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Fiction: The Sun's Dark Love (Chapter 5)

    Chapter 5 is my favourite chapter for so many reasons! I think we are about halfway through the first arc. I'm really excited to share Chapter 5, because we are going to reach Chapter 6 which I have been dying to write since I started this story :). Also, I edited the grammar/flow of Chapter 4, so readers might want to re-read Chapter 4 before Chapter 5. Thank you so much for the support *does little head bow*. 

Chapter 5: Wang Huan Takes Things Into Her Own Hands


    After a week in Zui Town, Wang Huan had finished learning how to cook the side dishes and they headed to the Town of Yuan. However, at the bustling Red Inn of Yuan Town, Wang Huan's face fell in disappointment when she learnt from the lady boss that the original chef of the Red Hot Spicy Pork Dish had already left Yuan Town more than twelve years ago.

  The lady boss beamed as she informed Wang Huan that the original chef was her daughter, Hong Meng, but she is now the personal maidservant of the Empress of the Yan Kingdom and married to the Head Royal Guard, Hu Jun. Still, the lady boss assured Wang Huan of the deliciousness of their Red Hot Spicy Pork Dish before she left to deal with the other customers.

  "One would think that the world has just collapsed from your face," Xi Yang scoffed as he tried the red hot spicy pork dish. Indeed, Hong Meng's version was much better. 

 "It does not taste the same," Wang Huan said as she studied her brown notebook, "There is a taste my mother describes which is missing in this dish... something like an almost warm nostalgia..."

  Xi Yang could not fathom how a dish could taste like warm nostalgia considering Wang Huan has never tried the dish before. He hid a smile as Wang Huan ate another piece of the pork and shook her head as she studied the notebook.

  "Well, we could always taste the original in the Royal Palace," Xi Yang said nonchalantly as he sipped a cup of tea.

  Wang Huan's head immediately spun towards Xi Yang, "What did you say?"

  Xi Yang flicked off an imaginary speck of dust off his robe sleeves and replied, "We could always taste the original in the Royal Palace."

 Wang Huan's eyes widened, "But, Hong Meng is now the Empress' personal servant!"

  "Details," Xi Yang waved his hand.

  Wang Huan scrutinised Xi Yang carefully. She was not certain if Xi Yang was being way over his head, but he certainly seemed to be speaking the truth.

   And, so that was how Xi Yang and Wang Huan started to head towards the Royal Palace... and little did Wang Huan knew then that what awaited her was more than a red hot spicy pork dish.


  Wang Huan 

    I had often told myself - do not get curious. Do not get curious about Ri. Growing up, I did not have many conversations with the Dark Lord, but I remembered one very vividly. It was the first year anniversary since Mother passed away and the Dark Lord had came to my courtyard. He carried an enormous jug of wine and insisted we drank it together under the full moon.

     His face seemed paler than usual under the whitish sheen of the moon. "Wang Huan, I have little to give to you," He said then smiled, "But, I have a word of advice for you."

      "Be careful when you get curious about someone," He chuckled, "Don't get curious unless you want to take responsibility for that person." Then he closed his eyes as if savouring a memory, "Because curiosity always leads to something else..."

    When Ri first appeared, I knew he was not ordinary. His yellow silk robes were simple but elegant, his general demeanour suggested that he was used to being in the lead. There wasn't a trace of negative energy around him - as if he was always in the centre of his own shining universe. I guessed that he was from the Heavenly Realms, and might have been a spy for Prince Sun --- but I had wanted to leave the Dark Realms too much to care about his own ulterior motives.

   Ri was arrogant, but never cold. In fact, it would have been easier if he was cold... and meaner.

  I told myself again and again, not to think further. Maybe real princesses, with beauty and power, had the freedom to daydream. But, I did not.

   I watched Ri from afar. He was leaning at the balcony outside and gazing at the moon as he usually did every night, as if trying to decipher an answer from the quiet mysterious moon, or trying to find something that had no proper destination. I saw traces of dark energy in his face then --- the desire, the greed, the inevitable despair.

