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Fiction: Little Moon's Matchmaking Mission (Hsiao and Yue's Epilogue: A Butterfly Dream)

   Hsiao and Yue's epilogue! I had placed a lot of love and effort into this epilogue, which is longer than any of the chapters in the main story. I guess it's true - even I am sad at saying goodbye to these characters that I had fallen in love with.

  I hope you enjoy this epilogue - for it had everything I wanted Little Moon to be, and everything I wanted to give Hsiao and Yue.

Yue and Hsiao’s Epilogue: A Butterfly Dream

“I dreamt I was a butterfly, flitting around in the sky; then I awoke. Now I wonder: Am I a man who dreamt of being a butterfly, or am I a butterfly dreaming that I am a man?” – Chuang Tzu


     She was a simple village girl. Her routine was fixed – she would take care of the house, take care of her young siblings, and when she was old enough, she would be married off to the farmer’s boy next door.

     She was never taught about beauty, but a girl, however simple, would have an instinct for romance. Every month, on the night of the full moon, she would secretly leave her house and go to the forest nearby. At the edge of the forest, there were smaller shrubs and fallen trees. She would sit on one of those fallen tree trunks and marvel at the moon.

    Who knew that one night she would find an injured man leaning on one of the tree stumps? He had thick clear brows and ruggedly handsome features. He was clearly not from these parts. She stumbled back when she saw the blood pouring from the slashes of his robes. That was how they first met. That was Hong Meng’s first dream (红梦 – red dream).

   When Hong Meng woke up, her heart was beating so furiously that she thought it would fall out of her mouth. She knew it was only a dream, a figment of her imagination – she wasn’t a simple village girl, and as she gripped the edge of the bed, she certainly had not met a dark foreign man in the edge of the woods. No, she was Hong Meng, daughter of the owners of the famous Red Inn in the Yuan Town.

  She heard her mother call for her. It was time to prepare to cook their famous dish, the red hot spicy pork dish. There was no time to ruminate on dreams.

  But Hong Meng’s dreams did not stop. She had always had vivid dreams when she was young, but these dreams continued in sequence, as if another life was playing before her eyes. The village girl brought the foreigner to an abandoned hut, brought medical supplies and food. By some miracle, he recovered. And, perhaps inevitably, they fell in love.

   The deeper they fell in love, the deeper was Hong Meng’s sleep. Her parents soon grew worried for their previously bright bubbly daughter. For soon, all she wanted was to sleep…

   But, that was not the worst of their worries. For, Master Fei Zhu (非朱*), the richest and most corrupt businessman in Yuan Town, had taken a fancy to Hong Meng and had came to ask for Hong Meng’s hand in marriage as his sixth concubine! They wanted to refuse but did not dare to since Master Fei Zhu was under the magistrate’s protection and was also technically their landlord. They could only plead that Hong Meng was sick and that they would discuss her marriage when she got better.

   But Hong Meng never got better. One morning, she woke up and never fell asleep again. She woke up and cried till her parents swore that her tears were red. Hong Meng stopped speaking.

  And, at this point, when Hong Meng’s parents were at their wit’s end. Why, at this moment, a beautiful girl with a moon-shaped face and beaming smile arrived at their inn.

   “Boss Lady, may I order your famous red hot spicy pork dish?” She sat herself down and gleefully cried out to Hong Meng’s mother, Hong Niang.

  Hong Niang shook her head, “I’m sorry but we have stopped serving this dish because my daughter has fallen very sick and only she can prepare the dish in our famous signature style.”

  The beautiful girl’s face fell, and then her eyes glittered with interest, “What kind of sickness may I ask?”

  Before Hong Niang could answer, she was surprised by the arrival of a tall handsome man. He was dressed in simple grey robes, his face was strong with thick clear brows and sharp eyes. He looked worriedly at the beautiful girl, “Madam, how could you just leave without a word? If Master finds out that I lost you, he would kill me.”

   The beautiful girl laughed, “You worry too much, Hu Jun, I knew that you would find me in no time. Besides, didn’t I tell you I was going to come to Yuan Town for their famous pork dish before returning back home? Come sit down, the Boss Lady is just about to tell us about her daughter.”

