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Gentleman Free-Floating Cloud (闲云公子)Chapter 10 (End)

This is the last chapter of Gentleman Free-Floating Cloud!  Since it is relatively short, I have translated it all at one go.  Enjoy!

 - Moonblossom -

Chapter 10

Tian Bi Cliff.

The moment her legs touched firm ground, she reached up to wipe the perspiration beads off her brow.  What a scare!  She nearly slipped and fell down the thousand-foot cliff!  Shuddering, she recalled her last fall.  If she fell down this time, there will not even be bones left to be found.

Frightened, she lost all her any crazy appetite to stake a claim on Luo Shen.

She raised her hand to release his meridian points so that he could speak. But when she saw a tinge of pink on his fine features, she coughed and turned away. Who was the one who gave him what-uncontrollable what-blissful pill?  Who was it?  Fantastic, this was called bringing suffering onto oneself.  She dared not meet his eyes and the two of them remained standing like that for a while.

This was the first time she has seen Xian Yun like this this but she was sure she had no intention of letting other women see him when he was this alluring. Swallowing, she tried to prep herself.  She will do it!  No more enduring!

“Since the Uncontrollable Blissful Pill works on you, it should work on me as well!”  It did not matter she just had a bad scare or that her endurance skill was good.  If she took a pill, it would surely level the playing field somewhat?

Pulling him pass the hot spring, she lifted a chiffon curtain and went into the little lounge at the back.  She peeked at Xian Yun and saw that his brow was furrowed as if he was angry at something.

She silently acknowledged that he had the right.  Afterall, which man would like to be forced like a duck to the slaughterhouse?  She speed up her movements and pushed him to lie on the bed.  Straddling him, she started tugging at his robe.  Halfway through, she recalled that he still could not speak so she released his speech points.  “Xian Yun, if you have anything to say, say it quick!”

Even if she has regretted her actions, she was not going to let him go.  He needed a cure for his poison and it had to be her.

She blinked and looked at the bare chest beneath her.  This was her first time looking at a half-naked Luo Shen and she felt her heart began to race.  The drug was more fast-acting then she thought.

He asked drily.  “Where did you get the pills?”

“Che Yan Yan gave it to me last night before you came.  She said this was the best way to control a man.”  She has accepted the pills without protest, never expecting that she would put it to use so soon. Um, the pills did appear effective…

“How many pills are there?”

“There is only one left.”

“How long is its effect?”

“I have no idea.” 

He looked at her steadily and gently tucked a damp tendril behind her ear.  He put his hand behind her neck and pulled her down as he whispered in her ear. “So this is how you look like when you are reckless.”

Reckless?  She thought she was just letting go a bit of her control? She can feel the heat coursing through her veins and knew her face must be red.  He, on the other hand, seemed to be in full control of himself other than a brush of pink on his cheeks.  His endurance skill was indeed way above hers!

Should she test how far their endurance go? Just as she was toying with the idea, he reached out to kiss her fully on the lips.  Before she gave it another thought, she found herself kissing him back.  So this was how it felt to be kissing someone without needing to hold back. As she continued to tug at his robe, she recalled that this was the first time she returned his kiss, so she took a deep breath and said through gritted teeth.  “Xian Yun, I want to make this clear; in my heart, there is only one Luo Shen!”

“Luo Shen?”

Her thoughts were getting a little muddled.  She did not seem to hear his question and started mumbling happily.  “Let me show you what I dreamt of the other night.”

He sighed. “Wu Bo, why did you have to take the pill?”

His words seemed to have gone over her head as she finally got rid of his shirt.  Giving it a careless toss, the white robe flew out from the colourful curtain.  As it fluttered down, a round pill fell out from the sleeve and started rolling towards the hot spring where it dropped in and dissolved among the warm waters.

* * * * * * * * * *
Three days later.

A young man was hurrying along the path leading down the mountain.  Along the way, he saw many pugilists going in the opposite direction.  If it was a man he passed, the man would likely be sighing; if it was a female he passed, the female pugilist would likely be near tears.

Was there a need for such mass sorrow?  Did they know that the man at Tian Bi Cliff was not Deity-from-Nine-Heavens but was more like the Devil from hell?  Ay, he appeared to be the only clear-headed one among a group of drunkards.  These people were really poor judge of characters!

Several men and women looked at him and asked: “You came from the top?”

He coughed and replied: “I only managed to reach slightly further up before I had to turn back!”

