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Little Phoenix is Not an Immortal (小凤不是仙) by Shu Ke (蜀客) (HE) (XX) (4 stars) - Review + Scene Translation

   Has anyone missed my book reviews? To be honest, I have not been reading any chinese novels (absolutely do not have the spare time :(). This was the last novel I read before I fell really sick in May, and it's a really cute xianxia novel. It's short too, only about 43 chapters? It's about a girl who travelled through time and finds herself in a burnt up Phoenix's body! She looks awful and is picked up by the King of the Feather Tribe (head immortal of all the birds), and finds herself embroiled in the war between the Gods and the Demons. 

Here's the summary I translated and posted in ssb:

   From the moment the heavens were born, was there any Phoenix as unlucky as her? From the start, she was a stranded Phoenix that was bullied by chickens! Luckily, she met the elegant and distinguished Phoenix King, Zhao Hua Jun. From then on, she entered the realm of the gods and enjoyed the good life where she only needed to open her mouth to be fed. Unknowingly, she saved the Prince of the Realm of the Immortals He Yue Wei, and even experienced an unexpected blessing through a disaster, by eating the internal divine essence of the previous Phoenix God and gaining the form of a person. She thought her life was finally improving, and her relationship with the Phoenix King was deepening, but who knew that everything would change suddenly? 

  The Demon King, the reincarnation of the Death God, he had the aura and power of the Ancient Gods and looked down upon the six realms. No one could control him, but in the realm of the gods, there is a rumour spreading of a prediction that will be able to seal him again...

  When Little Phoenix personally saw the reunion of Zhao Hua Jun and his old lover, she left in a fit of temper. Coincidentally, she met the uncontrollable Demon King. Should she "leave the light and head towards the dark" or "be loyal to the end"? The destiny of the three realms will be turned upside down by this Little Phoenix. It seems that deep within this destiny... is a fate decided by Heaven...

  (The picture above is a fan art of Little Phoenix. It's really hilarious because she has black wings when she took the human form!)

  My synopsis will be spoiler-filled, so please stop reading if you don't want to be spoiled!

  The summary above makes the novel sound quite proper, but it really is hilarious and nonsensical. To be honest, when the novel started, I was rooting for Little Phoenix and the third male lead, the prince of the Immortal Realms, He Yu Wei. :( But, it was not to be. 

  I disliked the second male lead, the Phoenix King, Zhao Hua Jun, from the start and he did prove himself to be a hypocrite.

  But once the first male lead, the Demon King (he is actually called Lucifer) started getting his scene time, I was rooting for him. Because, he is such a hilarious character. Basically, if you imagine this as a computer RPG game, the Demon King is the final boss, and so super over-powered! Nothing can beat him. He is the death god reincarnation and his one interest is to fight someone as powerful as him. He dislikes the false hypocrisy of the Realm of the Gods and the Realm of the Immortals and hence often picks fights with them - but never really destroys them, since he sees them all as weaklings anyway.

  The female lead is first saved by the second male lead, Zhao Hua Jun, and most readers will think he is the first male lead. However, his first love, the Dragon Girl, returns from goodness knows where, for goodness knows why (this is never really clarified properly in the novel and doesn't really matter), because the main point is *gasp* first love comes back and Zhao Hua Jun is so happy. Little Phoenix is hurt since she thought she had something real going on with Zhao Hua Jun, and she does not want to play second fiddle so she leaves the Realm of the Gods. Unfortunately, she meets the Demon King, and she is so scared he will kill her, that she pretends that she has long worshipped him and so he brings her back to the demon realm. Haha!

  When we head to the demon realm, the humour really starts because you actually find out that it's an utopia! The smaller demons are a happy family and don't have to bother about fighting or wars since their King is so powerful hahaha! Plus, the Demon King is a total stickler for virtues such as righteousness, honesty and courage! So, the demon realm is actually the poster boy for wholesome values. Little Phoenix starts to gain real friends in the demon realm... but alas, she meets one of the Demon King's son, who likes to take blood from her, because Phoenix blood is great for healing injuries.