  Hong Niang found it strange that this important looking and serious young man would greet the beautiful girl so respectfully as “Madam”, but even more strangely, she felt like unburdening her heart towards her.

    The beautiful girl sensed some remaining wariness from the mistress of the Inn, so she took out a golden medallion with a red thread, “No worries, Boss Lady, I’m Yue, one of the royal matchmakers in the Yan Kingdom. You can trust me.”

  Hong Niang immediately bowed respectfully to the beautiful girl. She had long heard that the Yan Empress had a special affinity for matchmaking and she would recognize special royal matchmakers with a golden medallion. To be matchmade by a royal matchmaker was to be given recognition by the Yan Empress!

   Hong Niang instructed one of the Inn helpers to bring the best tea for the distinguished guest, “I don’t know where to start actually… a few months ago, my daughter, Hong Meng, started dreaming… she would sleep and dream longer and longer, and she would be awake shorter and shorter. And now, she doesn’t speak or eat! It’s almost as she lost her will to live. The only thing she looks at is the moon.”

  “Oh, the moon?” Yue cried intrigued, “Bring me to your daughter, perhaps I can solve this mystery.”

   When Yue saw Hong Meng, her eyes widened in surprise. There was a thick red thread flowing out of her heart, but it was a red thread that had been cut most brutally. She never thought she would see it in real life – why, Hong Meng’s red thread from her past life was still connected to her heart.

   Yue turned to Hong Niang, “I’m afraid that your daughter did not drink the Water of Forgetfulness from the Old Lady of Dreams at the Yellow River** before she went into the reincarnation cycle again. Her dreams are the fragments of her past life which are now haunting her… she is probably mourning the death of her past love.”

  Hong Niang clasped Yue’s hands, “Can you save her?”

  Before Yue could speak, Hong Meng gave a shocked gasp as she stared at Hu Jun. Yue looked at Hong Meng staring at Hu Jun and Hu Jun looking back in helpless confusion. Yue laughed, “I think lady luck is on our side.”



    Hu Jun looked perplexedly back at me, “Empress, why must I take care of Hong Meng?”
   I shook my head at Hu Jun, “Don’t call me Empress! I told you to call me Yue. Even when you call me Madam, it’s awkward. I’m a young girl, why do you call me Madam?”

   Hu Jun could only sigh and lower his head. Whenever I left the palace to explore the Yan Kingdom and indulge in a bit of matchmaking, Hsiao would insist I take Hu Jun, his key bodyguard, with me. It has already been two years since Hu Jun was my bodyguard but the seriousness in Hu Jun’s bones did not soften.

   Now, that I had the chance to tease Hu Jun endlessly, how could I let it go?

  “I promise you that I will return to the palace after I eat the red hot spicy pork dish of the Red Inn. So, if you want to go back, you need to help save Hong Meng and return her back to normal,” I smiled sweetly.

  “What has Hong Meng got to do with me?” Hu Jun asked and his brows furrowed.

  “I don’t know,” I lied, “ But before she met you, she had stopped speaking and eating. But today after meeting you, she strangely started to eat. So just accompany her and I’m sure you will find out.”

  Hu Jun respectfully nodded and then left the room. I laughed to myself. I couldn’t wait to share this with Uncle! This was truly legendary matchmaking – bringing Hu Jun to his past life’s love!


    All his life, Hu Jun had loved one thing – martial arts. And in this love, he had excelled. Outside of martial arts, everything else was an enigma. Including, this young frail-looking girl in front of him, who ever so often, her big eyes would fill with tears at the sight of him.

   “Don’t cry,” Hu Jun would say gruffly, and Hong Meng would lean her head back as if willing her tears back into her eyes.

  “I’m sorry,” Hong Meng said, “It’s just that you look like… you look like someone I knew.”

    Hu Jun did not understand why his heart would fall at the helpless descent of Hong Meng’s voice. He asked, “Do you want to talk about him?”

  Hong Meng’s eyes lifted up in almost awed curiosity, “Will you be interested?

