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Fiction: The Sun's Dark Love (Chapter 2)

    Since I was asked which actress I would cast as Wang Huan, I thought I would share someone that crossed my mind when I created Wang Huan - the actress, Jiang Xin. I was also a bit surprised when some readers thought Wang Huan might not be pretty or looked like a man, because she was described as looking like her father and "more handsome than pretty" by Xi Yang. Haha. Guys, it's Xi Yang! I don't think he has ever described anyone as pretty, and only when Yue got married, did he concede in his heart a little that she has grown into a beautiful woman. 

  Wang Huan's father, the Dark Lord, is very good looking and Wang Huan has inherited his strong features. She's not a soft or gentle beauty, and she has a striking face that would be more in the mode of warrior princess Bai Ying, except ironically she has very low divine powers of her own (haha). 

Chapter 2: The Strangest Princess


   “Xiao Mi! Xiao Mi!” Wang Huan called and Xiao Mi ran into the courtyard. Xiao Mi gave a look of surprise at Xi Yang’s presence.

  Wang Huan picked up the metal axe and placed it in Xiao Mi’s hands, “Keep this metal axe with you and show it to the Dark Lord if he comes. I will be heading off now and will be back in three months before the official ceremony.”

  Xiao Mi first gasped in surprise at the metallic touch of the metal axe that was placed in her palms and then quickly gave a cry of alarm, “Princess, are you going to head off with this stranger?!”

  Wang Huan gave Xiao Mi a reassured nod, “If I don’t leave now, who knows if I will ever be able to leave? Don’t worry, if you give the Dark Lord this metal axe, I guarantee he will only laugh and not harm you.”

  With that, Wang Huan turned to Xi Yang, “Let’s go.”

  Xi Yang paused for a moment at Wang Huan’s bare hands and then asked extremely unwillingly, “You are not going to bring anything with you?”

  Wang Huan looked confused for a moment before her eyes lit up in understanding, “Ah, don’t worry.” She patted her robes, “I brought money.”

    Xi Yang decided that of all the princesses in the Dark Realms that could be chosen to be his wife, his father must have chosen the strangest. Before he arrived, he had thought Princess Wang Huan would be in the same mould of her half sister, Princess Mei Yan (美艳 – dazzling beauty). The first time he saw Princess Mei Yan, he felt goosepimples pop out of his skin. Although Princess Mei Yan was often praised as a beauty, just thinking of how she had slithered and cooed towards him gave Xi Yang shivers all over his body. To Xi Yang, Princess Mei Yan was more snake than woman.

  In comparison, Princess Wang Huan dressed so simply that he had first mistook her for a servant. She wore no make-up, no perfume and Xi Yang was quite certain, possessed no feminine wiles. In fact, Xi Yang himself would have doubted if she was indeed the Princess Wang Huan he was engaged to if not for her aristocratic bone structure that resembled her father.

  “Where would you like to head to first?” Xi Yang finally asked.

   Wang Huan took out a brown-coloured slightly tattered book from her robes. She flipped a few pages and asked, “Do you know where is the Zi Town? It’s said to be one of the richest towns in the Yan Kingdom.”

   “Take my hand,” Xi Yang said.

    Almost instinctively, Wang Huan took Xi Yang’s out-stretched hand, and before she could even speak, both of them were already on a traveling cloud. Before she could even react to her suddenly changed surroundings, Xi Yang shrugged off her hand and Wang Huan fell backwards into the puff of cloud.

   Thankfully, she did not fall through the cloud. But, Wang Huan could not help giving a small dirty look to Xi Yang as he guided the traveling cloud forward and ignored her.

  Well, I’m only hiring him as a bodyguard, not actually for his company. Wang Huan thought to herself as she carefully kept the brown book back into her robes.

   Poor Xiao Mi was left thunderstruck alone in the courtyard from the disappearance of the Princess with an unknown man! While Xiao Mi was worried for the safety of the Princess, Wang Huan had no such concerns. Since her mother passed away at a young age, there was no one to guide her in feminine etiquette. Furthermore, the thing most often said to Wang Huan since young was how much she resembled her father, so while Wang Huan actually possessed what could be considered as a striking womanly beauty, she had grown up not thinking of herself as feminine. After all, what could be less feminine than the Dark Lord? And, who could be considered beautiful next to An Hun?

   That was Wang Huan’s belief, so it never occurred to her that she was a young woman, what more a beautiful young woman traveling alone with a foreign dangerous man.

