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Fiction: The Sun's Dark Love (Chapter 10)

     Thank you readers for the lovely support for Chapter 9. Chapter 10 is Wang Huan-centric and I think it is finally in this chapter that the walls start to get torn down in her heart. Ah, I really enjoyed writing this chapter and I hope you will enjoy reading it! 

Chapter 10: Midnight at Moonlight


Wang Huan 

    I was starting to wonder if the days were longer in the Heavenly Realms - for my bad day never seemed to end. When I finally reached back to the Water Lily Palace, I saw Xiao Mi anxiously come towards me with a letter. It was sent by the Dark Lord. 

  I quickly opened the letter and saw two words in his characteristic bold calligraphy, To victory!

  My hand holding the letter trembled slightly. Other goddesses had fathers who would raise a royal complaint for a bruise on their cheek, my father, my all-knowing father, would send a letter hinting that I could not lose. 

  I sat down on a chair Xiao Mi brought forth to me and I shook my head. No, that was not fair of me. I thought back to the Scorpion Demoness' words, "It was hard to capture you... the Dark Lord placed a protective boundary over your small deserted courtyard that wards away demons of a certain strength and demons with intentions to harm you. It's a very strong spell and he must have invested a lot of his own divine essence in it."

  I closed my eyes and rested the back of my head on the chair. Was this a trait of dark immortals? We say so little and hold in so much. 

  Images of Ri taunting me, calling me a medicinal pig and trying to find out my secrets slowly flew across my brain. A small smile played on my lips, Ri, I think I ran away from you, because I was afraid. Afraid that once one thing came out, everything else would follow... and who, who would close the door to my heart once it opens?


Xi Yang 

      After I commanded Yao Feng to arrange for Wang Huan to meet me as Ri, my heart immediately felt better. That constricted feeling, that constant sense of unease, all these discomforts disappeared. I believed the mortal saying was true - it is bad for the heart to suppress anger. Since Wang Huan was the cause of this anger, the most logical thing was to confront her.

   And, the events of the day only improved. When Yao Feng and I returned to my palace, Zhao Feng, one of the younger officers in my personal army, quickly came up to report to me. 

   "Your Highness, when you were away, a lot of things happened at the Jade Emperor's palace!" Zhao Feng cried excitedly.

  "Speak," I ordered, slightly curious. 

  Just as Zhao Feng was about to finish summarising the dramatic events of the day, I had already started laughing. That medicinal pig! She really is setting herself up to be roasted.

   Yao Feng arched his brow slightly at me. He bent forward and said, "Your Highness, judging from today's events, it may be better to arrange a meeting tomorrow night instead."

  I smiled, "I have an idea." 


     The next morning, Yi Mei arrived at the Water Lily Palace to check on Wang Huan. She was worried that Wang Huan would be emotionally affected by what happened yesterday. Besides that, Yao Feng had came to her residence early in the morning and begged for her forgiveness and a favour. Yi Mei knew she was giving in to Yao Feng too easily again, but she couldn't help it. She may be skilled in all the classical arts and seen as a perfect classic beauty, but as the Moon God once advised her, love would be her imperfection.

   So, Yi Mei was surprised to see Wang Huan quite cheerily and heartily eating a very sumptuous breakfast. Wang Huan gave a friendly wave for Yi Mei to sit down next to her at the table to join her in the feasting. 

  "Wang Huan, I must say you surprise me," Yi Mei said honestly.

  Wang Huan looked up in confusion, "What's so surprising about breakfast?"

  Yi Mei smiled, "I thought you would have lost your appetite after what happened yesterday."

  Wang Huan laughed, "You don't know me well enough yet. I never lose my appetite."

  Wang Huan smiled, "It's not like I have anything to lose. Previously, all the goddesses were my competitors, now only the goddess who wins can compete with me." She shrugged, "And, it's not like I really want to ..."

   Yi Mei covered Wang Huan's mouth before she could finish, "You will be under even greater scrutiny after yesterday, you have to be careful about what you say."

  Wang Huan nodded and Yi Mei moved her hand away. Yi Mei asked curiously, "But, is what the Heavenly Empress told me true? You are an amazing cook?"