  Ri took out a pair of rough clay dolls from his robes, they looked heavily worn down by the passage of time and touch. There was a male figure and a female figure...

  I quickly turned away, for there is only so much one can see before one becomes curious.


Xi Yang 

   I did not think I would ever get used to Wang Huan. In the morning, when we were about to set off for the Capital of the Yan Kingdom and head to the Royal Palace, she announced that we should visit the neighbouring town of Ying (婴 - chinese word for infant). She said the lady boss had informed her that there was a Children's Festival being held at the Ying town.

  And true to expectations, Wang Huan had devolved into a young girl in Ying town, running towards all the little stalls and buying candies left, right and centre. I tried my best to appear unrelated to Wang Huan as she happily patronised all the stalls and kept turning towards me and crying, "Look here! Look here!"

  At the town's centre, there was an oval courtyard where a puppet show was playing. Wang Huan's eyes immediately lit up and she pulled me to sit in the audience.

   I turned towards Wang Huan whose eyes were focused on the puppet show, "Only kids are watching this!"

   She laughed and clapped her hands as she watched a tiger puppet roar onto the stage. Wang Huan turned towards me, "A paper tiger*! Just like you."

   I glared into her eyes but she was unfazed. Her eyes twinkled back as if to say that I did not scare her at all.

  I was about to say something when I heard a signal from the side. "Be a good pig and watch the show with the rest of the kids, I will find you back here later," I said and left the seat.

  I walked into one of the side alleys and met Yao Feng (耀风- dazzling wind), my lieutenant. I knew from Yao Feng's big grin that he must have seen something he should not have.

  "Your Highness, is that our future empress?" Yao Feng asked with gleaming eyes.

  I stretched out my hand for the royal documents that had piled up while I was away. Yao Feng happily handed a huge bag over to me, "These are the documents that need your personal handling. I told the Jade Emperor that you went to check the wild beasts in the Eastern Regions but he is going to find your continued absence strange."

  "I will be able to return soon," I said as I weighed the bag in my hand. I took out a parchment from my robes and passed it to Yao Feng, "I have written down the instructions inside... I need you to check some details about the Spider Demon Tribe."

  Yao Feng looked up in surprise, "The tribe we exterminated because they disobeyed the heavenly laws and preyed on minor gods for their divine essence?"

  I nodded, "There are some things I am curious about... do it quickly and secretly."

  Yao Feng nodded, then gave a quick wink, "Your Highness, I never thought that you would watch a puppet show, or were you watching the Empress instead?"

   Before I could punch Yao Feng, he had already disappeared.

   When I returned, Wang Huan was no longer in the audience seats but was discussing something thoughtfully with the puppeteers.

   She turned towards me before I reached her and smiled, "The Masters agreed for me to learn how to control the puppets with them for the week."

   The early stirrings of an headache that started with Yao Feng's arrival was now reaching a crescendo.

     I did not bother to follow Wang Huan when she went for her puppetry lessons, as I stayed at the inn to settle the affairs that had cropped up while I was away. Still, one could not help being baffled at the injuries Wang Huan returned with on her fingers.

   I frowned as I observed that the needle pin-pricks on Wang Huan's fingers increased by the day, "You should stop with the lessons before you have no more fingers," I said to Wang Huan on the third night.

  Wang Huan looked surprised as she lifted up her fingers, "Oh, these are nothing."

  On the fifth day, I got so irritated that I grabbed her fingers and exerted divine energy on them, "Can you try not to be so clumsy?"

  Wang Huan paused for a moment then looked up and smiled, "Thank you."

    Just like when she had thanked me in the cave, my heart sunk with a strange feeling of guilt. "You are a glutton for punishment," I finally said.

   And, she only laughed in reply.


