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Fiction: Little Moon's Matchmaking Mission (Xi Yang's Epilogue: Something Golden)

    Xi Yang's epilogue is not so much an epilogue, as it is a bridge towards a new future.

Xi Yang’s Epilogue: Something Golden

Xi Yang


   Today is Yu An’s twelfth birthday. Sometimes when I thought about how fast time flew, I would think one hundred years were not enough. No, not even a thousand years. I had Yue for a hundred years, but you will have her forevermore Hsiao.

  I still remembered when you asked the Moon God for an opportunity to meet me. It was during Yue’s lost years. I had rejected you but you declared to the Moon God that you needed to meet me in order to bring Yue back again. So, I did.

  The Emperor of the Yan Kingdom. A golden boy just like me. But, you knelt down before me and asked me to help you. You said I had once told you that you had a golden light surrounding you – destined to become the Emperor, your life was so hard, that the small poison won’t be able to kill you. You asked me to go to the Wu Kingdom to find the same person with a golden light – to find the next Wu Emperor.

  You could see it then – the future crisis ahead, the bridge you had to cross, the tower you had to built to become the greatest Yan Emperor. Sometimes, I wondered, if I had chosen not to help you – would you have married that Wu Princess who so adored you? Would Yue then belong to me?

  But I helped you. Found that unlikely person who was to ascend the throne of the Wu Kingdom in that not too far away future. In some ways, even if she was no longer around to call me Xi Yang Ge Ge, a part of me still wanted to live up to that name.
   Ten years passed – in the span of our infinite days, ten years was actually short. But, your absence weighed down everything. 

  That day, that very day, when the red thread Yue had become due to karmic retribution, floated before the Moon God in Heaven again and was re-born into Yue. I knew – it was all worth it.

  I had rushed to the Moon God’s Heavenly Temple of Matrimonial Bliss as I watched Yue dance up and down in delight. “I’m back,” Yue cried, and when she saw me her face lit up and then fell, as if not knowing how to greet me.

  “Mei (younger sister),” I smiled and Yue rushed into my arms.

  “Xi Yang Ge Ge,” Yue teared as I embraced her.

   “Xi Yang Ge Ge,” she smiled as she wore the red bridal gown, put on the golden phoenix crown and sat in the red sedan chair.

  “Xi Yang Ge Ge,” I heard her say as her red sedan flew down towards the Yan Kingdom, once and for all.

  The mortals thought there were two moons that night, but no, that was only the sun without light. Then again, if there were two moons, then why is there only one of you, Yue?


   “Xi Yang Shu Shu (Uncle),” Hsiao Yang giggled as he rushed towards me. Hsiao Yang was Yue’s four year old son, he looked exactly like Yue and had her personality.  The only prince of the Yan Kingdom, but he clearly did not have the makings to become the next Emperor.

  I patted Hsiao Yang’s head as I passed him a magical toy one of the Heavenly Royal Maidens had given me. It was magical paper that could be folded into different creatures and take on a short life of their own.

  “Xi Yang Shu Shu,” A soft melodious voice cheerily called out to me. I lifted up my head from Hsiao Yang and saw the birthday girl.

  Yu An looked like Yue and did not look like Yue. Yu An had Yue’s small round, almost heart-shaped face, with a kind of spark like the young luminescent moon. However, her eyes were too intelligent and clear, too much like Hsiao.

  “Yu An,” I smiled and handed her a golden silk-wrapped gift, “For you.”

    “Xi Yang Ge Ge,” I heard Yue cry as she jumped onto me from behind. A mother of two, but she still acted like she was two.

    “No presents for you,” I said as I watched Yu An carefully unwrap the gift.

    Yue smiled and squeezed me from behind, “Your presence is enough”. A more ill fitting Empress I could not find.

   Yu An gave a gleeful surprised cry as she looked at the shimmering large silver lilac trumpet triton shell in her palm.

  “I instructed the Sprite of the Ocean to collect the most beautiful trumpet triton shell in the deepest ocean and then I asked the Sprite of the Ocean to use it to capture a mermaid’s song for you,” I told Yu An as I pressed the shell at her ear.

   Yu An, quite like Hsiao, was a musical genius. If Yue was only interested in red threads when she was young, Yu An was only interested in musical notes.

    Yue gave me a semi-sad and wistful look, “You are biased, Xi Yang Ge Ge. You have never given me such a gift.”

