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Fiction: Little Moon's Matchmaking Mission! (Prologue + Chapter 1)

    Dear readers, my health has been quite poor in May and unfortunately I have not fully recovered. Work has been very busy and I have actually updated my blog for about two weeks plus using entries I had prepared in my backlog. Now, there's only one more drama recap and one Heavy Sweetness translation saved up :(.

 I will be translating at a slower pace till my health recovers and my translating mojo is 100% again. Meanwhile, I thought I would share an original ancient c-novel romantic comedy that I wrote in English. Haha. I actually started writing this in April when I was going through a reading novel drought, there were many long angsty and dramatic c-novels and I just wanted short romantic funny fluff to read. So, I thought, ok why don't I try writing one myself? Haha. 

  This "c-novel" is called Little Moon's Matchmaking Mission and concerns the niece of the Moon God. I love the xianxia genre (gods/immortals), and wanted to write using my favourite trope, matchmaking! I've actually planned the whole story, it has three arcs and will consist of 16 chapters. I've written the first 9 chapters and sketched out chapter 10 and 11, these chapters will make up the first two arcs. You can be rest assured that it's just a fluffy romantic comedy that will end with a very happy ending. I thought it would be interesting to get feedback as I write the third arc of the story. 

 I would like to thank Hui'er for first encouraging me to write this and helping me name the first lead, Moonblossom for also encouraging me and being such an awesome co-blogger of this blog. Thanks also to Sherry who gave so many helpful editorial comments (seriously, her own c-novel in the making is really professional.)

  Finally, thanks to all the readers, whose comments and support make the blog such a lovely place to unwind whenever daily life gets too stressful or bleak. I hope this story brings you some heart tingles and chuckles! *does tiny head bow*



     Few gods knew what they wanted to do in life, but the moment Little Moon could think, she knew. She wanted to be just like her uncle, the Moon God, the ruler of the Temple of Matrimonial Bliss, the controller of all romantic fates, the tyer of the red threads.

   She watched as she was a little goddess, toddling along her uncle’s feet, watching as he tied a red thread between a male and female figurine – and there it was, a connection. Two strangers’ fate were now tied together – in that red thread, was the possibility of something beautiful, for two mortals to create something that was greater than their one life could hold.

  Sometimes the thread was especially thick, almost iron-clad, it was impossible to break. She looked at the red thread in awe, her uncle chuckled, “Ah, this red thread, this red thread was borne out of generations and generations of fate.”

  And, then she knew, she too was borne out of generations and generations of fate in the Moon Family. And that, she knew that the real magic in all the realms was not the Jade Emperor’s ability to cast god-shattering lightning bolts or her childhood friend, Prince Sun’s ability to burn down most countries, it was the ability to create connections. Something that cannot be seen, but only felt.

  Today was the fulfillment of all of Little Moon’s desires! Her first day on probation as a Moon Maiden helping her uncle. Her uncle was especially distracted today, his usually silver tinted hair seemed almost white, he told Little Moon to just watch the figurines and threads and not to connect anything till he returned. Her uncle left in a hurry.

  Little Moon watched as the other Moon Maidens busily whirled around the Temple, each focused on their respective tasks. She felt a little left out so she decided to go to the highest level of the temple, it was the easiest level to watch, the red threads connecting the male and female figurines were the strongest on the highest level. These threads were born instantaneously as the male and female mortals were born on earth, these threads were akin to divine fate, they were born with it and not connected by the Moon God.

  As usual, her eyes were bedazzled by the glow radiating from the different red threads. Some were red as blood (which always made her think that this fate, though strong, had the potential for disaster), some blazed like fire (a passion strong enough to burn up one life, or two) and some were just simply red, like the last evening glow from the setting sun (a quiet promise of the remains of the day).

