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Little Moon's Matchmaking Mission & The Sun's Dark Love: Synopsis & Detailed Character Chart

     My husband advised me to create a character chart for Little Moon's Matchmaking Mission and The Sun's Dark Love because he can't keep track of all the characters - do you think it's because there are too many characters or it's just a guy thing? Haha. But, I thought it was a good idea so here's a character chart of most of the important characters in both stories - to make it fun I have also included my thoughts on who I think the characters might resemble in "real life" whenever relevant. 

  I would like to thank sutekii who did a beautiful review and introduction of Little Moon when it first started out. When she asked me to write short character introductions for the main characters, that was the first time I actually sat down and thought about how to introduce them without also completely giving the entire story away. 

  If you don't want to spoil yourself, please read Little Moon before you read The Sun's Dark Love. Though, both stories can be read on their own! :) 

Little Moon's Matchmaking Mission (小月要做媒) (HE)

   Synopsis: Little Moon's Matchmaking Mission is a xianxia novel that dreams of ancient chinese fairytales and legends about love and gods. Little Moon (Yue Er) is the niece of the Moon God and a probationary Moon Maiden. All she wanted her whole life (a mere hundred years of existence) was to be a Moon Maiden who connects the loves of mortals with a divine red thread. However, on the first day of the probation, she accidentally ruins the three golden threads of love for the future Yan Emperor?!

  She is then tasked to go down to earth to re-connect the future Yan Emperor's fate with the three women or suffer divine karma and disappear from existence. But, what if Little Moon loses her heart along the way as she tries to make the future Yan Emperor fall in love?


Little Moon (Yue Er)

Little Moon (Yue Er 月儿 - literally meaning child of the moon) is the niece of the Moon God and a very young goddess. Since she was young, her dream was to be like the Moon God to connect the love lives of mortals with the divine red thread and provide them matrimonial happiness. However, because she accidentally broke the three golden marriage fate of the future Yan Emperor, she is now tasked to re-fix both the fates of the future Yan Emperor and herself on earth. 

Actress picture of Liu Shi Shi 


Hsiao (逍 meaning freedom)  is a mysterious traveller who roams the Yan Kingdom with a carefree heart, his no hook fishing line and a flute. He is the man fated to be the greatest Yan Emperor. 

Prince Sun/ Xi Yang 

Prince Sun (Xi Yang 夕阳  - literally translated as the setting sun) is the legendary Crown Prince of the Heavenly Realms. He was born with too much power and rage at a young age. He only respects his father, the Jade Emperor, and his uncle, the Moon God. Hence, he felt a strong sense of jealousy and revulsion against the Moon God's niece, Little Moon... only to realise too late that she had taken up his whole heart. 

The Moon God 

The Moon God is one of the most powerful figures in the Heavenly Realms. He is in charge of the matrimonial fates of all the living things in all the realms and is known in the mortal world for connecting people's matrimonial fates with a divine red thread. He presides over the Temple of Matrimonial Bliss. 

Mei Yun

Mei Yun ( 美云 - literally translated as beautiful cloud) is the one of Hsiao's golden fates. She is the daughter of Master Qian Yun (钱云 literally translated as money cloud), the richest man in Zi Town and possibly the whole of the Yan Kingdom. Mei Yun is widely rumoured to be one of the most beautiful women in the Yan Kingdom. 

Princess Bai Ying 

Princess Bai Ying (白英 - literally translated as white hero) is one of Hsiao's golden fates. She is the Crown Princess of the Xue Tribe who resides in the cold eternal winter of the Xue mountains. She is a skilled warrior princess who could wield ice like a sword since she was six. 

An Chi 

An Chi (安池 - literally translated as calm/quiet pond) is one of Hsiao's golden fates. She is the daughter of the Royal Premier of the Yan Kingdom, and her father is the sworn brother of the current Yan Emperor. From young, she was said to be betrothed to the Crown Prince. 

Author's note: There are still many more important characters but I have decided that it would be too spoilery to introduce them here. I hope you will read Little Moon one day and enjoy finding out exactly how Yue and Hsiao work out their fates with his three golden fates. 

