buns are so ugly and tastes awful. Embarrassed, Zhan Feng says he will leave to deal with the seller who has cheated him.

  After Zhan Feng leaves, Gentleman Qin tells Tang Xin that the buns must have been made by Zhan Feng. Such a beautiful basket for buns can only exists in the palace and the royal kitchen will never make such ugly buns. Tang Xin snorts that she will still throw away the buns because no one will eat them. But, she is more affected by this than she lets on when she is finally alone...... 

  Auntie Lan comes and finds Tang Xin and Tang Xin seeks her advice. Auntie Lan tells her that Zhan Feng likes her too and asks her to think about her marriage carefully. Tang Xin confesses that she is confused, but she also feels that she is not good enough for Zhan Feng.

  Zhan Feng comes with another basket of buns the next day. This time, Tang Xin smiles that they look pretty good. 

  Zhan Feng smiles back. Tang Xin says that the taste is not bad but just lacks a little bit more. Zhan Feng raises his brow and wonders out loud what is still missing. 

  Tang Xin tells Zhan Feng that after she marries Gentleman Qin, she will be leaving the Capital.  She thanks him for introducing Gentleman Qin to her. She asks Zhan Feng if he has anything else to say to her. Zhan Feng tells her he is happy for her, after all, they are... brothers. He then walks away leaving Tang Xin to eat her buns with a slightly troubled look.

 During all these, Gentleman Qin had came to the restaurant with his own buns for Tang Xin, but seeing Tang Xin and Zhan Feng in deep conversation, he quietly leaves (awww, Gentleman Qin).

   As if Gentleman Qin is not perfect enough, he comes to Zhan Feng's manor late at night and tells him that his family is against the marriage. Zhan Feng is furious - if his father's wishes are hard to go against, does that mean Tang Xin's happiness can be gone against? At this, Gentleman Qin tells Zhan Feng that he knows Tang Xin's heart is not with him and he hopes Zhan Feng will be able to seize the chance to grab his happiness.

  Tomorrow, if Tang Xin likes him, she will meet him at the river and leave the Capital with him. He hopes Zhan Feng will also not miss this chance to be true to his heart. Zhan Feng orders his servants to bring Gentleman Qin out. 

  But, he is deeply disturbed --- Gentleman Qin's words has affected him greatly. Has he held back because of their class differences? 

   Zhan Feng leaves his manor to go find Tang Xin. But, Auntie Lan tells him Tang Xin is out already. He leaves disappointedly. 

  But, he doesn't know that Tang Xin actually went to his manor...... she also leaves disappointedly because he is not there. 


   When Tang Xin comes back home, Auntie Lan tells Tang Xin that Zhan Feng came to find her. She raises her head excitedly and asks what did he find her for. Auntie Lan tells her to say goodbye and Tang Xin's head falls down again.

  In fact, Zhan Feng had spent the entire night in the kitchen. He comes to Tang Xin's place early the next morning... but Auntie Lan tells him that Tang Xin is already gone. 

  Zhan Feng rushes with all his might with his basket of buns to the meeting place. But, there is already no one there. He is crushed. He starts to rant at how evil Tang Xin is - how materialistic she is, how mean she treats him... but he end heartbreakingly, "Now that you are gone, what will I do?" 

   He sits down in misery and starts to chomp down on the buns he had prepared. A sneaky other hand steals a bun from his basket... it's Tang Xin! 

  Before Tang Xin could speak, Zhan Feng stands up, drops the basket and kisses the daylights out of Tang Xin! 

  He hugs her tight and says he will never let her go. Tang Xin laughs that he is hugging her so tightly, where can she go?

  From afar, we see Gentleman Qin wishing them well. Gentleman Qin, you were awesome to the end. 

Back at Tang Xin's place, Hong Ling sighs that Tang Xin is gone. But, suddenly, she points her finger up in shock! Tang Xin and Zhan Feng return holding each other's hands. 

  Zhan Feng announces that Tang Xin is now his woman. Zhang Zhen and Auntie Lan teases that Zhan Feng has not gotten their permission yet. Zhan Feng promises to treat Tang Xin well. Auntie Lan warns him if he doesn't, she will not agree to their marriage. They all smile, happy for Tang Xin and Zhan Feng.

  Later in the episode, Zhang Zhen is announced as the Top Imperial Scholar! They all move to another grand residence. Tang Xin laughs that thanks to Zhang Zhen, her status has been elevated!

  Zhang Zhen calls Zhan Feng aside later for a talk. Zhang Zhen says Tang Xin is like a sister to him and he is concerned that Zhan Feng's parents will object to the match. Zhan Feng admits that they are objecting, but he is working on it. 

  Zhang Zhen also raises the concern that as a Crown Prince, Zhan Feng will have many beauties in the palace... there is no way Tang Xin will accept this. Zhan Feng turns aside and his face is grim, he says that he is the Crown Prince, and that cannot be changed. 

  It is a rule set by his ancestors --- he is unwilling and unable to change it. Zhang Zhen asks, "A person only has one heart - how can it be given to many people?" Zhan Feng laughs that Zhang Zhen is not him, how does he know Zhan Feng is not able to do so? Zhan Feng sincerely promises that his heart is true to Tang Xin. 

  Zhang Zhen does not doubt Zhan Feng's sincerity but tells Zhan Feng that he does not want to see Tang Xin sad. Tang Xin is worthy of Zhan Feng's love. Zhan Feng promises that he will do his best... but even his eyes are not fully sure of the difficulties that lies ahead of them.

  Troubles ahead in the horizon! Can a fishing village girl really marry the Crown Prince?  


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    1. Me too!!! When has buns ever been so romantic? ♡

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    1. Welcome! yes, the link disappeared so fast!

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