  Suddenly, her eyes were almost blinded by a strong ray of gold. Gold? She curiously walked towards the further end of the corner. How strange! There was a male figurine connected by gold threads to three other female figurines. She bent closer to look at it, she had never seen any thread that was a colour other than red, unconsciously, she reached out to touch it……

     As if she had been bitten by a poisonous snake, she retracted her hand quickly for she felt a sharp burn. She watched, stunned, as the gold threads had disappeared and there laid only one male figurine and three other female figurines.

  She did not have a good feeling about this. Well, she would not have a good feeling about this if she had not fainted.


   When Little Moon awoke, she was lying in her bed, her uncle hovering worriedly over her.

   Her uncle, the Moon God, seemed to have additional lines furrowed into his forehead.

  “How did I end up here?” Little Moon asked, as she quickly sat up. She felt perfectly fine except on the palm of her right hand were three red dots that seemed to have been scorched into her skin.

  “You fainted in the divine chamber,” the Moon God said.

   Little Moon looked sheepish, “I didn’t plan on touching anything… I was only watching the divine chamber because I didn’t know what to do… then I saw this gold flash and saw a male figurine with three gold threads and then suddenly I fainted, but now, I have three red dots on my right palm.”

  The Moon God shook his head, “You have messed with divine fate, Little Moon, and if you don’t fix it, your divine soul will receive karmic retribution. The male figurine was to be the future Emperor of the Yan Kingdom, he was fated to be the ruler that would usher them into a golden era. He has to marry the three female figurines he was connected to in order to become the Great Emperor… but now you have broken their fates, and possibly changed the destiny of the Yan Kingdom.”

  Little Moon thought that that seemed to be a bit drastic considering she had only “kind” of touched the golden thread and if this fate was supposed to be so life-altering, it shouldn’t have broken so easily, but she decided to keep this to herself.

  Little Moon looked worriedly at the three red dots, “So, what should I do?”

  The Moon God sighed, “You need to go down to the mortal realms, find this male, and connect back his fate with the three other female figurines before it is too late. Once the three red dots turn black, then…… that is when you will face karmic retribution.”

  Little Moon gulped, “Does that mean I have to make him marry three women before the dots turn black or make him an Emperor?”

  The Moon God looked thoughtful, “I’m not sure. But it’s probably best to do both.”

  Little Moon looked hopefully at the Moon God, “Do I get to bring love potions down to help them connect together again?”

  The Moon God laughed, “No, just the good ole traditional way of falling in love.”

     In the Heavenly Realms, Little Moon will be her name, but when she is in the mortal realms, she will be known as Yue Er (月儿), which is the chinese pinyin (sound) for Moon Child. After the prologue, the chapters will be in first person.

Chapter 1: In Which Destiny Starts

Little Moon/Yue Er  

    I was mildly surprised when I looked at my surroundings. Uncle had sent me down to the mortal realms where Hsiao* (), our fated future Emperor, was supposed to be. However, instead of the grand manor with the thousands of servants I imagined, I had landed in a forest in the middle of nowhere. 

   “…….” I was speechless as I looked around. Have I changed his fate so drastically?

   A soft beautiful flute sound started to travel from afar, and so I followed the flute sound and saw a spring and a man in white robes playing a flute, a fishing rod at his feet.

  I gave a light coughing sound, and he turned. He had a classic handsome face with a distinguished nose, but it was his eyes that struck my interest. A pair of clear eyes like the break of dawn, as if he was born with the knowledge of all that was lit in the world.

  “Greetings, young gentleman,” I said as I shamelessly walked up towards him, carrying my huge “grand fortune teller” flag behind me.

    I had decided to take on the disguise of a great wandering fortune teller so that it would be convenient for me to inform Hsiao about his fate. I was in male garbs of course, though I decided not to prematurely age my face. To a normal mortal’s eyes, I would appear to be a dashing young gentleman, though next to the elegance of Hsiao, I did appear slightly like a young ruffian.

   “It is also a kind of destiny for us to meet in this… remote place,” I said as I took out a stool from my traveling chest (in which I could conveniently magick anything I want), and pretended to examine Hsiao’s face.