  In her desperation to avoid becoming a blood bank, she pretends that she is actually the Demon King's son's real mother! Hahaha. And,she pretends to be in love with the Demon King. Thus, the love story between the Little Phoenix, who slowly becomes the bird in the prophecy that will seal up the Demon King again, starts...

Here's the scene translation where she has reached the demon realm and is pretending to be in love with the Demon King:

  The Demon King first opened his mouth, "Son."

  The little prince regained his consciousness. He ran forward and knelt down on one knee to pay his respects, "Greetings to Father Emperor."

  The young and handsome father, the obedient and cute son, what a harmonious and loving picture! Tian Zhen (the name of the Little Phoenix which has the same sound as the chinese word for "naive" haha) was envious.
  The Demon King gave an affirmative sound to indicate he could rise, "You have not returned for many days, the reason?"

  Lu Xiao Can (the little demon prince) did not answer, he pointed at Tian Zhen and asked, "Father Emperor, who is she?"

  Tian Zhen anxiously grabbed her black sleeves to block herself.

  The Demon King did not change the topic, "I am waiting for your explanation."

  Lu Xiao Can was forced to answer truthfully, "I went to challenge the Da Peng Bird."

  The Demon King was satisfied, "You once lost to him. Your courage to challenge him again should be praised."

  Tian Zhen shook her head behind her sleeves. When the son fights, the old man supports! This is how delinquent children are cultivated!

  The Demon King asked, "Did you lose again?"

  Lu Xiao Can proudly lifted up his small face, "No, I defeated him!"

  A gush of strong wind, the little demon prince's small body flew behind quite far back, and landed at the door step. Fresh blood dripped out of his mouth.

  Too dangerous! No indication even when he changed face! Tian Zhen was so frightened, she quickly threw her black sleeves and quietly moved towards the side.

  "Your ability is not enough to beat him," The Demon King said sternly, "If I praise you for defeating him, it is to allow you to use despicable methods!"

  Lu Xiao Can climbed up and bowed down again. He did not dare to speak.

  Tian Zhen looked at the Demon King with disbelief.

  To think I thought you were clever... you must be stupid? In a fight with your bitter enemy, isn't winning great? You even ask him to talk about character? Previously, when the Da Peng King beat your son, he did not have a single thread of mercy. Now, your son secretly went and challenged him, and with such effort, managed to return alive. You should be thanking your blessings. You still dealt him with such a strong blow?

  The Demon King's anger had not fully subsided. He lifted up his hand, "Go defeat Mu Mei Ji, this is the last chance I am giving you." 

  Lu Xiao Can agreed in a low voice, "I will go tomorrow."

  "Your Highness, he is still young," Tian Zhen tried to be a holy mother. His son was still injured and you asked him to go beat the goblin king? You don't place the safety of your son in your heart at all!

 "To lose to the Da Peng Bird, it's because his cultivation is not enough. It's a standard akin to yours," The Demon King lowered his brows in dissatisfaction, "Incompetent Crow Lady!"

  Tian Zhen was silent.

  The Demon King also had some literary background, he had many descriptions for her, shameless crow lady, ignorant crow lady, incompetent crow lady...

   .... crow lady, you can slowly fill in the blanks...

  When Lu Xiao Can left, it was only the two of them left. The atmosphere was silent and a little strange.

  The Demon King stood up, he looked at her with his arms behind his back.

   To stop this, the only way was to remove his anger against Mu Mei Ji. Tian Zhan rose and asked, "Your Highness, actually... have you thought that maybe Mu Mei Ji did not actually speak rudely against you?"

  "The little prince of the goblin world, he would not have such courage," The Demon King said, "It was Jiu Si Cang that could not defeat him."

  Were you really stupid or actually clever? Tian Zhen was confused, "Since your highness knows of this, why did you sent little prince to..."

  "Even though Mu Mei Ji did not dare to offend me, he still injured a general of the demon world, thus that is to not give me face. A little goblin prince dare to go against the demon world, he must pay the price."

  So it turns out the face of the Demon King cannot be touched! 

  So it turns out, whoever treats the Demon King as an idiot, actually becomes an idiot himself.

  She stayed silent, but the Demon King spoke, "Crow Lady, what do you like of me?"

