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Fiction: The Sun's Dark Love (Chapter 8)

    It's the start of the 2nd arc, and I'm getting rather giddy with excitement writing the first three chapters of the 2nd arc. So many things to share! Can't wait to squeal with all you readers!

  Above is Sun Li, the actress I would pick for the Heavenly Empress. A regal beauty. 

Chapter 8: Admirers


      There were so many things Wang Huan still wanted to tell An Hun, but by the time the Dark Lord left An Hun to wait with Wang Huan for the Royal Carriage, there was not much time left for the two siblings. 

      "An Hun, did you know that... that... my mother could have been poisoned to death?" Wang Huan asked shakily, one of the things that had weighed heavily in her mind during her time in the mortal realms. 

     An Hun placed a hand on the top of Wang Huan's head. An Hun's touch was cold, but Wang Huan always thought An Hun's touch was like the cold rain falling on one's skin. Lonely yet comforting. 

  Wang Huan looked into An Hun's eyes, "Is it really true?"

  "You know that in the Dark Realms, it is the law of the fittest - if you don't kill me today, I may kill you tomorrow," An Hun said, "I don't know for a fact if your mother was poisoned, but I do know that your mother won't want you to become darkened by any thoughts of hate or revenge."

   Wang Huan could hear the sounds of the winged horse carriage from afar. An Hun pulled Wang Huan's head to his chest and he said sincerely, "Wang Huan, if your mother was really poisoned, I'm sure the Dark Lord would have settled it --- if he never told you, it is because he has tried his best to let you live a life without darkness. So, go, Wang Huan, don't stay here. Leave the darkness here for me. I promise you, whatever is still owed to us, will be paid off in the future."

  Wang Huan lifted up her head and faced An Hun, "Your mother won't have wanted you to live in the darkness either. Come with me, An Hun."

  An Hun laughed, "We are different, Wang Huan. We, mermaids, are cold blooded."


  The Jade Emperor looked dotingly upon his beaming wife who had excitedly came into his study. They had been together for at least ten thousand years and yet she did not seem to have aged, still as pure and beautiful like when they had just met. The beautiful camellia flower sprite that naively asked him for the way to the Heavenly Palace to attend the Royal Flower Festival before the Flower Goddess, and somehow entered into his heart.

   The Jade Emperor of the Heavenly Realms was known to be a wise but austere ruler. It was hard to imagine him being sentimental, but perhaps it was because making his camellia sprite the Heavenly Empress was already his ultimate indulgence such that he left no more room for himself to err. He knew that the Heavenly Empress was so happy because she always wanted a daughter and she looked forward to bonding with the Royal Princess Wang Huan. His heart ached a little - for he knew that he had changed her fate and that is why they could only have one child. 

  Perhaps, that was also why the Jade Emperor was so harsh on Crown Prince Sun. The boy that was born with everything, the Jade Emperor tried too hard to teach his son that power and stature were responsibilities, privileges, and not luxuries. Xi Yang was naturally arrogant, but the hard discipline from the Jade Emperor had also turned him cold. This was another regret the Jade Emperor felt guilty about towards the Heavenly Empress, so he returned her smile and waited for her to share her news. 

  The Heavenly Empress clapped her hands in excitement, "Have you heard? The Royal Princess is about to arrive. I have arranged for her to stay at the Water Lily Palace."

  The Jade Emperor nodded. The Heavenly Empress hesitated then continued, "I also heard that Xi Yang is back... and his temper is bad. Don't tell him that the princess is here yet. I'm worried about their first impressions of each other."

  The Jade Emperor smiled, "Don't worry. The Moon God said that they have a royal matrimonial fate together." He reached out to hold his wife's hand, "If it was not for brother saying that you were my only matrimonial fate, they also won't have allowed me to marry you."

  The worry subsided slightly in the Heavenly Empress' eyes but most of it still remained, "I worry for our child."

   The Jade Emperor stroke his wife's hand comfortingly, "Xi Yang is the type who only realises what he loves after he loses it... he has learnt that lesson once, I'm sure he won't make the same mistake."

   The Jade Emperor chuckled, "Actually, I'm not worried about Xi Yang. I'm worried the Royal Princess will be chased away by Xi Yang's admirers."

  The tips of the Heavenly Empress' mouth rose, "I have a plan for that."



    Princess Mei Yan looked disdainfully at Prince Lie Hun who was lying down in his bedchambers - seriously injured. Princess Mei Yan was the royal princess of the Envy tribe and had a secret engagement with Prince Lie Hun of the Wraith tribe. 

   "If you lose to An Hun, do not expect to be my husband," Princess Mei Yan said coldly, "My husband must be the next Dark Lord."

  Prince Lie Hun returned her sneers coolly, "A temporary setback. My men outnumber An Hun's ten to one."

  "Speaking of which, you should put your men to better use," Princess Mei Yan said, "My servants told me that the demons I sent after Wang Huan when she was in the mortal realms were all killed. Even the powerful Scorpion Demoness. You should know that An Hun will become a greater threat after Wang Huan marries Crown Prince Sun."