   Hmmm… well he was handsome enough to hopefully get the three women, I thought.
   “Gentleman, I see a golden destiny before you...... with the right steps, you will be able to rule this country and bring it to a future more glorious than any before,” I intoned dramatically.

   Surprisingly, Hsiao seemed unimpressed, though he appeared mildly amused, he put down his flute, “Greetings, Mr Fortune Teller, but I have no interest in ruling this country. I am just a simple traveler, playing the flute, fishing, that is all I can ask from life.”

  My eyes slightly narrowed at Hsiao, then I turned to his fishing rod, he was using a straight hook! “May I ask what you are fishing for?”

   “Nothing,” Hsiao said, “I am just fishing.”

   Great, just great, the man I need to turn into the Emperor is a man that wants for nothing. Where was the ambition! The passion, the hunger?!

    Hsiao suddenly cocked his head to the other side, “I think you best leave, Mr Fortune Teller, I think you should be able to tell that something bad is going to arrive…”

  Before I could respond, several black-robed masked figures swooped in from tree tops from afar. They were all armed with swords. I looked at Hsiao and he still appeared unruffled.

   I was irritated! Does he want for nothing so much that he did not even want to live? I shook my head, even if he wanted to die, I didn’t want to die!

   I didn’t actually have any martial arts skills besides my low level of cultivation as a goddess due to my young age and limited experience. But, there was one skill I had almost mastered, which was the ability to see the exact point in a person’s heart in which the thread needs to be connected. It is a point that would incapacitate a mere human, or even kill if necessary.

  Since I was a goddess, albeit a young one, I was still able to move much faster than the average mortal, even if he was a highly trained pugilist. So, I quickly dashed around and incapacitated the black-robed figures.

 I grabbed Hsiao’s hand, my small traveling chest, and cried, “Let’s run!”

    I wasn’t sure how long I would be able to incapacitate these black robed figures and I didn’t want to wait to find out.


   At first, I was mildly perturbed that a strange young man dressed up in white fortune telling garb had appeared in the remote place I had picked to meet Big Brother’s assassins, but now any mild irritation was replaced with amusement.

   We ran for a while until this young man was clearly lost and he stopped. He turned to me with flushed cheeks, “I saved you! I am now your benefactor.”

  This young man had large playful eyes and with his flushed cheeks, he looked like a young maiden in her flush of youth. However, I spied an Adam’s apple at his throat, so he couldn’t be a “she”?

  “Hsiao gives his gratitude to Mr Fortune Telling, may I have the honour of knowing your name?” I asked.

  “Oh,” He paused, “You can call me Yue.” Then he brightened up, “Since I saved your life, I have some say in your life now, don’t I?”

  I hid a chuckle, “I thank Yue for his deep concern in my life.”

  “You don’t want for nothing, right?” Yue asked.

   I nodded.

  “Then, you won’t mind if I gave you anything?” Yue smiled.

   Was there such reasoning?

   Yue patted my back, “Don’t worry, of course, I will only give you the best.”

   Yue did some calculations in his hand, “Ah! We had better leave fast. We need to get to Zi Town. The most beautiful lady of Zi Town, Miss Mei Yun (美云-Beautiful Cloud), is going to get betrothed!”

   I looked curiously at Yue, “How does this concern me?”

   Yue looked at me like I was an idiot, “To marry her of course!”

*It was a deliberate choice to use Hsiao instead of Xiao. 逍 means free without any binds or restraints. 

Little Moon's Matchmaking Mission!

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COMPLETED Author's Note 
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COMPLETED Author's Note


  1. Lol! Love the lightheartedness and the change in POV. I don’t blame Little Moon for wanting to follow in her uncle’s footsteps. The chambers with all sorts of different threads sound fascinating. I wonder if there are similar visible differences in people's hearts as well?

    Can’t wait for the matchmaking mishaps! :) huhuhu.

    Rest well, ok! Your health comes first, yeah!!