  But if Wang Huan had a chance to console Xiao Mi, she would actually tell Xiao Mi that Ri was not dangerous at all. Even though Wang Huan had little divine powers, she had keen insight to the dark energies of the immortals in the Dark Realms. She could see the dark emotions that clouded one’s heart. That was why sometimes she was afraid of An Hun, whose heart had become so dark, even she could no longer see.

  But, this mercenary called Ri - his eyes shone like the sun and his soul appeared as clean and fresh like a new day. There seemed to be nothing impure or dark that could taint him. Wang Huan guessed that he must have come from the Heavenly Realms, perhaps a scout sent by Crown Prince Sun?

   Wang Huan yawned and decided that she did not need to think further. As long as he wanted something from her, and she wanted something from him, they would be fine.


   Xi Yang

    I watched as Wang Huan finished her third pot of blue hydrangea tea and ordered another round of tea cakes to go with the tea.

   “Are you a bottomless pit?” I asked, even I felt nauseous at the thought of more food.

    Wang Huan paused for a moment as if to consider the idea and then smiled, “Yes, I probably am.”

   I tried to decline but she poured me another cup of tea, “Zi Town is famous for their blue hydrangeas and the tea is very good for the kidney.”

   Ever since we reached the Zi Town, Wang Huan had immediately headed to a purportedly famous inn to order food. With every bite or sip, she would then scribble furiously into that dirty muddy looking book of hers.

   The thought of three months of this made my stomach churn. Who knew that Princess Wang Huan was a food nut? I paused because I vaguely remembered that her one skill was being a glutton.

   A pig! My fiancée is a pig. I could not wait to show this to my father and let him watch her eat the Heavenly Realms clean.

  As if sensing my unkind thoughts towards her, Wang Huan paused in her scribbling and raised a brow at me. There was something sharp about the raise of her brow such that even I paused, but quickly she chuckled, “Well, I can’t expect you to understand my passion.”

  As the shop attendants served up a few new dishes, she happily clapped her hands and started to savour them. “My dream may be small,” She said while eating a bun, “No great ambition to conquer a tribe or rule my own kingdom, only to discover all the delicacies in the Mortal Realms. My dream may be small, but it is still a dream.”

  “It’s hard to take your words seriously when you speak in between bun bites,” I said dryly. 

  As Wang Huan started to order another round of food, I was about to protest when Wang Huan instructed the shop attendant to pack the food to go.

   I stared at Wang Huan, “Are you going to eat while we walk?”

   Wang Huan laughed and said nothing. However, Wang Huan did not actually eat the food as we walked out of the inn.

  She smiled at a local and asked, “Where’s the poorer part of Zi Town?”

   Zi Town was the hometown of Master Qian Yun, who was considered one of the richest man in the Yan Kingdom. Naturally, Zi Town was one of the more prosperous towns.

   I arched my brow slightly but said nothing as I followed Wang Huan down the darker alleyways. Along the way, whenever Wang Huan met little children or old folks, she would offer one of her treats.

  Surprisingly, all of them accepted.

  Wang Huan chuckled when she saw my face, “Immortals of the greed tribe can recognize desire better than anyone.” She paused, “Or hunger… or the feeling of wanting something you shouldn’t have.”

  We reached the outskirts of Zi Town and there were a few simple huts along the outer pavement facing a small stream. They appeared almost deserted. Wang Huan placed a small bag each outside the huts and turned to leave.

  “It’s not like they would be grateful,” I pointed out as we turned to leave.

    “Little treats and small kindnesses,” Wang Huan said as she watched the stream, “That’s how I grew up.”

   She turned to give a mocking smile at me, “Has anyone told you that you are awfully pessimistic?”

   Wang Huan started to sniff the air as if sensing something, “Let’s go that way.”

    We turned inwards back towards the centre of Zi Town. As we cut through several small streets, Wang Huan suddenly stopped in front of a large manor.

   I tried to sniff the air but I smelled nothing. Wang Huan gave several hard knocks to the main door.

   Was this princess so hungry that she was going to barge into people’s homes to eat?!

   The main door opened and a reluctant head peered out, “We are not accepting visitors at the moment.”

   “Someone has been poisoned right?” Wang Huan asked then declared, “I can save that person.”

   The person immediately opened the door wide and looked Wang Huan from her head to toe. I felt a mild sense of displeasure by his rudeness. 