The Sun's Dark Love (太阳黑暗的爱情) (HE)

Synopsis: The Sun's Dark Love is the sequel to Little Moon and tells of Prince Sun (Xi Yang)'s own story. The Jade Emperor, who is constantly worried about his son's love fate, is happy when the Moon God informs him that Prince Sun has a divine matrimonial fate with Royal Princess Wang Huan of the Dark Realms. However, when Prince Sun goes to the Dark Realms to get the Royal Princess to reject the engagement, he gets embroiled into her adventures instead. 

Before the official engagement ceremony in three months, Wang Huan wants to travel the mortal realms to fulfill a secret wish of hers. However, the Dark Lord only allows her to travel upon fulfillment of one condition that coincidentally Prince Sun fulfills... so Prince Sun, pretending to be a mercenary called Ri, agrees to follow Princess Wang Huan for a promise. With the added complication of mistaken identity, will Prince Sun find love in this contract marriage or are they not fated to be? 

Wang Huan 

Wang Huan (王欢 literally translated as royal joy) is the Royal Princess of the Dark Realms. She is one of the three daughters of the Dark Lords. She belongs to the Greed Tribe in the Dark Realms and has no real political power. Her mother was a kitchen maid and passed away when Wang Huan was young. She does not appear to have strong divine power but harbours a secret skill .....

Actress picture of Jiang Xin 

An Hun 

An Hun (暗魂 literally translated as dark soul) is one of the royal princes in the Dark Realms. He belongs to the Wraith Tribe. However, since princes are a dime a dozen in the Dark Realms and the rule is survival of the fittest to claim the throne, his life is fraught with conflict and internal killings. His mother was a mermaid, who left the ocean for the Dark Lord. But a mermaid who leaves the ocean will soon die, and luckily Wang Huan's mother took him in. Since then, Wang Huan and An Hun had grown up together, trying to survive the Dark Realms. An Hun has inherited the beautiful looks of his mother and is said to be so beautiful that the flowers will hide their faces from him. However, his eyes are ferocious and his energy is said to be so dark now that sometimes Wang Huan gets afraid of him. 

Actor picture of Matsu Shoda

The Dark Lord

The enigmatic Dark Lord is the ruler of one of the Three Realms, the Dark Realms. The Dark Realms preyed on the Seven Mortal Sins: lust, greed, sloth, apathy, envy, wrath and pride. Unlike, the gods who chose the path of cultivation to remove themselves of human feelings and frailties, the dark immortals reveled in these human weaknesses and sought mastery over them. Thus, the Dark Realms consisted of seven tribes - every dark one was born with an affinity for one sin and the tradition of the Dark Lord was merely the strongest conqueror.

The current Dark Lord belongs to the lust tribe and has more royal consorts and children than one could count. He would claim that his sin was in loving too much. But, the Dark Lord's one great love was Wang Huan's mother. 

Hsiao Yang 

Hsiao Yang (晓阳 - the characters meaning dawn and sun, taking the characters from Hsiao's real character and Xi Yang's name) is the only prince of the Yan Kingdom. He is currently four years old and takes exactly after Yue in looks and character. Everyone agrees that he has no makings to be the future Yan Emperor.

Yu An 

Yu An (玉安- the characters meaning jade and peace, takes the characters from Hsiao's mother, the Royal Grand Empress, and An Chi's name) is the only princess of the Yan Kingdom. The twelve year old princess is wise beyond her years - she has inherited Hsiao's intelligence and musical talent and Yue's carefree personality and looks. Her one great passion is music and she admires Xi Yang greatly. 

Hu Zi (护子  - meaning son of protector) is the son of Hong Meng and Hu Jun. Hong Meng appeared in the epilogue of Yue and Hsiao as the daughter of the Red Inn famous for their red hot spicy pork dish. She was plagued by dreams that started to take over her life when Yue "saved" her by re-uniting Hong Meng with her fate from her past life, Hu Jun, that she cannot forget. Hu Jun is the head of the Royal Palace Guards and the main bodyguard of Yue. 

Hu Zi is two years younger than Yu An. He follows Yu An silently which annoys Yu An who feels he is trying to imitate his father, Hu Jun, protecting her mother, Yue. 

Author's notes: There are still many other characters who have not appeared or have not yet had their moment to shine. I hope you will enjoy following on this journey with me and I can't wait to share the rest with you!

 Much love, decembi


  1. Did not need. You wrote the characters well, easy to follow.Great descriptions of each character in each chapters. I didn't really read the chart, just quick glance.