One youth gritted his teeth.  “Oh I see.  This Tian Bi Cliff is really a tough one!  Gentleman Xian Yun has been trapped on top for three days. How much has he suffered?”

He bit back his retort - who was the one who really suffered?

Since birth, he had never experience regret like now.  From today onwards, he will engrave the word “Endurance” in his heart, and will never, never forget.  Recalling all that has transpired at the cliff top, he really wished to bury his head somewhere.

Someone huffed.  “That Demoness dared to… dared to commit such an immoral act against Gentleman Xian Yun.  And for three days. Three days!  How could Gentleman Xian Yun endure it? Her actions are simply too despicable for words.” At this, the speaker’s face flushed a deep red.

In contrast, the young man’s face was black.  He thought his heart should be black too, but he refused to blush.  He had this suspicion that Gong Sun Yun did not swallow the pill at all and he was deeply regretful that he did not render Gong Sun Yun immobile three days ago by sealing his acupuncture points.

And as for why it has been three days, he suspected Gong Sun Yun only allowed him to leave the mountain after he was convinced that all the drug has been purged from his bloodstream.

Maybe this was Gong Sun Yun’s way of revenge?  For three days of erotic dreams in the past, Gong Sun Yun would return with three days of unadulterated, no-holds-barred lovemaking.   She would never forget either, his utter lack of mercy …

Did he have to be so calculative who owed who?

He could only lament that the human heart was deep and hard to fathom.   From henceforth, he would revert back to his Wang Yun self.

‘He’ was Jiang Wu Bo in disguise.  She has blackened her face in order to sneak out from the Sect.  She was too ashamed to face her father, too ashamed to face Master Gou Jian, which was why she had to hide her face!

Face it - she was a miserable failure at Endurance.

Someone said. “Gentleman Xian Yun was such a pure soul.  How could that shameless Demoness humiliate him thus!”

Pure soul?  That should apply to Jiang Wo Bo!  Gritting her teeth, she turned and continued her way down.
* * * * * * * * * *

November fifth, Jianghu rapist Guan Qi Lang, was found bound at Cold Rain Manor. All his aphrodisiac drugs were destroyed.

November thirtieth, Jianghu rapist Lin Da Dao, was found bound at Lao Li Hill. All the aphrodisiac drugs on him were destroyed.  On the same day, a fire broke out in the basement of Spring Flowing Manor.  It was subsequently discovered that Spring Flowing Manor was selling Uncontrollable Blissful Pills.

December tenth, a fire broke out at Bai Li Enterprise. It was subsequently discovered that Bai Li was a major producer of drugs commonly used by rapists.  As a result of the fire, there was a shortage of aphrodisiacs for the next three years.

The modus operandi was similar in all the cases and the prime suspect was a woman.  The execution was efficient to the point of ruthless, but since it resulted in many harmful drugs being taken off the streets, thus saving many innocent from harm, this woman was deemed to have committed a good deed overall.
- Wulin Annals
Recorded by Third Gentleman -

* * * * *

The Ninth Generation Gentleman of Cloud Manor, Gong Sun Yun, will be retiring from jianghu and getting married early next year.
- Cloud Manor Historical Records
Recorded by Second Gentleman –

* * * * *

A lady with a flute slowly walked down a street with her hands folded behind her.  From her waist came the sound “ding ding dang dang” which sounded like a Sky Slave bell, until closer inspection which will reveal the bell to be a normal bell that can be purchased at any market.

The lady was very tanned with fine features.  At her side was a fair, plump little boy, who also has a bell tied at his waist.

When the duo reached a branch of Cloud Manor, they saw a notice and they went in to browse through the latest news.  When Little Brother Jiang read the papers, he said happily.  “Big Sister, they are talking about you in the news.”

A Cloud Manor disciple shot her a discreet look then at the roundish little boy (who has obviously ate very well in the last few months) before disappearing into the manor.

“Indeed, one should never do something bad.”  She sighed.  “It is time Little Brother. When you are older and roaming the jianghu, you must remember to destroy any immoral drugs that you come across.  The more you destroy, the merrier.  That way, you will not risk harming yourself.”

Little Brother Jiang looked at her in only half comprehension.

“And remember - you can read any book except for the “Poetic Essay on Luo Shen” as it is bad for your health.”  Finished, she sighed again.

A senior-looking Cloud Manor disciple rushed up to her.  Looking at her green garb, he tested the waters.  “Soy sauce fried chicken?”

Her jaw dropped open.  What kind of secret code was this?

“Nutritious Cloud Manor food.” replied Little Brother Jiang with a straight face.

