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Heavy Sweetness Ash-Like Frost: Translation (Chapter 13.1: Once So Close, Now Walking The Path of Strangers)

   The first website I was using followed the published book version of Heavy Sweetness (it has 2 books with 24 chapters), it only showed the chapters for Book 1, which was up to Chapter 12. So, now I'm going to follow the website which has the chapters when Dian Xian was updating it as an internet c-novel while trying to divide the chapters according to the titles from Book 2 (I got the titles from douban). When we reach Chapter 13, we are actually at Chapter 38 of the internet version, which has 68 chapters in total (instead of the 24 chapters of the Book Versions). We are reaching the end, my friends!

  I'm going to roughly divide the internet chapters in accordance to what I think fits the book chapter titles. I may make some mistakes along the way in the categorization of the chapters, but the story will be accurate. I plan to order Heavy Sweetness from Dang Dang and will make any edits necessary once I get the book.

   It's only getting better and better from here onwards! :) 

  This part of the chapter is arguably one of the most important Night and Jin Mi Scenes. Night fans enjoy! :)

Chapter 13: Once So Close, Now Walking The Path of Strangers (Part 1 of 2)

   Three or four stems of green bamboo, two sections of banana leaves, one grass curtain. Who would have thought that the backyard of the Four Stars Palace* was only a half bigger than the yard in the Water Boundary. I let out a sigh, pulled out a bamboo stool and sat down.

(*It's Xuan Ji in chinese which indicates the first four stars in the Heavy Dipper).

  On the stone table, there was a paper declaration that was held down by a crystal pi xiu (a mystical beast that is considered a protector) that was prostrated, the paper flew up and down in the night wind, it could not escape, like a butterfly that was extending its wings, I decided to save this declaration, I picked it up and looked at it. It turns out that it was a marriage contract, below there were three names, the two words "Tai Wei"**  were vigorous and forceful, the two words "Luo Lin"*** floated elegantly, then there were the words "Ren Yu"**** which were like the smooth passage of the clouds and flowing waters, but revealed a trace of loftiness and strength.

**Tai Wei is probably the Heavenly Emperor.
***Luo Lin is probably the Water God (Luo is a name of a river, and Lin means the continuous heavy rain).
****Ren Yu is Night's first name.

  "This is the promise made by Father and the High God," The silver light of the moon descended, midway it was blocked by a thick banana leaf, and a shadow fell across Night's face, revealing a blurry warmth, "Four thousand years ago, this was signed at the High God's wedding, now we only need Jin Mi to sign her name."

  I picked up a writing brush and bit its head, thought for a while and wrote down my name.

  When I was writing, Night lowered his head and was watching intently the small red stove next to me that was boiling a pot of tea, in the midst of the bubbling it was not clear what he was thinking. His white robes shone under the moon light, it was so white that it made my teeth itch and in my heart rose a feeling to want to stain it, so I dipped into the ink slate, and while Night was distracted, I drew a flower at the end of his robe sleeve.

  When he regained awareness, the wood has already been made into a boat, I blinked at him. Night smiled when he looked at his sleeves, he wasn't angry, he poured a cup of tea for me and said gently, "This flower is drawn very lively, Night has many plain robes, in future I must bother Jin Mi Immortal to add some colour for me." Night is truly someone with a good temper.

  "Good, good," I squeezed the writing brush and nodded my head continuously.

   Tonight after leaving the Heavenly Emperor's Nine Mist Clouds Palace, Night invited me to his Four Stars Palace for a short visit, saying that the Beauty Night Scent Flower***** that I had given him had just started to sprout, he did not know if it would bloom tonight. Dad had glanced at us, he did not say anything, so I happily agreed to follow Night back.

  The Four Stars Palace was very different from Phoenix's Qi Wu Palace, the walls were white, it was simple and low-key, besides a few small immortal attendants at the door and a bunch of Nightmare Beasts who could not speak, there was no shadow of anyone else, the night was a sheet of silence.

