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#talk 19: Boss & Me Drama Trailer (English subs)!

   Why so adorable? Gu Man's Come and Eat Shan Shan! drama adaptation known as "Boss and Me" is absolutely adorable! I think Zhao Li Ying just oozes cuteness and is perfect! I don't find Zhang Han handsome at all, but I guess his frostiness is a fun contrast to Zhao Li Ying's bubbling cuteness. 

   I like the first half of the trailer and I think the second half hints of possible senseless angst, but I'm still excited! Count me in. I have translated the trailer for those who can't understand chinese...

Random man: Ms Xue Shan Shan?

Feng Teng: My sister has the same blood type as you. She is now in the operation theatre. I hope you can stay here in case of necessity. 

Unknown younger male next to Feng Teng: Let me introduce for you - this is Feng Teng. 

Shan Shan (shocked): Big boss?

Feng Teng's sister: Ms Xue's personality is very warm and innocent. How shall we thank her?

Feng Teng: The usual - a cheque.

Feng Teng's sister: You are so vulgar! Fine, fine, I will think of something myself. 

Secretary: May I ask who is Ms Xue? 

Shan Shan: I am Xue Shan Shan. 

Secretary: Ms Xue, lunch box from the boss. 

Secretary: Shan Shan, lunch box!

Secretary: Shan Shan, your lunch box. 

Shan Shan: This is great. I eat like a pig and no one can see. 

Shan Shan: Shan Shan is a small sun, full of positive energy. Shan Shan, add oil (a way of saying work hard/do your best)!

Unknown younger male next to Feng Teng (I'm guessing his secretary? a friend?): Are you interested in Shan Shan?

Feng Teng: Don't talk rubbish!

Feng Teng's male friend: I think Shan Shan is nice, she's cute, innocent and kind. She also has a mind of her own and isn't materialistic. Most importantly, she does not have a boyfriend.

Feng Teng: You speak so well of her, why don't you like her?

Feng Teng's male friend: Did I say I didn't like her?

Feng Teng's sister: Tell me, what special traits does Shan Shan have?

Feng Teng: None. If you really want to say, there is only one - she can eat.

Shan Shan (clapping): New year! Quick see, quick see!

Feng Teng: Actually for every year's countdown to the new year, I am here alone watching the fireworks.

Shan Shan (thinks to herself): This does not feel real. Is this a dream?

Feng Teng: I will not leave you alone when you are hurting and not do anything anymore... I want the whole world to know that this fish pond has been booked by you. 

Shan Shan: I have fallen for you. Look at me, am I what you like?


Feng Teng: Xue Shan Shan, let's try. 

Li Shu (aka evil woman): I don't understand. This kind of woman - how can she deserve to be with you?

Feng Teng: Li Shu! Enough!

Li Shu: I admit I like Feng Teng. 

Feng Teng: Don't go. 

Shan Shan: You once told me, let's try. Now, I finally understand what you mean by let's try. 

*SQUEALS* I think Shan Shan is adorable and I want to watch Feng Teng grovel for her. *Please?* 

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Heavy Sweetness Ash-Like Frost: Translation (Chapter 14.3: A Bug Eating Through The Heart)

   Everyone's favourite character arrives and expectedly someone becomes very, very, very jealous. 

Chapter 14: A Bug Eating Through The Heart (Part 3 of 4)
   The little sky soldier's mouth sunk and his eyes looked like he was about to cry. 

  Master Pu Chi raised his brow and turned to asked me, "Beauty, how do you know Night likes you?"

  "Naturally it's because he said so," I said honestly.

  "Pu Chi!" Master Pu Chi laughed, "Jin Mi, you are so naive, a person saying 'I like you' is the same as a woman saying 'I hate you'. You cannot believe it! Love is a deep and profound thing, the essence of which is six words - 'Words Do Not Match The Heart'."

  "Then how does one tell if this 'like' is genuine?" The little sky soldier asked curiously, he even sat down on the stone step to listen. The Nightmare deer rubbed the end of my robes and gently leaned at the side of my feet, it looked with glistening eyes at Master Pu Chi. 

  Master Pu Chi was the moon being worshipped by all these stars, he started to lecture with a profound expression, "If a person genuinely likes you, he will often look at you in a daze, for example, just like how I gazed at Jin Mi just now." Master Pu Chi looked at me with an intoxicated gaze, until I trembled. 

  "If a person genuinely likes you, he will not throw his temper at you, for example, just like how I dote on Jin Mi. If a person genuinely likes you, he will be happier than you when you are happy, he will cajole you to be happy when you are upset, his heart will ache for you more than your own heart, he will know how to take care of you better than you can yourself. For example, Jin Mi's toes are swollen, my whole body aches as if it has been stomped upon, "Master Pu Chi suddenly held my toes and rubbed them, there was a slight heat from his palms which must have been his own powers. With this one rub, I indeed felt better. 

  But Master Pu Chi's expression which was like a little dog looking at a meat bone when he held my feet was a little too scary, so I trembled and kept my naked feet into my silk shoes. Master Pu Chi reluctantly let go and said, "Actually, besides me, everyone in this world like what they can never get." Master Pu Chi gave me a grand smile, "For example..."

  "Greetings to Phoenix Highness!"

   I turned my head, the two sky soldiers guarding the Northern Sky Gate both bowed holding a respectful fist towards a tall distinguished figure. The person shone in his grand robes and had ten guardsmen standing behind him. If it wasn't Phoenix, who else could it be? Under his proud brows, his clear eyes were looking towards here. 

  Phoenix must have brought his soldiers to survey the heaven gates, I gave him a friendly smile. He did not say a word, his gaze was like the grasshopper skipping across the water, but it became sharp when he looked at Master Pu Chi. 

