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Fiction: Little Moon's Matchmaking Mission (Author's Note)

“It's hard being left behind. (...) It's hard to be the one who stays.” 

   I have this habit of researching all I can about every book I finish. I love reading about people's thoughts on things I love, or exploring different interpretations of a book. I thought it would be fun to share my inspiration of Little Moon's Matchmaking Mission.

  The inspiration started with the Moon God. I was utterly fascinated with the typical vision of the Moon God, this white-haired, white-moustached/bearded jolly old man who would connect the love and marriage affinities of all the mortals in the world with a red thread. I wondered, what was his love story? What was his views of love? Would he be heartbroken at how easily marriages are connected and broken these days?

  So, I started conceptualising his love story, and I realised that his love story would span a few lifetimes, the tone of his story would lean towards being more serious and bittersweet. I wanted to write a romantic comedy - something light, something that would make you feel warm or let your mind fly free when you watch the moon. So, I decided to create Little Moon, a "niece" of the Moon God. She was a character that was part of the Moon God's love story, and instead of writing about San Yue and Hsiao first, I changed the chronology. So, we get to read about their second chance at love, we get to have fun!

  Little Moon's Matchmaking Mission is really a romantic comedy from Chapter 1 to Chapter 12. Chapter 13 is meant to make you re-look the whole previous chapters, where there is a kind of symmetry between the past and present - Yue and Hsiao helping a couple give birth just like the Moon God and Ye Liu on their first meeting, Yue finally playing for Hsiao a song on the flute to hilarious consequences. But more importantly, Yue unlike San Yue, got to follow Hsiao on his adventure to become a great King this time. San Yue had a life only of waiting, and she never got to wait for Hsiao to return alive. 

  In Little Moon, Hsiao had to wait for Yue, a "long unknowable wait". 

  This was my exploration of the idea of the timing in relationship, and the question, "Would you wait for someone all your life?" Would you wait for nothing? Or, is waiting, being the one who stays, also a kind of love?

  In all love stories, there is the idea of "fate" - that fate determines whether the couple's fate are tragic and happy. But, in some ways, fate is just the author's invisible hand? I have always been fascinated by the use of "deus ex machina" (god from the machine), basically a device used to solve an impossible problem so that the story can resolve into a happy ending. For example, a bad guy is killed by an even greater bad guy, the parent's objections to the children's marriage are magically resolved by the sudden appearance of a rich character or the poor girl is actually the heir of a fortune, etc. 

    I knew I wanted my characters to have their happiness, because I'm the optimistic sort (haha). At the end, when all the citizens of the Yan Kingdom were praying for the Yan Emperor to get his heart's desire. I thought, at this point, all of us, readers and writer, are perhaps like the citizens too - praying for that happy ending.

Little Moon's Matchmaking Mission!

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Epilogues: An Chi Hsiao&Yue Xi Yang The Moon God


  1. “It's hard being left behind. (...) It's hard to be the one who stays.” - such a perfect quote for your ending.

    Yue Er is sort like an recreation of San Yue right? That's how their fate was entwined.

    1. I actually came across that quote after I finished writing. It made me want to find my old copy of the Time Traveller's Wife to read again!

      Yes, Yue Er is linked to San Yue. I won't really call it reincarnation, since Yue Er is born out of the red thread that linked San Yue to the past Hsiao. I think reincarnation is a tricky question, because I don't think reincarnation works necessarily in a linear/chronological fashion. I also don't believe that anyone is the same in all their incarnations (even if we believe in reincarnation). Hence, Yue telling Hsiao, she didn't care about the past life or the future, but only what they are now at this point. But, Yue Er is the incarnation of all of San Yue's wishes and love for past Hsiao that was unfulfilled, that definitely is clear. <3

    2. Thanks for clarifying Mighty "Legendary Unrivaled Calligraphy Pen" Author haha

    3. Hahaha! *blushes* no problem

  2. After reading your author's note, I think the sequence of the chapters is brilliant. It's true that after reading chapter 13, we tend to reminisce back previous chapters and found the similarity between out OTP and Mood God and the Ye Liu. Oh, the power of author's hand! :D

    I'm pretty sure the Moon God would be sad with the broken marriage - as it's hard connecting the couple's fate and threads at the first place. Have a look at the 1st and 2nd arc - where the couples in that story finally managed to get together after several obstacles. ~siigh~ I just hope whoever is married would stay forever with their spouse. They need to remember and treasure those happy moments i.e. what connect them at first place in order to cover the lack of time spent together - as nowadays, people are busy working to cover their household expenses..