  A small Nightmare Beast, barely about a month old, was timidly lying at Night's feet, its round eyes stared warily at me. I magicked a white cabbage leave in my hands, bent my waist and tried to seduce it, "Be obedient, come and try it." Good habits must be groomed from young, a picky eating Nightmare Beast is not good, who knew that my good intentions were not appreciated by the Little Nightmare Beast, it disdainfully turned its head away.

  Night smiled and touched its ears, the little beast turned its head back towards me, it moved slowly in front of me, it hesitated for a while, then as if looking straight at death at the bunch of leaves it swallowed them straight into its stomach, I happily stroke its head and praised it, "How obedient, very obedient."

  "Night has no precious items to give to Jin Mi, only this Nightmare Beast, if Jin Mi Immortal likes it, then let it follow you from now on, after two months when it becomes stronger, you may ride on it. I only hope that Jin Mi will not find it a bother."

  I happily responded, "Thank you, thank you." Riding a deer was much more stable than riding a cloud, if I wasn't careful I might become squashed meat.

  The little deer stiffly laid down at my side, the stomach twitched and it let out a cabbage burp.

  I stroke the short fur at the back of its neck, I carried a cup of tea and squatted down next to the pot of Beauty Night Scent Flower that stood in the middle of the garden, although the flower bud has sprouted, but after waiting for most of the night, it was still hiding its face and refused to forthrightly open, it truly was not giving me face.

  Behind me was the sound of light footsteps, Night was also squatting next to me, he carefully looked at the flower and was silent.

   After the timing of a pot of tea, we had drank finished the tea and I was preparing to replenish it, when I heard Night softly say, "Night is poor, for one lifetime I have only the Night as company, I have no important position, very little relatives. All I have is but a few little beasts and a simple house.... if one day, Jin Mi Immortal marries and becomes my wife, you will have to suffer with me, even so, would Jin Mi Immortal disdain it?"

  I turned back, but saw that Night was still maintaining his previous position and gazing at the Beauty Night Scent, his look of concentration was as if the words did not come from him, but the flower I have painted on his sleeves was in his palm, his fingers were stained with some of the ink.

  Since Night asked me, I seriously considered this issue, I heard that mortal girls after reaching a certain age must all marry someone, since this was so, and I had to marry someone, I must as well marry Night who I am familiar with. What's more, Night's powers are strong, if I mutually cultivate with him in future, my own strength may improve. What could be more important than divine strength? So I replied, "I do not disdain."

  His grasp loosened on his sleeves, the ink flower on his sleeves dropped to the floor, Night slowly raised his head, his eyes that gazed at me glistened like a line of starlight gliding through the waters.

  I squatted down again, and asked him seriously, "When shall we mutually cultivate?"

  Night's body froze, after a while, his cheeks turned red.

  In the night wind, I suddenly felt a strong scent attack my nostrils, I followed the direction of the wind, under the moon the Beauty Night Scent Flower was passionately blooming, the light purple petals unravelled fold by fold, under the moonlight it appeared especially charming and gentle. I cried in surprised joy, "It finally opened!"

  Behind me a light but warmth breath glided past my neck, "From this day on, I shall call you Jin Mi. Is that ok?"

  I said half-heartedly, "Naturally it's fine."

  When I turned around, Night gave me a warm smile, the redness in his face had faded, he said, "I heard that this flower is also called the Scent of the Moon, it truly is beautiful, but I think it is not as beautiful as the frost below the moon."

  I confusedly looked at my surroundings, but I did not see any descending frost.

  At night, I stayed at Water God Daddy's Luo Xiang Manor, I had a good night's sleep, and only woke up when the sun was at the third bamboo. After combing my hair, I naturally placed Phoenix's feather on top of my head, I suddenly remembered Phoenix's command yesterday to go to the Liu Zi Pond today to meet him, my heart jolted, it was almost time. I hurriedly rushed to the Qi Wu Palace. 

  The little deer Night gave me was quite obedient, it followed me to Qi Wu Palace, as I almost reached the Liu Zi Pond, I suddenly heard a crisp voice, "Which Jin Mi?"