  Remembering her confession earlier, Tian Zhen started to sweat. But she firmly understood that if she admitted the truth that she was using him earlier, it would definitely make him feel like he lost face. To make the Demon King lose face would have severe consequences.

  Tian Zhen stuttered, "Er... er..."

  The Demon King turned to his side and looked down upon her with his great height, "You, are you lying to me?"

  "I do not dare!" Tian Zhen raised her face in alarm, she suddenly felt inspired, "I like your highness' face, your highness is very beautiful!"

  The long hair falling down from his forehead, the shining accessories, he was elegant beyond compare, to look at his beautiful eyes, and his thin lips... there was no feature that was not perfect, and yet it carried a faint dark aura, he was truly a beautiful demon king!

  A beauty and strong man, this would usually be popular with girls. However, the Demon King had one fatal flaw - his temper was too bad. He would use his strength to solve all his problems, thus all his admirers were scared away. 

  If only his temper was a little bit better, then the most beautiful man in the six realms will definitely not be Zhao Hua Jun. Tian Zhen looked at him without averting her gaze, her nose warmed up, and she felt inspiration flowing through her. 

  Actually, you have a few good points, besides the fact that you are proud and rude, and you create destruction everywhere, you have a great mind and excellent values.

  For example, you teach your sons when you fight, you must be fair...

  For example, you teach the citizens of the demon realm to love each other...

  As she was going to think deeper, the Demon King straightened his body, "Beauty, is that all you like?"

  "... Yes."

  "Superficial Crow Lady," The Demon King flicked his robes, "Leave."

  Another description, Tian Zhen thought as she silently walked outside, she did not even turn back. 

  Yes, she thought, I am a bit superficial, for that face, if you actually pursue me, I will actually consider, it was truly so beautiful one's mouth will salivate...

Hahaha, isn't the above scene hilarious? I love the conversations between Tian Zhen and the Demon King. When the Demon King called Tian Zhen for the first time as Crow Lady, she was horrified and wanted to protest, Hey, I'm actually a Phoenix! Then when the Demon King fell for Tian Zhen, she finally got him to realise she was a Phoenix, but she later wanted to face palm herself because the Demon King started to call her Phoenix, and she wondered why she did not tell the Demon King her real name! Haha.

I love the main couple. I especially love the little demon prince, and how he slowly accepted Tian Zhen as his mother!

This novel is recommended if you are looking for a short, not too serious, funny little xianxia story! The site I read the story on no longer exists, but you can read the story from these two links: link 1 and link 2 - link 1 has the full story but some chapters are missing and you can find them in link 2. 


  1. Thanks decembi your recommendation.

    It sounds like a light and funny book. I will try to read it over the weekend. I'm going to go search if there's any audio books now.

    Do you have intentions of translating this after all your project is completed? ;)

    1. Hello sutekii,

      Yes, it's a light and funny book with a surprisingly sweet ending.

      It's on my list of possible translations one day. Though, I won't be able to take on new projects till I finally finish Heavy Sweetness lol

    2. decembi, if it is short, I will read it :) ...

      And please don't start until finishing Jin Mi's story :) ...

      Thank you very much.

    3. Hello fangorn, it's abt 2/3 the length of heavy sweetness which has 68 internet chapters. ;) teehee, do tell me if you enjoy it!

  2. too bad i don't read chinese. i would love to read it. btw, congratulation for fininshing your story, unni.


    1. It may get translated one day <3. Thank you, kiyo :) :) :)

  3. It sounds like Heavy Sweetness Ash-Like Frost. I'd like to read the full version too but unfortunately I can't read Chinese. Wondering how long will it take to learn Chinese that make you enable to read novels. There so many novels that I want to read but all I can do is waiting for them to be translated in Thai or English. How sad. Anyway I'd better try my luck introducing this novel to Thai publishers. There's one of the publishers already translated Heavy sweetness ash-like frost. The book will be available in September. I'll definitely buy it.

    Thank you very much for your review.

    1. Actually, this novel bears very little resemblance to Heavy Sweetness, except they deal with gods? Unless, you are thinking about the black Phoenix hahaha, which is how Phoenix was at the start of Heavy Sweetness? The use of the female character as the phoenix and being stranded and bullied by chickens at the start of the novel is actually surprisingly common for xianxia novels haha.