    ~ahh~ .. Sorry for rambling too much. It's just fun reading people's thoughts and their works (fiction, translation, books, manga etc). That's just my way to release stress in this life. I love to know the fact that despite all the hardships, good life will come later :D


    1. Btw, is the picture came from 'Vampire Princess Miyu'? She's the only character that I remember wearing white and red clothes . -hh-

    2. Hello hh,

      Oh i just came across the picture quite a while back!!! So i'm not actually sure who she is ;), except she's beautiful!

      Thank you for your lovely thoughts!!! I really agree. It reflects my view on life too - my sincere wish that good things come to good people, that there is sweetness after bitterness. It's incredibly sound advice for people to always remember how they connected in the first place. ♡ may my blog continue to provide de-stressing joy

  3. Awww even your author's note is deep and poetic.

    1. Hello Unknown, aww thank you. Thanks for reading my story ♡

  4. Decembi, let me congratulate you on the excellent job you've done with the story. Even if LMMM was light hearted, it was imbued with deeper themes like waiting for a loved one and second chances. Even for your first attempt at writing you've managed to weave a wonderfully sweet story, which tugs at your heart strings,digs a niche for itself and settles in.

    Going on this discovery of Little Moon was fulfilling and heart warming. As a book crazy addict, I understand how incredibly hard writing can be and despite all the difficulties you faced (timings, illness, etc.) you accomplished what you set out to achieve.

    A big pat on the back with a massive hug for you, love. WELL DONE!

    1. Dear Escapism Fanatic,

      So nice to hear from you again. Thank you for your beautiful review. It really warms my heart! <3. *HUGS* I will try my best going forward.

  5. Yeah, I know I have been a little lazy with commenting and have been behind with reading the chapters too as work has been crazy busy lately.

    This is not my review. I will write a review on my blog soon and send you a link.

    1. Haha! I can totally understand. I hope work gets rational soon for you. My work is also going to be very busy in August :(

      Awww, how sweet. Thank you <3

  6. Dear Decembi,

    This project of yours has evoked different emotions in me. I have never analyzed a story in the past (apart from when I have to otherwise I'll get a failing mark!) or dug deeply into it to have a topic to converse with. You have succeeded in capturing my imagination which I often lack due to uncreative mind.

    It's brilliant how everything fell into place after what the characters have gone through in the past. I'd say, they have come full circle. Unfulfilled wishes and hopes have been rewarded after waiting for eons for one's "only true love". Characters names have changed through time but their hearts remain the same.

    Your utmost attention to detail has paid off. The sequence is perfect and there's nothing in your story that I would want to change (except more chapters to keep us squealing (^_^)).

    August is just around the corner but your health comes first. Take things easy and don't let the demands of life swallow you whole. Remember we are here to help you de-stress as we read your writings, books and translations.

    Your e-companion,


    1. Dear Peachie,

      Thank you. Your warm letter really brightened up my dreary morning. You definitely do not have an uncreative mind.

      Thank you for following the characters' journey as they hopefully move on, and some fortunately, come full circle. I think we are all romantics at heart, and it's nice that some can have their happy ending.

      Awww, really thank you thank you! Having readers for Little Moon has been such a gift. I have been so honoured and can only try my best for the ending epilogues :).


  7. I also really loved your foot note of the Roland Barthes quote. It was very moving and made me think <3

    1. I forget which chapter, but I'm referring to the Barthes quote at the end of one of the chapters ^_^ sorry

    2. Hello Mei Mei, the quote is from Chapter 13 ;) I know which one you are referring to. I think that quote really made an impact on me and sometimes I re-read my works and realise that "waiting" is a huge theme <3

  8. dear decembi...
    thank you for a beautifull story...
    i've read it from the beginning to the epilogue and love it so much..
    i enjoyed reading every chapter and laugh, sad along with the story...
    thank you for creating the lovely hsiao and little moon and the other character...
    i will read them soon,,,very soon,,,,hehehhe
    thank you once again

  9. I enjoy ypur story very much. Thank you for sharing. The characters are lovable and the plot have a very fairy-tail feel.
    Just a quick note. The lunar calendar start from new moon. So 7th day is actually a half moon. 15th is the full moon.