The senior-looking Cloud Manor disciple was relieved.  “Finally, Miss Soy Sauce Fried Chicken has arrived.  Please find this letter for you from Gentleman Xian Yun.”

She opened the letter slowly and read its contents.  “I got the message, thank you.  Little Brother, let us make a move.”

“Big Sister, where are we going?”

“Let us go buy some fried chicken before we board a boat.  Remember, once you are on the boat, you must say that you bought the chicken no matter who asked you.”  Since she has fed him so well to reach his rounded state, no one would suspect anything if he brought several fried spring chicken up the boat.

“Big Sister, are we returning to Cloud Manor?"

“No, we are going to board a boat.”

The duo spent a day wandering before they reached the pier, having stopped along the way to buy many oily snacks.  She let Little Brother Jiang carried all the food but given his recent gluttony, she had to remind him to save some snacks for her.

Someone was already waiting for them at the pier.  Little Brother Jiang was very excited as they approached.  “Big Sister, it is a boat!  Are we boarding this boat?”

She knew that once she boarded the boat, she would not be able to leave it for the rest of her life.  Yet in some deep recess of her heart, there was a corner that wanted to be on board this boat.  Smiling, she said.  “Let us go up the boat.”

She let Little Brother Jiang board the boat first before strolling up after him.  Once on deck, she was greeted by many familiar faces from Cloud Manor, including one whom has the closest relation with her.  When he saw her, there was no change to his expression, but his eyes lit up like the stars in the sky.  Turning to Gong Sun Zhi, he smiled. “She is here.  Let us begin the journey.”

She walked to the deck but she avoided looking at him. After al long time, she finally glanced his way.  “Gentleman Xian Yun is renowned in the whole of Central Plains.  For you to retire at twenty-seven, is it a good move?”

Gong Sun Yun did not seem to mind the question and replied.  “If it is not what I want, no one could have forced me.”

She grimaced. There she had her answer! He has said it, he has said it!  So he really did not swallow the pill that day at Tian Bi Cliff. To think she had agonized over it when the fact was that she was the only one enduring! Humph!

“It has been fourteen years since I came to the title of ‘Gentleman’ at the age of thirteen.  During this time, I have seen many unsavory things, much greed, much conflict.  Among things I have seen were also tragedies that resulted from lust so I have been careful not to give anyone any false hope.  Wu Bo, why does one train so hard to be good in martial arts?  Once I relinquish my ‘Gentleman’ title, I would be free to protect the one person whom I hold dearest in my heart, and not get sidetrack with other concerns.”

Beneath her tan, she blushed.

Smiling, he took out a clean handkerchief and started rubbing away her tan to reveal her honey-tone skin and pink cheeks.  Looking away, she sighed.  “I should never have loose control the other day.”  Now, she could only reap what she sowed.

His grin has blossomed into a full-fledged smile “Had you not felt anything towards me, I believe you would not have reacted even if you have swallowed ten Uncontrollable Blissful Pills.”

She did not retort his confidant reply nor make unnecessary conjunctures since the deed was done.  Ay, at worse she would take it that she had a Very Real Erotic Dream.  Thinking back on their last night at Tian Bi Cliff, she suddenly remembered something. When she caught a sniff of sulphuric smell on him that day, she recalled that he had the same smell on him many years ago. Since their story began at Tian Bi Cliff, it was fitting that it should end at Tian Bi Cliff. Is this what they called divine retribution?

That day, he had personally darkened her face before letting her down the mountain.  Everyone has thought her to be a Demoness but did they know that the real Devil was the one who was strutting around with a golden halo?  Retribution! That was her retribution for doing bad things.

To think he had appeared so magnanimous.  They had agreed that she would roam around for a few months, with her reporting once a month at any Cloud Manor Branch to indicate her safety.  He would use the time to handover Cloud Manor matters to his successor and find a way to let her know his next course of action.  And his last letter was for her to board a boat and leave Central Plains together.

When she saw the letter, she has struggled.  Her beliefs were deeply-rooted and it was not easy to convince herself to only believe in what she had experienced for a short time in Cloud Manor.  It was likely he arranged for Little Brother Jiang to roam with her so that she will not forget the things about Cloud Manor or forget about her promise.

Gong Sun Yun saw her face softened and reached out a hand for her. “Wu Bo.  Seventh Brother has not recovered so the boat will be traveling slowly.  It is likely we have to spend the new year on this boat.”

Looking at his hand, she replied. “It is fine with me.”