  "If I did not remember wrongly, Gentleman Yan You disdains the heavenly realm and does not come here. For what purpose, have you come so often recently?"

  "Yan You naturally has come for a beauty," Master Pu Chi again gazed at me as if I was a meat bone.

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Fiction: Little Moon's Matchmaking Mission! (Chapter 13)

    Whee! The start of the final arc. I really want to thank each and everyone of you who have given me the support and encouragement for Little Moon. Reading, writing, translating... all these activities are actually solitary activities, but I have been so fortunate to have been able to talk to all of you, so instead of feeling alone, I feel so invigorated! 

   I'm a bit nervous about this chapter, so *cross fingers* all of you will like this. This chapter answers many of the questions I have been asked at the start. Enjoy! 

Chapter 13: It all starts with a red thread

Little Moon/Yue


   I felt an intense heat radiating from the core of my body. I blinked my eyes opened and saw Uncle looking worriedly back at me.

   Even in this dire situation, I could not help but laugh at this feeling of déjà vu. This was just like the start when I first touched Hsiao’s golden threads.

   I hurriedly blurted out, “How is Hsiao?” Immediately after I spoke, I felt a strange tightness in my chest and a strong lack of breath.

   “Prince Sun teleported you to me. You don’t have to worry, he is with Hsiao and Xi Yang will make sure Hsiao is alright,” Uncle said wearily.

  “Don’t move,” Uncle said as he pressed a meridian point at my wrist, “If not for Xi Yang giving you some of his own pure divine strength, you were very close to disintegrating your essence into oblivion. However, your core is now incomplete…”

   Uncle shook his head, “Is Heaven’s fate for both of you so?” He shook his head more vigorously, “Perhaps, it is my fault. I should have revealed to you all about your origins, Yue, so you could make a genuine choice.”

  I was lying on the bed and did not have the strength to lift myself up. I asked, “What do you mean, Uncle?”

  Uncle took my silk sachet from my robes and took out the red thread, “Do you remember when I first gave you this red thread and said this was your beginning?”

  My heart paused as I nodded.

  Uncle lifted up his head and something rippled through his eyes, “Already, it has been more than a hundred years.”


  A hundred plus years ago…

The Moon God

  “She broke your red thread too?” I heard Moon Maiden Yi ask Moon Maiden Er.

   Moon Maiden Er nodded, “It looks like what they say of her on earth is true… she has too hard a destiny structure and will harm her husband (克夫)”.

   My interest was pricked. In all my years as a Moon God, I had not met a woman I could not match, “Who is this maiden?”

  “Her name is Ye Liu (叶榴 – Ye comes from the Chinese word “leaf” and Liu comes from the Chinese word “石榴” (Shi Liu) which means pomegranate) from the Golden Carp Village. She is now twenty-five and long past the marrying age,” Moon Maiden Er curtsied in greeting and answered.

  “Quite a few Moon Maidens have tried to connect a red thread for her, however, the red threads will connect but get cut very easily,” Moon Maiden Yi added, “It is quite a pity for she is a real beauty.”

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Fiction: Little Moon's Matchmaking Mission! (Chapter 12)

    It's with great joy and relief that I announce the end of the second arc. The second arc was much harder to write than the first arc, but perhaps it was also ultimately more fulfilling. It answered some of the questions of the first arc and provided the foundation we needed as we go towards the final arc. Thank you for following me on this journey and trusting me with where I would like to bring you. 

  Hope you will enjoy the end of the second arc! 

Chapter 12: The sunset though beautiful is brief

Little Moon/Yue


   Hsiao’s eyes crinkled into a deep smile, the deepest I had ever seen on his face, “I’m not allowed to say no, am I?”

   I laughed as he followed me into the circle of dancers, “No, you are not. It is the woman’s prerogative tonight!”

    We danced all night, we drank all night. I had many envious glances from the other tribal women but Princess Bai Ying had secretly decreed that Hsiao was all mine.

      With a wine gourd each, we went out to the balcony at the Grand Hall again and watched the full moon. In the silence, Hsiao held my right hand, the palm of which had two black dots and one red dot.

    Hsiao never asked why I had lied about my gender or dressed up as a male, he didn’t even asked if I was really a Fortune Teller. That is why I like him, I thought out loud to the moon.

   And that is why I am willing to bet my life on him.


       In the morning, before we departed, Princess Bai Ying came to my bed chambers and she brought a huge pile of female clothing, “Yue, it’s a travesty that you are wearing male clothing. Bring this with you.”

   I gave an embarrassed chuckle, “Elder sister (though I was older than Princess Bai Ying), in truth, I find female clothing very inconvenient to wear.”

   “Preposterous,” Princess Bai Ying said as she instructed Xiao Shuang to start helping me wear one of the garments, “Aren’t you worried Hsiao will be attracted away?”

    I sighed as I let myself be dolled up by Princess Bai Ying and Xiao Shuang. I couldn’t even bear to tell Princess Bai Ying that I was technically supposed to marry Hsiao off to her and his childhood sweetheart back in the palace.

   When we were done, Princess Bai Ying gave me a pleased smile and a tight hug, “Little sister, you must take care of yourself and come to me if Hsiao ever bullies you.”

  I returned her hug, “Elder Sister, if Hsiao ever needs your help, please help him. He is a good man.”

   After we left the bedchambers, I noticed that some of the male guards would look at me strangely. I guessed I really wasn’t suited for female clothing.

   I smiled at Hsiao who paused for a moment before he nodded in reply. He didn’t seem very happy. I felt a faint pang of disappointment.