  “Yes,” Hu Jun nodded, and so Hong Meng began her strange tale. She was a simple village girl, her routine was fixed…



    “She said that the village girl had agreed to elope with her stranger. They had promised to leave at the next full moon. But, he had left her and never returned,” Hu Jun recounted with some wonder in his voice, “And I apparently look like him… and yet she doesn’t hate him.”

  Hu Jun turned to me seriously, “Anyway, Hong Meng promised to cook the red hot spicy pork dish tomorrow, and then we can leave.”

  I gave Hu Jun a thoughtful look, “Are you sure you want to leave?”

  Hu Jun bowed respectfully, “His Highness is waiting.”

   I looked at Hu Jun’s heart. There was no red thread connected to it, not even a pink thread of interest. Perhaps their fate stops here?


    The next morning, I eagerly awaited Hong Meng’s red hot spicy pork dish. But, who knew that before I could even eat my dish, a real Fat Pig had arrived? Master Fei Zhu (which sounds like Fat Pig in Chinese), in all his pudgy glory, entered with a matchmaker in tow and tons of gifts.

  “I have come to finalise my marriage agreement with Hong Meng,” Master Fei Zhu announced as his matchmaker brought out a red cloth contract to be signed before Hong Niang and her husband.

  I saw Hong Niang’s displeased and fearful expression and immediately jumped out of my seat and stood in front of Master Fei Zhu, “How can you come to marry Hong Meng who is already engaged?”

  Master Fei Zhu gave me a lascivious glance from head to toe which caused all the goosepimples to pop out of my skin, “And who are you?”

  I took out my gold medallion and waved it in front of Master Fei Zhu’s face, “I am a royal matchmaker recognized by the Yan Empress.”

  The other matchmaker was so surprised, she dropped the red cloth contract.

  Master Fei Zhu smiled at me, “That is fine. I don’t want to marry Hong Meng, I shall marry you instead.”

  I was stunned. I had met many ugly creatures in my life, even some fearsome demons, but never have I met such a disgusting man.

  Hu Jun came forward with his hand on the sword, “Take back these words of disrespect to my Madam.”

  Master Fei Zhu gave a hearty laugh, “How is this disrespect? I’m showing her respect by wanting to take her as my concubine.”

  I placed my hand on Hu Jun’s shoulder to prevent him from chopping up this Master Fat Pig up, “I’m afraid I cannot accept your respect because I am already married.”

  “Easy,” Master Fei Zhu laughed, “I will ask my friend, Magistrate Li, to annul the marriage. Or, I will pay your husband so much he will be happy to divorce you.”

  I started to laugh. Pay Hsiao to divorce me? Truthfully, I would like to see Master Fat Pig say it to Hsiao’s face. My heart gave a little pang because I did missed Hsiao. It has already been a month since I left the palace and perhaps I should return already.

  Master Fei Zhu instructed one of his man to call Magistrate Li here. “I am going to marry you today or I will not be called Master Fei Zhu,” Master Fei Zhu stated and sat down at one of the tables. He turned to Hong Niang, “Bring out your best dishes.”

  I patted Hu Jun’s back, “Relax, you look so angry that you are about to burst a vein. Go check on Hong Meng and her red hot spicy pork dish. I’m hungry.”

   Hong Niang said, “I will check on Hong Meng. Hu Jun, you can stay with your Madam.” Hong Niang quickly left, her face fully flustered.

  Hu Jun turned to me, “I can kill him with one word from you. To show such disrespect is a crime worthy of being beheaded.”

  I laughed, “It’s fine, it’s fine. I don’t like blood. Let me eat my pork dish first.”


   When I heard horses outside the inn, I did not lift up my head. It must be the arrival of Magistrate Li. He must really worship Master Fei Zhu considering how fast he rode that horse.

   I was still savouring Hong Meng’s delicious red hot spicy pork dish when I heard the laughter that so often accompanied my sleep, “Yue, only one month and I’m already no better than a pork dish?”

  I quickly ran towards this white-robed figure and hugged him. I raised my head with twinkling eyes, “Well, this is the Red Inn’s famous red hot spicy pork dish after all!”