  Wang Huan almost choke on her chicken drumstick. Wang Huan turned to Yi Mei with a startled expression "Why would she say that?"

  Yi Mei returned an equally startled look, "You mean you are not a good cook and you proposed such a challenge?"

  Wang Huan's cheeks flushed a little, "I've not actually cooked for people before," Wang Huan paused remembering the moment she cooked for Ri, "I think what I cook is edible?"

  Yi Mei could not decide if Wang Huan was a genius or an idiot. She was starting to realise that one could not try and understand this foreign princess on Heavenly Realm terms.

  "You can't underestimate the competition," Yi Mei advised sincerely, "I heard all the goddesses are out sourcing for rare and precious ingredients for the competition in six days. Crown Prince Sun is known for having very picky tastes..."

  Wang Huan almost rolled her eyes, "Why am I not surprised?"

  Yi Mei leaned her head to one side as she scrutinised Wang Huan, "You really have a bad impression of the Crown Prince, don't you?"

  Yi Mei gave Wang Huan a soft smile, "I know I teased about Crown Prince Sun before, but all the gods and immortals in the Heavenly Realm respect him greatly. He may be arrogant and cold, but his word is his bond and he always carries out what he promises. Yao Feng's my childhood friend, he idolised Crown Prince Sun since he was young, so I have also watched Crown Prince Sun since I was young... he is actually very lonely. He is placed on such a high pedestal that no one can speak to him on equal terms... and I don't think he purposely means to be aloof or proud, it's just that no one has ever reached out or dared to reach out to him that way."

  Yi Mei nodded at Wang Huan, "I hope you will give him a chance, Wang Huan."

  Wang Huan's brows furrowed slightly. She couldn't help thinking Yi Mei was asking the question to the wrong person. Who was she? Shouldn't it be the Crown Prince who gives her a chance? But, her heart winced slightly as she thought about how the Spider Demon Tribe was vanquished.

  Yi Mei transformed a parchment, ink slab and calligraphy brush on the table, "Now, I'm going to write down a list of things Crown Prince Sun famously does not eat......"

  After the timing it took to finish two pots of tea, Wang Huan sighed with relief that Yi Mei had finally finished writing down Crown Prince Sun's dietary preferences. If it was not for Yi Mei's sincerity, Wang Huan had a good mind to purposely cook a dish that Crown Prince Sun would not eat.

  Before Yi Mei left, she suddenly placed a silver silk box on the table. It had golden trimmings with small delicate pearls at the edges. Wang Huan gave a small gasp at its luminescent beauty.

  "Don't ask me what it is," Yi Mei said, "Yao Feng told me to pass it to you." Yi Mei frowned, "He also said that it is for your eyes only."

  Yi Mei patted Wang Huan lightly on the shoulder, "Good luck with the preparations. Ask your servant to call me if you ever need any help."

  Wang Huan ordered for Xiao Mi to send Yi Mei out... and when she was left alone, Wang Huan nervously lifted the top lid of the box.

   There was a doll. A male doll in golden robes. Ri's doll and the costume she made.

 There was a small note, Wait by your bedroom window tonight.


  That night, Wang Huan retired to her bedside early. She sat at the window balcony and looked out at the wide expanse of the sky. Because the moon was so full and bright tonight, the nightscape was a shimmering dark blue lit up by streams of stars. She took in the scent of the night winds, they smelled like travelers carrying sweet cargo from afar - bringing promises of lands she may never visit.

  What was she doing? Wang Huan asked herself again and again, but she still sat at the window balcony, her head lifted up, watching, waiting.

  And then, he came.

  The winds changed - no longer a faint floral scent but a deep musky masculine scent with a hint of... there was no time to complete the thought, because she was carried away already. She felt herself being lifted up quickly by a pair of strong arms, and then she was soaring in the sky.

  She was on a winged horse, the shade of deep dark maroon, the colour she imagined the night would take, if it was a person and it could bleed. She felt herself being covered by a dark turquoise blue silk coat trimmed with white fur. She lifted up her eyes and she saw him smiling.