   “I wanted to wear male robes but Princess Bai Ying insisted that I must wear female robes when I left. I know I look quite awful but let’s bear with it till we leave,” I said apologetically, as if ugliness was my sin.

  Hsiao’s eyes twinkled at my words then he smiled, “I agree you shouldn’t wear male robes when we are out. But not because you look awful, rather it’s quite the opposite and I got annoyed at the stares of all the male soldiers.”

  My eyes widened in surprised as Hsiao patted my head, “It’s alright. I have enough brains for the two of us.”

  I gave Hsiao an annoyed glance and Hsiao leaned towards my right ear and whispered, “You look beautiful.”

  I flushed as Hsiao walked off nonchalantly. I remembered the older Moon Maidens saying that in a relationship, there will be one party that eats and the other party that gets eaten. Was I the pig who got eaten?

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Heavy Sweetness Ash-Like Frost: Translation (Chapter 14.2: A Bug Eating Through The Heart)

   I have to confess that I doubt I translated a lot of the Buddhist sayings correctly, so I went for meaning more than anything. In this chapter, the Water God shows us the meaning of true love. 

Chapter 14: A Bug Eating Through the Heart (Part 2 of 4)

  Father suddenly staggered back and lifted up his head in alarm.

  I paused in contemplation, who knew that Grandfather Buddha will also have a bit of temper from being just woken up at his age. Immediately when he opened his mouth, he said such ominous things, I couldn't help giving a cold shiver. 

  "Is a huge trial going to befall Jin Mi? I seek guidance from the Buddha, " Father's usually calm and steady voice was suddenly hurried and full of ripples, "Buddha is merciful and compassionate, willing to save all life on earth. Luo Lin makes the bold request for the Buddha to save my daughter's life!"

  Grandfather Buddha picked up a fallen leaf and said, "To save one life is not necessarily compassionate, to save a hundred lives is also not necessarily compassionate, but to enlighten all life is the way of compassion. If there is a tiger on the mountain which is heavily injured and is about to die, to save or not to save?"

  Father replied without any hesitation, "Save!"

  Grandfather Buddha gave a peaceful smile, "If the tiger recovers and returns to the mountain, it will catch the deers and rabbits for food. The Water God may save one life but harm hundreds. You may be compassionate but harm hundreds of other lives."

  I selfishly thought that it wasn't fair for Grandfather Buddha to compare a grape stem with a fierce tiger. Father must have thought the same and said, "Jin Mi is pure and kind, she does not know anything of this world and will not harm others. May the Buddha check carefully." After he finished, Father took out the scripture he always carried on his body, he placed his right palm on it and seriously declared, "As the protector of the six worlds, I solemnly swear on the Golden Buddha Attendants Scripture. I earnestly seek help from Buddha to help Jin Mi overcome this trial, Luo Lin will repay this debt four times over, and is willing to suffer three lifetimes of hardship."

  Grandfather Buddha softly closed his eyes and said, "All life on earth are linked, if the heart does not move, the elements do not move, if the heart does not change, the elements do not change," He lifted up his eyes and gave me a merciful glance, his glance seemed to have some strange power, in a moment I was by his side. 

  Grandfather Buddha swiped his hand over the mirror, the reflection started to ripple and I realised that this was not a mirror but a calm pond of sacred water. The dot of water on Grandfather Buddha's finger immediately became the burnt trace of a fragrant incense, he placed it on my palm and gently pressed my hands together, he gave a slight smile, "Worry comes from love, fear comes from love, if one moves away from love, one is without worry or fear. May this scented trace help you overcome your trial."

  I earnestly gazed at Grandfather Buddha and asked, "How about the seal? Can you conveniently also release it?

  Grandfather Buddha smiled but did not speak, he waved his hand and in a moment, everything changed and the stars moved, the surrounding scenery transformed. Father and I were suddenly standing outside the Northern Sky Gates. Father gave a deep bow towards the west, "Many thanks to the Great Buddha." Daddy turned back to me, his gaze full of sadness and worry, he must have treated what Grandfather Buddha said seriously, but I was indifferent.

  During the night, Father went down to the mortal world to release the rain. I stood by the Northern Sky Gate in deep thought, I was a little frustrated, we had travelled and rushed all the way to the Western Skies but we had returned with nothing. I even received a curse that I would die soon, I really felt it was not worth it. The more I thought, the more the tip of my toes hurt, I looked down and realise that the little sika deer's two front paws were on my toes and looking at me with pitiful beady eyes. It had an extremely innocent look.

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Fiction: Little Moon's Matchmaking Mission! (Chapter 11)

   I was so happy to finish editing Chapter 11. The entire second arc was written to reach this point and it's definitely my most favourite chapter for the second arc. I'm so excited to share this chapter!

  *You get to learn Hsiao's real name in this chapter as well, and his real name was inspired by Hui'er. 

Chapter 11: Full Circle



     As I carried Yue down the mountain in my arms, with his tattered robes and feigned unconsciousness, I did not know whether to praise Yue’s shamelessness or laugh at my cooperation.

  There were some soldiers on guard at the base of the mountain and they appeared surprised to see me. This was natural since no one ever saw me go up the mountain. One blew a whistle and very quickly I saw Princess Bai Ying ride on her white steed towards us.

  I nodded a greeting to Princess Bai Ying, “Greetings to Her Highness. I had received a signal of help from Yue’s white bird and went up the Holy Xue Mountain to rescue Yue.”

  Princess Bai Ying looked at Yue with alarm and worry, “Is he alright?”

  “He has no external injuries… he is probably just frostbitten by the cold and some warmth and rest will be sufficient,” I said as I declined the offer of another soldier to carry Yue.

