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Fiction: The Sun's Dark Love (Chapter 14)

   Can you guess who is the male in the picture above? This is the start of the final arc. Let's go!

Chapter 14: You, too


   "Yan Zun," Wang Huan cried, her kneels fell to the floor, "Yan Zun."

   But, only silence met her cries. 

  Instead of feeling increasingly sad as her sobs grew more uncontrollable, Wang Huan felt a sense of indignation well up inside of her. She coughed and slapped her palm on the ground, "Yan Zun, the first time I cried for a boy, it was for you. Are you always going to make me cry for you?"

  She saw the leaves that had fallen on the ground started to be rustled by a rising wind and a smile crept onto her lips. She watched as the winds circled all the trees and the spider webs disappeared.

    She had not seen him for almost a hundred years, but she recognised him immediately. His robe of white, his long dark hair, his delicately carved face, as if he was a handsome figure made of glass. 

   His gentle eyes crinkled upwards as if to signal he couldn't do anything about her. Wang Huan felt her sobs stop as her breathing stabilised. She smiled.

  He sighed, but she could see that his eyes were happy.

  "I have appeared, why are you still crying?" He asked softly, as he went up to her to lift her from the ground.

  Wang Huan touched the tips of her eyes and realised that tears were still slowly falling from her eyes. But, these were not tears of sadness.

  She smiled. "Yan Zun," she called again, as if she could not believe this foreign sound coming out of her lips.

  She looked at him expectantly, refusing to take his hand. Yan Zun laughed lightly, then his eyes became serious as he intoned earnestly, "Wang Huan, Wang Huan, Wang Huan."

  She placed her hand in his. She felt her heart rise as he lifted her up, "You are back."

  "I am," Yan Zun replied, "Though, I am not supposed to see you yet."

   "Indeed, he is not," Wang Huan heard a familiar voice echo from the entrance of the courtyard. She turned her head and glared at An Hun. An Hun had been busy with Prince Sun and refused to tell her about their plans......

  An Hun gave his younger sister his usual cavalier smile, "Wang Huan, now that Yan Zun is back, you aren't happy to see your big brother anymore?"

  "I have to go," Yan Zun nodded his head lightly to Wang Huan and walked towards An Hun. He turned his head back slightly before exiting, "I'm glad you are well, Wang Huan."

  An Hun watched as Yan Zun exited the courtyard. He hid a smile, he had warned Xi Yang that bringing Yan Zun back would complicate his own relationship with Wang Huan... but Xi Yang insisted that Yan Zun was necessary. In some ways, he was necessary to both Xi Yang's plans to take revenge on the person who poisoned Wang Huan and also to his own plans to ascend the throne in the Dark Realms --- the return of the long exiled leader of the Spider Demon Tribe would also herald a new power imbalance in the insect demon tribes in the Dark Realm. An Hun could already sense the fresh blood that would be shed.

  He had to admit - he was excited.


   Lightly, very lightly, Xi Yang descended in the garden of Yue's palace. In her wait for Xi Yang, Yue had already dozed off on the stone table. Xi Yang watched as the moonlight fell on Yue's sleeping face, he did not know whether to laugh or cry --- already a wife, a mother, an Empress, but still as usual, the sleepy moon maiden.

  In many ways, he was glad. In many ways, Yue will always be his Yue.

  He sat down on the stone table and tapped Yue's forehead lightly. She easily stirred awake and smiled at the sight of Xi Yang. Her eyes widened in concern when she saw how dusty Xi Yang's robes were - in all her years with Xi Yang, she had never seen him untidy. 

  Xi Yang warmed the pot of tea on the stone table and poured tea for both of them. He said, "I had to travel to a far away place to settle important affairs. I had no time to clean up before I arrived."

  Yue smiled as she pointed at the carefully packed bundle on the table, "You rushed so much just for a package of red hot spicy pork? That doesn't sound like you, Xi Yang Ge Ge (older brother)."