   “How do you know this?” He asked.

   Wang Huan sniffed the air, “I don’t think there’s time for us to discuss the details. Quick, bring me to the person.”

    The person hesitated but decided in the end to lead Wang Huan and I in.

   “Aren’t we going in the wrong direction?” Wang Huan asked as the person brought us to the main hall. Wang Huan pointed to the left side, “The person should be residing around there.”

   At this point, a grandly dressed middle-aged man with a grey-robed elder carrying a medicinal chest walked to the main hall. The elder shook his head at the man, “I’m afraid there is nothing I can do for Madam Xi. The poison has gone too deep into the bloodstream…”

   “I will give you 10 gold taels,” The man declared as he tried to pull the elder’s arm back, but the elder shook his head to go.

    “Wait, don’t go yet,” Wang Huan held onto the sleeves of the elder, “I will save Madam Xi but I need a bit of your assistance. You can have the 10 gold taels as well.”

    “You are?” Both of the men looked at Wang Huan in confusion.

   “Less talk, more action,” Wang Huan said as he pulled the elder’s sleeve and walked towards a direction only her nose knew.

    I sighed to myself as I followed them from behind. I guessed this was where I stepped in to prevent her from being killed.


   Wang Huan

    I followed the scent into a big bedroom chamber. The scent was at its peak, an intoxicating whirl of senses – there was a tinge of ginger, lemongrass, and hmm… cinnamon?

   Maids surrounded the bedroom chamber and I quickly directed them away from the bed. I guessed that the woman on the bed was the said Madam Xi… her face had a sickly tinge of yellow and she was especially gaunt.

   “Lady, please show respect to the sick,” The grey-robed doctor I had pulled back into the chamber cried.

   “I need you to take out this much of Madam Xi’s blood,” I indicated a tiny width of space in between my thumb and second finger.

   The doctor turned to the grandly dressed man for instructions. I exchanged glances with him as if to say, do you want to save her or not?

  The man nodded and the doctor took out a needle… the doctor passed me a small plate with the tiny drips of purplish, almost black blood.

    I turned my head and gulped down the blood. The familiar burning tinge tingled my tongue and I nodded, “Top grade poison – used to kill a fetus.”

    I ignored the white face of the grandly dressed man, and turned to the grey-robed doctor with my left arm, “Take about three times the blood from me to feed to Madam Xi.”

  I could see black dots hover over the grey-robed doctor, signs of being displeased by my actions and show of arrogance, and then I saw a silverish tinge of greed at the thought of the possible gold. I moved closer to the doctor and intoned with my eyes into his, “Take about three times the blood from me to feed to Madam Xi.”

  As if in a trance, the doctor started to take out his needle set again to begin his work.

  I let out a small sigh of relief. The main source of the dark immortals’ power is the ability to control or make use of the weaknesses of the mortals for their own benefit. However, besides the fact that my divine powers were naturally low, I never had the chance to go to the Mortal Realms before.

  I saw Ri glance over at my left arm. His eyes flickered over some of my old needle pin-prick scars.

  Very quickly, the doctor finished taking out the required volume of my blood and quickly fed it to Madam Xi.

   In a moment, Madam Xi’s face lost its sickly yellow pallor and was flushed with a healthy tinge of pink. She gave a huge gasp, as if finally being able to breathe. The doctor quickly took Madam Xi’s pulse and look in amazement at the grandly dressed man, “It seems Madam Xi has recovered…but…”

  I waved my hand as if it’s nothing, “My blood naturally makes antibodies to any poison that comes within my system.”

  The grandly dressed man grabbed my hand in gratitude, “Saviour! You must stay at our manor and be our honoured guest.”

    I turned to Ri, “Should we stay here for a night or head to the next destination?”

     Ri arched his brow at me, “I’m not tired.”

     I resisted the urge to roll my eyes at Ri – he always refused to answer my questions straight.

     “There is no need,” I shook my head as I looked carefully at the grandly dressed man, “I don’t know how many concubines you have, but you might want to have less if you want to have children.”

   With that, I started to head out from the manor with Ri.

   Ri appeared to be deep in thought. I waved my hand in front of him. I was thinking that we could head to Zui Town next door for their famous drunken chicken. 

   He caught my left hand and looked at the needle prick, “So you even eat poison too?”

    I tried to retract my hand from his hand but his grip was too tight.