 After Yue married, I never gave her a gift again. Not to her directly at least. Because, if I did, my mind would only be able to think of what I could give her.

   “Because you won’t be able to appreciate it!” I replied as Yue led us to the royal garden pavilion where a birthday feast had already been prepared.

     I nodded at Hsiao who was already seated at the table with the Moon God. Yu An rushed towards Hsiao, “Father, look at the gift Xi Yang Shu Shu gave me! The mermaid’s song has inspired me to compose a new theme.”

  Hsiao looked dotingly on Yu An as he stroke her head, “Play a song for us.”

   After we were all seated, Yu An sat at the guzheng* that had been prepared at the side of the table and started to play – as her fingers caressed the strings, golden notes transversed the air, physically embodying her joy and love for those who had come for her.

(* The musical instrument you see in the picture. Yu An is only twelve, so nowhere as old as the picture. But, one day, she will be like this perfectly!)

  After Yu An finished, Hsiao gave an almost sad wistful look in his eyes, “Looks like there will no longer be a music teacher good enough to teach you.”

  “Not in the Yan Kingdom at least,” I added.

  Hsiao narrowed his eyes slightly at me as Yue looked curiously at me. I smiled, “The most famous and gifted musician in all the lands in the mortal realms must be the Royal Princess of Wu.”

  Yue smiled at Hsiao, “Perhaps you can ask if Yu An could visit her considering you are such good friends with the Crown Prince of Wu?”

  Hsiao almost choke on his tea. Yue did not know that during her lost years, the Wu Emperor had wanted Hsiao to marry the Royal Princess of Wu nor how much the Royal Princess of Wu idolized Hsiao.

  “I will think about it,” Hsiao smiled to Yue, and then he turned to me, “Xi Yang, I heard the Jade Emperor has been very concerned about your marriage.”

  At the mention of marriage, Yue’s eyes positively glistened, “Is there a female goddess in mind?”

  But even before I could answer, Yu An hurried over and placed her hand on my shoulder, “Xi Yang Shu Shu is mine!”

   The silence could only be described as golden.


  When we returned to Heavens, the Moon God gave me an enigmatic smile.

   I darkened my glance at the Moon God, “Uncle, you should know best. I do not even see Yu An as a girl, much less a woman.”

  The Moon God only chuckled, “You cannot see what I can see afterall.”

   Indeed, I could not see what the Moon God could see. For the very next morning, I was summoned to the Royal Hall to meet my father.

   I was surprised to see several important gods, but most of all, to see the Jade Emperor and Empress sitting grandly on their thrones. I thought this was a personal meeting with my father, was an important message about to be announced? 

  “Xi Yang,” My father smiled at me and with a flash of lightning from his hands, a golden glittering banner unfolded in mid-air.

   It was inscribed, Crown Prince Xi Yang of the Heavenly Realms will be engaged to marry Princess Wang Huan (王欢 Royal Joy) of the Dark Realms.

  Princess Wang Huan? One of the three daughters of the Dark Lord of the Dark Realms?

  Wait, marry?

  The Jade Emperor beamed at me, “Since you declared that no goddess will do for you in the Heavenly Realms, why not a foreign princess?”

  I could almost hear him add in soft mutter, better than a mortal at least.

  The Jade Emperor announced in a grand declaratory fashion, “The Moon God had decreed that there is a glittering golden marriage thread between the Crown Prince and the Dark Realm’s Princess Wang Huan. It would be a reunion that will create many celestial blessings! An auspicious engagement!”

   I turned to glare at the Moon God. But, he only returned his usual enigmatic smile. You cannot see what I can see.

  Indeed, all I could see was betrayal.


  Comment: Haha! Did anyone think for a moment that my planned match for Xi Yang was Yu An? My stand on that is nooo, because I find that very strange. Yu An is Yue’s daughter afterall, and it feels almost incestuous. Although Yu An looks quite like Yue, she’s clearly all Hsiao inside which would make Xi Yang flee.

   Xi Yang dotes on Hsiao Yang and Yu An, not so much because he likes them for who they are (he does in his own way), but more so because they are extensions of Yue, close enough, but still safer for him to express love.

   I planned Xi Yang’s match from when I was sketching out the story of Little Moon already. Moonblossom helped me to find a suitable royal name for this mysterious princess. I told her that I had planned the female’s name to also originate from the same poetry line I took Xi Yang’s name from – 夕阳近黄昏 (Xi Yang Jin Huang Hun), which conveys the idea of the golden yellow intoxicating beauty of a sunset. Wang Huan’s nickname is Little Yellow. Haha.