  "Perhaps so," Xi Yang nodded as he stared at the moon, "How did you know you loved Hsiao?"

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#talk 28: dream BIG

      You can never cross the ocean unless you have the courage to lose sight of the shore. This quote attributed to Christopher Columbus has been drifting continuously in my pool of thoughts. I think it's because it struck a chord in me - to touch a little of all that I love, is to constantly long for more. I wish I could write more here, do more there --- but it will never be enough, unless you make it so. 

  I suppose in order to fly, you got to give up standing on the ground. 

  In many ways, I feel like my blog is still a dream. I never imagined being able to share what I love on such a wide basis! To be able to write chinese fairytales and fantastical love stories, to share the joys and heartbreak of these larger than life characters, and to just rejoice that there are some stories that are universal, that can connect all of us from all parts of the world.

   As I planned the last arc of The Sun's Dark Love, I actually re-read Little Moon's Matchmaking Mission and... 

  I was surprised at how genuinely sweet it was (I hope it's not too egoistic to say haha)! Yue and Hsiao are soooo adorable. I wished I wrote more Yue-Hsiao scenes! I think one day I will edit chapter 16 to expand on some bits that I think could use some fleshing out. Yue and Hsiao will forever be my first love.

  I took a little break after I finished the second arc of The Sun's Dark Love - partly because work has been overwhelming, but also because I think I'm always a little sad when stories end. Maybe it sounds rather silly since I write the story, but sometimes, I think that also makes it harder to say goodbye. I'm still really excited to share the third arc though, and also a little worried that my writing simply isn't good enough for my ideas --- but I will try my best and hope for the day when my writing matches my ideas perfectly :).

 Finally, I have to confess that I absolutely cannot wait to share Yu An (Yue's daughter)'s story. Gosh, planning her story has been the most fun out of the three. I think it's because a lot of the difficult ground work has been laid in the first two stories and also because Yu An's personality is so kick-ass. I'm careful not to make any of the characters too perfect though, because I think perfection while sometimes satisfying in the vicarious sense, can also be boring? The only problem I foresee when Yu An's story starts is that I think everyone will be wondering who is the One True Pairing. Well, for once, my lips are sealed. 

love, decembi

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Heavy Sweetness Ash-Like Frost: Translation (Chapter 20.2: The Hurt of Honey)

 Three updates in a row! :)  

I think Hu Ge's pictures in The Nirvana of Fire perfectly matches what I think Night appears to be when he has ascended the throne as the First Emperor. Although Night is the First Emperor, he wants Jin Mi to still see him as Night or even more than that. Even Jin Mi's own maid tells her that her heart should not hanker for another. But, as we have long known, Jin Mi will not be Jin Mi if she has always listened to the good counsel of others. 

Chapter 20: The Hurt of Honey (Part 2 of 4)

  "The Great God's constitution is naturally 'yin' and cold, but the surrounding is 'yang' and hot. It is not suitable for the Great God to stay long, may the Great God quickly return. If anything happens to the Great God, the First Emperor will be worried and upset again."

  I lifted up my sleeve, wiped the beads of sweat on my forehead and then fanned my face, "It's fine. It's only a little hot and not as serious as you say it is. You can relax, the First Emperor is busy with work, he will not have the time to worry about such small matters."

  Li Zhu is the female immortal attendant Night had tasked to serve me. She's good at everything but also has the ability to make a mountain out of every molehill. She always loves to end her "advice" by telling me "the First Emperor will be worried and upset again". So young and she is already so naggy, she will be truly invincible once she becomes an immortal granny.

  I shook my head and let out a sigh for her.

  Li Zhu seeing me let out a sigh, immediately became stern as if meeting a huge enemy and started to nag again, "Why is the Great God sighing? Pardon me for speaking, but some things that have passed, you should just let them be, even the mortals know to move forward towards the future, what more a Great God with years of cultivation? If one is able to look beyond, one will learn to be content. What's more the devotion shown by the First Emperor towards you, if the Great God's heart longs for another, the heart of even a follower like me will turn cold, what more the First Emperor..."