   “Wang Huan, I must say, you have surprised me. I don’t often change my first impression of a person,” Ri said eyeing the needle prick, “Now, I no longer think you are a pig.”

  I glared at Ri as he smiled, “You are a medicinal pig.”


 Xi Yang 

    For a small moment, a very small moment, the anger in Wang Huan's eyes flashed a pang of sadness. My slight surprise caused my grip to loosen and Wang Huan seized the opportunity to take back her hand.

  This princess had too many secrets. I wanted to goad her into saying something, but she merely smiled instead, "Can you call your travelling cloud? I want to head to Zui (醉 - drunk) Town next door for the famous drunken chicken."

  I reached out my palm again, and Wang Huan very reluctantly took it. I had decided, before the end of this journey, I will find out all your secrets, Wang Huan.

Comment: Unlike Little Moon which probably started flying out the gate, the Sun's Dark Love needs more of a built up at the start. But, slowly but surely, things will heat up. 

The Sun's Dark Love
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  1. Thank you for much for this story! It's witty, funny, and well written. =) I've discovered your blog about three weeks ago, and I've pretty much read everything hehe. Love your own fiction, and also loving your reviews and translations! Really looking forward to the next chapter!

    ''A pig! My fiancée is a pig.'' -> “Now, I no longer think you are a pig.” “You are a medicinal pig.” BEST LINES EVER.

    Can't wait to know more backstory about Wang Huan. Im so glad you chose to write a character that isn't the traditional gentle beauty. =)

    1. Dear Hanako,

      Aww thank you a lot for this comment. It gives me great encouragement. The Sun's Dark Love is a bit of a slow burn, and I wasn't sure how the reaction would be to it haha.

      Wow! Three weeks ago. Teehee, I'm really happy that you like the content on my blog. I really enjoy writing them.

      Hahahaha, I'm glad you love the pig lines. I laughed myself when I wrote about Xi Yang calling Wang Huan, "You are a medicinal pig".

      I'm glad that people like Wang Huan even though she isn't really gentle or beautiful, I think she has her own spice about her.

    2. Add oil Decembi! We're all rooting for you =)

  2. Silent Reader :D19 August 2014 at 06:51

    Woot! Another chapter! :D
    I find that waiting for Sun's Dark Love is quite exciting; it's easier to attach to a story with a little background beforehand( Little Moon). Lovely story indeed so far.
    Anyhow, hi decembi. Instead being anonymous , I will be called Silent Reader :D, heh im joking. =^.^=
    So far I LOVE Wang Huan.If I had such a bodyguard like Xi Yang, I would go on a food adventure too.
    It's nice to have a female character that doesn't fall under the usual feminine beauty type. I agree that Jiang Xin does fit perfectly as Wang Huan. I wonder which actor would play Xi Yang then? :D It's ironic how he pessimistic despite being the Sun Prince.

    “You are a medicinal pig.” LOL Well isn't that nice? ^_^
    Somehow I imagine a pig with herbs growing out of it's back.

    Thanks for the story! I check your blog daily. :D

    1. Hello ChocolateCosmos (gosh that is one delicious name),

      Yay! I'm relieved. It's easier to write the story too because a lot of background has been developed in The Little Moon, but it's also harder because I think there is some subconscious pressure from the Little Moon (which was such a fun fluffy story) and the Sun's Dark Love has to create its own path. But, I also try to write the story so that you don't need to read the Little Moon to read the Sun's Dark Love, though there's lots of presents for those who had Little Moon. Such as the reference to Zi Town, Master Qian Yun and blue hydrangeas! Haha.

      Aww, I'm really happy, thank you for liking Wang Huan. Xi Yang is much harder - I find it's easier to find an illustration to capture how I imagine him. Any suggestions? Xi Yang is very cynical - not a cynical borne out of hardship, but the kind of cynical-ness from the hypocritical powerplays of the palace.

      HAHA! Herbs on the back. Haha. Thank you <3

    2. Haha yes, I chose that name because the flowers' scent has a hint of chocolate, my all-time favorite desert (flavor). :) Ah my love of food.
      And yes I agree! All those references ! When I was reading I was like "... Zi Town?" "Where have I read this before?" "Ah!... wasn't it the town for Hsiao's first matchmaking target?"