  Ah? It sounds like someone is calling me, I stopped my movements and turned to where the voice was coming from.

  At this moment, I heard another voice, "Which other Jin Mi can it be. It's the book boy that followed the Second Highness for almost a hundred years at Qi Wu Palace!"

  "Ah! It's that beautiful sprite! I turned over and took a glance, indeed, her looks are truly a sin! Amitabha, luckily she is engaged to his First Highness, if not her looks will cause disaster to many people, I heard the attendants say that Second Highness almost lost his heart to her."

  I was shocked, first, I have never killed anyone, second I have never released fire, how would I cause disaster to people?

  "Speaking of his Second Highness, I heard yesterday that he gave his great phoenix feather treasure to Jin Mi."

  Hearing this, the other goddess auntie sucked in a breath of cold air, "That is truly atrocious! The Great Phoenix Feather Treasure is the top treasure in the Phoenix Tribe, it is a weapon that protects the body, the Heavenly Empress' father gave the Great Phoenix Feather Treasure to the Heavenly Tribe as a gift to the previous Heavenly Emperor for sacrificing his life in battle during the war against the demons, the Heavenly Empress then gave it to the Heavenly Emperor as a love token, the Second Highness by this action..."

  Someone gave a cold cough, the two goddess aunties who were hotly discussing the issue suddenly froze, they suddenly respectfully said, "We greet his Second Highness."

  Since it was Phoenix, and hearing the two goddess aunties pay their respects to Phoenix and him coldly dismissing them, I hesitated in the Willow Forest, from his voice, I could tell Phoenix's mood was not good, I might as well return home and avoid this danger.

  As I was prepared to evacuate, Phoenix suddenly appeared before me, he gave me a shock and I broke the willow stems next to me into half.

  I looked at Phoenix's expression and clumsily placed the willow stems into the Nightmare Beast's mouth, coaxing it, "Be obedient, be obedient."

****** See chapter 6 for when Jin Mi first gave Night the flower.

Comments: Lol, ok I think my *** are getting a bit ridiculous so I might switch to number footnotes in future. But I personally prefer * to numbers.

I know that Night is not simple, but how can I not feel for him when I see him in his Four Stars Palace? When he asked Jin Mi if she will disdain him?

And, this ---

  "I heard that this flower is also called the Scent of the Moon, it truly is beautiful, but I think it is not as beautiful as the frost below the moon."

  I confusedly looked at my surroundings, but I did not see any descending frost.

  This perfectly captures one of my favourite chinese sayings, <远在天边近在眼前> , literally it translates to as far as the ends of the sky, but actually is just right in front of you.

  What you are looking for might appear to be very far away, but is actually right in front of you.

  How true is this of love and life! 


  1. Phoenix must be heart-broken to know that Jin Mi is destined to marry Night. I am curious how the story unfoldes to lead to happy ending

    == Missy May ==

    1. Hello Missy May,

      I like to think that Phoenix will fight for his love if Jin Mi gives him enough reason to. After all, if you are a god, you will live forever - what is it like to live without love forever?

  2. Decembi thanks for the translation:)

  3. yay,finaly.!!!!ah really can decide which one is better. i think Night is calm like water and phoenix burn like a fire.


    1. Hahahah! Yes very apt, Night is calm like water, with sudden small ripples, and Phoenix burns and burns.

  4. Truly, when I read this chapter, I want to hug and comfort Night and love him, but then I think of how devious and sly he could be, manipulating even his closest family and the woman he appears to have a soft spot for, and I become very frightened. If he could move me so much simply by showing me his humble home, if he could charm me by simply saying almost nothing, if he could make me fall in love with him with simply a glistening gaze, then how dangerous is such a person if he wishes to betray or forsake me for something he deems much more important? I would never see the betrayal coming. I would never get a chance to fear before doom strikes me. This person is simply too lethal. In comparison, Phoenix is much more predictable. When Phoenix is happy, joy appears plainly in his eyes, even though Jin Mi mostly seems oblivious of this. When he is angry, he rages. And when he loves, he loves completely and unconditionally, without qualms, without hidden motivations. But Night... This is a person I cannot read. This is a person I fear, for I fear I would love him too easily, and then crash mercilessly because of this love. Maybe this is why I prefer Phoenix rather than Night. Love should not involve fear. Love should be sincere, without conditions, without ulterior motives. Eh, sorry, I ramble.