   My head was attacked by my usual stabbing pain. I took out a sweet to suck in my mouth and stopped her, "It's warm here, I will sit for a while. You can go back first and feed my Nightmare Beast."

  "Great God... this is the fiery mountain outside the place Lao Jun makes his pills, how is this warm? Besides, the Nightmare Beasts eats dreams, where will Li Zhu find enough dreams to feed him?" Her face was contorted.

  "This Nightmare Beast has followed me for many years and is not picky with food. You can simply feed it some leaves and sticks," Li Zhu appeared to still want to speak, but I waved my hands and sealed her mouth. She looked at me unwillingly as she retreated back.

    Today was the day Tai Shang Lao Jun came out of his meditation to open his stove to make pills again. I had long heard about the good news and came searching for him. Who knew that the little grandmother Li Zhu will follow me, but thankfully I managed to chase her off so that my ears can have their rest. Even the steam from the pill stove no longer seemed so uncomfortable.

  It was noon, I neatened up my robes and passed my 'bai tie' (an olden day form of name card) to the door attendants. In a while, the immortal attendants returned and respectfully brought me inside. Their heads were lowered and they did not dare to look at me.

  According to Li Zhu, after Night managed to entangle himself out of the golden ropes, he took advantage of the chaos from the surrounding gods, the heavenly generals and soldiers to take control of the Heavenly Emperor. It was easy for Night to gain control after the Fire Deity's army lost its main commander. The Heavenly Realms held an important meeting and Night listed out all of the Heavenly Emperor's crimes. Because of Night's good reputation, the crowd was appeased and he was supported as the next Heavenly Emperor. The former Heavenly Emperor was exiled.

  I did not care about who became the Heavenly Emperor. But ever since I was named the Water God by the former Heavenly Emperor, all the gods would treat me respectfully but also with a trace of fear, as if I was some water monster. 

  After we walked through the confusing 'ba gua' formation of the courtyard and even before we entered the main hall, we were narrowly knocked by an immortal attendant carrying a special medicine.

  "You should watch the road carefully!" The immortal attendant quickly blocked me.

  "Gentleman Lin Guang?"

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Heavy Sweetness Ash-Like Frost: Translation (Chapter 20.1: The Hurt of Honey)

   I try not to reveal too much of the story in the opening comments of the chapter to avoid spoilers. But, as you can tell from the previous chapter, everything changes after chapter 19. The changes are irrevocable --- you have to pay the price of what you choose. And, unfortunately, even the greatest sweetness cannot overcome the bitterness of truth. 

Chapter 20: The Hurt of Honey* (Part 1 of 4)

   I turned around, opened my eyes and saw two female immortal attendants at the head of my bed. I tried to lift up my body with my arm, but who knew that my arm would soften and I would fall back onto the bed. 

   This movement startled the two female immortal attendants.

  "Who is singing opera outside?**" I asked. 

   One of the female immortal attendants' eyes opened wide and she turned around to start to run outside, along the way she shouted, "Quick! Quick tell the First Emperor! The Water God has awaken!"

   The other female immortal attendant was more serious. She looked at me and her voice shook a little as she spoke, "The Water God has slept for half a year and has finally awoke. The First Emperor has been worried all day and night."

  I furrowed my brows and asked again, "Who is singing opera outside?"

   The female immortal attendant replied, "The First Emperor ascended the throne today. In celebration, the gods had set up a stage to sing opera from the mortal realms."

    I closed my eyes and asked, "What is being sung?"

  The female immortal attendant answered respectfully, "It's a form of opera called 'Kun Xi'***, it's called 'Startled Dream'".

   "Startled dream... Startled dream..." I repeatedly murmured in my lips. I suddenly lifted up my head and looked at her, "First Emperor? Which First Emperor?"

