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Gentleman Free-Floating Cloud (闲云公子) Chapter 8 Part 1 of 2

Wow!  Time really flies and we are nearing the end of the story although it feels like last week when I first started translating the story.  Once again, we are back at Bai Bing Sect where it all started except Huang Fu Yun is no longer the helpless little girl we first met.  Her sharpness of mind and character came through again this chapter for which I am very grateful.  Somehow, I feel that Jiang Wo is a lack-luster version of Huang Fu Yun but it could be because she was injured then. Well, she has recovered and to our zesty heroine - Welcome Back!
- by Moonblossom -

Chapter 8  Part 1 of 2

“Ding ding dang dang. Ding ding dang dang…” The familiar tinkle of Sky Slave bells rang incessantly in the dungeon.  She has not heard this sound for half a year at least, and the constant ringing sounded quite piercing to her ears.

She consoled herself with the fact that Bai Ming Sect’s dungeon has always been clean and devoid of torture instruments. She and Deng Hai Tang were led through rows of cages where Sky Slaves were being imprisoned.  When she passed one of the cages, she passive gaze lingered on a hunky Sky Slave locked inside.  His eyes were closed as if he was resting, and he did not look at the newcomers.

Their jailor opened the door of the cage next to his and shoved them inside.  Deng Hai Tang nearly tripped but she held her up just in time.  As the iron doors closed with a loud “clang!”, Deng Hai Tang said heatedly: “This is as good as declaring war against the Central Plains pugilist world.  Is the Bai Ming Sect Leader crazy?”

Jiang Wu Bo nodded her head feelingly and sat down cross-legged against the side of their cage which bordered the next cage.

Deng Hai Tang continued. “Miss Jiang, I have brought trouble upon you.” 

“I am still ok.”

At her words, the Sky Slave in the next cage opened his eyes abruptly and stared at the back leaning against his cage.

Jiang Wu Bo eyed Deng Hai Tang with interest.  So this was how a female heroine behaved. In contrast to the gentle and soft-spoken woman who spoke to Xian Yun the other time, she was all self-reliant at times like this. So strong! But...

“Miss Deng will not succeed in finding a way out.  Why not wait for rescue?” Unlike her, she was a parasite and would wait for a convenient rescuer. 

An unreadable expression crossed the face of the Sky Slave in the next cage.

“Wait for rescuers?  When will that be?  What do you think is their aim for capturing us?”

Jiang Wu Bo sighed. “Ay, Sect Leader wants the resurrected Huang Fu Yun.”

“Huang Fu Yun?  The Bai Ming Sect Protecter who died in an explosion half a year ago?”

“Yes, you see…” Jiang Wo Bo lowered her eyes and played with her belt. “many people did not believe that she has died.  Bai Ming Sect Leader is one, the brother of He Rong Hua is another.  Sect Leader is waiting for an opportunity but he has fatally injured himself with his malpractice of the martial arts, so he does not have much time left.  As for He Yue Hua, he too believes that she is alive, so he willingly returns to Bai Ming Sect and stays in the dungeon, believing that she would return for him one day.  Even though Tian He Manor claims that he is at the manor, he has faith that Huang Fu Yun would be able to see through the lie and know where he really is.”

Deng Hai Tang was shocked and shifted her eyes from Jiang Wu Bo to the big man behind her.

“Miss.”  That man finally spoke, his voice hoarse and full of emotion.

Jiang Wu Bo continued to look at the floor. “He Zai, do you think you can beat me when it comes to playing games?”

“No.”  His face shone with happiness. “Miss has a soft heart and would return sooner or later.”

 “And how could you tell that I am soft hearted?”

He fell silent before replying with a voice choked with emotion: “Miss.  I have never wanted to abandon you.  He is my father’s youngest son and would also be his only son.  His character is not as strong as Miss and I thought: Miss is not someone who would give up easily.  Even if you have fallen off a cliff, even if there are swords swinging wildly at you, you will not give up until the last breath. So I…. Once I have rescued him, I went down the cliff to look for you but I could only find a body, a Sky Slave bangle and the jade flute.”  His last sentence was ripe with pain.

Deng Hai Tang eyes widen.  “You are Huang Fu Yun?  But Huang Fu Yun does not look like you!  She has a tattoo on her face.”

“I am afraid of pain so that is not a tattoo, just make up.”

“But… but the Sky Slave bangle is impossible to remove…”

“I have figured out how to remove it since I was fourteen.  I only continued to wear it for fear that others would know that I know.”

Speechless, Deng Hai Tang could only stammered. “You… really fell off the cliff?”

