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Drama Recap: 追鱼传奇 (Mermaid Legend) : The Love Story of The Crown Prince & A Fishing Village Girl (Part 8 of 12)

   Hello! My apologies for leaving the drama recaps for Mermaid Legend unfinished for a while. I was recapping the whole drama quickly in one go when I fell very sick in May and it was hard to get into the recapping mode again. Here's the links to the previous recaps (also available at the side bar): 1 2 3 4 5 6 7.

   One of my blogging rules is that what is started must always be finished, no matter how long or what form it takes. Thank you for those who are still patiently waiting for the recaps! Here we go to the finishing line!

   We last stopped at episode 21 (episode 17 in this version) where Zhan Feng brought Tang Xin to a cloth shop for a Pretty Woman makeover.....

   Pardon the lower screen resolutions of the images! I can only find better ones for the later episodes! :) 

   The shopkeeper looks down on Tang Xin because she is simply dressed. Zhan Feng keeps demanding better cloth for Tang Xin when the shopkeeper gives the snooty nose to them as if implying that they will not be able to afford it. 

   Zhan Feng says that the cloth should at least be as good as what he is wearing. At first, the shopkeeper is disdainful because the pattern of Zhan Feng's clothing is simple but his jaw drops when he touches it.

    Zhan Feng takes out a gold ingot and demands the best! The shopkeeper grins and calls for his workers to come out and measure Tang Xin!

  Later, they head to Zhan Feng's manor and Tang Xin is shocked at how huge it is. Tang Xin exclaims that even the ceilings are pretty!

   Zhan Feng orders his housekeeper to settle Tang Xin, and she is brought away confused. Why, she is brought for a flower bath and the full makeover!

   As Tang Xin is enjoying her ancient beauty spa treatment, Zhan Feng has waited so long that he is falling asleep. Suddenly, Zhan Feng senses something. Slowly, very slowly, he lifts up his head. He is not only in shock, he is in awe......

 Tang Xin is absolutely beautiful. Wordlessly, Zhan Feng drops his book. 

  He can hardly believe his eyes. Zhan Feng then quickly say that the weather looks bad and the matchmaking date today should be cancelled. Tang Xin looks out at the sky, confused.

  Tang Xin gives a sweet smile at first, then hits Zhan Feng with her hankerchief on his head. She demands that they go on the date since she took hours to get ready. So, furiously, she pulls Zhan Feng and they head for the venue!

  Tang Xin meets guys after guys while Zhan Feng drinks tea and pouts at the side. Probably, stewing in the jealousy of his own making.

  During a break, Zhan Feng comes to Tang Xin and promises to find better guys for her. She must be disappointed that the calibre of the guys are so low... he doesn't blame her, after all if she sees him every day, her standard of beauty must be skewered.

  Tang Xin was actually in a daze and suddenly woke up. She smiles to Zhan Feng's horror that all the guys were awesome! Zhan Feng gives a deadpanned zombie look. She sees another date coming from afar and chases Zhan Feng away.

  The next particular date seems to take especial interest in Tang Xin. After all the matchmaking dates end, Tang Xin tells Zhan Feng she is starving! Zhan Feng smiles and brings her to the inn restaurant she works at to eat. 
 As Tang Xin heartily orders many dishes, her true self starts to unravel. However, Zhan Feng is quietly observing her and something also starts to unravel in his own heart. There's this beautiful moment when he reaches out to wipe off sauce on her mouth - both are visibly affected by this physical touch. Tang Xin laughs it off, but Zhan Feng seems to realise that something has changed... even if just a little.

  Tang Xin offers to treat Zhan Feng a meal, but he declines. At the end of the night, Tang Xin wants to return the new clothes to Zhan Feng, thanking him for a beautiful dream. She says she knows her class and doesn't dare to hanker after any of the noble gentlemen. Zhan Feng says he is the Crown Prince and they cannot refuse if he wants them to marry her. Zhan Feng tells Tang Xin he sincerely wants to help her.

  Tang Xin laughs that if he wants to help her then he should let her go home so she can help out Auntie Lan (Zhang Zhen's mother) with the housework. Zhan Feng smiles and asks Tang Xin if she knows what she is missing. Zhan Feng tells Tang Xin that she is missing a young girl's heart... that longs for romance. Tang Xin laughs that she doesn't want romance, she wants buns! Her dream is to have a house full of biscuits and buns! She passes Zhan Feng the clothes and leaves. 

  But guess what? Tang Xin may not dream of romance, but someone else certainly does... her last date, Gentleman Qin. He admits to having fallen for her at first sight. He has been following her the last few days and thinks she is just perfect. He proposes to Tang Xin and.... Tang Xin accepts! Zhan Feng's face blackens and immediately says no! Marriage needs to be decided by the parents and a proper matchmaker. Zhan Feng accuses Gentleman Qin of not respecting Tang Xin. 

   Tang Xin laughs that it is not necessary - in her village, a cow is enough to get married. She warns Gentleman Qin that she is only a simple restaurant worker. Gentleman Qin assures her that he does not mind.