  The female immortal attendant covered her mouth and smiled, "The Water God must be joking. Which other First Emperor is there? There is only one - Night Deity. Just now, the First Emperor had taken the time to check on the Water God, and he had actually just left when the Water God awoke."

  "Night Deity..." My mind was thrown into confusion, "Night Deity... which Night Deity are you talking about?" I pulled her sleeve, "How about the Fire Deity? You said I have slept for half a year, why didn't the Fire Deity come and see me?"

  "Fire Deity...?" She looked confused and did not answer. After I pulled her sleeve and repeated my question three or four times, she carefully replied, "Fire Deity... didn't the Fire Deity incinerate into ashes half a year ago?"

  "Hong Long" there was a huge rumble and I felt something explode in my head.

  His every furrow, smile, raise of the hand...

  Emotional thread...

  The willow-shaped ice blade...

  His back...

  His central divine core...

  Blood, my eyes full of blood, flowing down the white clouds, flowing down step by step, there was only the start, no end.

   Yes, he died! I personally plunged the knife blade into his divine essence! I personally killed him! I personally saw his soul incinerate!

  I held both my hands and felt a stabbing pain in my chest. I scrunched my body at the edge of the bed, it was so painful I could not straighten my body, it felt like my heart, guts and lungs were all being dug out alive and then splattered in blood and left lying on the ground. I twisted my wrists, I twisted it forcefully, wondering why what was being cut off were not my hands?

  "Great god! Great god! Why? Please don't hurt yourself!"

  I hurt so greatly that my toes were knotted like I pulled a tendon. I looked at her in loss and terror, "Quick! My heart has disappeared! I have lost my heart! Help me find it! Quick! It must be somewhere in the house! You must find it! It's so painful, so painful I could die." I held the empty part of my chest and bunched into a ball.

  The female immortal attendant's face was terrified and she said, "Yes, I will help you find, I will help you find..." She searched around the bed, "There's nothing... nothing..  Great God, there's nothing..."

  "If it's not on the bed, look below! Look outside the room! It must be somewhere!" I started to cry. The heavy pain would not cease.

  "What are you finding?" Someone entered the room, a long figure, golden robes.


    I paused with my eyes full of tears. Everyone was quiet.

   "Find a heart... First Emperor... the Great God wants me to help her find a heart... She says her heart has gone missing..." The female immortal attendant murmured as if she had lost her soul.

  "Jin Er, what's the matter?"

  The beautiful image of paradise was destroyed all at once. Phoenix has never once called me Jin Er... my chest was stabbed again by a knife, blood and flesh was mixed into one... I was troubled and wrung both my hands, my throat felt like it was broken.

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Heavy Sweetness Ash-Like Frost: Translation (Chapter 19.4: The Emotional Threads are Deep and Mysterious)

  Hello! I'm back! I have been overwhelmed with work in the last two weeks so there were only sporadic updates. Now my schedule is clearing up, so do expect much more updates over the next few days. I have even been getting emails asking for more The Sun's Dark Love! Aww, thank you sweethearts!

  Now, this chapter is EPIC. This is what you have all been waiting for. 

Chapter 19: The Emotional Threads are Deep and Mysterious (Part 4 of 4)

  Night lightly said, "Nothing. Whoever wins will be Emperor, except I was lacking, the mantis is stalking the cicada but does not know that the yellow sparrow is behind it." 

  Phoenix calmly looked at Night whose powers has been bound by golden ropes, "Your saying on the yellow sparrow is not truly accurate, today Night has merely been the silkworm that spins its own cocoon, caught in a trap of your own making."

  Night smiled and lightly shook his head. 

  "We are loyal to the Night Deity and are willing to die for him!" The soldiers that had rushed in just now started to shout. In a moment, the soldiers rushed towards the surrounding gods to hold them as hostages. Most of the gods were scholarly types and naturally were easily overcome by the soldiers.

  But, Phoenix was already prepared. With a flash from his eyes and a command from him, even more soldiers rushed from outside to stop Night's rebellious soldiers, in a moment, the celebratory hall became a battleground of swords.