  I thought since Little Moon was about matchmaking, it was only apt for Xi Yang’s own series to be about contract marriage! I’m super excited to share Xi Yang’s story, and I can only hope it will live up to expectations.

  Additionally, for those who were hoping to see Hong Meng’s epilogue, I decided that it won’t be interesting enough for its own epilogue but you will get to find out more about Hong Meng and Hu Jun’s story in the later stories I will write. :) 

Little Moon's Matchmaking Mission!

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  1. haha I totally thought you would match Xi Yang with Yu An!! I'm still surprised you didn't tho, despite your explanation >< Thanks for such a beautiful epilogue once again :) *hugs*

    1. Hello Memoriespp,

      Thanks for reading my epilogue <3, I hope you will enjoy Xi Yang's own series too.

      Actually, there are story types where the second male lead as an uncle or a god-like character falls for the daughter/descendant of the female lead. It makes sense because his heart softens to anything related to the first female lead. The god-like/descendant classic story type would probably be Inuyasha! But, it's done so well because you don't get the icky he watched me grow up feeling, and then the mangaka also deals with the is she a substitute issue directly. I didn't really read Inuyasha, and only watched some episodes of the anime so I can't really address if Inuyasha resolved that issue probably, but I didn't want Xi Yang's other half to always feel like a substitute to Yue. That's so much emotional baggage to carry. Haha.

      Also, the most direct point would be Yu An is too much like Hsiao for Xi Yang to love. Hahahaha.

  2. Omg decembi when I was reading I was thinking omg is decembi pulling a 'twilight'? In the novel Jacob the werewolf is in love with Bella, obviously Bella married Edward and they had a daughter Rensemesse who Jacob was imprinted to. Luckily you didn't go for that option.

    Thanks for the elipogue about Xi Yang. I cant wait to read your second fiction? Does this mean the elipogues are done?

    1. Hello sutekii,

      I didn't read the Twilight series and only watched the first movie haha. But, the Jacob falling for Bella's daughter was highlighted in the news haha. I think it's an interesting story choice and one that can probably only work in a fantasy context without the ick she's only a baby kind of feeling. But, that wasn't the character set-up I wanted to write. Haha.

      I wrote this epilogue to answer some questions I'm sure people must be wondering like - oh what did Xi Yang do during Yue's lost years, what did he think, etc haha.

      There's still the Moon God's epilogue for this series. And, I also cannnnooot wait to share the second series. I will see how the response is and decide which one I should edit and post first. I personally think Wang Huan is a hilarious character.

    2. I look forward to your Moon God's epilogue and your new fiction. I will write a proper review on little moon once I have closure to the novel <3

    3. Ok, blogger ate my comment ><

      Awww! A review! *I'm so touched!* This is real motivation to finish up the Moon God's epilogue. If only a day has more than 24 hours <3

  3. Can't wait for the second series!!!!!!

  4. ah i also think the same like memoryespp:) seem wrong lol. oh you want make second fiction? argghhh i will be waiting hope will come soon and this time for sure i'm not say again its from c.novel hehe . thanks decembi:)

    1. Heehee seems wrong for Xi Yang to go with Yu An or wrong to not go with Yu Ah? Heehee.

      Yes, Xi Yang's fiction is really fun to write because Wang Huan is so funny and Xi Yang is so grumpy. Hahahaha. Thanks for your support <3

    2. haha yah i was thinking same like memoryespp that you want match Xi Yang with Yu An :) so the second fiction is story about Xi Yang and Wang Huan? i was thinking you want make other story:) ok then i will wait decembi thanksss:)

    3. Ah! Yes, I get it. Hahaha. Thanks for the support <3 Yes, the next story is Xi Yang and Wang Huan <3

  5. epilogue for my xi yang....can't wait to read your story on xi yang...i wonder what kind of girl would be his match...he needs someone who is totally opposite.

    1. Hello uw_maulida! Awww, I felt very happy when you said "my" Xi Yang hahaha. I'm so happy that people like Xi Yang. I'm suuper excited to share the first chapter so people can get an idea of my er crazy idea? Heehee. <3

  6. I'm SO glad you didn't choose that route, you had me fooled there for a second. I was afraid you'd go Twilight on us. I don't know, to me those kind of relationships are just Icky.