  Zhan Feng interrupts again and asks Gentleman Qin to prove his affections. He stops Gentleman Qin and gives him a list of items he should prepare...... Gentleman Qin gulps nervously and rushes off promising to prepare it. Tang Xin is extremely upset at Zhan Feng for chasing off Gentleman Qin - she asks what ridiculous conditions did he set, doesn't he know she doesn't long for wealth and will be happy with a biscuit? She tells him he has chased off her once in eight hundred years good luck of a marriage proposal! Zhan Feng laughs that Gentleman Qin must be a fraud if he can't even prepare such simple gifts...

   Tang Xin refuses to talk to Zhan Feng and returns home. She is surprised to find her house full of gifts!


  Tang Xin stands in shock as Gentleman Qin is already in the house with the most famous matchmaker in the capital! He starts to introduce the gifts he had prepared... and we realise that Zhan Feng had set ridiculously extravagant conditions. But, Gentleman Qin has fulfilled them!

  Tang Xin very bluntly accepts Gentleman Qin. Auntie Lan tells Tang Xin not to be so blunt, but Gentleman Qin smiles and says that is precisely why he likes Tang Xin.

  Zhan Feng tells Gentleman Qin that they will consider his proposal. Tang Xin is exasperated as Gentleman Qin politely leaves - because she said she agreed already! Auntie Lan agrees with Zhan Feng that they shouldn't be rash because they need to ascertain Gentleman Qin's character first.

  Zhan Feng quickly blackens Gentleman Qin's reputation! Gosh, Zhan Feng, could you be even more transparent?

    The next day, when Tang Xin and Gentleman Qin meet in private, Tang Xin starts to decline his proposal stating their class difference. Tang Xin thanks Gentleman Qin for letting her feel so precious for one day. She says she is not worthy of his goodness. She guesses that Gentleman Qin must have proposed to her perhaps because he lost a bet?

  Gentleman Qin kneels and confesses that these are his true feelings. He admits that he has seen many beauties on his travels... but never anyone as sincere and frank as her. He sincerely confesses that it will be his blessing if Tang Xin is willing to be his wife. Gentleman Qin passes Tang Xin parchments of paper... saying that whatever she writes, he will fulfill. 

  Tang Xin is extremely touched and accepts. 

  Zhan Feng apologises to Tang Xin for today but said he did it out of concern for her... afterall, they are brothers. Tang Xin smiles and apologises too if she had been rude... after all, they are brothers.

  Zhan Feng says that the rumours of Gentleman Qin are not good, but he will test Gentleman Qin's heart. 

  The next day, Zhan Feng invites Gentleman Qin and Tang Xin over to his manor for a "treat". Zhan Feng bestows a gift on Gentleman Qin - four beauties! Gentleman Qin asks to speak to Zhan Feng privately. Zhan Feng gives a signal to his personal servant (eunuch) to bring Tang Xin over when he drops a tea cup - he wants Tang Xin to hear Gentleman Qin's true self because he thinks Gentleman Qin wants the four beauties. 

   In the private room, even though Gentleman Qin will risk beheading by rejecting Zhan Feng's gift as he is the Crown Prince, Gentleman Qin begs Zhan Feng to take back the gift. Zhan Feng is so shocked that he drops his tea cup. Tang Xin comes in right at the time when Gentleman Qin swears that Tang Xin will be his only wife for this lifetime. 

  Tang Xin hears this and is so touched that she promises she will not disappoint Gentleman Qin. Zhan Feng is shaken and orders his servant to drags them out.

  Later, Zhan Feng practises his martial arts and drinks alcohol in sorrow. 

  Woohoo! This episode was just perfect and I practically recapped every single scene. It's my favourite kind of story - playboy prince matchmakes his "buddy"/"brother" and starts to see her in a new light after she changes her clothes (I know this is such wrong messaging but it's so fun to watch?). He starts to realise what he have missed when a great guy comes around and sees Tang Xin all along for the beauty that she is - not external, but in her inner sincerity and frankness. 

  So, what will Zhan Feng do now that Gentleman Qin is the real deal and a worthy suitor for Tang Xin's hand? 


  1. yeay.....thx decembi...... :)
    i love zhan feng's jaw dropping moment when he saw the beautified tang xin n how he stew in jealousy if his own making. however, i dislike the fact how the show made zhan feng fell for tang xin only after seeing her being beautified, it made zhan feng seems so shallow.

    waiting your next recap cos it's when all the squee-worthy moments of tang xin n zhan feng...i lol-ed so hard when zhan feng fell to the pond in the next ep.

    1. Hello, heehee me too! I love his jaw dropping moment. I don't think Zhan Feng fell for Tang Xin only after her makeover because he has always treated her differently, i saw it as a wake up call for him - that the girl he saw as a brother was still a woman!

      Heehee i love love the next episode!

  2. decembi,

    I am still following ur recaps and the other stuff (**coughemperorstrategycough**)... but u can take ur time (no hurry) :)

    ZF really does sound shallow if he only realised he likes TX after her makeover. And he better be quick and direct or the girl will gets away soon...

    1. Hello fangorn,

      Lovely to hear from you. I think the makeover bit was played up for laughs and entertainment value but Zhan Feng, I would argue, may be a little frivolous but was never shallow. He very clearly rejected Mu Dan, the prettiest girl in town, precisely cos he prized inner character ;)

  3. It's been so long since i watched ancient chinese drama. The most recent was young sherlock. I'm falling more and more in love with your blog decembi! Thanks a bunch!

    1. Welcome nur_hanis! Thanks so much for your support. I haven't caught young sherlock yet heehee. <3