She smiled. “Of course I fell off the cliff.  I broke my bones, my head and my intestines were shaken out of place.”

She finally stood and faced He Zai.  She lifted her fringe to reveal a scar on her forehead.  “You are right.  I have thought that there was no hope that day.  I was waiting to move on to Western Paradise (heaven) but my survival instincts kicked in at the last moment.  The result is four months of bed rest, no thanks to my excellent endurance skills, without which I would have needed even longer to recover.”

His eyes contracted at her news. “Miss…”

She smiled and gave a casual wave with her hand. ”He Zai need not feel guilty. Isn’t this the way of the world?  If you can save me, I will be deeply thankful.  If you cannot save me, we can still pursue our separate paths.  Years ago, you have no choice but to become my Sky Slave.  I was only ten that year and I worried day and night that you would kill me, so I keep emphasizing equality as the basis of our relationship.  If you have to wear the Sky Slave bangle, so would I.  If you are forced to tattoo your face, I will wear the same mark on my face.  I taught you martial arts but I did it not for you to bring it to greater heights but to protect me in event of danger.  That is the truth of our relationship for the past ten years - taking what we need from each other.  And my aim of coming today is to tell you thus.  We no longer owe each other anything.  I will help you remove your Sky Slave bangle and we will walk our separate paths from henceforth.”

He watched her expression and said slowly: “I have already guessed your intentions when I saw the Sky Slave bangle and jade flute at the foot of the cliff that day.”

She did not reply.

“Has Miss been happy in the past half a year?”

“Not too bad.  My name now is Jiang Wu Bo.  I have things to eat, a place to sleep. Life is quite carefree.”

“Jiang Wu Bo?” He pondered on the name and laughed. “No waves on the River?  I should have guessed it earlier.  So it was  indeed Gong Sun Yun who saved you.  I was hoping he could lend a hand that day, but the unexpected darts that shot out from the woods stopped him.  So he saved you afterall. Does Miss like him?”

She arched her brow and smiled. “Am I that transparent?”

He Zai stroked the jade flute by his side gently.  “Has it been Miss of the old, she would have left the moment she recovered and will never be seen again.”

“And yet you would stay at a place like this to wait for me?”  She got a bit angry just thinking about it.  Since the first time she heard that He Zai was at Tian He Manor but that no one has seen him, she had known that this guy was not at Tian He Manor at all.  How could she not know his character after ten years?

In order to force her to reveal herself, to confirm that she is indeed alive, he would definitely return and wait by Sect Leader’s side be it for one year or two years.  Ten years was sufficient time for a person to change and the He Yue Hua of today was no longer the Eldest Young Master of Tian He Manor of yester eve.  If there comes a day in future where he needs to kill someone from the orthodox sect, he will not hesitate.  That is He Zai.

He Rong Hua could not see it but she has understood.  Such a person was no longer suited to stay at Tian He Manor.  Should she be grateful for his firm belief that she has sufficient self-protective skills and will not die?

“Would Miss be willing to give me another chance?  I have already returned the gratitude of birth and have no other ties.”

She looked at him. “Am I really that important to you?”
He returned her look but did not reply, silently stroking the jade flute that symbolizes them.  She pretended she did not see and looked outside the cage.  After a while, she said: “He Zai, you are no longer a Sky Slave material and I am no longer Huang Fu Yun of the past.

 “I know.”

She smiled and to his delight, she took the jade flute from him. “We spent ten years together.  Although you are no longer a Sky Slave and I am no longer Huang Fu Yun, but it did not change what we have shared.  This flute is you - no matter where you are, so long as there is a sword in the flute, it would mean that I have not forgotten you.  Do you think this is a good arrangement?”

His eyes were brimming with emotion as he replied: “Miss is generous beyond my expectations.” 

“If I am still wearing long belts that reach the floor, I would never have come today.”

At his confused look, she smiled again. “I am only trying to make amends.” 


“In the past, you were a flower-youth, very easy on the eyes.  Every heart that sees you will be set aflutter.  But ever since you started learning martial arts of the Huang Fu family, you have developed these big muscles.”  She shook his head and sighed. “Thankfully I only trained till I am fourteen.”

He Zai stared at her and insisted.  “Big muscles are the hallmarks of a real man.”

She nodded obligingly. Men are like that; only their attributes are manly. Put the same thing on someone else and the spin may be totally different.  Her expression softened and she stroked the slightly-damaged flute.  “There are some things I have to clarify.”