  The Heavenly Emperor was incensed. He slapped the golden arm of his throne and was about to rise, but even before he could stand properly he suddenly fell back into the throne. He looked stunned at Night, "What water did you give me to drink ?!"

  Night answered without haste, "Something that will take away your powers for four hours*."

  "You!..." The Heavenly Emperor looked completely devastated and was rendered speechless. The Moon God helped the Heavenly Emperor and looked at Night in anger, "Night, I always knew your heart was deep and calculative, but I never knew you were unfaithful, disloyal, and unfilial. Aren't you scared of divine retribution?"

  Night lightly looked at the Heavenly Emperor and said, "Someone who is unfaithful, disloyal and unfilial, how can he have any right to demand that people are faithful, loyal and filial to him? To ascend to the throne, the Heavenly Emperor himself killed his brothers, forsook the Flower Goddess, married a wicked goddess, humiliated my mother, abandoned his son. If it was not to battle the Demon Tribe, would he have summoned me back? He also brutally separated the Flower Goddess and the Water God - he made the Wind Goddess marry the Water God and destroyed the Flower Goddess after poisoning her. Later, he also ruined my mother's wedding fate with the Fish King of Eastern Seas, abandoned her and let her be killed. If there is divine justice, then his retribution should come."

  The Heavenly Emperor's colouring on his face withered.

  "Night does not ask to be free of recriminations, but in my heart, I want to repay my debt to my mother for raising me," Night looked at me calmly from afar, even his deep red robes could not shroud the peacefulness emanating from inside of him, "I have no regrets this life, except I only owe one person."

  I returned his gaze then turned away to look at the heavenly generals who were fighting with each other. Night's soldiers were weaker and it looked like victory was about to be gained by Phoenix's men. Phoenix calmly stood in front of me, "Do not look, be careful as the blade has no eyes." He raised his palm to attack some of the soldiers, in the centre of his palm grew fiery flames and the rebellious soldiers immediately burned to death.

  I looked at his wide shoulders and back, then followed his movements and looked carefully at his palms, looked at the flames burning within the palms. In these three years, I have repeatedly looked at both of these hands, every line and curve I could remember clearly, telling myself that these were the hands, this was the Red Lotus Flame that had taken away my only father, incinerating his soul.

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Heavy Sweetness Ash-Like Frost: Translation (Chapter 19.3: The Emotional Threads are Deep and Mysterious)

   It is Night and Jin Mi's big wedding day! All the gods from the six realms have gathered at the Heavenly Emperor's Nine Mist Clouds palace to watch the beautiful couple tie the knot. But, will everything go as planned?

Chapter 19: The Emotional Threads are Deep and Mysterious (Part 3 of 4)

  "The auspicious time has arrived! Raise the sedan!"

      On the eighth day of the third month, as the sun sets and night arrives, the twenty four flower leaders stood in two rows to send me off. The flower sprites and immortals, the insects, the worms, all the sprites gathered at the Water Boundary, and even gathered at the three continents and ten islands that laid outside the Flower World. A route of a thousand miles, three thousand, six hundred and sixty six flowers were arranged to form a blossoming long carpet to lead the way. The sixteen immortal attendants who had arrived to pick up the bride were decked up in ornate costumes and carried the sedan up with respect and grand ceremony. 

   I sat in the large sedan, my head was covered by a red matrimonial veil made from threads from heavenly silkworms. The veil blocked my eyes but luckily the red matrimonial veil was not knitted in small tight stitches and there were gaps that allowed some light to go through. I could still roughly see what was happening outside. All the strange flowers and fauna in the flower world had gathered around the route the sedan was taking and the dense and strong flora and fauna smell caused me to feel giddy in the sedan. 

   In a while, I felt the sedan land.

   The cloth covering the sedan was lifted up, I saw a clean long white hand reach in, the aura was magnificent. A gentle voice spoke in a low tone, "Jin Er." This was Night. 