“And when we are settled on the island, let us get married.  On our wedding day, I will let you read the scroll on the Romance History of Gong Sun Yun. Every day, I will put on make up for you and paint your brow as your husband for the rest of our life.”

She slowly reached for his hand and smiled. “That sounds pretty nice.  I will look forward to it.”

“Just do not take those pills ever again.  There is no need for you to challenge your sense of control through them.” After a short pause, he continued calmly.  “And to me, it is an insult as well.”

Flushing, she changed the topic.  “Let us visit Ah Yao.”

He did not reply but when she was about to disappear below the deck, he said suddenly.  “Can you give me the last remaining pill?”

No.  Never.  She was not one to forget any wrong done to her.  As the saying went, three* years was not considered long for a gentleman to get his revenge.  She was very good at enduring and will wait for the right time to repay his gift of papayas with lemonade...

“Wo Bo?”

She pretended that she did not hear him and disappeared down the deck.  That last pill will definitely be used on him!

That year, the Ninth Generation Gentleman of Cloud Manor left the Central Plains with several Gentlemen of Cloud Manor without informing anyone. They settled down on an unknown island and he never returned to jianghu in his capacity as the Master of Cloud Manor. 

The boat they were on sailed gently away from shore, away from all the strife.  The sea and horizon merged into the same line and there was no waves, no turbulence.  Everything seemed peaceful, warm, cozy, and was exactly the kind life she has hoped for.  And if there were waves and turbulence, she believed her kin on this boat would be behind her.

She was flipping through the pages of the Cloud Manor history when Gong Sun Yao gave a small cough.  He was bed-ridden but he needed to make something clear. “I am definitely not the one who gave you the scroll.  You must tell everyone that you snatched it if you are ever found out. Do not frame me with something I did not do!”

Gong Sun Yun, twenty-seven, was imprisoned by Bai Ming Sect Demoness at Tian Bi Cliff.  After three days and nights of utterly immoral behavior; after many failed attempts by others to rescue him, the embodiment of honor - Gentleman Xian Yun – choose not to shirk his responsibility and retired from wulin to the ever-lasting regret of the rest of the jianghu. 
- Recorded by Fifth Gentleman.”

As she read, she only have one thought:- one should only believe in oneself and not the half-truths by others.

Family?  What rubbish!

End Note

 Gong Sun Yun longed not for any Fairy, except the one in his heart.

At twenty, he met Huang Fu Yun of Bai Ming Sect by coincidence at Tian Bi Cliff when the latter was fourteen.  She was nimble of heart and mind, and totally different from other ladies of the Central Plains.  Although he did not see how she looked like, Gong Sun Yun had developed a liking for her.

At twenty-six, he chanced upon her again to his utter delight. Unable to help it, his love for her grew.  However, she was like the wind who can disappear in a wink.  If he did not hold on tightly to her, he knew he would regret for the rest of his life.

For three days and nights at Tian Bi Cliff, Jiang Wo Bo lost control.  She has fallen into her own trap while Gong Sun Yun could only look on quietly with happiness. There was no one in Jiang Wo Bo’s heart and her heart was as calm as still water.  When she has decided to relinquish control, she would only follow her heart desires.  How could he not be happy to see her true heart?

May her Wind forever accompany his Cloud, as the love between man and woman, as the ties between husband and wife, join them together, one love, one lifetime.

- Romantic History of Gong Sun Yun
Recorded by Gong Sun Yun

She coughed slightly as she closed the scroll. While her eyes shifted left and right, her Luo Shen bridegroom took the scroll away and waited patiently for her reaction.

“This words… seemed to be written for family.” Her lips curved slightly upwards.

“It was written for the eyes of Mrs Gong Sun Yun only.”

“It was… a trifle short.”  So skimpy, no details at all!

“Naturally, I will add one page to it every year on this day.”

She thought to herself that this was as good as saying that they have to remain married for the rest of their life.  If she wanted to read more, she would have to remain forever besides this Cloud.  Feeling the heat on her face, she felt a little frustrated and something else that she could not pinpoint.  Giving a flick of her finger, she extinguished the candle in the room.

Face it; she has lost again. Her endurance was still not as good as his.

He was fair of skin and aloofness came naturally to him.  If he was not smiling, he would appear polite but distant and it was impossible to guess his thoughts from his expression.  Unlike him, she would blush at the slightest reveal of his interest in her.  Could this be due to her lack of experience, to be adapting so slowly? 

She sighed.  “Let us retire for the night.”

Her bridegroom followed her to bed and lowered the bed curtains.

