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Drama Recap: 追鱼传奇 (Mermaid Legend) : The Love Story of The Crown Prince & A Fishing Village Girl (Part 7 of 12)

  In Episode 17, Mu Dan tries her best to win herself back into Zhan Feng's heart. Will she succeed?

 Episode 18 opens with Zhan Feng sitting at the pavillion Mu Dan had played at yesterday, he appears to be in deep thought. What will he decide? To go after Mu Dan again? (*insert horrified face*) 

  Mu Dan appears and acts surprised to see the Crown Prince. Zhan Feng smiles and says, "Since we have the fate to meet today, why don't we have a good talk?"

  Mu Dan coyly asks, "What will we talk about?" 

   Zhan Feng approaches Mu Dan with a playful smile on his face, "Doesn't your heart know?"

   Zhan Feng, with his flirting powers switched to the maximum, touches her cheek.

  Mu Dan moves back and says, "Oh no, this is not appropriate."

  Zhan Feng says, "I have offended my lady?"

  Mu Dan with a soft smile on her lips says, "I'm a lady of fine upbringing."

  Mu Dan asks for them to sit down and have a heart to heart chat. Zhan Feng says they have nothing to talk about. Mu Dan pleads saying she knows Zhan Feng must be angry at her. 

  Mu Dan apologises saying that she knows she has hurt Zhan Feng's feelings, his good actions to her, and she's very sorry. She begs that he can be angry at her, hate her, but please don't treat her this way. (This mindboggles me, if he is angry at her and hates her, why can't he treat her this way? Also, Mu Dan is always talking to Zhan Feng's back. Haha!)

  Zhan Feng remains silent. Mu Dan goes on to say that although she's the Prime Minister's daughter, in many ways, her heart is just like any ordinary girl, except she is not free. Her betrothal to Zhang Zhen was a promise made by her father. 

  Zhan Feng scoffs that she should follow her father's intentions. Mu Dan cries, "I am not willing!" She softens quickly and asks, "I want to ask if you are willing to forgive me? If you are willing to accept me again?"

With a sinister smile that Mu Dan cannot see, Zhan Feng says, "I am very willing."

 Mu Dan is so happy, she looks up at heaven and smiles gleefully, "I knew the power of love could overcome everything."

 Mu Dan grabs Zhan Feng and says, "Bring me to the Empress Dowager!" (Oops, lady you are moving too fast.)

  Zhan Feng stops her.

  Zhan Feng asks, "What has our matter got to do with the Empress Dowager?"

  Mu Dan pouts, "You mean your heart is not true?"

  Zhan Feng scoffs, "What is a true heart?"

  Mu Dan sighs, "How do you expect me to say it out loud? I am a girl... you can't expect me to cry marriage marriage all the time." (I'm sorry but I laughed at this part because she did say it out loud.)

   Zhan Feng laughs, "Marriage? You are not saying marriage with me, are you?"

  Mu Dan rushes towards Zhan Feng, "Why not?"

  Mu Dan says, "I know that you are the great Crown Prince and your marriage is no small matter. But, don't worry, Mu Dan is prepared to wait for you."

  Zhan Feng smiles, "I'm afraid you are mistaken. I am only here today to hear a song."

  Mu Dan's face fell, "You were teasing me?"

  The smile drops from Zhan Feng's face and he turns cold, "You are the one who is teasing me. You play a song at the place I visit, aren't you trying to attract me here? You have succeeded. I am here today. At least you have not wasted your efforts."

  Mu Dan is furious, "Do you know who is before you? The prettiest lady in the whole capital! Do you know how many men want to marry me in the capital? I tell you, if you don't marry me, you can forget about having me!" 

  Zhan Feng smiles, "Then let me tell you, I am only here for fun. A woman to me, her beauty is only a false outer cover. I can find fun everywhere. Why should I spend so much time on you?"

  Mu Dan's mouth drops, "You are treating me like the other women? I, Mu Dan, will always get what I want."

  Zhan Feng says, "I know what you want. Let me tell you, what I don't want, even the Heavens cannot force me to take."

  He walks off. Mu Dan cries, "Don't go." He stops. 

  Mu Dan pleads, "Crown Prince, forgive me. I was speaking nonsense just now." She leans on his shoulder, "If you treat me sincerely, I will also treat you sincerely."

  Zhan Feng looks like he is in pain and is struggling to come to a decision. 

  Zhan Feng turns around. At first he looks at Mu Dan gently, then his gaze hardens, "Let me tell you, you don't have to dream anymore." Mu Dan smiles. 

  Zhan Feng says, "To me, you are the most ugly."

  He walks off and never turns back. 

 Ok, this scene totally kicked ass! I loved it so much and practically translated all the dialogue. I think this really shows Zhan Feng's character, he is a total player and loves beauty, but he redeems himself by always prizing sincerity and a person's character. Mu Dan betrayed his sworn brother, Zhang Zhen, and no matter how pretty she is or how sweet she tries to be, Zhan Feng cannot appreciate her false outer cover anymore. 