  I placed my hand in his palm and was lightly guided out of the sedan by his grip.

  Suddenly, the playing of the musical instruments reached its crescendo. Many colourful butterflies started to fly, the cranes started to dance. 

  I stood shoulder to shoulder by Night, gazing at him through the red matrimonial veil. He wore a jade dragon crown, a grand red matrimonial robe, his brows were dark and his eyes were clear, his expression was elegant and distinguished, he gave off a light shining aura like a pearl. Compared to the surrounding noise of the crowd with the striking bold wedding decorations, he was like the morning dew in the midst of dark ink, always remaining undisturbed and untainted by the surroundings.

   He smiled and looked at me. He very solemnly took my hand and led me through the immortals who had gathered from the six realms to watch the ceremony. The Nightmare Beast that I had not seen for ages had a red flower ball on its neck as it followed me, every now and then it would lower its head and nervously peek at me from under my red matrimonial veil. When it saw me glaring at it, it would quickly jump and continue walking.

  As we walked, I could see that the two sides of the route towards the palace were surrounded by gods and immortals from all the realms, even the King of Hell was invited and sat on the right of the Heavenly Emperor.

  The Heavenly Emperor grandly sat on his throne at the top. He wore a golden crown and robes, his aura was grave and his brows were lowered. But, when he saw Night and I holding hands, he gave a light satisfied smile.

   The Moon God, who stood next to the Heavenly Emperor, lowered his eyes towards our hands that were interlocked like an unbreakable chain, then he looked at how we stood shoulder to shoulder, with barely any space in between. His expression was squashed like a bittergourd and his brows were so furrowed, it could easily kill one or two mosquitoes. I heard the Moon God speak secretly to me, "Little Mi Er, how can you forsake the old and transfer your affections to someone new? What will happen to my poor Nephew? You only hear your new lover laugh, but you can't hear your old lover cry!"

  I replied to him concernedly as well in secret and said, "The Moon God, please do not be so agitated. Sit down and speak slowly, you will be tired if you stand."

  The Moon God looked conflicted then replied secretly, "I am officiating the wedding. I cannot sit."

  I simply could not see how the Moon God would have the aura to officiate the wedding......

  The Heavenly Emperor's gaze sternly swept across the grand hall. He turned his head and asked the Moon God in a low voice, "Why don't I see Phoenix?"

  The Moon God looked at me and responded, "This is an important ceremony in the Heavenly Realms... everyone is gathered here, Phoenix must be on his way but was slowed down by the crowd. There is no harm in waiting a while more."

  The Heavenly Emperor lightly furrowed his brow as if he was not satisfied with the Moon God's explanation and so he said immediately, "We won't wait. Let's start."

  The Moon God appeared to want to say something more but he was stopped by the Heavenly Emperor. He had no choice but to commence the wedding, "Music!" In a moment, the hall was filled with celebratory music and the surrounding gods looked at Night and I with praise, "What a beautiful couple!"

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Drama Recap: 追鱼传奇 (Mermaid Legend) : The Love Story of The Crown Prince & A Fishing Village Girl (Part 9 of 12)

   If you are using the maplestage player I introduced in part 1, we will be at episode 22. I'm having some difficulties with the maplestage player, so I'm using this link, in their version, we are at episode 18. 

   In episode 18, Tang Xin is getting married with Gentleman Qin --- what will Zhan Feng do? ;) 

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Fiction: The Sun's Dark Love (Chapter 13)

   I was torn between finishing Chapter 13 or another chapter of a translation. In the end, I decided to finish Chapter 13 and complete the second arc. Partly in thanks to the comments and partly because I also stand, amazed, that I have finally reached this part of the story...... many have commented that the title 'The Sun's Dark Love' has ominous overtones, but if you look at it from another angle, this story could be equally read as 'The Dark Princess' Sun'. 