  Princess Bai Ying nodded, and then she turned her gaze towards the Holy Xue Mountain. She was gazing at something very far away, and her eyes clouded with greater worry.

  I hid a smile and gave a firm look to Princess Bai Ying, “General Tie Shi will be fine. I can see that his heart was much stronger than Yue.”

  Princess Bai Ying returned my glance, but the sadness in her eyes did not lessen, “Which only gives him no exit.”


   When I finally placed Yue down in his chambers, Yue immediately opened his eyes and I could see they were filled with worry and regret.

   “Oh, Hsiao!” Yue cried, “Have I created a huge mess?”

    I arched my brows, “Isn’t it a bit late to worry now?”

  Yue paused, “I never doubted that General Tie Shi would be able to pass the test, because his heart was a true heart if I ever saw one! But, perhaps this test was more dangerous than I fathomed…”

  I patted Yue’s head and he lifted up his eyes to me like a young puppy seeking reassurance, “You do not need to regret. I saw no regret in General Tie Shi’s eyes when he went up the mountain. A man’s heart is worth living and dying for.”

   Yue seemed to ruminate over my words as he murmured, “A man’s heart is worth living and dying for.”

  “Yue,” I said, “I plan to leave the Xue Mountain Tribe after the seventh night and after General Tie Shi returns.”

  Yue looked at me in surprise.

  “It’s time for me to return home,” I continued, “Would you go with me?”

   Yue smiled, “Of course.”

  I smiled, “Without even knowing where it is?”

  “Wherever you go, I will go,” Yue declared as if it was the most natural thing in the world.

  I laughed, and my eyes turned solemn, “Yue, the journey to my home is very dangerous because there are people who want to kill me before I reach home.”

  Yue’s eyes flickered but he said with no hesitation, “Then, even more I need to follow you.”

  “Before you decide to follow me,” I begun, “Let me tell you my story. Yue, my real name is Hsiao ( – dawn*), Second Prince Hsiao. At sixteen, my mother sent me away from the palace with only one promise to my father which was for me to return to the palace when I turned twenty-one…”

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Fiction: Little Moon's Matchmaking Mission! (Chapter 10)

     The last two chapters were very much Yue's chapters as we delved into some of her reflections into the meaning of her existence and what she does as a Moon Maiden. For this chapter, we get to see Yue in Hsiao's heart. 

Chapter 10: The Silent Protector



    I followed Yue who swayed slightly tipsily towards the open balcony at the side of the Grand Hall. I quickly caught one of Yue’s arm when he stretched forward with one of his hands as if he wanted to grab the moon.

   Yue laughed as the moonlight shone down on him. Bathed in the golden glow of the moon, Yue did not seem like he belonged on earth. I tightened my grip on Yue, as if he would float away from this place if not for me anchoring him down.

  “Hsiao, isn’t the moon beautiful tonight?” Yue smiled.

   “Yes, it is,” I said as I leaned on the balcony beside Yue.

   Yue turned to me and whispered in my ear, “I know you think it’s crazy for me to challenge General Tie Shi to stay seven nights at the Holy Xue Mountain. But, it really isn’t since I planned to lose to General Tie Shi from the start.”

  Yue paused and leaned back, “I suppose to show some effort, I should stay at least three nights.” Yue brightened up, “Well, I plan to stay around the base of the mountain and find some cave to hide away.”

  Yue furrowed his brows, “I can’t hunt though,” Then he turned to me, “Can I send Xiao Bai out to you so that you can bring food for me at night?”

  Yue froze, “Oh, but you don’t know any martial arts. Hmm… maybe I can sneak out from the mountain for a few hours each day to forage some food or…”

  “I can bring food for you,” I said firmly.

  Yue brightened up, “Are you sure?”

  I nodded, the less Yue walked around the Holy Xue Mountain the better.

  Yue gave me a pleased smile, “That’s good. Did you know that I challenged General Tie Shi in the first place because of you?”

  “Because of me?”

  Yue nodded, “His heart had a maroon coloured thread because he was in love with Princess Bai Ying but didn’t dare to tell her. He came to my chambers to tell me all these good things about her, it made me sad that he had to matchmake away the person he loved.”

  I frowned, maroon coloured thread?

  “So, all these is because of you,” Yue said, he suddenly frowned and held his forehead.

  I kneaded Yue’s forehead, “You drank too much again.”

  Yue shook his head, “I hardly drank.”

  A young maidservant came from the Grand Hall and asked, “Is Gentleman Yue alright? Does Gentleman Hsiao need any help?”

  I smiled at her, “I’m used to this.” As Yue closed his eyes and leaned his head on my chest, I carried him up gently.

  I laughed softly to myself as I carried Yue away with him still murmuring my name.

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Heavy Sweetness Ash-Like Frost: Translation (Chapter 14.1: A Bug Eating Through The Heart)

   Whee! A Heavy Sweetness Translation!

 I thought this was a good picture to capture Jin Mi - instead of a white robed fragile frost flower beauty, she's more likely to be a strong feisty burst of colour!

  In chapter 12, we got to know Jin Mi's real identity, in chapter 13 we got to see Phoenix and Night face off for her, in chapter 14, Jin Mi's love trial and seal starts to unravel......

Chapter 14: A Bug Eating Through the Heart (Part 1 of 4)

  In the heavens, there were many gods, in the western skies, there were many buddhas.

  In the Big Thunder Temple, the eighteen golden arhats were either sitting, lying down or standing tall, they were arranged on the left and the right sides of the temple, in the middle was an incense burner which was burning one scent, the light twirls of smoke slowly emanated a beautiful smell that slowly disappeared in the chanting.