    1. Hello! Aww thank you so much for your comments, it really motivates me. Out of all the entries I have posted, this is the most personal and got me a little nervous.

      I want to follow in the Moon God's footsteps too heehee! In chinese mythology, the Moon God (月老) has the power to tie red threads between mortals as a sign of affinity to be a couple/get married. In some temples, couples go and pray and tie red threads in the hope that their relationships will culminate into a happy ending, ie, marriage. Haha. So, the matchmaking will play with that idea.

      Haha you can already see the problems huh? <3

      Thank you! Planning to see the doctor again today.

  2. WOAH! decembi, I am surprised! You have talent!! hahaha....I want to read more but your health comes first so I will "endure, endure" (like Huang Fu Yun). question - since red threads are for normal people ... the golden threads are reserved for nobles, princes, royalties?? what about gods (the xian people) ?

    1. Haha fangorn, thanks so much! This is a huge encouragement for me. I have 7 more chapters in backlog, so I can update :). Hahaha. I love how "endure, endure" has become a catchphrase. I just saw a doctor and will be on medical leave tomorrow. Shall rush finish my urgent work matters!

      Very interesting question! It was something I wanted readers to think about but didn't know people will think about it immediately. The rules about the red threads are my own, and I've reserved the golden thread for the Emperor, since they are usually treated as "Son of Heaven". The general nobles will still have red threads. Gods will be an interesting issue, as in chinese mythology, the Moon God is usually the marriage god, but generally treated as only in charge of mortal marriages because it's not very clear if gods in mythology can usually marry (I'm not well-versed enough for this). Haha. I have my own ideas about gods but will leave it as a secret for now!

  3. get well soon,unni. do you think people who love reading a lot tend to have desire to write?
    because i have some ideas in my mind to be put into story( not into chinese of course,hehehe).but i am not sure where to start. so, you're amazing unni,to have started you're own writing.


    1. Hello Kiyo, teehee I always giggle when people call me Unni, do I sound very old? But I kind of like it since my own younger sister refuses to ever call me elder sister lol.

      Yes, I do think so. Maybe not all of us, but I think after reading a lot, one gets inspired to create something of one's own. Thanks for your encouragement, and let me encourage you to put your ideas down too :)

  4. Hi Decembi,

    Sorry to hear you're not feeling well again! Maybe you can consider taking some supplements to boost your immunity :)

    So far I'm liking the story - it has humour and a light hearted tone! When I read Moon God, I taught of the the dear fellow from Heavy Sweetness who led poor Jin Mi down the wrong path - giving her a misguided sense of mutual cultivation and confusing the people around her :p He's the culprit for Jin Mi's lost innocence not Phoenix ! Haha thankfully the Moon God here seems more serious and level minded.

    I'm so excited to find out more about Hsiao and Yue - will she be his destined one or does he still get entangled up with the other three ladies? Is this story going to be something like Jane Austen's Emma? Also will oh-no-i'm-falling-in-love with-a-guy-who-is-actually-a-gal hijinks ensue? Hehe really cannot wait to read more! Decembi why do you keep tempting/distracting us??? But I'm really thankful for all your translations :))) (I'm following them all closely even though I may not comment sometimes)

    Also just a thought, perhaps Yue is more of fairy/immortal instead of a goddess since she's so young and hasn't established authority?

    On a sad note, read from Ms Koala's blog that they won't be showing Da Mo Yao (Ballad of the Desert) this June because of SARFT rulings :< Maybe I have to content myself with a re-read of the novel instead...

    1. Dear upside_down,

      Thank you! Actually, it's the same virus that keeps attacking me because my immune system has been down. I'm going to try and rest more after a major case is finished.

      It's my aim to create a really funny story, but I don't know if it translates because some things I found funny, maybe people won't? I tested it out on my husband, and we have diametrically opposite reactions to the jokes! *Cross fingers* My readers like my jokes. Hahaha. I love the Moon God as a character and I love to read about him everywhere - I almost made the Moon God the lead, but then I realised his story would work better as an epilogue.