“Xian Yun, have you ever fell in love with someone before?”  In the darkness, she could only think of this question.

“No. Never.”

She blinked.  “In the past, was your heart calm as still waters?”

“You can say so.”

So in other words, they shared the same thoughts and going by the same logic, shared the same feelings?

Sighing to herself, she felt someone pulling her into his arms.  “About that…”

“Hmm?”  He was nibbling her ear and did not seem to know what she was talking about

Coughing to clear her throat, she could only bit out hoarsely.  “Xian Yun. I… I…”

The man holding her did not pause in his actions, but she could feel his body tightening in anticipation of her reply.  She tried several times but could not get beyond “I… I…”.  In the end, she decided to give up. “Forget it.  I will try to say it next year.”

She pretended that she did not hear his sigh. In the next instant, he was on top of her.

“Xian Yun?”

“Hmm?” The single sound was full of hope again.

“…I…” She covered his ears, and finally muttered some words which were totally foreign to her.  Before he could recover, she has switched their position around so that she was on top.  “Next year, I will say it again and I need not cover your ears by then. But if I still could not say it then without covering your ears, I would try it again the year after next, and the year after that.  I am sure I would be able to say it out one day.”

Tonight is her wedding night.  Surely no one would say that she was engaging in utterly immoral acts with him again?

- The End -

*The correct idiom is “ten years is not considered a long time, for a gentleman to take his revenge.

A Note from Moonblossom:-

I hope you have enjoyed this story from Yu Qing.  This story is a spinoff from the first Cloud Family book entitled “A Cry That Rocks the World” in which it was mentioned that the parents of the male lead (Gong Sun Xian) got married “after three days and nights of utterly immoral behavior”.  Ha!  Gong Sun Xian was a mix of his parents, with his mother’s 'handsome eyes' and father’s aloofness & talents.  Nearly everything he did after the age of 10 was to keep the female lead alive after she was poisoned by the Blood Eagle.  Perhaps because that book was a little dark, so Gentleman FFC ended up light and sunny.

To the non-chinese literate readers: -  Thank you very much for your encouragement and appreciation!  There were only two comments made by two different people on my writing in the last ten years, which was that I should enroll in business-writing class to improve my writing, so your encouragement really means a lot.  I think some of you will drop a note to say their thanks and rather than reply individually, let me take an imaginary bow here to say "You are most welcome!" 

To the chinese literate readers:- I hope you have found new insights to this story and I trust that you find the same humor and style in the English version.

At the beginning, I was worried that I did not have the tenacity to finish translating a book so I chose a short book intentionally. I am vastly relieved to have crossed the finishing line and at a relatively fast pace at that.  I have to thank Decembi, for being the best host ever with One Second Spring, including a thank you post yesterday! What started out as a simple email exchange has given birth to the English version of GFFC some 7 weeks and 50,435 words later.   Along the way, I have met many wonderful readers like you, and experienced a new kind of fun.  I have no plans to translate other books yet and just plan to catch up on my reading.  Lastly, as our hero would have said - Endure and Endure is not good for health, so LIVE LIFE TO THE FULLEST! And here is a box of Uncontrollable Blissful Pills to spur you along!

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        An e-book is basically a paperless book which you can read on your device (computer, tablet, phone, e-book reader such as Nook, Kindle) using a software (e.g. calibre, FBReader, and ready-made software on the e-book reader). It has many format such as .pdf, .epub, .lit, .mobi, etc. Basically, it's just a way for us reading book without carrying a book. :)

        I agree with LittleDi. I think you can compile all the chapters to your word processor and save it as PDF. You may take an example from Hamster who has been creating e-book for all of her translations on 'Three Lives Three Worlds'. With this, we can save it on our device and read it even on the train :D


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      1. Thank you for your support! I have not been doing anything else in my free time - my family was joking that I have changed from carrying an iPad (for reading) to carrying a Macbook (for translating) everywhere I go - so I can take it with a straight face when I hear comments like yours else I'll feel very guilty. I have never thought I would translate a chinese book but I did it anyway, so if I ever pick up a book for translate again, I hope to do the same if not better for people like you. : )

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        Actually there are other authors whom you can try although I'm only familiar with the Taiwanese writers like 林淑芬, 裘梦, 米包, etc.

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      2. For some reason, I feel like Sect Leader - before he went crazy - as I wave my imaginary Peerless Sword and say "I'm off to meditate to attain a higher level of my peerless translation skill. Left & Right Protectors, guard Master Decembi well!"
        ha.ha. Glad you enjoy the read Peachie. Hope to cross swords again.