  With both of my hands respectfully pressed together, I followed father into the main hall of the temple. Under the stern gaze of the shining arhats, I surveyed for a while, became disinterested and returned my gaze to the main hall.

  On top of the lofty and majestic rectangular stone pedestal, there were three figures each sitting cross-legged on a lotus flower, they must be the Three Lifetimes Buddha, that transversed the past, present and future. Father's both hands were respectfully pressed together as he bent down his head and chanted, the Three Lifetimes Buddha lightly nodded their heads towards father, the Buddha in the middle with benevolent brows and kind eyes spoke, "Today is not a day where we open to the public to discuss the religious scriptures, why has the Water God come today?"

  "Luo Lin has rashly came today to seek the Ru Lai Holy Buddha to release the Jia Lan seal, " Father's voice was like the spring water, slowly flowing, it was neither hasty nor slow.

  "Is this for Zi Fen's daughter who is behind you?" The Buddha on the left looked at me, his holy gaze revealed light sympathy. Truly they were the Past, Present and Future Buddha, in one glance they can ascertain my origins.

  "Indeed," Father moved away to reveal my face, "I plead for the three great ones to allow us a meeting with the great Buddha."

  On the right, the future Buddha lightly looked at me, his calm demeanour slowly revealed faint ripples, his brows furrowed and he closed his eyes, he gave out a soft sigh.

  Seeing this, Father's body tightened, "May I ask why the great one is sighing?"

  The Future Buddha said, "A destined chance in one's fate, cannot be spoke of, cannot be spoken of."

  Father turned to look at me, his gaze held worry. My heart skipped, the Future Buddha did not know the past, but his eyes could see the future, seeing his description, my future must not be bright, could it be that I won't be able to cultivate into a god? Thinking of this, I couldn't help being depressed.

  "The door is always open, but the journey of the Water God will be fruitless, it will have no effect," The Future Buddha waved his hand, the door behind opened, behind it were many routes, the stars in the sky were arranged like the chess pieces and bedazzled one's eyes. However, in this moment, an unremarkable path of lilies started to lit up, one could not see the end, it was truly, one did not know how deep the clouds were, but this was the way to the Buddha, "The water lilies can lead the way for the Water God, one must be careful not to get lost or the ghosts will trap you and sink you to hell, I can only say up to here, Amitabha."

  Father pressed his hands together respectfully and chanted thanks to the Three Lifetimes Buddha, he took my hand and led me on the small path towards Buddha Grandfather. All the other paths were filled with flower scent, flat and wide, only this route of mud was extremely uneven, curved and hard to walk. One of my feet would sink in the mud, the other would tread over the mud as we walked on this trench-filled road. I thought about what was said - "fruitless", fruitless? Unless the Future Buddha has predicted that Ru Lai Grandfather will not release my seal? If my seal is not released, my divine energy cannot improve, if my divine energy cannot improve, I definitely cannot become a god, if I cannot become a god, I was destined to be looked down upon by all the great gods, for example Phoenix, ah such a fate was truly depressing...

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Gentleman Free-Floating Cloud (闲云公子)Chapter 10 (End)

This is the last chapter of Gentleman Free-Floating Cloud!  Since it is relatively short, I have translated it all at one go.  Enjoy!

 - Moonblossom -

Chapter 10

Tian Bi Cliff.

The moment her legs touched firm ground, she reached up to wipe the perspiration beads off her brow.  What a scare!  She nearly slipped and fell down the thousand-foot cliff!  Shuddering, she recalled her last fall.  If she fell down this time, there will not even be bones left to be found.

Frightened, she lost all her any crazy appetite to stake a claim on Luo Shen.

She raised her hand to release his meridian points so that he could speak. But when she saw a tinge of pink on his fine features, she coughed and turned away. Who was the one who gave him what-uncontrollable what-blissful pill?  Who was it?  Fantastic, this was called bringing suffering onto oneself.  She dared not meet his eyes and the two of them remained standing like that for a while.

This was the first time she has seen Xian Yun like this this but she was sure she had no intention of letting other women see him when he was this alluring. Swallowing, she tried to prep herself.  She will do it!  No more enduring!

“Since the Uncontrollable Blissful Pill works on you, it should work on me as well!”  It did not matter she just had a bad scare or that her endurance skill was good.  If she took a pill, it would surely level the playing field somewhat?

Pulling him pass the hot spring, she lifted a chiffon curtain and went into the little lounge at the back.  She peeked at Xian Yun and saw that his brow was furrowed as if he was angry at something.

She silently acknowledged that he had the right.  Afterall, which man would like to be forced like a duck to the slaughterhouse?  She speed up her movements and pushed him to lie on the bed.  Straddling him, she started tugging at his robe.  Halfway through, she recalled that he still could not speak so she released his speech points.  “Xian Yun, if you have anything to say, say it quick!”

Even if she has regretted her actions, she was not going to let him go.  He needed a cure for his poison and it had to be her.

She blinked and looked at the bare chest beneath her.  This was her first time looking at a half-naked Luo Shen and she felt her heart began to race.  The drug was more fast-acting then she thought.

He asked drily.  “Where did you get the pills?”

“Che Yan Yan gave it to me last night before you came.  She said this was the best way to control a man.”  She has accepted the pills without protest, never expecting that she would put it to use so soon. Um, the pills did appear effective…

“How many pills are there?”

“There is only one left.”

“How long is its effect?”

“I have no idea.” 

He looked at her steadily and gently tucked a damp tendril behind her ear.  He put his hand behind her neck and pulled her down as he whispered in her ear. “So this is how you look like when you are reckless.”

Reckless?  She thought she was just letting go a bit of her control? She can feel the heat coursing through her veins and knew her face must be red.  He, on the other hand, seemed to be in full control of himself other than a brush of pink on his cheeks.  His endurance skill was indeed way above hers!