   Princess Mei Yan's tone was especially bitter. Little did Prince Lie Hun know that Princess Mei Yan had always been jealous of Wang Huan - carefully protected by the Dark Lord in a faraway courtyard. What's more, Wang Huan had a doting brother, An Hun, who was undoubtably the most beautiful prince in the Dark Realms. Princess Mei Yan had been determined to take away everything Wang Huan had - she was a pure blood, the true princess of the Dark Realms while Wang Huan, the daughter of a kitchen maid, was a false imposter. However, An Hun had rejected all her advances and with the handsome Crown Prince Sun now also given to Wang Huan, Princess Mei Yan was resolute in achieving Wang Huan's destruction ... which was how she ended up getting into a marriage alliance with Prince Lie Hun to combine their two tribes for a bid towards the Throne. 

  "You should send your men to the Heavenly Realms to destroy her," Princess Mei Yan said through gritted teeth, annoyed that the Dark Lord had quickly sent Princess Wang Huan to the Heavenly Realms as soon as she returned from the Mortal Realms. 

   Prince Lie Hun gave a startled glance to Princess Mei Yan, "Are you crazy? We are bound by treaty to not cause conflict in the Heavenly Realms."

   Princess Mei Yan started to stroke Prince Lie Hun's cheek seductively, "You are so smart...I'm sure you can find a way. You only need to make sure that no one can trace it back to you."


    When Wang Huan arrived at the Heavenly Realms, she started to have a sinking feeling in her stomach. The Heavenly Realms did not disappoint because she soon found herself in the middle of a cat fight - except she wasn't one of the cats, she was the mouse.

   Just a few days after settling in at the Water Lily Palace, the Heavenly Empress held a tea party at her residence inviting Wang Huan and a few other distinguished young female goddesses. At first, Wang Huan thought she was just sensitive in a foreign land, but she was quite sure that every one of these goddesses gave her hostile glances when the Heavenly Empress's gaze moved away from Wang Huan. These goddesses do not like me. 

   Wang Huan sighed inwardly, she guessed being the fiancee of Crown Prince Sun meant being the number one female enemy. She could give up her wish to make friends. The worst thing was that she did not even like Crown Prince Sun! Wang Huan's impression of Crown Prince Sun was an arrogant, egoistic, heartless megalomaniac who had heartlessly destroyed her childhood friend's tribe. She thought to herself, all these goddesses had very poor taste.

  Just as Wang Huan was trying to figure out an excuse to leave the tea party, the Heavenly Empress was called away by one of her personal maidservants. Wang Huan thought she could take the chance to escape with the Heavenly Empress' exit but the Heavenly Empress beamed at the goddesses and expressly instructed them to "take care of our guest of honour, Royal Princess Wang Huan, and make her feel at home".

   Wang Huan gulped nervously after the Heavenly Empress left. She immediately regretted leaving Xiao Mi at the Water Lily Palace - she was all alone. But, Wang Huan straightened up her back, she had her pride. As her father had told her, Wang Huan, you are stronger than you think.

   "Have you adapted to the Heavenly Realms?" One of the goddesses asked Wang Huan in a tone full of false friendliness. "Coming from a poor deserted courtyard, it must be hard to get used to the grandeur of the Royal Palace."

  "Just some advice, Royal Princess Wang Huan, you might not know but the Royal Palace in the Heavenly Realms have strict standards and what you are wearing today would be the level of the lowest servants in the Heavenly Realms... just to help you, in case that is how the dark immortals dress in the Dark Realms," another goddess added in a veneer of politeness.

 Wang Huan could see the dark energies of pride, wraith and envy surrounding all these goddesses' faces, destroying all traces of elegance and prettiness in their demeanour. She stayed silent and chose not to respond to their petty remarks. 

  One particular goddess in dark pink robes stood up angrily, "Are you ignoring us? Daughter of a kitchen wench! Her mother is too low to even touch our feet. How dare she!"

  Wang Huan could take all the insults against herself, but she would never allow a word against her mother. She had never felt such a burst of anger inside of herself before, but she stood up and stared silently at this goddess who was looking down at her from her upturned nose.

   "Are you going to apologise about what you said about my mother?" Wang Huan asked in a low cold tone. 

   "Apologise about what? About how she is so insubstantial that when she died, she just vanished from existence? Not even able to be reincarnated?" 

   Wang Huan felt something in her snap. She blinked back hot tears. 

  "You want my position as Crown Prince Sun's fiancee, don't you?" Wang Huan asked in a very calm tone. She watched as the dark energies of this goddess were mixed between pride, envy and greed. 

  Wang Huan felt a surge of power from within her and she stared into the goddess' eyes, "Let me tell you, you are not even deserving to speak of my mother. Slap your mouth!"

  Everyone was shocked when they heard the sharp slapping sound of the goddess hitting her own mouth. 

  The goddess looked at Wang Huan and trembled with anger, "You demoness! Get her!"

  Before the conflict could escalate, the door burst open and a tall and extremely elegant goddess entered. Wang Huan felt herself pause because the goddesses in the room were already pretty, but this goddess with her one smile, caused the entire room to fall silent. She had the soft beauty of dreams, like she was a wisp of someone's great imagination of what a butterfly must be like as a woman. 