  His eyes looked tired and there were slight eye bags underneath. He must have rushed some important state matter to find me. My heart winced as I felt a little guilty that I had stayed away from the palace so long. But, he was my eternal prince, ever distinguished, ever mine. I looked Hsiao straight in the eyes and said, “I’m sorry. I was too playful this time. I was about to return when I met Hong Meng and…”

  Hsiao stroke my cheek, “It’s alright. Hu Jun has informed me in a letter. Nothing stands between you and a good matchmaking!”

  Master Fei Zhu roared furiously at the side, “What is this? What is this outrageous display?”

  I looked at him in confusion, “Can a wife not lovingly reunite with her husband?”

  Master Fei Zhu eyed Hsiao with displeasure, although even his eyes could not hide grudging admiration at Hsiao's extraordinary aura. 

  “Well, you won’t be his wife for long,” Master Fei Zhu smirked.

  Hsiao’s eyes widened slightly as he stepped towards Master Fei Zhu. Even though Hsiao did not do anything but take a step towards him, somehow Master Fei Zhu staggered back as if he was pressed upon by an overwhelming force.

  “Yes…yes,” Master Fei Zhu struggled to find the words, “I plan to take your wife as my concubine.”

  “Oh,” Hsiao said lightly, but Master Fei Zhu felt like something sharp had stabbed him in the chest, “By whose word?”

  “My word,” A proud voice announced as a young twenty-plus man in gleaming yellow robes arrived.

“And you are?” Hsiao asked politely.

  “The Great Magistrate Li, nephew of the North Marquis,” announced Magistrate Li as he snootily sniffed at Hsiao. Magistrate Li looked like the kind of young man who rose up the ranks based on his family connections and disdained anyone who was better than him.

  “What if I disagree?” Hsiao asked, his voice becoming more polite with each question. My heart started to worry for Master Fei Zhu and Magistrate Li, these two poor pig and rat. 

  “Are you deaf?” Magistrate Li cried in a stunned tone, “Did you not hear me say that I am the nephew of the North Marquis? One of the most powerful man in the Yan Kingdom and favoured official of the Yan Emperor?”

  “Oh, so you are relying on the North Marquis’ influence, I see,” Hsiao said in a polite surprised tone.

  Magistrate Li frowned and narrowed his eyes at Hsiao, clearly not understanding why this young man before him did not cower at such a show of power, “Yes.”

  Hsiao turned to Hu Jun, “Go and call the North Marquis here.”

  Magistrate Li started to laugh heartily, “How ridiculous! Do you think the Great North Marquis will arrive just because you call him?”

  Hsiao added to Hu Jun, “It probably takes the burning of one fragrant scent for the North Marquis to ride here. Tell him to hurry because I want to bring my wife home.”

  “Oh good, so there is time for you to try Hong Meng’s hot spicy pork dish,” I smiled at Hsiao and brought him to my table of good food.

  I laughed when I saw Magistrate Li and Master Fei Zhu exchanged exasperated glances. I bet they had never been so ignored in their lives!

   Magistrate Li exclaimed, "Fine! We shall wait for the burning of one fragrant scent. If the North Marquis does not arrive, I will command the soldiers to arrest you and sentence you to a wooden beating of a hundred strokes!" 

  Magistrate Li confidently told Master Fei Zhu, “ No worries. It is impossible for my uncle to arrive - he is under important orders from the Emperor. Besides, even if my uncle is here, he will tear that arrogant man apart and you will get your woman.”

   I smiled at Hong Niang who was wiping off the sweat off her forehead, “Please bring me your best tea.”

   Hsiao looked surprised at me, “No plum wine for you?”

   I gave Hsiao a mysterious grin, “No.”


   In less than the burning of one fragrant scent, the North Marquis arrived. I heard the grand carriage of four horses stop outside the inn. A procession of guards entered before the North Marquis stepped in.

    Immediately, before Magistrate Li could kneel before the North Marquis, the North Marquis swiftly walked towards Hsiao and knelt down in front of him, “The humble servant pays greetings to his Highness.”

   Magistrate Li started to stutter, “Your… your… your high…highness?”

  The North Marquis gave an annoyed look to Magistrate Li, “Why are you still standing?”

    Before Magistrate Li could kneel down, his kneels gave way in shock and he fell to the ground.