“When I was bedridden, Gong Sun Zhi would nag, nag, nag and nag about the most mundane things every day.  Sometimes, I wished I have died at the foot of the cliffs instead.”
“Does Miss want me to kill him?”

She glared at him. “The first strategy is always to endure, and things have not reach desperate status yet.  What I mean is, thanks to him, I heard many jianghu gossip including those of the Gong Sun family.  Their family has this bad tradition of marrying their relatives such as marriage between sworn siblings, cousins, et cetera.  They may not do it intentionally but somehow, destiny has it that they always inter-marry.”  Which was why many people had wanted to become sworn siblings with Gong Sun Yun.  Unfortunately, she was the destined one.

He Zai narrowed his eyes. “And Miss is trying to say…?”

“Are there any bad traditions that run in your family? If there are, tell me now in case I fall into some trap in future.”

“None.” Absolutely nothing at all.

She said seriously.  “That is good.  Since I take the flute, I want to have whatever you have. And whatever I have, you will have the same.  In the past, I see you as my family but yet I would suspect you will betray me one day at the back of my mind.  Now that we swear to become brother and sister, we will become family for real and will depend on each other. We will call each other by name without regard for seniority, but if you marry, I will address your wife as my elder sister-in-law.” Finished, she stuck out her hand.

He looked at her and repeated her “depend on each other” with rare gentleness. “After my abandonment, Miss has actually learn to put your faith in others.  It seems that Gong Sun Yun’s credit cannot be ignored.”

His sounded a little bitter but he strike her offered hand decisively nonetheless.  “From henceforth, if I ever forsake Miss again, let me be strike by lightening.”

She blinked and touched her jade flute. Finally, she said. “I like to say I believe you but I still need time.  Right now, I can only tell you that I am not afraid.  Even if you leave me behind again, I will still think of you as family, and family will never abandon each other.  You, He Zai, will always be my first family in my heart.”

Some thoughts of mine:-

So bittersweet.  I am glad she finally speaks how she feels and to a large extent, it is thanks to the Gong Sun brothers for their physical and emotional medicine, because her words are not something one would say if she did not feel the backing of a family behind her.

He Zai also won points for choosing to be locked up a noisy dungeon in order to see her again. Knowing how he felt, his hatred when he let her fell off the cliff was probably directed at his brother and himself. He needed to repay the debt of birth, especially since he no longer view himself as a son of Tian He Manor, so all the more he needs to preserve a lineage for his birth family. I laugh everytime I think of his defensive "hallmarks of a real man" and I thought he should look rather yummy, like Lee Byung Hun.  And if that is not Huang Fu Yun's cup of tea, I think we should not deprive ourselves of some mid-week ooos- and aaas- because of her preference, so hope you like my picture of the week. : )

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      1. Truth be told, I only watched him once in a re-run of "GI Joe" on TV. I have heard of his reputation for hot bod which was why when He Zai defended his built, I thought of him straightaway. Furthermore, He Zai does not have "flower-boy look" and I thought LBH looks rather manly, unlike say Gong Yoo, who is more pretty-man look. Wake up your Wed didn't I, ha.ha.

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    3. U certainly did! *wink* i discovered at kdrama - All In. I like him coz he is my contemporary and he preserved his looks. He looks yummy but, m no fan of big scary muscles.

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    4. yummy yummy, thanks Moonblossom, you just had to spoil us with the picture at the end.

      I feel closure for He Zai and Wang Yun too.

    5. sob..sob..i feel bad for he zai T______T
      he must be regret his act so he willing to stay in jail for half a year in order to lure her back!
      he recognize her only with her voice.
      i like he zai. he's not cunning like xian yun.
      i don't mind if wang yun back with he zai but the biggest challenge for them is the sect leader.
      che yan yan will hunt them down!
      anyway, just like you said moonblossom, it's a bittersweet part. it's the end for he zai's hope and the starting point for their new kind of relationship, brother and sister. i hope he got a happy ending too.
      thank you moonblossom...but i think LBH looks too old for he zai. i prefer gong yoo. he has same big muscle too! *cough*

      1. I think the both of us the rare few who like/don't mind seeing Wang Yun with He Zai. Che Yan Yan is not a bright bulb and with He Zai skills, I think she would not be a problem. I think Wang Yun spent too long being afraid then wary of him, so maybe they can never be.
        I know Gong Yoo has nice muscles (my Coffee Prince!) but he has a flower-man look so can't use him here. Hmm, but you got it right by the age, need look around...