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      3. Meng Jiu <3 <3 <3, he is such a noble idiot.

        Oh really? I love to reply to comments hahaha.

      4. i should have said most pitiful. he is a self martyr or kind of masochist to say "i love you but i have to sacrifice my happiness for your happiness" and then "ooops sorry I was wrong , you will be more happy with me than with him".
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      1. You are most welcome Ms Vancouver! My original plans to translate GFFC is to warm up, in practice for another longer book but I realised that book does not translate well because of its very china setting, so I'm taking the easy way out and read and learn more about blogging in the next few weeks. Thank you for your well-wishes and I hope the same for you!

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      3. thanks for your replies. I agree it does have a sad sad sad ending. I wonder why tong hua loves sad ending.

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        As for me, I have finished setting up Melanie's blog and I'm going to set up another website for a relative but it will be a commercial, not blogging site. : )

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      7. You are most welcome! Glad you like the book.

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      Anyway do you have any example of Xian Yun scene from A Cry.. ? It would be too bad if he loose any of his mischivious side when he's older, well he did only show it if he's with HFY. And their poor son, to be known as the child of the infamous utterly immoral coupling when the truth is far from the truth xD
      Have a nice time catching up with your reading moonblossom!

      1. Ah forgot to add


      2. *bow back* you are welcome Lola.
        I think Xian Yun only made a guest appearance in the sequel when he followed his daughter-in-law back home to ensure her safety... and was spotted by Tu San Lang. But you will see his shadow everywhere because his son is very much like him - aloof (but he is more curt than cool), good looking, very good in martial arts, and very protective of his wife.

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    25. She took it, he didn't, which was why there was a pill which dropped out of his clothes (not hers), and why he sighed "Wu Bo, why did you have to take the pill (when there is no need because I am not drugged and can make it another day if you have changed your mind)?"

      She took it because she thought it would get her in the mood to, er, cure his ailment. But he was perfectly fine and since she was the one in need of an antidote, he happily went along.

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      A few chapters ago at the controversial cliff scene, I agreeed with Melanie that HFY should just find another guy and not HFY and GSY but will see if the two guys can be redeemed.

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      (P.S. This story got me craving me for soy sauce fried chicken - perhaps HFY is the original trend setter of the fried chicken and beer ? *Reference to K-drama: A Man from another star)

      1. Thank you for you effort. My replies tend to get lost/jammed if I reply using my phoneor ipad (but not via PC) so I fully understand your pain. : ) I'll ask Manager Do for an extra flavourful soy-souce fried chicken for you.

        A fanfic sounds like a wonderful idea. I have been idling and sleeping (burnt from my last weekend spent at the amusement park = horror island) and is doing nothing except setting up a blog for Melanie. I'll keep it in mind!

      2. Haha thanks for the extra helping *burps* ;)

        Was the amusement park at Sentosa? Now school holidays so will be very crowded I think? Idling and sleeping during the free time sounds quite luxurious actually :)

        Woah Melanie is going to set up a blog too?? Okies looking forward!

      3. Yes. I never thought "Sentosa" is going to be my synonym for misery. The crowds are manageable but I think I pushed myself too hard to visit too many attractions. The Spice Girls got it right when they sang that "too much of something is bad enough".

        You can check out the blog at http://cloudmanor.wordpress.com/

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      1. Glad u like the story! Yes, one of the reason for choosing this story is that I feel it balances LYF perfectly.

        Hmm, I'm not sure why she gave him a pill either. Maybe she was not sure he would run off with her deep down? Or the pills are just sonething she has handy? With Gong Sun Zhi around, I think he would be able to figure out sonething if Xian Yun did took the pill n was unwilling. It is possible they all have good coordination w each other n all put up an impromptu show for everyone?

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      Sorry for the late reply, the appreciation post in this.chapter is so much overwhelming. I don't know what to say.....yet, i so much love the ending. I re-read all chapters in one night.

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      1. Hi Samie, Happy Monday! A very happy ending to round up a light-hearted story. If I have to pinpoint a serious theme in the novel, I would say that it is not easy to trust other people especially when those closest to you are the one who disappointment. But, if you can conquer yourself and still try to believe , true happiness can still be within grasp especially when there is a person who loves you back and works hard to give you happiness.

        Other than that, the fact that she kidnap him in full view was like the best joke ever. Enjoy the rest of the works at this blog!

      2. So true! *hugs* Thanks so much for sharing, kudos to U!

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