    [i]I squatted down again, and asked him seriously, "When shall we mutually cultivate?"

    Night's body froze, after a while, his cheeks turned red.

    In the night wind, I suddenly felt a strong scent attack my nostrils, I followed the direction of the wind, under the moon the Beauty Night Scent Flower was passionately blooming, the light purple petals unravelled fold by fold, under the moonlight it appeared especially charming and gentle. I cried in surprised joy, "It finally opened!"[/i]

    I thought this passage was beautifully written and timed. To me, it almost felt as if the Beauty Night Scent Flower had bloomed just at the moment when Night's heart bloomed shyly at Jin Mi's mutual cultivation question. This flower's seed was a gift from Jin Mi to Night, and hence, it was a symbol of Night and Jin Mi's love. That it actually bloomed tonight was a hint, at least to me, that this romance could have had a chance, if Night would let his heart bloom as passionately and as unconditionally for Jin Mi as the flower had. But unfortunately, his love had conditions and restraints, and alas, perhaps their love was just not meant to be. Again, I am being melodramatic. :p

    Aha! So finally, the significance of the Great Phoenix Feather Treasure is revealed! So it is a weapon of utmost power and of significant meaning, something that was gifted to two Heavenly Emperors, one for bravery and selfless sacrifice and one for love. Wow, and Phoenix gives it to Jin Mi so readily and wholeheartedly, even knowing that she can never be his. A lesser god would have taken the treasure back so he could gift it to another goddess in the future. After all, why waste it on someone whom he could never have? But to Phoenix, there will never be another woman in the future. It will always be Jin Mi, no matter what happens, so the Phoenix Feather can only belong to her. How can anyone not love this guy? :D

    Thanks, decembi!

    1. Woohoo Melanie, that is a wonderful essay! :)

      I really agree with what you said. Although part of what I find very interesting while translating and reading every line carefully to ascertain the meaning is to try and ascertain Night's intentions. I don't think Night is truly evil, but he is a very dark soul --- even now, I doubt he knows how far he needs to go, although I don't doubt his convictions.

      And yes yes yes! I didn't state it explicitly cos I thought it would be interesting if other people had the same reading but I think the blossoming of the Beauty Night Scent Flower was really depicting the passion blossoming at the same time in his heart. :) Dian Xian can write so well - showing so much in these few lines. It's one of my favourite Night and Dian Xian scenes!

      The Great Phoenix Feather Treasure is a love token! So sweet huh? From the Jade Empress to the Jade Emperor to Jin Mi - I guess Zi Fen wins in the end? lol

  5. Jin mimi is adorably clueless...i luv her. My heart bleeds for Night....i like him but, i love Phoenix more.....such a long sigh ahead, i wana swoon :)

    Tnx Luv *mwah*

    1. Heehee! You are samie right? :) You can swoon for Phoenix in the next part!

    2. Yes.dear :) bit lazy la! I always swoon for Phoenix and i really.wana swoon more for Night whom i care.so much in my heart and that's all to it. I strongly believe, Night loves Jin mimi in his own way from the moment they met, followed her to the demon worl ( in guise of helping Phoenix ) and "rescued"from flower to mortal world. I also guess, if jin mimi doesn't have the unfeeling pill ....she'll fall for Night. Call Night.everything....insecure, dubious, etc.....He is still a survivor. Too bad, the winner can't take it All *sings*

      - samie mi :)

    3. That's very interesting to read it as Night following Jin Mi Mi to the demon word heeheehee. Though, I guess some of us take the darker reading of Night having interest in what his golden boy brother has an interest in. I agree - Night is a real survivor! He is an orphan like Jin Mi.