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#talk 18: To Celebrate Moonblossom Completing Gentleman Free-Flowing Cloud!

Picture credits: mlcamaro

  When Lemonsalt sent this picture to me, I thought it could be a picture of Huang Fu Yun in between her two men, He Zai and Gong Sun Yun. Heehee. I wanted to express my happiness and gratitude for Moonblossom guestblogging her translations for Gentleman Free-Flowing Cloud on my blog and how amazing is it that we are finally going to cross the finishing line?


  For anyone else curious, Gentleman Free-Flowing Cloud ("GFC") is actually the prequel to "To Rule The World With One Cry" (一鸣天下). The novel, To Rule The World With One Cry ("One Cry"), actually deals with the story of Gong Sun Yun and Huang Fu Yun's son. Both stories are actually very different, GFC is a wonderful funny story with lots of wit and heart, while One Cry has more of a mystery and is more melodramatic though it has Yu Qing's trademark strange humour.

  Gong Sun Yun and Huang Fu Yun don't really have much of a role to play in One Cry and hardly appear. Gong Sun Yun makes a short scene appearance but bears no resemblance to how funny and cool he is in GFC. In One Cry, Huang Fu Yun's son falls for Gong Sun Yun's cousin (?) (never really explained, but basically she is the aunt but is younger), who gets poisoned at a very young age because some secret sect wants to kidnap her for her ability to memorise everything in one glance. She is said to be extremely beautiful when she was young, but when the story starts you see a plump girl who cannot stop eating. You later learn that to stop the poison, they placed a worm in her stomach and she has to keep eating or the worm will get hungry and she will die. The whole story is about Gong Sun Yun's son trying to find the sect to get the antidote for the female lead character. The story while humorous in parts, is rather more heavy due to the subject matter - and there was one part where I teared. I thought the part where Gong Sun Yun's son actually replied long love letters to the female lead's letters, but never sent them was a cute part - and he used it as a motivation for her to stay alive later. But, overall, it was also quite confusing because Yu Qing liked to mix up the timelines and have flashbacks here and there. Recommended read, but read with lower expectations! 

  One cute trivia - Gong Sun Yun's son to gain martial prowess quickly was brought by Huang Fu Yun to He Zai to learn the demon sect martial arts! Haha. Because Gong Sun Yun's martial arts needed to be cultivated over a long period of time and Gong Sun Yun's son has no patience. But you don't actually get to see this in the novel at all, and it was just mentioned in the author's note at the end of the story. 

  When Moonblossom releases her last chapter, I do hope that all longtime fans and silent readers can give her the support and gratitude for her amazing work. It is with a heavy but happy heart as we send Huang Fu Yun and Gong Sun Yun off to their happy ever after. 

  Readers of my other projects, do not fear for I am still translating, though a bit slower due to my health. I also thank everyone for the support for Little Moon and look forward to completing it soon and sharing my whole vision with everyone. 

  Till then, endure, endure! 



Sunday, 15 June 2014

Fiction: Little Moon's Matchmaking Mission! (Chapter 9)

  There are some chapters that turn out exactly like one's idea, for example Chapter 4 which I knew I wanted to write just like that when I created the Great Marriage Competition. Chapter 9 was an interesting one, where a character actually deviated slightly from his original conception when I started to flesh him out and became better (I hope) than I expected. This is a particularly long one and I hope you will enjoy it :) 

Chapter 9: To Move A Heart of Iron

Little Moon/Yue


   I heard a knock on the door and cried, “Come in.”

  A young girl, not more than sixteen, entered holding a tray with a white and blue porcelain bowl. She had large oval eyes and a big smile, “Greetings to Gentleman Yue, I’m Xiao Shuang (小霜 - Little Frost) and have been assigned to be your maidservant during your stay.”

   “Princess Bai Ying had ordered the kitchen to prepare a special nourishing soup for Gentleman Yue, please drink this while it’s warm,” Xiao Shuang said as she placed it on the silk table cloth, she added, “This soup was made using very high grade ginsengs!”

   I kept the red thread back in the silk sachet and sat on a bamboo stool next to the table. I started to sip the soup, although the taste was slightly bitter, there was also the sweet taste of chicken and I felt my entire body warm up pleasantly.

  I smiled at Xiao Shuang, “The soup is indeed very good. Where is Princess Bai Ying at the moment?”

  Xiao Shuang beamed, “Princess Bai Ying is at the training grounds now. She is drilling the soldiers in the afternoon exercise.”

  In any other palace, I may be taken aback that a princess, much less the Crown Princess, was at a training ground – but at Xue Mountain, that seemed like the most natural place.

  I asked sincerely, “I would like to watch Princess Bai Ying train the soldiers, is it possible? But not to go directly to the training ground… just to admire from afar.”

  Xiao Shuang nodded her head eagerly, “I can bring you to the viewing tower. From there, you can have a good view of the whole palace grounds.”

  I put on my thick fur coat and followed Xiao Shuang who waltzed along in her thin palace garbs – the citizens of the Xue Mountain Tribe were indeed amazing, they were used to the wintry temperatures and did not wear any thick clothing.
  The viewing tower was basically the highest point of the Xue Mountain Palace Fortress, and from here, one could see what laid behind the Fortress. The Xue Mountain Palace was built onto the first peak of Xue Mountain, and behind this peak was actually three taller peaks that centered around a flat depression. Funnily enough, this strange mountain formation looked like the Chinese word for mountain , where the left and the right mountain were of equal height and were shorter than the tall grand mountain in between.