   Wang Huan 

   Finally, by the end of the week, I had finished learning how to sew two sets of puppet costumes from the Puppet Masters. Even if Ri did not scoff at my finger injuries each day, my fingers were already sore from the pricking of the needles.

  When I had watched the hero puppet blaze onto the stage in his gleaming yellow robes and suppressed the tiger puppet, I was immediately inspired to learn how to make the puppet costumes. Naive and simple-minded, I had thought it would be a good thank you present to Ri for saving my life - after all, his clay dolls could definitely use some clothes. The puppet masters were very reluctant to take me on as a student until I produced one large gold ingot (money was never an issue for the greed tribe).

  Still, I had severely underestimated how hard making the costumes turned out to be - and, it was only with lots of guidance from the puppet seamstress that I managed to have two rather decent looking puppet costumes in the end - one gold and one silver.

   I heard Ri call for me from outside the room, "Are you ready to leave?"

    I smiled with satisfaction to myself. I will pass this to Ri if he successfully brings us to the Royal Palace. 

     I cried back, "Yes".


     "An Hun pays his greetings to the Dark Lord," An Hun bowed respectfully and greeted his father.

  The Dark Lord absentmindedly waved his hand to signal he could rise while still looking at a golden parchment on his desk, "You and Lie Hun have been well?"

  An Hun knew his father must have heard about the internal fight heating up between Lie Hun and him in the Wrath Tribe. He nodded, "Still alive."

  The Dark Lord chuckled, "Still alive indeed."

 The Dark Lord raised his eyes towards An Hun, and An Hun did not look away, "Wang Huan has been in the mortal realms for about two weeks already."

  An Hun nodded. "Do you know who she is with?" The Dark Lord asked.

  "Xiao Mi says it is someone who appears to be from the Heavenly Realms," An Hun answered honestly, he could never tell if his father was asking a genuine question or was only testing him.

  The Dark Lord nodded, "You must know where she is now?"

  An Hun nodded, "I have a tracer on Wang Huan, she appears to be heading towards the Capital of the Yan Kingdom."

  The Dark Lord smiled, "I need you to bring her back. The Heavenly Empress has asked to see Wang Huan." He then gave a deeper chuckle, "I had wanted to have a good talk with her before she ran off, but I suppose fate is not letting Wang Huan off."

  With that, the Dark Lord's attention returned to the golden parchment and An Hun sensed that he was dismissed.

  As An Hun was preparing to leave, the Dark Lord suddenly raised his head and added, "Oh, by the way, Wang Huan is currently with Crown Prince Sun, but she doesn't seem to know that. Do not tell her this."

  An Hun arched his brows slightly, but did not say anything more as he left. An Hun hid a smile, little sister, looks like fate is not letting you off indeed.

*A saying that this person appears fierce but isn't actually fierce just like a paper tiger.

Comments: Yes, Chapter 6 is the long-awaited (for me, since I don't think anyone could guess before this) Royal Palace Reunion! :) What happens when Wang Huan meets Yue, and gosh when An Hun comes into the picture too! Lots of fun. 

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  1. Decembi thanks :) suddenly already 2 chapters more :) i will be waiting for the reunion :) i was wonder how you gonna make the reunion story :D see u in chapter 6 then:)

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    1. Teehee, because the dark lord is all-knowing. He is unfathomable even though I am his author haha. An Hun is my favourite new character, gosh I like writing his character so much.

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    1. Thanks for the support, macopaleaf!

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      I'm really happy that you like An Hun. Like I said above (heehee), An Hun is my favourite new character to write and I created such a detailed back and future story for him. Yes, he does have a love interest, though whether he knows what love is or the love interest likes him back is hugely subjectively. So, please feel free to keep him! <3

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      Yes, it would be perfect if his robes were black! Though, I suppose a Dark Lord having dark robes may be too literal. I often imagine him in ridiculously bright colours for fun too heehee. I got a very good picture for his younger days!

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