  6. Night probably feels lacking in so many aspects. He thinks that his palace is so bare and unattractive apart for a few night beasts occupying the area. Truly, it makes me feel depressed not to mention the silence and darkness that surrounds him. But if he's truly in love and can surpass his low self esteem, like the Scent of the Moon flower, he'd feel happiness enough to create a mesmerizing brightness that could bring life to his existence. Not sure how sincere he was when he mentioned his inadequacies to Jin Mi. He probably feels embarrassed for lack of things to offer which I understand. I feel pity towards him but if I am to love someone out of pity, I don't think that's a good foundation for a lifetime partnership.
    Thanks again Decembi for the update. This chapter made me reflect and think on how I would react in a given situation if I were Night. I just feel that he pities himself which am not sure is a trait I want to see on someone whom I would want to spend the rest of my life despite my understanding of why he feels that way.


    1. Yup, beautifully said, Peachie. Night is a very lonely and bitter man. He has family, but they are not really his family. He has status as the Eldest Heavenly Prince, but his title is merely a formality and he feels that he is really a nobody. The thing is, I think Night is lonely and bitter because he chooses to be. He embraces these feelings and hence isolates himself even more. His loneliness sort of reminds me a bit of Wang Yun in Gentleman Free Floating Cloud. But while Wang Yun is also without family and friends, she doesn't wallow in self pity and anger. She just tries to live life to its fullest, even though she has no one to rely on. She doesn't waste her time trying to seek revenge on people she thinks are slighting her. Night, on the other, plots to destroy because he feels that the world is unfair to him and his family "owe" him. So really, he has no one to blame but himself for his ending. But perhaps, the ending he has is really the ending he wants and he has no regrets whatsoever.

    2. I am a Pheonix shipper but I have to say something for Night. He doesn't plot to destroy but he plots for power, because it is something that he craves and something that will make him feel secure. In one word: Ambition which I admire in a man. *hop-hop back to Pheonix ship*

      And since I'm here, powerful commentary you left earlier on your "3 If's To Charm A Woman" (If he could move me so much simply by showing me his humble home, if he could charm me...). *sigh* thankfully Jin Mi has the unfeeling pill.

    3. Moonblossom,

      Hmm, power makes Night feel secure? This is an eye-opener for me. This is something I have never thought of. I just thought he plots because he is angry and jealous, angry that he is an illegitimate child, angry that his mother had to suffer because of his philandering father, jealous of Phoenix's popularity and his good fortune as the well-loved golden boy. If Night is plotting for security, then I suppose I can be a bit more sympathetic toward him. However, I as sad for him, as well. How much joy can his idea of security bring him if he has to betray the person he loves?

      Thanks for your comments about my commentary. I saw your update for Gentleman Free Floating Cloud. I haven't commented yet because I haven't quite organized my thoughts and conflicted emotions after reading that update. Must be careful about what I say about Gong Sun Yun since he has charmed almost all the readers. :D

      You know, I am now a bit hesitant to read Lost You Forever. Everyone loves Jing so much that I fear I might not like him and then I am left wondering if there is something wrong with me that I cannot be charmed by male leads like Jing and GSY.

    4. Hey Peachie, I like what you said, "But if he's truly in love and can surpass his low self esteem, like the Scent of the Moon flower, he'd feel happiness enough to create a mesmerizing brightness that could bring life to his existence.". I think Night doesn't really pity himself, I suspect it's a darker strand of hate and loathing towards his father. And, I actually think that when Night was asking Jin Mi, he was testing her, and he was surprised by her purity and her saying, "sure, why not?" Which is probably what he wanted to hear all his life, and when he finally did, it caught him off guard.

      I really really agree with what Melanie says about Night choosing to be alone, because he can be very well loved and popular when he wants to be - it's just that he has discarded the world that he felt discarded him. This will be quite clear in the upcoming chapters.