      I think Little Phoenix is not immortal is quite simplistic for an ancient chinese book, so you can try using google translate! I think it's do-able. :) I think it's cool too that there is a thai version of heavy sweetness!

      Thanks for the comment :)

  4. Thanks for the review and spoilers Decembi! Sounds like a really cute read. I think you may have a potential translation project in this one judging by the response in the comments :) Awww from the translation you posted, I'm already loving the Demon King :D Actually, this story reminds me of 3L3W TMPB where a father and son relationship reels in the lady!

    I can't wait to start on this book <3


    Who is the real mother of the little demon prince? Is she still alive?

    Why did you ship Little Phoenix with the prince of the immortal realms at first compared to the Phoenix King?


    1. Actually, I think this book is probably totally readable with google translate. It took me very fast to translate it hahaha. It's almost like modern english. The only difficult part is the strange way the Demon King speaks. Teehee! I love father and son relationships. It's so adorable!!! I think I shall attempt to write one, one day <3

      Teehee, there is no real mother. The Demon King used some life immortal essence or something and created like two mini mes. YES, he is so arrogant, he created mini mes. Hahaha.

      Because the prince has the BEST entrance. He is in hiding as people want to kill him as a prince of the immortal realms and hiding in the god realms, pretending to be a lowly soldier, except he is not. The Little Phoenix saves him when she is this like charred black bird thing and they form a cute friendship, so i thought that was SOOOO cute.

    2. Hahaha - ok looking forward to the next novel :) Decembi you've so many things to write about but so little time eh? :)

      Ah thanks for the replying. The Demon King sounds so crazy - this reminds me of Austin Powers :ppp

    3. Hahaha! Yes :(. I have to burn an all nighter tonight working again too! So little time, so many works!

      No problem <3 AHAHAHA the austin powers comparison made me laugh.

    4. where can i get the raws to use google translate?

  5. OMG, I want to read thisssss :'( i hate myself for not being able to read chinese. please do translate it one day. btw, congratulation on finishing your novel. I truly enjoyed reading it

    1. You can try google translate first? It's a pretty simple ancient chinese novel, not that difficult to read. I can answer any queries you might have :). If it isn't translated when my translating plate gets free, it's definitely one possible project.

      Thank you for reading my novel <3 hope you will enjoy the epilogues too!

  6. Hi decembi! Thank you for introducing this wonderful novel to me! I am wondering if you know where I can read this since the first link doesn't work.

    1. Hello! You are welcome! :) Try this link?

  7. Thanks for the translating the scene and recommending this book. I laughed so loud the first time he called her crow in the scene and couldn't help laughing every time he did so after.

    A beautiful chivalrous demon king with a hot temper. Yums! Way better than a beautiful stick-in-the-mud staid hypocrite.

    Hahahaha, and then when you mentioned how he changed to calling her Phoenix aftewards?...I died. LOL!!

    Definitely going to check out this book. :D

    1. Dear Joanna,

      Hahaha your comment is lovely and so humourous! I agree! The Demon King is quite a refreshing male lead. Though, equally bossy!

      Hahahaha! Yes. I hope you enjoy it!

  8. After reading that translated excerpt I think that if I read it, it will be the most fun to read and humorous book I will ever read.
    But I feel frustrated at myself for not knowing Chinese. But I want to read it. I feel so conflicted and I don't know what to do. So, I want to ask is there a Translated English version of somewhere because I can't seem to find it.

    1. I'm so sorry but I don't think anyone else has started translating this book! :( You can try google translate?

  9. just looking for spoiler and stumble upon yours decembi!!
    thank you so much >.<
    totally didn't expect the demon king as male lead!! i really thought ZHJ or wen xi is the male lead ~~

  10. Woahh glad i found the spoiler!! Thank you, decembi for the main pair spoiler.
    You see, i'm afraid that she will keep getting heartbroken(once upon a time i read a story where the mc getting heartbroken for about 3-4 times(?) before mc got together with the male lead)

    *so i reeeaallyyy hope she'll end up with the demon/devil king* super glad its come true huhu

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