      2. i like he zai since the first prologue. yes he made some mistake and did stupid things but he's not a bad guy. he's quiet, reserved, and faithful. i wonder if he's express a little bit his 'affection' toward wang yun would it be different now? maybe he never think that someday wang yun will fall in love with another man (coz they always together since a long time ago) so he thought that it's okay if he's never express it because they belong to each other. i feel bad for him coz after he cut the ties with his manor, he only have her as his 'family' but now he lose her :(
        xian yun and he zai made the same mistake and they later made the same decision to save her, but the fate didn't stand on he zai side. he's just a little too late. sigh......

    6. Hi, Moonblossom!

      I loved your scene translations for Lost You Forever at Susheng Bar (I'd be forever grateful for Zhuan Xu's confession to Xiao Yao) & I'm totally loving this Gentleman Free-Floating Cloud translation too. I wait religiously every 3 days for a new post!

      Will you pick a new novel to translate after you are done with this one? I hope you will & could you already reveal which lucky novel is your new project?

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      1. Thank you for your encouragement! I must say LYF is one of the reason I started translating Gentleman FFC. Koala's latest LYF post got me depressed all over again for Xiang Liu, Jing, Xiao Yao, and Zhuan Xu, and I was thinking - won't it be great if people after finishing LYF, would have something set in olden china, but light and non-angsy like Gentleman FFC to perk up? For myself, it took 2-3 books to overcome my LYF depression.

        I'm very glad to be completing this book soon, and will likely take a break after to catch up on my reading. I use to read 2-5 books a week, the past 6 weeks I have only read 1 book. : )

        Why is Zhuan Xu's confession special to you?

      2. I love Zhuan Xu to bits! Reading about his hidden love for Xiao Yao just breaks my heart. After reading all of Koala's post in a day, I rushed off to Susheng bar looking for spoilers. While I knew that my ship was not meant to be, I was so happy to read your piece when Zhuan Xu finally confessed his feelings to Xiao Yao & how she realises his more-than-brotherly love for her over the years.

        I kept reading your piece many, many times for the beauty of the confession & the realisation or maybe I just like my heart to be broken. I was so happy when Xiao Yao finally relented & looked for Zhuan Xu after she snubbed his initial invite to go for a walk. I'd have been happy if Lost You Forever had ended with that chapter when Zhuan Xu & Xiao Yao stargazed. I'm disillusioned enough to imagine that the last Zhuan Xu / Xiao Yao scene at their relatives' graves when he gave her his mother's hairpin & they bowed three times to their departed parents were remiscent of their wedding!

        So now you know I'm a mad & foolish Zhuan Xu shipper. You're absolutely right about needing GFFC to overcome LFY. Because of LFY, I daren't read Once Promised or Yun Zhong Ge. I started looking for GFFC-type of stories for my sanity & my heart's sakes.

        Oh, no! Am rather sad that you'll be taking a break. Hope you'll be back with a new book soon! =)

      3. Heehee I really enjoyed reading that because I've always wondered about the thought process of Zhuan Xu fans. It's quite common to meet Xiang Liu or Jing fans, but I don't think I have really met any Zhuan Xu fans. :) I was generally indifferent to Zhuan Xu, but your comment made me more sympathetic to him, which I can assure you is quite a feat. Haha.

      4. I like all 3 guys although Xiang Liu is the one who owns my heart. The last LYF post contain this statement by ZX which made me sad, something along the line that "There is still such a man who loves you out there. He is there." I missed his double meaning the first time I read, but now I think there are at least 15 such instances where he hinted at his love for her. So sad.
        Anyway, glad you like my little project!

      5. I dissected every single conversation & exchange between Zhuan Xu & Xiao Yao! And I hadn't even read about them in Once Promised but their childhood memories in Lost You Forever are just so beautiful. I was totally on the Zhuan Xu / Xiao Yao ship because they both remembered how Xiao Yao told Zhuan Xu when they were kids: I won't marry anyone else. I'll marry you. I'll always be with you. Sigh! My poor heart.

        Every line that Zhuan Xu said to Xiao Yao, every thing that he did for her.. just shows to me clearly how much he loves her. Don't know why but I really loved Lost You Forever because of this the first time I read it. When Zhuan Xu first said, no matter when, as long as you would turn back, you will definitely see me. After that, he said, I'm so afraid that you won't ever turn back or that when you finally turn back, you'll have someone else in your eyes. Finally, when Xiao Yao was in deep sleep after taking poison, he wished that she would forget everything & he was willing to wait for her to come back to him..