      As for Xi Yang, I have no idea. >.< The only male actor from the top of my head is Chen Kun. Maybe? I don't know, he doesn't seem to have this cynical-vibe. Indeed, it's hard to choose an actor befitting Xi Yang. How difficult, lol. :P

    3. It's a wonderful name!!! :)

      Teehee, glad you caught the references here and there. I enjoy visiting old places. It adds the fun for me writing it as well heehee.

      I agree that Chen Kun is very good looking! He has quite a good ancient face too, but he looks more like someone from the dark side whenever I see him haha! I can't really think of any, I think features wise someone like a very young Daniel Wu, but with slightly fiercer features maybe. Hahaha.

    4. Lol Chen Kun does like to play "dark" characters. Last time I seen him in a movie was Young Detective Dee,but he played a wacko doctor. xD

      And yes! Daniel Wu would be nice if only he was younger, hehe. Too bad, most people I can think of are in their 30's such as Yan Kuan , Nicholas Tse, and Hu Ge( yes throw in Hu Ge for his beautiful eyes, haha).
      I miss their younger days, lol.

    5. Haha! I think Chen Kun is an interesting actor, and someone who has looks but doesn't just rely on them. I agree! Nicholas Tse was incredibly good looking when he just debuted. Yan Kuan and Hu Ge are good choices too - though Hu Ge has this sad look about him, he looks really good in the Nirvana Fire drama stills! My favourite chinese actor is probably Wallace Huo - but purely on looks alone haha.

      I actually have an actor in mind for An Hun, but haven't decided if he will realllly be my inspiration in mind when I write An Hun. It's a korean actor. Haha, do you want to guess?

    6. Lee Min Ho? :D Just Joking... no , simply no.

      For look-wise, I'll say Yoon Si yoon or Joo won if u want that "flower boy look", but I'm guessing it's an actor that can act dark characters, so So Ji-Sub? Lee Joon-Gi?
      If not, throw in Yeon Woo-Jin because he can pulled off a creepy character xD.

      Wallace Huo is pretty in a manly way. =) Except I find myself distracted whenever I watched him because of his nice eyelashes, haha.

    7. Hahaha! Oh, I like So Ji Sub and Lee Joon Ki's look! It was a close fight between Jo In Sung and Lee Joon Ki for me, but I like Jo In Sung :). Heehee. When I think of An Hun in my head, I think of Jo In Sung haha.

      Wallace is so incredibly pretty! It's ridiculous.

    8. Oh Jo In Sung's pretty good too! I think he looks good in traditional clothes. :)

      Wallace is so pretty. I wouldn't mind if he played Sha Qian Mo xD because he looks so beautiful, but then he would get less screentime, aha.

    9. I'm loving Jo In Sung in It's Okay It's Love now!

      Ooh Sha Qian Mo, is he a character from Hua Qian Gu? Which I'm dying to read. Hahaha.

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    1. Yay, glad to hear that! I think Xi Yang has this mix of curiosity and revulsion to Wang Huan's gluttony. HAHAHAHA.

  4. thx decembi for new update...ok..so far i think i can see why xiyang would fall for wang huan...firstly she has heart...something my xi yang needs due to his aloof personality. secondly, she is unpredictable, something xi yang needs to spice up his life. however, can you also make her a witty person which can make xi yang turn speechless by her wittiness? though i love xi yang very much, xi yang sometimes need to be taught a lesson of humility :-)

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    1. Awww, glad to hear that from you uw_maulida. I think Wang Huan is certaining shaking up Xi Yang's perception on how a princess should act (though, a large part of it is also because Wang Huan didn't really grow up as a princess haha).

      I think Xi Yang will have to bite his own tongue later when he falls in love. Haha.

      Yes, I really want to finish up the crown prince drama recaps! I'm so sorry for leaving that for a while. But, I have not had time to go do proper screencaps ><. That's my main problems with the drama recaps - I'm not sure if I will be able to update by August, but I'm pretty sure I will be able to finish it in September.

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      Haha pig jokes? Oh is this from Dragon Flying Phoenix Dances? :) I totally missed that. Hahaha. That is cute.

      Hahaha, I'm really happy you like the pig joke! Hahahaha.

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    As for Xi Yang, he is already interested in the princess when he changed his perception of her (from normal pig to medicinal pig).

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    1. Hello fangorn,

      Awww thank you! :) The encouragement means a lot! Teehee, promotion from pig to medicinal pig.

  8. Love your work Decembi!

    Really strong start! Already there are questions starting to pop up for us and Xi Yang abt this bride to be.