   The three tall peaks behind the Xue Mountain Palace Fortress were the sacred Mountains of Xue. The flat depression, which was piled up with snow, was the training grounds of the Xue Mountain Tribe.

  When we arrived on the viewing tower, Princess Bai Ying was in the middle of a sword battle with eight soldiers. She wore thin red military garbs, and though her frame was small and slim, there was no other more eye-catching point in the midst of all the whiteness. I watched as she flitted through these larger bulky men like a red butterfly. She held a wooden sword and with a slight lift of her wrist, she managed to cut off the cloth that was tied around each soldier’s neck. This indicated that their throats would have been sliced if she had used a real sword.

  Princess Bai Ying then started to re-enact each of her strokes against each soldier, to instruct them on how they should have defended.

  I clapped my hands in glee, she was truly a warrior all females could admire.

  Xiao Shuang watched me with a smile playing at her lips and I realized I might have given her the wrong impression.

  Xiao Shuang cried, “Isn’t our Princess beautiful? She truly takes after our great King with her military prowess.”

  “She is amazing indeed,” I replied, “She must be considered a goddess in the hearts of the Xue men?”

  Xiao Shuang sighed, “She is the heroine of all our people, a Warrior Goddess, a Goddess of Victory… but…” Xiao Shuang caught herself before she could finish and laughed, “She is truly the goddess in the hearts of all the Xue men.”

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Fiction: Little Moon's Matchmaking Mission! (Chapter 8)

     My favourite character gets a lot of screen time in this chapter :). I am a happy girl.

Chapter 8: A Marriage Across A Thousand Miles

Little Moon/Yue


   “You can wake up now,” I heard Hsiao say, and so I slowly opened up my eyes. I had pretended to fall asleep on the way to the palace, because I hadn’t decided how to deal with the situation.

  I had peeked along the way and the Xue Tribe truly lived up to its name. The palace was a great silver fortress on the lower peak of the snowy Xue mountain and appeared to be carved out of the mountain itself. A tribe living on a snowy Xue mountain where nothing could grow except its sacred winter ginsengs (medicinal herb). The snowy Xue mountain was an almost inhabitable place, and yet the Xue Tribe had triumphed and remained an independent territory between the Yan ( - Sparrow) Kingdom and the Wu ( - Raven) Kingdom.

   The Xue Tribe practised only one trade, which was the rare ginsengs that grew at the higher peaks of the Xue mountain, they only traded the lower grade winter ginsengs, but it was rumoured that there was a holy ginseng that could cure all illnesses and even lengthen life in the Xue mountain. It was said that twenty years ago, the Wu Kingdom requested for this holy ginseng, and the Xue Tribe refused. The Wu Kingdom sent its head general and ten thousand soldiers to attack the Xue mountain … that day is still remembered as the day the Xue Mountain turned red.

   It turned red with the blood of the Wu men. No one ever dared attack this impenetrable fortress again – the Xue battalion might be small, but they knew the icy precarious territory better than anyone. Growing up in such cold and difficult conditions – it could be said that the average Xue citizen was probably ten times stronger than the Yan citizen. But, most frighteningly of all, the Crown Princess of the Xue Tribe, had picked up an ice shard at six and used it as a sword. By, fifteen, no other male was her equal. She was the much loved, but even more feared, Princess Bai Ying.

  And, instead of saving Hsiao during the mountain rumble, that Princess Bai Ying saved me!

  I sighed as I opened my eyes. I had been brought to a bedchamber, it was tastefully decorated in shades of blues and silver, and the silk bed sheets were almost as good as the ones in Heaven.

  “So, you already knew about the Xue Tribe tradition of 以身相许, repaying a debt of gratitude to your saviour with your life either in marriage or servitude?” Hsiao laughed.

  I glared at Hsiao, “Don’t you think you have been treated very generously by your saviour instead?”

  Hsiao paused, “Why are you so worried anyway? It’s not as if you could…”

  I stopped Hsiao from finishing his statement because no good could come from his mouth. “Anyway, Princess Bai Ying is not meant for me. She is meant for you!”

  Hsiao shook his head at me, “Is matchmaking me all you think about?”

  I very earnestly nodded, “Yes! Did I not tell you that you have to marry three fated women to become the greatest Yan Emperor ever?”

  Hsiao kneaded his forehead with his fingers then he gave a chuckle, “But, it turns out you might become the Xue Emperor instead!”

  I slapped his shoulder, “Could you be more serious about your own marriage?”

  Before I could give another playful whack onto Hsiao’s shoulder, he caught my hand in his palm and looked me straight in the eye, “Then let me seriously tell you, even if I ever become the Emperor one day, I do not need to marry three women in order to become the greatest Yan Emperor. I would not seek wealth, military might or beauty – the only fate I want would be the one I trust.”

   I did not know why but the hand that Hsiao held became very warm. I gave a nervous cough and then smiled, “How would you know you couldn’t trust Princess Bai Ying? In a war, you could trust her with your back!”

  Hsiao looked at me closer then laughed, “A man’s back is very different from a man’s heart! No, I can tell you, Princess Bai Ying is not for me.”

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Gentleman Free-Floating Cloud (闲云公子) Chapter 9 Part 2 of 2

This is arguably the most memorable chapter in the book and one of my personal favourites.  "Endurance" is often mentioned in this book and its spokesperson is going to show us what happens when you endure, endure and endure.  Her demonstration has me grinning from ear to ear, although I think Gong Sun Yun is probably wearing the biggest grin of all.

- by Moonblossom -

Chapter 9 Part 2 of 2

“From today onwards, Huang Fu Yun will become the thirty-first Sect Leader of Bai Ming Sect.  All disciples, kneel and send off our Old Leader as he embarks on his last journey!”

