Wednesday, 8 October 2014

#talk 26: The Sunshine Award! *UPDATED with suteki's questions*

  Dramapenchant was so sweet to nominate me for The Sunshine Award, an award I think fellow bloggers give each other as a thank you for brightening up my day! It made me also realise that time has passed quickly and my blog is about ten months old now! There are still so many more things I want to write and I look forward to continue to grow with this blog.

  Now, my answers to dramapenchant's 8 questions:

  1. Favourite kdrama trope? Contract dating/marriages and when the girl dresses up as a boy! Coffee Prince combines both ;).

  2. Your least favourite kdrama trope (as in the one you despise)? Terminal illness.

 3.  You are the heroine of a show, who is your leading man? No particular favourites to be honest!

  4. Top 3 dramas and why? I will restrict this to korean dramas. For korean dramas, I think the three dramas that are most memorable for me will be Full House (my first romantic korean drama), Dae Jang Guem and My Name is Kim Sam Soon (love Hyun Bin and Kim Sun-ah!).

  5. If you can travel to any country (all expenses paid), where would it be and what would be the first thing you'll eat there? I have actually been lucky enough to travel to my favourite places in the world. For now, I can't wait to go to Japan because my husband has banned me from going to Japan again (because of the radiation) until I give birth to two babies. UNI!

6. Your ideal kdrama cast would include...? Not a specific fan of any actress or actor. 

7. You have travelled into the past, what era are you hoping it is? Somewhere with a functioning toilet!

8. Your favourite past time activity(s) (other than watching dramas and blogging)? I'm a total bookworm - so reading is my number one hobby. I love all kinds of books and manga. I also love eating and theatre. 

   For my nominations, I'm going to nominate Sutekii and Moonblossom! Sutekii is not just an amazing blogger, most of all, she's a really sweet reader who leaves comments that really encourages people to write. Moonblossom is also the perfect co-blogger and I feel very honoured to have been part of her Gentleman Free-Floating Cloud translations. 

 I'm also grateful to peanuts and Hui'er, but it's harder to nominate their blog since it's more of a group blog. 

  My questions: 
  1) What inspired you to start your blog? 
  2) Your favourite c-novel?
  3)  If you could lead a completely alternate life, what would it be? 

  Don't feel obliged to participate! The fun is just in the nomination. Thank you everyone! 

*UPDATED at 10.22 pm*
sutekii nominated me back and gave me three questions which I shall answer here:

What inspired you to write your own fiction? This was a really fun question for me haha. I'm not sure if I wrote this before but I enjoy light-hearted humorous fiction and am always on the lookout for romantic comedies. I also really like the xianxia genre (immortals and gods) but after reading a few good ones (see my recommendations page), I had problems finding short funny xianxia stories. There were many good ones but they were all with a heavier emotional bent and quite a few were bittersweet (reincarnations, open-ended reunion in the next life, etc). So, I started writing Little Moon's Matchmaking Mission as a kind of lark, a little joke for myself, and then the idea took a life of its own and with everyone's support, I managed to finish it! I had so much fun and support, I started on Xi Yang's own story, The Sun's Dark Love. 

Name your favourite male and female character from any novel, what makes him/her so special? This is such a hard question! In truth, I have many favourite characters and it's so hard to choose. I think my all time favourite female character is Ju Mu Er from Three Marriages and I swear that I am going to translate that novel one day even if it kills me. She's so special because she's blind but she never allows that to handicap her - she is warm, courageous, intelligent and loving, and everything I could wish for in a heroine! I also love Xiao Yao from Lost You Forever and the female lead from The King is Here. 

For male characters, I don't think I have an all favourite, though the male lead in Three Thousand Crows Killing was a very memorable one. I have to confess that currently, my favourite male character is The Moon God from my own Little Moon's Matchmaking Mission (and sometimes An Hun from The Sun's Dark Love).

If you could have one super power, what would it be? And why? To travel back in time. Because, nostalgia is a powerful thing. 

Thank you, sutekii for the nomination and the questions! :) 


  1. Hi decembi, thank you for the nomination, I have also nominated you, so instead of making a new post, you can just edit this post and answer my questions too ^^"

    1. Awww thanks Sutekii, much love back to you!

  2. Aww.... thank you, thank you!! This is a pleasant surprise considering my short stint in blogging. I'll post the reply here since it is easier.

    1) What inspired you to start your blog? >> I hope more people can read about Melanie's Legendary Book of Sun-Moon Swordplay and encourage her to continue writing. If my evil plot is successful, she can then finish writing her story- and then I get to read the ending!

    2) Your favourite c-novel? >> No single favourite. Offhand, I like all of Tong Hua novels, Hua Xu Yin, 3 Marriages, When a Snail Loves, The Empress is Not Virtuous, etc, etc.

    3) If you could lead a completely alternate life, what would it be? >> I'm comfortable with who I am right now but I don't mind living a few days as an 隐居士 in an ancient era all alone in a mountain. When I miss modern toilets and the niceties of civilisation, I will morph to become Wu Ze Tian, or become a fish demon in the ocean.

    The last question is interesting. Who do you want to be if you can disappear into time and space for 1 year?

    1. Welcome, Moonblossom! <3

      I think it's interesting that you want to morph into Wu Ze Tian hahaha, even if for a while.

      I quite like being myself and it would be a dream if I had more time to read and write! But, if I had to take on the life of another for a year... hmmm... it may be fun to be a greek god or goddess for a year! Hahaha

  3. You've been nominated again, Miss Decembi. Please read the comments in this post:

    Thanks for your hard work! I have my eye on your secret manual. (Read my comments at the link above and you will understand.) :)

    1. Thank you Mel ♡♡♡ I shall await your questions