Chapter 13: Promise


   Xi Yang thought back about the words he had exchanged with the Dark Lord regarding the Spider Demon Tribe. The Dark Lord had given him a deep penetrating glance, "What purpose will it serve? Are you not scared of losing Wang Huan?"

  Xi Yang had returned the Dark Lord's glance with neither fear nor favour, "I am, which is why I am doing it."

  The Dark Lord had laughed heartily and nodded, "I have no objections. But, you will have a hard time convincing your stubborn father."

  Xi Yang looked at the still unconscious Wang Huan, yes, it will be difficult, but what's the point if you don't wake up Wang Huan? The Heavenly Imperial Physician had informed him that Wang Huan may still be unconscious because the ambrosia flower poison was too deadly and even if Wang Huan's blood had the power to naturally counteract against the poison... it may take time......

  Xi Yang watched over Wang Huan day after day. He hated the feeling of being powerless... he had once sworn to himself that he would not stand by helpless again while watching someone he cared about suffer...... Xi Yang took Wang Huan's cold hands and squeezed them, "Don't you still owe me a promise?"

  As if Wang Huan had heard him, she slowly, very slowly, opened her eyes.

  "You have been unconscious for a week."

   Wang Huan tried to raise herself up, but Xi Yang stopped her. Xi Yang reached out his hand and stroke the hair on her forehead. 

  "Your father has indicated that he will bring you home when you wake up," Xi Yang sighed.

   "Wang Huan," Xi Yang called, just like he had silently, ceaselessly, called for her inside his heart while she was unconscious.

  "You are going to go very far away," Xi Yang said, his voice had a melodic lilt to it, like a moon lullaby, "Can I put a seal on you? A seal so powerful that I can still sense you from here?"

    Slowly, very slowly, Wang Huan nodded her head. Gently, very gently, Xi Yang bent down and kissed Wang Huan on her forehead.


    Wang Huan could hear the deep pulsating throbs of her heart. It was so loud that she was worried Xi Yang could hear them too. 

   As Xi Yang sat straight up again, a sparkling glint in his eye, Wang Huan felt her heart throb anxiously. Was her throbbing heart a consequence of any residues from the ambrosia flower poison in her body? 

  In the awkward aftermath of a kiss, Wang Huan did not know how to act. So, instinctively, her body acted for her - her stomach started to rumble like boulders clamoring down a hill slope. She had not eaten for a week and her body was yearning for food.

  Xi Yang burst out laughing, "Pig!"

  At this moment, Wang Huan really wished that she could disappear - even if her heart dreamt of romance, her gluttonous stomach would rather feed on bread than love.

  Xi Yang flicked his hand quickly as if sending out a magical signal to afar. Wang Huan guessed that he was instructing the kitchen to send food. Wang Huan pointed to her throat. Xi Yang supported Wang Huan up, leaned her comfortably onto the bed and magically summoned for her a cup of tea. 

  Now that her throat was sufficiently moistened, Wang Huan said, "Call Xiao Mi here, I want to make special orders for food."

  Xi Yang nodded and gave another flick of the hand. He smiled proudly at Wang Huan, "Now, I have planted an extremely strong tracer on you. Let's see you try and remove it this time."

  Wang Huan felt a pang of embarrassment prick inside her, It was not a kiss. Crown Prince Sun was just putting a tracer on her! But the embarrassment quickly changed to anger, and that surge of anger gave her the strength to hit Xi Yang on his arm, "Who plants tracers like that!"

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Drama Recap: 追鱼传奇 (Mermaid Legend) : The Love Story of The Crown Prince & A Fishing Village Girl (Part 8 of 12)

   Hello! My apologies for leaving the drama recaps for Mermaid Legend unfinished for a while. I was recapping the whole drama quickly in one go when I fell very sick in May and it was hard to get into the recapping mode again. Here's the links to the previous recaps (also available at the side bar): 1 2 3 4 5 6 7.