  Or was it mocking? Was he mocking her already?

  But, Wang Huan gave a sigh of relief. At least, he wasn't angry.

   "Are you just going to keep staring at me?" Ri asked.

  Wang Huan felt her face flushed and her eyes flash with indignation, "You shocked me."

   Ri arched one of his brows, "At least, I bothered to inform you before I came... unlike somebody I know..."

  Wang Huan's gaze did not falter, "I was called back urgently! And, I left a note."

  Wang Huan suddenly felt very self-aware, sitting in front of Ri, on his winged horse. She became very conscious of how close she was to Ri. She looked away at the stars surrounding them, "You never told me you were Crown Prince Sun's guard... were you under his orders to spy on me?"

  Ri stayed silent for a long time. Finally, Wang Huan turned her head back and her eyes fell straight into Ri's fixated gaze. He had been staring at her the whole time.

   At that moment, Wang Huan thought, I don't want to know the answer.

The Sun's Dark Love
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  1. Thx Decembi for the quick update. I am impressed that Xi Yang could face Wang Huan calmly...i thought he would burst with anger.... :-)

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  6. Hello hello, this chapter is fantastic! I loved the bit in the end when Ri carried her away on his horse like a damsel in distress except Wang Huan is no damsel. Quick question: How did you find such perfect images for this chapter?

    I do feel that Ri falling in love with Wang Huan feels unexpected to me. I almost need something major to happen to act as a catalyst pushing this relationship forward. Wang Huan falling in love is understandable as she's always been stuck in that house since young and has never met anyone like Ri, introducing her to the world, protecting her but not babying her like her brother because I feel like Ah Hun and Wang Huan are each other's pillar. But Ri though, hmmm... interested and intrigued yes. I am not too sure if he LOVES her yet.

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    1. Hello CL, lovely to hear from you! How do I find perfect images? Lots of searching? Hahaha. I usually google chinese key/action phrases of what happens in the chapter. Sometimes, I will change minor details of the chapter to fit the images, for eg, I changed the colour of Xi Yang's winged horse. Hahaha. It was supposed to be silver, but I changed it to deep dark maroon - I quite like the idea of a somber but passionate colour.

      I totally agree with you and I don't think Ri has fallen in love with Wang Huan at all. At the most, interested and intrigued, absolutely! That's the challenge of Sun's Dark Love - how Ri is going to overcome his feelings for Yue, and what his feelings will Wang Huan become. It's a slow built-up, because I can't think of any other way to be fair to all my characters haha. I can't reveal what will happen next because it's far too spoilery, but trust me, I have things planned ;)

      Also, can I swooon at your description of An Hun and Wang Huan being each other's pillars? I've always wanted to write a real sibling relationship without any romantic overtones - I think An Hun and Wang Huan really get each other in strange ways, and because Wang Huan gets An Hun, she also knows how much she doesn't get him. Anyway, I think I may be too biased with An Hun's character as I write him, and I don't know if that will affect Yu An's story later. But, hahaha, let's finish this first.

      Thank you for the support! I'm getting quite good momentum to finish up the second arc.

    2. Ah hah! That's what I thought, you edited minor bits of your story to fit the imagery. But its soooo good. :)

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      Teehee, I have the answers to your queries but they are too spoilery. But, I think a few will be answered by the next chapter or chapter 12. Hahaha. Can't wait to hear your thoughts on them when I'm finished. I do write about third wheels, but I try to make it fun and not so conventional - like An Chi in Little Moon (who I totally adore) and Xi Yang (gosh, who could actually go on to have his own story).

      When I'm not writing the Sun's Dark Love or translating, I also scribble my plans for Yu An's story on the side and I feel quite bad to Hu Zi who is too young in this timeline to show off his awesome-ness, including the third guy who doesn't even get a chance to appear here hahaha. I hope An Hun doesn't ship off all the shippers for Yu An hahaha. I'm quite excited for Yu An's story because unlike Little Moon and The Sun's Dark Love, it's not really a one against one pairing haha. I imagine Matsuda Shoda as An Hun actually hahaha.

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