    Please continue with the multi points of view, I find it so helpful in understanding the characters. So often what ppl say is not what they really think and if they happen to say wat they think then it's only a fraction of what they think.

    1. Aww super-latte! Thank you! This makes me very happy. :) Thanks for the feedback of the multi point of views, I will continue to work on it to try and give the story the perspective I want to give!

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    I really admire your imagination and the way you bring your characters into life. Your favorite strength of mine is the multiple perspectives of the characters' as you let them narrate us their story in the first person. That's like watching a drama in different angles.
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    Please make Wang Huan a witty female lead, not a helpless and clueless one. Of course, she will have restricted physical abilities due to her low powers, especially compared to her male counterpart she couldn't be a match but at least make her so brainy that they would have witty banter with each other :) I am digging that so much! Hahahaha :D
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    3) Do the immortals of the Dark gain more strength when they use the weaknesses of people? Like in the first series Moon Matchmaking, gods and goddesses were being reinforced through the prayers of humans, in the absent years of Little Moon, everybody in the kingdom prayed for her and maybe that helped lessen or smoothen her karmic retribution so she got to be reincarnated and reunited with her love in only eight short years compared to the life span of deities. If we were to make an analogy here in this tale, Wang Huan fed poor people and told she could sense greed, hunger, what people would desire that they weren't allowed to have. Does coming in contact with greedy people help her accumulate more power? Is that why she helped them and told the doctor to draw her blood despite detecting that glimpse of greed in his eyes? Is she a truly good, kindhearted person and doing good deeds without expecting anything in return or is there something in it for her?
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    1. Hello Dedicated,

      Aww this has been such a hard week for me and your comment totally blew all the stress and sadness away, and made everything feel golden. Thank you so much <3!

      I'm really glad you like the multi character perspectives! It's an on-going experiment for me. What I usually do before I start writing a story out is to sketch out the whole story framework and then break them down into chapter plots. After the sketch is out, I then start writing. I will then decide hmm whose view should I write from, what I want to focus on each chapter. :) I'm really glad that you enjoy it and I love the comparison to Discovery of Love. I have only watched snippets here and there - I only like Eric and Jung Yung Mi's super chemistry but don't like the plot as much hahaha.

      Aww your request is so sweet. I promise you that in my heart, I have made Wang Huan and Xi Yang an equal match, but I don't know if it will come out exactly as you wished for. Can't say more if not it will be too spoilerish!

      1) Hahah! Wang Huan is so enviously slim. :( Her main power is gluttony, but she's so lucky that she doesn't put on weight. I don't think immortals are exempt from weight control suffering, teehee would love to write about a huge bulbuous character one day.

      2) Oh, that was Xi Yang being snide about Wang Huan getting herself into trouble. At that point, he seriously had no idea what Wang Huan was trying to do - entering a house and proclaiming she could save someone! Hahaha. You didn't miss anything - there was no real threat so to speak, but more Xi Yang being sarcastic that Wang Huan is going to get herself into trouble.

      3) That is such a great question. Yes. I love how you saw the differences b/w the gods and goddesses vs the dark immortals. Basically, in my set up of this fantasy universe, the Heavenly Realms/gods' powers derive from nature/idea that they are paragons of virtue. So, their powers originate from nature, worship and prayers. I like that set-up. For the dark immortals, it's my version of devils haha, but not so stark in evil and good terms. Essentially, instead of pushing humans into a higher plane of field, they take advantage of natural human evils/weaknesses. Eg, Wang Huan belongs to the greed tribe so she will be especially good at taking advantage of people's greed - it's a bit like mind/heart control. When she was able to see the greed in the doctor, she was able to mind control him into doing what she wants. It's a double edged sword because as much as the dark immortals can take advantage of these weaknesses, they themselves are susceptible to letting these weaknesses destroy them. It's all about mastery and knowing one's self. :)

      The interesting bit about Wang Huan is that she's not really interested in taking advantage or controlling people's weaknesses. There's that softness about her, instead of wanting to control other's weaknesses, she's extra sympathetic to those who are "greed" - she sees it instead of people having what they cannot want either due to circumstances/desires - like food. So many people starve, not out of their own fault. That's what I like about her :). I don't think she's a saint, she just does what she thinks it's right! :)

      Thank you so much for your comment. I can't wait to hear from you again at Chapter 3!

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    I glared at Ri as he smiled, “You are a medicinal pig.”

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