  “Please rise, North Marquis,” Hsiao smiled, “I’m sorry to call you here, but your nephew wanted to marry off my wife to another man.”

  The North Marquis’ eyes almost popped out, but he was no match for Master Fei Zhu who had long since collapsed.

   “The … the empress?” Magistrate Li looked at me.

   I smiled and nodded.

  At the side, Hong Niang and her husband were also trembling and I smiled towards them, “No worries. Formalities can be dispensed.”

    “I’m quite tired from my journey here,” Hsiao said to the North Marquis, “Please take these two men away and I believe you will settle it adequately.”

   The North Marquis nodded quickly and instructed his guards to carry Magistrate Li and Master Fei Zhu out.

   “Wait,” I said as I stood before Master Fei Zhu. Hsiao smiled at me curiously.

   “Earlier, Master Fei Zhu said he would marry me today if not he will not be called Master Fei Zhu,” I smiled sweetly, “I want a proper answer from Master Fei Zhu in respect of this.”

   Master Fei Zhu bowed closely to the floor and kept kowtowing, “I am not Master Fei Zhu, I am a fat pig. I am a fat pig.”

    I nodded, “I don’t care what happens to you after this. But, you better set free any of your wives or concubines that you had forced to marry you. Understand?”

   Master Fei Zhu nodded and the guards took him away.

    Hsiao hugged me from behind and I leaned on his chest comfortably. I lifted up my eyes and smiled at him, “So, it seems your wife is still pretty attractive?”

   Hsiao laughed and kissed me on the forehead, “My wife is the most beautiful woman in my eyes.”



   That night, Yue and I stayed in the best room in the Red Inn. The innkeepers even wanted to let us have their own master bedroom and Yue had laughed and told them not to be silly. She also kept reminding them not to bow in front of us.

  It was already deep in the night and Yue was looking out of the window at the full moon. She beamed, “Do you think Uncle is laughing at what happened today?”

  I nodded as I gathered her in my arms, “When has Uncle ever stopped laughing at your matchmaking schemes?”

  Yue patted my arm as she leaned comfortably back, “I’m going to bring Hong Meng back to the palace. She asked to follow us. I accepted – after all, her red hot spicy pork dish is really good isn’t it? I asked Hong Niang if the Red Inn would be able to survive without Hong Meng and she was so happy to send Hong Meng with us.”

  “Are you sure it is for the pork dish and not Hu Jun?” I laughed.

  Yue turned to me, her eyes all lit up, “I knew my husband was the smartest! Although Hu Jun has no feelings for Hong Meng now, I can see his eyes soften sometimes at her. I want to give Hong Meng the chance.”

   I nodded and laughed, “Whatever you want.”

  Yue’s face flushed a little, “I have something else to tell you.”

  Yue whispered into my ear, I am pregnant.

   I hugged Yue tightly, “I am never letting you leave the palace again! Running out when you are pregnant.”

  Yue laughed, “I only found out after I left. That is why I stopped drinking plum wine.”

  Yue continued to look at me, her eyes sincere and determined, “I have a feeling it’s a girl, Hsiao. And, I was thinking we can name her Yu An (玉安 - 玉 (yu - jade) 安 – (an - peace)), Yu from your mother’s name and An from An Chi. Two women who dearly love you and protected you.”

  My heart was overwhelmed. It has been two years in our marriage, and even now, my heart was still overwhelmed with the feelings Yue gave me.

  “Whatever you want, Yue, whatever you want,” I said and stroke her cheek.

  Yue laughed, “When I realized I was pregnant, I immediately thought – ah if only God Ma Ye Liu was still around.” Yue paused, “Ah? Have I ever told you about God Ma Ye Liu? This story starts a hundred plus years ago…”

   I smiled and listened to Yue start her story. I did not want to tell her that the Moon God had already told me all about it before.

   Because, her voice was the most beautiful thing in the world.

   And, I could listen to it forever. 



*I chose this because it sounded like Fat Pig in Chinese. Haha.
** In Chinese mythology, in hell, you drink the water of forgetfulness from Meng Po Po (Granny Dreams/Old Lady of Dreams) at the yellow river to forget all your memories of your past life before you are reincarnated again.

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