    1. Hello anonymous, thanks for the vouch of confidence!!! :) My husband couldn't remember a lot of characters hahaha.

  2. Wow An Chi's picture is perfect! It shows her beauty, youth, and sadness...

    1. I agree! The watercolour fading highlights the fragility of her beauty :)

  3. Ohohohohoho An Hun is good looking ~ Matsu Shoda that is :D
    Anyhow great pictures :D especially Dark Lord , Yue, and Sun ^.^
    It's a good idea to make a character list although I think the story is laid out in a clear manner that allows readers to keep track of the characters, I least for me xD hehe
    Waiting for more Sun's and Wang Huan's interactions ~

    1. Thank you! I'm very happy actually that most readers can follow all the characters, going to tell my husband it's just him haha!

      Me too! Can't wait to share chpt 7 ♡

  4. The characters are not confusing to me but the character chart is lovely :). From your descriptions of character, i pick Hu Ge for Hsiao so he can finally have a long awaited happy ending with Shi Shi haha. And yamapi pops up in my mind when you describe An Hun as beautiful and dangerous and lastly Nicholas Tse as Prince Sun as he has that arrogant look and sometimes Hyun Bin when Prince Sun is being slightly mean haha

    1. Hello anonymous, you totally read my mind!

      I was thinking lately that Hu Ge in the Sound of the Desert drama stills really looks like how I imagine Hsiao to look like at times. Hahaha! That white gentlemanly aura that hides something deeper inside. Maybe I will go find a picture later and update!

      Yamapi is one of my j drama crushes! Haha. Akira in Nobuta Wo Produce! He is so handsome, but because of his Akira character, I cannot imagine him as An Hun or Xi Yang. Hahaha. But, actually, he would make a good Hu Zi, when he grows up.

      I don't find Nicholas Tse attractive now, but he used to be very good looking when he was young - that young princely look so I will agree! And, Hyun Bin - ideal! Ideal! IDEAL! Though, is Hyun Bin more pretty than handsome?

    2. Hi Decembi,

      Thanks for replying, i am always curious which actor/actress you envision somehow while writting such a beautiul story. Yay for Hu Ge! He is so awesome, i'm used to him acting as a warrior or cheeky handsome type, but the teasers from Sound of the Desert really blew me away. Yamapi and Hyun Bin are too pretty, puts a girl like me to shame hahaha. Not a fan of Nicholas too but somehow whenever i think of arrogant image, its always him. Lately, when i think of Prince Sun, it is most of the time Chen Xiao who is so dashing and princely in Legend of Lu Zhen. Before this, Chen Xiao is my ideal Prince Ye Hua probably because his character in Lu Zhen is quite alike in their love.

    3. Hello! It's so strange, I never received a notification of this comment and only just saw it. I agree - Hu Ge is just beyond amazing in the Sound of the Desert - he totally breaks my heart and I want to write tons of fanfiction for him. Hahaha.

      I need to watch Legend of Lu Zhen so I can have a proper introduction of Chen Xiao!

  5. I'm sorry, but when I see the name "Hu Zi" I think of 胡子......
    I know it's different characters....but when I read it in my head......

    1. HAHAHA! That's really funny. I never thought of it that way. I clearly must work on my names.

  6. Hi decembi,

    First thing first, nope, don't need the chart but it does give the characters better understanding.

    I just finished reading Little Moon's Matchmaking Mission in Thai, swirling around for Xi Yang's story, and ending up here. I'm not sure of you already know this but Little Moon is translated into Thai for some months now. The translator had been disappeared since she posted Little Moon's last epilogue. Probably buried under her thesis now since that was her last talk... really scary...

    Anyway, just want say that your story is really enjoyable. I'm off to read The Sun's Dark Love now :)


    1. Dear Khao, awww thanks so much for your lovely comment. Could you give me the link to the thai translation? Really curious on how it must be like in thai!

      Thanks so much for reading my story. Can't wait to hear what you think about the Sun's Dark Love <3

    2. Sorry for the super late reply! Here's the link.

      FYI, She indicated on the first page that the translation is for language practice.

      I haven't red Sun Dark Love but will be soon, hopefully soon... I'd been caught up with all the works and roughly 20 C-novels in Thai coming up next week. Have to screen them before going literally backrupt ah!


    3. Thanks Khao!!! I'm sending it to my Thai friend to ask her how it is! Hahaha. <3


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