 Later in Episodes 18 to 20, there is a ridiculous sub-plot of the assassin Mu Dan's father hired to kill Zhang Zhen's father, he comes back and kidnaps Mu Dan. For what reason, I am not sure, maybe for money? Anyway, Mu Dan accidentally kills the assassin, who is the only one who can attest to the fact that Mu Dan's father hired someone to kill Zhang Zhen's father. Because Zhang Zhen told the Emperor that Mu Dan's father murdered his father but has no evidence, he is put to jail. The only one who can help him now is Mu Dan...... Zhan Feng goes to Mu Dan and tells her to tell the truth, if not the truth will come anyway, and she will have committed the sin of lying to the Emperor. So, Mu Dan does tell the truth, but this comes at great cost as her father is executed and her mother commits suicide in grief. Somehow, deep in the mountains, Mu Dan saves a fox spirit. Yes, this plot will continue to astound you. Haha, but with that Mu Dan leaves our screens for a while:

 In episode 21, Zhang Zhen finally takes the imperial examination. Auntie Lan, Hong Ling and Tang Xin wait anxiously, especially Hong Ling who is surprised at the number of people who are attending the examination. When Zhang Zhen comes out, he assures them he did his best for the exams. 

  Zhan Feng visits Tang Xin at the coffee house she works at. He smiles happily at her and says he has come here on an important matter. Tang Xin doesn't really bother about Zhan Feng as she cleans up the table. 

  Zhan Feng says, "You work so hard to just earn a bit of money, and then hide it in the stove." Tang Xin jumps at him to speak softly. Zhan Feng actually speaks softly, "I have figured it out for you! You work so hard to earn a bit of money for your old age."

  "You should get married!" Zhan Feng says this standing up with glee.

  Tang Xin starts to laugh. Then she says, "If you are trying to say a joke, you have succeeded, I have laughed. But if you are serious, then you are thinking too much." 

  Tang Xin shakes her head, "This is the capital. Everyone wants a refined classy lady."

  Zhan Feng smiles, "You aren't that bad. At least you have one good point. You are chivalrous."

  Tang Xin smiles, "This is not simple, you are saying good things about me."

  Zhan Feng laughs and cries to the boss of the coffee house, "I'm borrowing this assistant." And, he drags her out of the coffee house.

  He brings her to a silk shop. 

  Yes, my dear readers, we are going to get a PRETTY WOMAN sequence in ancient c drama! :) *Squeals* Ok, I have to save it for the next part!


  1. *squeals*

    Tysm decembi *mwah* & take care!


    1. Thank you samie ;) glad there are still mermaid fans!

  2. oh we didn't have the same version of the drama. mine at 18 the pprince is already heart broken and after that all the cute sequences. i don't know how the brain of the prince is working but all his stratagems are kind of funny and cute

    1. Oooh that's interesting! Hahaha. I agree, the prince is really wacky and cool <3

  3. Thank you decembi <3<3<3
    OMG I got nervous when I saw zhan feng and mudan met and the shoulder hug grrr.
    Thank goodness there's tang xin & zhan feng chat, really loved it haha. I'm excited to see Tang xin's version of pretty woman.

    1. Me too!!! Can you imagine if you watched it without knowing the end - you will never really know if Zhan Feng is supposed to be with Mudan (shudders) or Tang Xin.

      I love Tang Xin. She's so sassy! <3

  4. yeayyyy...finally an update on the recap....been waiting anxiously :-)

    at last i understand what zhan feng said to mu first when i watched the ep, i thought he deliberately went to meet mu dan n all the teasing he did...but when he walked off, i felt relieved.

    impatiently waiting for the next recap...the cinderellafication of tang xin :-)

    1. Thank you for your patience, uw_maulida! :) My recaps may be a bit slower but I'm definitely committed to finishing Tang Xin and Zhan Feng's super romantic story!

      Heehee, yes, Zhan Feng is really such a dangerous flirt!!!

  5. Hi decembi!

    I love love loved the secondary couple! I first watched Mermaid's Legend at JoleCole's behest. She raved about them and added a clip of their cute bickering which totally sealed the deal for me.

    If I remember correctly, the reason why the assassin came back to kidnap Mu Dan was out of revenge against her dad. Mu Dan's father had the assassin "killed" by his henchmen after he (the assassin) completed his missions of stealing a letter and killing Zhang Zhen's dad. The prime minister stabbed the assassin in the back by using and throwing him away and he returned to take his revenge.

    But yea, like you, I skipped around a lot and just watched all the Crown Prince/Miss Teapot scenes. :D Can you believe she was the same actress who played Liu Shi Shi's maid in Bu Bu Jing Xin??

    and Kenny Kwan, wow...he must have found the elixir of youth or something. He looks almost exactly the same as when he debuted in the HK boy band Boyz over 12 years ago! Yet he's 34 this year!

    1. Hello joanna,

      So nice to hear from you! Me tooo. I love love love the secondary couple. I wanted to finish all the recaps in one go but fell really sick, and now just getting back on track again. <3 I really love this drama and glad other people have watched it too. There's not enough fan love. Haha.

      I think the actress is really talented! Haha, Kenny Kwan looks like Wu Zun to me.