      And, I super agree with Moonblossom, that Night's ambition comes from an insecurity of his own identity - or perhaps this is the only way he knows how to assert himself. :)

    5. Hello Melanie, we cross posted at the same time. :)

      I don't think there is anything wrong with you at all, and while we don't always agree about our adoration of the male characters, I completely admire your strong views on love. Everyone should get the love they long for. :)

      I really agree with Moonblossom because that's how I read Night too. Night is smarter than you think and he knows Jin Mi doesn't really love him - it's not that he had to choose between love and power, because Jin Mi never loved him. He had to choose between friendship and power, and to him, power was the thing that robbed him his true love (he is a total Mummy's boy, this Night), so I can't say I blame him for his choice!

    6. Thanks Decembi for your insights about this chapter. I remember a recent shooting incident involving a young man in America. He thought that life is so unfair to him when none from the opposite gender would give him a chance to feel loved and be loved. He believed that the world owes him big time for this injustice that he's suffered.
      Just like this incident, I believe that somehow it parallels Night's feeling of this so-called hatred which stems out from it's root, self-pity. Humans are propelled to act to a feeling so strong that no reason nor sense could make it right.
      Night on the other hand, will choose a path he thinks he rightfully deserve being the first born of the Heavenly Emperor. He thinks that he should be given an equal lot in life despite his powers. He thinks in his melancholic state and life of isolation and loneliness that he deserves some greatness or more if he can help it.
      By the way, why does Night think that Ji Mi can't possibly be in love with him despite giving him an affirmative answer to his question? Has he been observing her interactions with Phoenix? Is Night hoping that Jin Mi might have real feelings for him? He knew nothing of the unfeeling pill. Do you think he was caught off guard thinking she could be this loyal to him despite his humbling status?
      The title of this chapter is quite intriguing. Does it have something to do with Phoenix like they used to be close but now he has to stay away from Jin Mi because of her betrothal to Night?


    7. The shooting incident has gotten a lot of press in Singapore too. I find it very tragic and very sad. :(

      I agree that Night's state of mind is also very very very dark. Dian Xian never really explains the depth and fullness of his mental state, only hints of his dark past and his sadness with his mother.

      Oh that was quite spoilery actually. One will be able to see as the chapters develop, because I think one doesn't need to be as sharp as Night to see that Jin Mi's heart (even though frozen) lies with Phoenix. I definitely think he was caught off guard! :)

      I think the title describes Phoenix's state of mind and feelings! This becomes more accurate in the next part!

    8. Melanie, - For Gentleman FFC, I will look forward to your comments as always. Ha.ha. He is the titular hero so I guess you have no choice but to think harder before you blast your gun? At least you write, usually I just accept things as they are written and don't really think.

      As for Lost You Forever - the characters are so charming that most readers I know will usually switch ship at least once. All 3 guys are true to Xiao Yao so at least they meet your requirement #1. And I'm told that I singlehanded corrupted, I mean converted, a lot of people at ShuShengBar to Xiang Liu supporters so, don't worry if you don't like quiet Jing, there should be many Xiang Liu supporters out there. : )

    9. I actually think the biggest group of supports are Xiang Liu supports! I'm not too sure about the proportion of Zhuan Xu and Jing supports in comparison, I suspect that Jing supports are quite passive (since he did get the girl), and Zhuan Xu supports are SUPER PASSIONATE because his character goes through a lot of difficult choices and he probably gets the "worse end" in my view.

  7. oh decembi was think a like, I was going to copy the exact phrase here cause I liked it. Obviously the beautiful frost Night is referring to is Jun Mi due to her true form.

    Can't wait for the next part with Phoenix, I'm your shipper!~ Don't like Night, he seems too insincere to me

    1. Hi five sutekii! That's my favourite line in this chapter. :) Heehee everyone are such strong Phoenix shippers!

  8. Hi decembi,

    Hope you have recovered :)

    Just want to comment that I think Night calls her Mi-er and Phoenix calls her Jin Mi. (I notice that Dian Xian's likes her male leads to call the female lead differently).