   One of my blogging rules is that what is started must always be finished, no matter how long or what form it takes. Thank you for those who are still patiently waiting for the recaps! Here we go to the finishing line!

   We last stopped at episode 21 (episode 17 in this version) where Zhan Feng brought Tang Xin to a cloth shop for a Pretty Woman makeover.....

   Pardon the lower screen resolutions of the images! I can only find better ones for the later episodes! :) 

   The shopkeeper looks down on Tang Xin because she is simply dressed. Zhan Feng keeps demanding better cloth for Tang Xin when the shopkeeper gives the snooty nose to them as if implying that they will not be able to afford it. 

   Zhan Feng says that the cloth should at least be as good as what he is wearing. At first, the shopkeeper is disdainful because the pattern of Zhan Feng's clothing is simple but his jaw drops when he touches it.

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#talk 27: Future Projects & Wish List

credits: hiliuyun (recommended by lemonsalt)

   Pretty soon, One Second Spring will turn eleven months old. I can't decide if time is moving fast or slow, for then this blog will also soon finally turn one years old. Slowly but surely, I have filled the blog with so many writings - but still, there is so much more to write!

  I want to write about chinese dramas that I have managed to watch and those that I can't wait to watch. I've actually caught the first eighteen/twenty episodes (the different episode count from different broadcasters are confusing) of The Sound of the Desert (Da Mo Yao) and I can say that it is ultimately a satisfactory watching experience even if the book is emotionally richer. Eddie Peng, Liu Shi Shi and Hu Ge did a really good job. With some more time, I hope to write my drama impressions/recaps of the drama. I promise to catch up on the Mermaid Legend first though haha!

 In this entry, I hope to write more about my thoughts and plans for the blog, and hopefully you can share your wish list too as we reach the one year anniversary mark! Before, I go on - a shoutout to Akatsuki Hikari who wrote to me that she will be translating The Crazy Adventures of Wu Gate (here's the SSB link and my long spoiler review of the book). Go support her if you have always wanted to read the novel in English! ;)

   In terms of current projects, Emperor's Strategy is currently on hiatus. It is a beautiful c-novel and I definitely plan to return to it after I finish Once Promised or Heavy Sweetness. It's just a bit too much to be juggling three ancient c-novels at one time and also be writing my own fiction. So, fans of the Emperor's Strategy, please be patient. 

  For Heavy Sweetness, I had hoped to finish it before the one year anniversary, but the last few chapters of the novel are amazingly long and emotionally complicated. I don't want to sacrifice quality for expediency so I'm not going to rush it. Still, the end goal is in sight!

  So, what will take over Heavy Sweetness? Gosh, I have such a long list of c-novels that you will probably be surprised. Quite a few I have never written on the blog about before - some I have read years and years ago, but have continued to hold a soft spot. I will definitely be introducing a new ancient xianxia novel next year, but it's another long project, and I have decided that before I start on another long ancient c-novel journey, I will do my first modern c-novel translation. I have a book in mind that seems like the perfect length, but I will keep this a secret first. 

  For Once Promised, amazingly, we have translated most of the chapters instead of summarising it. This is really largely due to Tong Hua's amazingly poetic language and wonderful way of weaving all these little details that make so much thematic sense later on. I will be working hard to finish Book 1 either by translation or summary - it's definitely a worthy journey.

  For The Sun's Dark Love, I have gotten into a pretty good pace for it and I think *cross fingers* that finishing it even before the one year anniversary is definitely possible. I have been really grateful for the support and also really excited to finish the whole journey with my readers. I honestly did not plan to start another fiction so soon after The Sun's Dark Love completes, but I think I may just jump right into Yu An's story after The Sun's Dark Love finishes. We will see!

  Finally, thank you for the continued support and encouragement for this blog. It really means a lot to me. I have some special translation goodies in mind for the blog's birthday month and christmas, so I can only wish for more time to fulfill all of these.

With love,

P.S. You may share your wish list for the blog here! Who knows if your wish will come true? ;)