    Yu An's crush on Xi Yang is really cute though, and I love how he treasures the kids even if it's a way to show Yue love :)

    I'm really looking forward to read more about Hong Meng and Ho jun.

    1. Yes, Yu An's crush is super cute. Also, how can she not have a crush when Xi Yang is pretty much described by everyone as the most physically gd looking man they had ever seen? teehee more details in the spin off.

      thank you ♡ will try my best

  7.    "I turned to glare at the Moon God. But, but he only returned his usual enigmatic smile. You cannot see what I can see.

      Indeed, all I could see was betrayal."

    Hehehe love it! Good way to end and start his story at the same time. The contract marriage is the perfect concept for him - cuz I highly doubt he would willing let any woman near him, let alone his heart...

    I'll admit, u had me there. I did think you were gonna link him with Yu An! ^_^ so glad it wont be someone who starts off with a crush on him already that would be too easy for him - please please please can u make him work for it? Lol

    Can I just say I love the Decembi - express! One great ride ends and another kicks into gear! I'm happily staying strapped in my seat cheering on the next ride!

    1. Hello Super-latte,

      Aww thank you! Indeed, this epilogue of Xi Yang is the prologue of his spin off series. Haha, I love the contract marriage plot - it's so full of comedic and angst potential. I hope this story will be really fun. <3

      Teehee, so naughty of me right? I think Yu An is the obvious choice, so it's fun to narrate that story that way, and then NOPE! Haha. We will get to explore a bit of the Dark Realms in the next series. I agree, since all the goddesses in heavens have a crush on Xi Yang, we need to give him someone truly foreign right?

      Thanks for following me on my little adventures. It's so nice to have like-minded friends along the way. <3

  8. heys decembi!

    yes for a moment i thought you would be pairing Yu An with Xi Yang and i went 'oh no'. although they're technically not related, i think it would be strange if the man falls in love with the daughter of the woman he loved before. because one would wonder if the man loves the girl for herself or is it mixed with the previous love?

    i really like the epilogue you wrote for Xi Yang - bittersweetness, wistfulness and humour are all mixed into it perfectly. one chapter of his life has closed, and now it's a new beginning for him. because of the sun sets, the sun will rise again right? :)

    i'm glad that Xi Yang will be a able to have a match in the second story. what will Wang Huan's personality be like? yay! i'm very curious as to how the storyline will be like. would Yue and Hsiao also have a role in the story? and when will the first chapter be released? :D

    - lemonsalt

    1. Hello lemonsalt <3,

      Aww thank you, I really like the feelings you get from my story. It teaches me a lot and also makes me happy when my intent gets carried across. It truly is one chapter of his life closing and one chapter of his life beginning all at once.

      I think Wang Huan is cute and someone I totally adore. But, I'm really biased that way. I think the first chapter is about done, but needs some editing. Was a bit delayed due to the other translation projects too. But will be up soon! Yes, Yue and Hsiao will be part of the story - but more Yue than Hsiao.

    2. okies decembi take care of your health first !

      it would be interesting to see if Wang Huan's character is similar/different from Yue and how she comes into her own character since Xi Yang loved Yue for almost a 100 years.

      although the lovelorn second male lead who steadfastly holds onto to his love for the female lead even though she's not fated to be with him is a romantic notion, it would be nice to know that he has a second chance of love. nobody should be alone! :p


    3. Lemonsalt,

      Aww thank you. Your well wishes for my health does warm my heart so! :) Thank you. One second spring is one of the little warm sparks in my often too serious life.

      Yes, that's the challenge for me too. Their character set ups are different, but because of my style of writing, I hope they don't end up sounding the same. I don't think so though since they have such different histories. Will post chapter 1 soon so we can discuss!!! <3

      I never really saw Xi Yang as a lovelorn second male lead, more of a prickly cactus who rues the world for moving his heart and not giving him his heart's desire. Hahah. Yes nobody should be alone!

    4. haha yeah "lovelorn" as in at this stage, he hasn't give himself a chance to be open to the idea of finding love again.

      prickly cactus Xi Yang hope you can find your oasis soon, looking forward ;)


  9. I'm glad, really. I don't like it when the love rival who wasn't chosen marries the child of the love interest, no matter how it's done.

    So, thank you. :)

    Also, I love your stories! :)

    1. AWWW! Thank you so much for reading my stories. It really means a lot to me! Heehee. Yeah, I don't like the child of true love trope! Feels incestuous haha.