    Melanie - I think everyone has their own views on the characters so there's nothing wrong if you like/don't like a male character! In fact, it makes for interesting discussion. Actually, it seems more people like Xiang Liu's character in LYF especially after the epilogue.

    1. Yes! Not sick anymore :). Just stuck with loads of work :( but :) all the discussions cheer me up.

      Oh that is so cute! Mi-er! Hahahaha.

      I was a pure Jing shipper, then became a Jing/Xiang Liu shipper at the end. I never ever got on the Zhuan Xu boat, though I might change my mind after Once Promised Book 2(which I still have not read finished lol).

    2. See! That's the reason i so much Care.for Night....we feel alike...he calls her Mi-er ( 2 in mandarin right ? ) and i call her Jin Mi Mi *so sweet*

      Thanks upside_down for sharing *mwah*

      - samie

    3. I meant.... er is how #2 is pronounce in mandarin ;)

    4. Yes you're right , they're homonyms (both are -er) but the tone for Mi-er(儿) and 2 (二) is different :)

      Usually someone may add 儿 to the end of a name as a form of endearment. Can be done by either parent or lover.

      Possibly this is the first clear hint that Night has romantic feelings for Jin Mi especially since in his mind, she doesn't seem to mind that he has no power or a richly decorated house. If only he knew how to treasure her then... (I have some more to say on Night but shall wait until a few chapters later :) )

    5. Yes, yes. upside_down's explanation for the "er" is very good.

      Night definitely has romantic feelings for Jin Mi, it's just that the other feelings in his heart are also equally strong or arguably stronger so I find him very interesting. Can't wait to read your comments! I shall have to translate the next part faster :)

  9. GalaxyAngel00727 May 2014 at 23:06

    I still love Phoenix and his arrogant/hot headed/bad boy personality. XD He is just so adorable. I always fall for the badboys-who-turned-into-a-good-boy-since-he-met-you xD The strong man who becomes weak because of you. Someone who will always protect you. ♡♡♡ O my... I'm falling inlove. Thank you again for your wonderful translation. You're so nice.. TToTT

    1. Heehee! Phoenix is phenomenally popular! But I agree, he really is adorable. Thanks for enjoying the translation. I love your hearts!

    2. GalaxyAngel00729 May 2014 at 08:13

      I actually read a 'little bit' spoiler about what will happen between Phoenix and the Water God. *May contain a spoiler?* Well, I guess that wasn't a little bit after all. At first it broke my heart but I decided to wait until that part comes and try to sympathize with his reason. :/ Hahahaha I love the hearts too. ♡♡♡

      Have a nice day. Here's a ☆☆☆ for you. ㅋㅋㅋ

    3. Teehee! Oh, the recent spoilers at SSB? I can see everyone is looking forward to it. It's coming up in probably 8 more updates. I will try to speed things along if my schedule clears up. Don't be too sad, it's a very interesting scene which leaves things open to interpretation.

    4. GalaxyAngel00729 May 2014 at 12:08

      Yes yes! I tried to spoil myself for a little bit but I end up breaking my own heart. :3 It's okay, I'll try to wait patiently and savor the coming chapters. ;))

    5. Awwww! Ok, I hope your heart will be healed by the next chapter. I will posting Emperor Strategy tomorrow, if that's also something you are following.

  10. Jin Mi is still Jin mi, asking for mutually cultivation, haha

    thanks for update.

    1. Hahaha I blame the Moon God for Jin Mi's unfortunate one track mind.

    2. lol...i also kinda wonder if Night understands the meaning behind jin mi mi's always asking for " mutual cultivation " *whew*


    3. Hahaha, no I doubt anyone understands Jin Mi's mind. She's in a class of her own!

  11. Thank god I find your blog decembi. I, some how over heard of this book is one of the best c-novel. I keep looking for it. Till I find you. Thank you for translated. Many love :)

    1. Aww so sweet! Thanks for the support, I will try my best to capture the essence of the novel!

  12. It is sweet, but still seems like another manipulation for JM to sign her name on the marriage contract.