        OMG! What am I doing? My apologies! I haven't got anything to angst in GFFC except I'm beginning to think I might like He Zai to be with Huang Fu Yun now. Haha! And oh, Decembi! I'm on the wrong ship for your Heavy Sweetness, Ash-Like Frost as well. I like Night! Gah! I'm totally hopeless. =p

      6. Don't worry about GFFC : ) I've been dying to meet a ZX fan and ask if you know how many hints he dropped before Xiao Yao finally realised he loved her. I tried to skim the books but I lost track after a while although I realise there are more than I thought. Please ignore me if I'm incoherent. : )

    7. Thank you for translating this book. Of all the books I'm following, this one is my favorite. Even though I love LYF, it is so full of angst and sadness. This one is like a breath of fresh air. Love it.

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    9. You r welcome Anonymous and Hanny, glad you like it!

    10. Huang Fu Yun's wisdom is something to be admired! She's pragmatic in thinking but has a big, big heart! He Zai knows she's a softie too! She is almost like the other half of He Zai being together for ten years. I'm sad that their history together will end as brother and sister but am glad that they were brave enough to face each other and accept reality at its face.

      Like your many fans here, I find your translations really awesome! I was craving for more LYF in the past and can't believe my luck when I found your translation work at Shusheng bar. I don't know how to describe it but reading your LFY translations makes my heart muddled and undecided on which pairing to choose because you've managed to highlight the scenes with each male character very swoon-worthy and dreamy. I might say though that out of the three male characters, Xiang Liu and Xhuan Xu rank 1st for me followed by Jing ( ooops, no offense to Jing shippers). Xiang Liu's bravado and recklessness I will surely miss and Xhuan Xu's protectiveness I will cherish. Hands down to Jing's loyalty and tenacity in his belief and hope of living only for Xiao Yao so he deserves to be with her.
      Gee, I rambled too much, sorry!!!! (^_^)



      1. Sorry to other GFFC fans if we went a little off tangent here! LYF is a special book which indirectly give rise to GFFC project, and to many , its on-going translation constantly bring the feelings of the book to mind so pls pardon our rambling!
        For LYF, it was therapeuthic to write something abt it although I do try to play it down because Ms Koala is still translating. I'm glad to hear you were confused because I tried not to influence the readers choice although the sheer text on Xiang Liu did sway the tide. There says something about a book when you cannot spoil it simply by saying A tried to kill B, C rescued B, etc. You read and try to imagine what the characters went through, so leaving us with so many ramblings. Luckily there are places like SSB to vent our thoughts else I'll probably end up with internal injury and end up another crazy Sect Leader. *evil crackle*

    11. Just recently started reading GFFC recently and there are chapters where I look forward to reading it even more than OP (still love OP!) but the lighthearted factor is a kicker. Huang Fu Yun is a wonderful character - it's always fun to have a smart heroine. Don't actually mind that Xian Yun is cunning, it's sort of endearing. But major props for HFY having the guts to lay it all out in the open with He Zai. Starting to wish there was more than ten chapters in this story...
      Thanks for taking on this project Moonblossom!


      P.S. translations about Zhuan Xu on shushengbar? Where? ::looks left and right::

      1. I wrote some spoilers at the LYF thread at ShuShengba at

        I have finally learnt how to use the /spoiler button towards the end, so my subsequent spoilers are all properly hidden. : ) I will always give a short description/heading before delving into the spoiler, so they are still searchable. LYF is an amazing book. Very rich in detail.

    12. He Zai is imprisoned in dungeon, waiting for Wang Xun to come back? That is a touching part.

      So will Sect master let Wang Xun off? Since it was mentioned that Sect master fatally injured himself, was it the same place where Wang Xun was also injured?

      == MIssymay ==

      1. It wasn't mention when he was injured but I got the impression he has injured himself a long time ago. It is just that his time is near now so he needs to pass the seat to HFY which is why he is forcing her to show herself - or see a clash between Bai Ming Sect vs the Central Plains pugilist when they fight over Deng Hai Tang.

        Come to think of it, even he thought HFY as a softie because another person may not turn up and choose to let people fight and die while she go shopping or spa or something.

    13. Thank you for the translations!!! May I know where did you read this book? 19lou is currently not working and im not sure of any web that allows me to read this book!

      1. I found it! Ignore my comment!

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      1. Are you referring to Yun Zhong Ge by Tong Hua? No, that is a sad story which will make me cry as I translate so I cannot do that book although it is beautiful. Peanut did a short summary of the book at, so if you need to find out the plot, it is there at least.

      2. So that's why she said she was sconned *LOL She was like a bunny got caught by a wolf.