      Can I squeal at your mention of Jane Austen's Emma? Yes, yes, totally inspired by all these hopeless matchmaking stories who in the course of their journey find out what is true love. :)

      I thought about making her a moon fairy/immortal too, but decided goddess sounded more fun and since her uncle is the great Moon God. But, she's a very weak goddess. Haha.

      :( :( :( Yes, that was a huge disappointment. That was the ONE drama I was looking forward to so much.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. Decembi please take care of your health! *Sends some healthy tonic soup your way*
      Don't feel too stressed about translating, am sure your readers will understand :)

      Hmmm I think it is ok if not everyone gets it because humour can be subjective - as long as you feel satisfied with it, that is the best! Just curious, what was your husband's reaction to the jokes?

      Oooo would be glad to know more about your Moon God - does he have a happy or sad story to tell? :)

      Are you going to be attempting to write this story in Chinese too?

      I was reading the story a little more closely the second time - I just noticed that Hsiao was fishing with a straight hook. I'm not too conversant with fishing but that means that he wasn't really fishing but waiting for his bait to come to him - That is his Big Brother's assassins. (I missed this line too cos I reading fast the first time) Also, this fishing scene is also of an apt description of finding love (assuming they are the OTP). It kind of reminds me of the Heavy Sweetness epilogue where Jin Mi took her son fishing for a daughter-in-law :) (Actually in my mind, I'm imagining that this is a continuation of Heavy Sweetness - Yue-er is the Moon God's grandniece by Phoenix and Jin Mi. Haha please don't think I'm crazy!)


      (this is my new nick - because it's one of my fav ingredients in cooking and i prefer savouries to sweets :) )

    4. Lemonsalt (wow this is a really good nick haha! It makes me hungry),

      Yes, I get very curious about which parts people laugh at. Because my husband laughed at some of the jokes I found funny, but also read some parts in a completely different way. I made him read the first 7 chapters in one go and he loves the Prologue and Chapter 7 the most. I think he likes the second arc more than the first arc which surprised me.

      Yes, yes! I have a total soft spot for the Moon God, and want to find proper swoony pictures for him. I imagine him as very pretty, but distinguished now that he is older, with silver hair. After all, he is kind of like the god of love - and I don't want him to be a grandfather like all the traditional pictures.

      Sometimes, certain parts feels more natural to me in chinese? But I try to incorporate them altogether! Intrigued how this will turn out.

      Yes, you totally got it about the straight hook! Actually, I didn't think about the epilogue when I was writing it, but we were both inspired by the famous tale of Jiang Zi Ya who fished with a straight hook and the saying that the willing will take the hook even if it's not curved or without bait. I think it reveals a little about Hsiao's philosophy and as you very cleverly observed, he was waiting for the assassins. Haha, poor oblivious Yue. I think it's so funny that you think she's related to Phoenix and JIn Mi. Aww, so cute. But that would make her a bird right? Haha

    5. It must be really rewarding to write a story and get such good response from your readers! Your husband is really nice and supportive as well to read the story and give you feedback! Actually I'm quite excited to read the rest of your story (to know more about Hsiao's background and OTP journey to true love) - my anticipation level for this is just as high for your translated works :) Please bring on the fluff!!

      Haha it is so interesting that you like the Moon God. Actually, I imagine him as some dotty but genial old man (the traditional grandfather figure) so it would be interesting to see how he is portrayed in your story! Distinguished silver hair - reminds me of dear Donghua Dijun!