  "Yi Mei (忆美 - yi means memory and mei means beauty)," The angry goddess in pink pointed to Wang Huan, "The Royal Princess practised dark magic on me."

   Yi Mei's eyes flashed with anger and the atmosphere changed from a cool spring day to a sudden blizzard. The room temperature dropped. "Everyone leave, I will deal with this."

  The other goddesses who were anxious about what was happening between the goddess in pink and Wang Huan happily left. The goddess in pink sneered at Wang Huan, "You are going to get it." 

  After the goddess in pink left, Yi Mei closed the doors. Wang Huan lifted up her head in a determined glance at Yi Mei, "Very well, what are you going to do?"

   But, Wang Huan was immediately shocked when Yi Mei quickly sat down and fanned herself, "Whew! I was worried they won't believe me."

  Yi Mei quickly gave a warm smile to Wang Huan, "What's with that startled look! I saved you. Those goddesses were going to bleed you alive and thereafter send you back to the Heavenly Empress with your skin beautifully intact."

  Yi Mei quickly went up to Wang Huan and took her hand to shake, "I'm Yi Mei, the daughter of the Muses."

  She paused and tilted her head to one side, "The goddess in pink was Jin Mei (锦媚 -jin refers to beautiful embroidery/brocade and mei is like a coquettish charm), the daughter of the prosperity god. She's quite spoilt, so don't take what she says to heart."

  "I guess you can say I have some credit with those goddesses because before the engagement was announced," Yi Mei chuckled, "I was considered the forerunner of being the Crown Prince's bride." 

   Yi Mei faked a shudder, "Eww, as if I want to marry Xi Yang. The only good thing about him is probably his looks, and I'm pretty enough already."

  Wang Huan laughed. She sensed a comrade. Yi Mei continued, "Anyway, this was one of the tests the Heavenly Empress helped set out for you to get used to Xi Yang's admirers. I was supposed to step in if you had trouble. But it turns out that you don't need my help for the physical side."

  Wang Huan blushed. Yi Mei said seriously, "But, even if you restrained her mouth, you must win their hearts or you can never be the Empress peacefully. So, the Heavenly Empress has also tasked me to train you in the skills required to be the fiancee of Crown Prince Sun."

  Wang Huan looked at Yi Mei in horror. 

  At this point, the doors burst open again and a dashing young god garbed in armor entered. Wang Huan inwardly thought that the gods in the Heavenly Realms should learn how to knock.

  "Yi Mei! I overheard from the other goddesses leaving that you are teaching the Royal Princess Wang Huan a lesson!" The young god scolded Yi Mei, "I'm so disappointed in you. Even if you like Xi Yang, you should not express it this way."

  Wang Huan watched as deep hurt flashed into Yi Mei's eyes for a short moment before a provocative haughty look appeared. Yi Mei scoffed at the young god, "Why isn't it Yao Feng, the Crown Prince's trusty lieutenant? If you want to protect Xi Yang's stuff so much, you can have it!"

   Before Yi Mei stomped off, Wang Huan saw that her eyes were wet. She had a sudden thought, did Yi Mei actually like Yao Feng instead?

   Yao Feng quickly went up towards Wang Huan, "Are you ok? Are you hurt?"

   Wang Huan shook her head, "You misunderstood Yi Mei, she was the one who helped me."

   Yao Feng paused for a moment then laughed, "Oh wells, Yi Mei always has such a bad temper!"

   Wang Huan gave Yao Feng a troubled look. Yao Feng laughed, "Don't worry. Yi Mei and I are childhood friends and she will forgive me." Yao Feng added curiously, "Why are you at the Heavenly Empress' palace? Weren't you in the mortal realms?"

  Wang Huan nodded, "I was summoned to the Heavenly Realms."

  Yao Feng smiled, "I still remember seeing you watching the puppet shows in Ying Town."

  Wang Huan froze. She looked questioningly at Yao Feng, "How did you know that?"

  Wang Huan leaned towards Yao Feng, her heart beating furiously in her chest, "Do you know Ri?"

*I chose to make the Heavenly Empress originate from the camellia flower as homage to one of my favourite c-novels, When Spring Ends, I Will Meet You Again. In this novel, the female lead is a red camellia flower sprite who falls for a great god and she dreams of becoming his heavenly empress. However, while the great god motivated her to become a god, she decides to abandon her road to divinity to repay a debt to another man. I always found the idea of a little camellia flower sprite falling for a great god and becoming the Heavenly Empress such a beautiful sweet idea, and this is my small tribute. 

Comments: Well, there's certainly one thing Xi Yang has in abundance - women!

The Sun's Dark Love
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    2. Hello hh,

      Lovely to hear from you! Your lovely comment is such a wonderful start to my Saturday. Thank you! ♡

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    Yi Mei's eyes flashed with angry and the atmosphere changed from a cool spring day to a sudden blizzard. The room temperature dropped. "Everyone leave, I will deal with this."
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