As the disciples of Bai Ming Sect slowly knelt down one by one, Huang Fu Yun arched her brow and looked at Xian Yun. “Will Gentleman Xian Yun record all that has happened today in the Wulin annals?”

Xian Yun met her gaze and replied steadily . “Everything that happens today will be recorded in detail in the Jianghu Major Happenings Scroll.”

She laughed and looked towards Sect Leader, who has died with a smile on his face.  She called loudly. “Where is He Zai?”

He Zai stepped forward. “Your subordinate is here.”

“Since the age of sixteen, you have started learning the martial arts of the Huang Fu family.  Since you have mastered the skill, you will become the new Left Protector from henceforth.”

Although it was sudden, He Zai did not hesitate.  “I will obey Master’s orders.”

She looked again at the stiff outline of Sect Leader and feeling a sense of loss at his departure, she looked away as she issued her next order.  “Left Protector He Zai, listen up!”

Perplexed, He Zai waited for her to continue.

“Bai Ming Sect needs someone capable at the helm to steer it towards a thousand more springs and ten thousand more autumns.  It is a pity I do not have the talent and will let down our former leader.  From henceforth, He Zai will take over and become the thirty-second Sect Leader.  He Zai, accept your order with haste.”

From the back of the hall, somewhere near the Sect Leader's seat, something fell with a loud ‘thud’ on the floor.  No one paid it any heed as everyone stared at the woman at the door.

She was dressed in white and with her long hair falling softly behind her back, she looked both elegant and beautiful.  Unfortunately, what she was about to do next was going to ruin this image forever.

She lowered her face, lips compressed.  She could definitely see this through, now that the moment she has been enduring for was finally here. She silently thought to herself - Sect Leader, may you rest in peace!


“He Zai, are you not going to accept?”  She shot him a look.  A breeze swept up her fringe and revealed the faint scar beneath.

As his heart clenched, he gritted his teeth.  “Miss.  Can this be considered passing a cart of rotten apples to me?”

Ay, if he put it so bluntly, it would hurt her feelings.  Her expression cold, she stroked her jade flute.  “Are you thinking to disobey my orders?”

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Fiction: Little Moon's Matchmaking Mission (Chapter 7)

   The feedback for Chapter 6 really encouraged me and made me want to share the second arc even more! I hope you enjoy Chapter 7, this new character is the one my husband likes. Haha.

Chapter 7: Don’t Put The Cart Before the Horse

Little Moon/ Yue


  After Uncle cleared my head, I suddenly felt like returning outside to see if Hsiao was still drinking.

   There he was still sitting by the pavilion quietly drinking the wine. Although Hsiao always looked effortless, there was a precision to all his movements – even the way he poured cup after cup of wine for himself. It was as if he never allowed himself to relax.

  As I walked towards Hsiao, he lifted up his head and looked in surprised at my sobriety.

   I smiled at him, “Still drinking?”

  Soft laughter appeared in Hsiao’s eyes, “Still standing?”

  “I, Yue, am not someone who falls drunk so easily,” I huffed as I sat down next to Hsiao on a bamboo stool.

  His eyes fell down on his cup of wine as he said, “It’s a luxury to be able to be drunk.”

  “That’s like a skinny person telling a fat person that it’s a luxury to be able to put on weight.”

  Hsiao laughed, he inclined his head to the side and his eyes stared at me. The gaze was slightly unnerving under the cool night breeze but I couldn’t turn away.

  “Tell me, great Fortune Teller, what makes a good Emperor?”

  At first I thought Hsiao was going to mock me again and I was going to bite back his tongue, but Hsiao’s question surprised me so much that I actually bit my tongue in shock.

  Hsiao laughed even more.

 I turned to glare at him, and noticed that his eyes seemed especially bright tonight. Perhaps, he was not as oblivious to the effects of wine as he wanted to portray.

  “Isn’t the answer obvious?” I laughed, “The heart.” As a probationary Moon Maiden whose job was to connect the hearts of people with a red thread, naturally the heart was my favourite human organ.

  For a moment, Hsiao’s eyes flickered with a glimpse of sadness, but just as I saw it the glimpse disappeared, “What is so good about a heart?”

  I reached out and pressed my hand on Hsiao’s chest. He did not move back though I felt a slight tremor of surprise flow through him. “A heart is not so easy to touch, even if you wanted to. You need real feelings to stir a heart.”

  Hsiao stared at me, “Then what makes you think I will be a good Emperor?”

  I thought of the three gold threads I had unknowingly destroyed and smiled, “You underestimate your own heart.”


    After about a month of travel, including a pit stop at one town where Hsiao and I managed to save a beautiful young lady from being maligned for the death of her husband (yes, I will admit that Hsiao was forced to do most of the saving after I disastrously tried to plead for the young lady’s case to no avail), we had finally reached the fated spot below the snowy mountains of Xue (雪 snow).

  I had even made the effort to come an hour earlier before the fated meeting of Princess Bai Ying 白英)* of the Xue Mountain Tribe and Hsiao so that nothing would be left to chance.

  Hsiao gave me a strange look, “Why are we stopping in the middle of this mountain path? Shouldn’t we continue our way up the Xue Mountain?”

 I coughed nervously, “Let’s appreciate the scenery! Don’t you think it’s especially beautiful here?”

    Hsiao arched one of his eyebrows at me because we had been riding on the snowy mountain path for a while and the scenery was the same as it had been at the bottom of the mountain – everything was a sheet of white.

  “Yes, one must slow down and soak in the silence,” I nodded enthusiastically.

  However, before Hsiao could respond, the mountain suddenly rumbled. Wait, the mountain suddenly rumbled?