      I love the Phoenix/Jin Mi couple so much (haha I know some cannot stand Jin Mi's obliviousness but that accounts for most of the humour in the story) so please forgive me for seeing them (and their descendants) everywhere. Hmmm now what kind of bird would that be, I'm not so sure. (Do you remember the douban link I gave to you for the epilogues for Heavy Sweetness? I'm not sure if that are the real epilogues but they also had a daughter and she was a 凤凰花)

    6. My readers are so lovely and warm! It's a great motivation. Haha, yes my husband is very sweet. I'm so glad you are excited. I hope it lives up to half of your expectations :)

      Yes, I really like the Moon God! Heehee. He will definitely have an epilogue when the story ends! :) Teehee, oh yes handsome Dijun with the silver hair, though while Dijun can get cranky and cynical, the Moon God is probably as romantic as can be :)

      Teehee, I forgive you. I think it's so cute and Yue is honoured to be thought of having such good background. Oh yes, I was saving the douban link for when I finished translating. I suspect it's a fanfic! :)

  5. First of all congratulation on the birth of your novel decembi!

    I love how you're giving us the p.o.v of both Yue Er and Hsiao.

    "I was irritated! Does he want for nothing so much that he did not even want to live? I shook my head, even if he wanted to die, I didn't want to die!" - Can I say I love our female heroine already, she's gutsy and I can sense some of her personality already.

    Can't wait to read more, shall be supporting you all the way~ XD

    1. Thank you, sutekii! :) I'm really glad that you found her gutsy as opposed to stupid (lol), which is sometimes a tough balance to navigate.

      Thanks so much for your support, it means a lot!

  6. Hello! This is my first time posting here. First and foremost, I really want to thank you for your efforts in translating the novels including moonblossom's translations in "Gentleman Free-Flowing Cloud" for us readers who can't read chinese. Really really appreciated it! ^^

    After reading Yun Zhong Ge, LYF and the first story of Hua Xu Yin, I'm really really devastated about the struggles and unavoidable fate that occurs in their life. Regrets and with the mention of "if only..." is so heart breaking :(

    I am so glad to have found your blog through SSB and manage to read more light-hearted/fluff stuff that you guys have pour your heart into to share the love! It really helped cheer me up after the bumpy rides in angst novel~

    In all honesty, you have really got me very interested of "Little Moon's Matchmaking"! I am very much interested to see how and what will the leads relationship will progress into. With your guarantee that it will be a happy ending, I can't wait to see all the fun and fluff from your story! :)

    Other than that, please get well soon and not overwork yourself~ Looking forward to more of your story~ hehe! cheers!

    1. Hello Elaine,

      Aww thanks for your really sweet message. Me too! I got really upset about all these heartbreaking stories and tried very hard to find a lighthearted funny c-novel. The one I found was Gentleman Free-Flowing Cloud and was very happy when Moonblossom picked it up for translation. I think funny ancient short stories are pretty rare in c-novel dom, or at least I'm ignorant, because most ancient stories are pretty angsty and touches with the "FATE" thing quite scarily, and I just wanted to write a light fluffy love story.

      I'm so happy that you like it. It's super fluffy. It's so fluffy, I might have to stop myself. Haha.

      Thank you!

  7. Decembiii, wow you move one step ahead! congratulation :D
    i hope you'll get better soon.
    I LOVE THIS! when will you post the next chapter? i can't wait. hihii..
    anyway, how old are the leads?
    is the main girl really appear as a man? i mean, does she really has Adam’s apple???

    1. Hello Redhazel,

      Thank you! I'm waiting for my husband to finish work so he can drive me home to rest lol. Going to cart home lots of my work for the weekend (sobs).

      Thank you for your encouragement, it means a lot to me! Since the response is positive, I shall post up the next one very quickly. :) Heehee, luckily I have all the chapters in reserve.

      Little Moon is one hundred years old in goddess/fairy terms. Haha. Hsiao will be turning twenty one during the story.

      She appears like how she is described - like a young maiden except she has a fake Adam's apple she magicked lol. She is using her real face if anyone is wondering. Haha.

  8. Yey! This reading made me smile and I keep on smiling while posting this. Your work came exactly at the right time since yesterday I read a spoiler about Lost You Forever and XL. Yap, I'm a XL shipper, must come from always loving Inouyasha's brother as a kid...I could only cry out loud 'why, c'mon, why?!' Anyways, thank you for the Little Moon. She seems like a cute, curious and loveable heroine. Can't wait to see the story develop! Still smiling:))
    Take good care of yourself and hope you get better soon. XXOO, Sonia

    1. Hello Sonia, hearing that this made you smile makes me so happy! Thank you! *squish* I hope I can develop Little Moon into a true cute lovable heroine :).

      And me too!!! Inuyasha's step brother, Sesshamoru right?!!! I loved loved loved his story with the little mortal?

    2. Yap, it was Seshamoru-San. So happy someone liked him as well:)))
      As you promissed have a restful weekend and don't work too much.

    3. Yes, I love him too!!! Last busy working day tmr and hopefully some weekend peace :) gd weekend to you too!

  9. first novel.. WOW.. and quite promising also..
    Can't wait for the next chapter. Thanks for sharing! Get well soon, don't forget to drink lots of water and vitamin C ^-^

    1. Thank you for the support bingu! I have been drinking lots of liquids! :)

  10. fighting.......looking forward to your next post..thank you miss decembi checking your blog everyday has become part of my life..big big thanks

    1. Wow everyday! Heehee, thanks for your support. Fighting!

  11. Goodness!!! You've got a jackpot of a story here Decembi and I want to congratulate you for sharing this delightful Prologue and 1st Chapter. Way to go girl!!!! (^_^)
    I'm totally on board with this project of yours and really admire your talent of whipping a story that can make us readers ask for more. But your health comes first so am glad you saw a doctor to get back on track. I sincerely hope that you look after yourself well and rest assured that we your avid readers will be here to support your work. You bring so much joy to those who are illiterate in the Chinese language like myself and I cannot thank you enough for sharing all these yummy and fluffy stories which I didn't even know exist.
    Though I may not know you personally (including Moonblossom), am grateful to feel that I have virtual acquaintances/friends whom I could share my thoughts with ( despite being silly and girly, hi hi hi)... I read all the comments of fellow readers in your blog and I wish to extend my thanks to them for bringing sunshine when I find myself swamped with mundane tasks. ^_^


    1. Hello Peachie,

      Aww thanks for the support, it really means a lot when one is starting out! I hope I can write a story that readers will enjoy and smile at :). The doctor has prescribed lots of rest, which is what I plan to do this weekend.

      Thank you for bringing sunshine to my life too :)

  12. I'm a silent reader, but just want to say I love reading this! And somehow the moon god in my head is the one from HSALF :)


    1. Lola,

      Thank you so much! This makes me incredibly happy. Lol, how come? The Moon God in Heavy Sweetness is very naughty and a total flirt!

  13. ah im not pay attention there is new translation:) wuhuu thanks decembi i will read all :) oh i hope your healthy getting better now :)

    1. thank you hanny! I have been resting as much as I can :)

  14. I'm really enjoying this lol.... i'm relatively new to the world of translated C-Novels, which i find awesomely interesting. And just so u know, u're pretty good at this, so please don't stop writing ur own stuff :D

    1. AWWW this is so sweet. Thanks Unknown for the encouragement. <3

  15. I have read your translation of heavy sweetness and so glad that you wrote a Xian xia to fulfill my withdrawals!! Jia you! Thanks for putting all this effort for English readers. I myself can understand some Chinese but C novels tend to have too much poetic stuff that is hard to fathom. Thanks again :D

    1. Heehee I wrote Little Moon to satisfy my sweet fluff cravings. I hope you enjoy it Would love to hear what you think when you finish this :)

  16. I am such a huge fan of xianxia myself (Ten Miles of Peach Blossom is one of my fave c-novels and it's my fave c-drama) and the premise for this novel is so good! The Prologue and the first chapter is already so gripping! I'm planning on writing my own c-novel myself but I don't have the confidence to begin yet. I hope I'll be able to post it in the future when I do get to work on it just like you did. I can't wait to read the rest of the chapters! :)