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Heavy Sweetness Ash-Like Frost: Translation (Chapter 12.4: The Flower of the Descending Frost)

 With this, we come to the end of Part 1 of the book. It's pretty fitting because everything starts to change from this point onwards, whether you view this as a tragedy or a comedy (I assure you this is a happy ending), everything starts from here. 

Chapter 12: The Flower of the Descending Frost (Part 4 of 4)

  The Heavenly Emperor looked at me with unlimited longing and regret, "Who would have thought you were the daughter of the Water God."

  Daddy's left hand held my hand and he moved back a step, he gazed at the Heavenly Emperor, his eyes did not have his usual gentle attitude, his right hand flicked in his robes, the Heavenly Empress suddenly stood up, her brows furrowed and anxious.

  In this tense atmosphere, Night suddenly cried out, "Royal father's meaning... unless Jin Mi is the great Water God's daughter?" His gaze was full of disbelief, full of joyful surprise and also relief, his expressions kept switching between these emotions, ever since I knew Night, I had never seen him so emotional before.

  "Indeed," The Heavenly Emperor looked at Night then looked at me, "Since Jin Mi is the oldest daughter of the Water God, she is also the wife you have yet to marry."

  Dad's brows furrowed, he seriously looked at Night. Night's earnest eyes were fastened on me, as if they were filled with something that was waiting to burst out, his mouth was curved into a handsome and elegant smile. Since he gave me a peach, I returned a plum* and also smiled back at him. A moment later, Daddy seemed to have made a decision in his heart, he forcefully retracted his right hand in his sleeve, his cool gaze appeared to be suppressing and tolerating something.**

  Suddenly, I felt a cold prickling behind my neck, as if something had slid passed me. I turned back, it turns out my hairpiece had naturally fallen, my long hair losing this support had fallen down in a moment. One stem of golden Phoenix Feather fell through my hair and revealed a lonely curve as it fell to the floor. I did not know if it was the dimness of the light in the night, the usually glowing Phoenix Feather which now laid in the middle of the White Jade Palace, it actually gave off the mistaken feeling of vulnerability that it had fallen to the ground and had been grounded into dirt and dust.

  I anxiously picked up the Phoenix Feather in my palm, I turned to look at Phoenix, my heart strangely rose a guilty and empty feeling like I had just done something wrong. I remember that when I left house this morning I had fastened it tightly into my hair, why had it loosened and fallen off? This Phoenix Feather was extremely precious, I would be in real trouble if Phoenix had seen it dropped to the floor, he will surely be very angry. 

  I fearfully looked at Phoenix, but saw that his gaze was a sheet of blackness as he looked at me, so quiet as if it was a solitary falling leaf, with no ripple nor tremors.

 I have always thought that no matter what Phoenix wore, even if it was dark or light, it cannot hide his dazzling aura. I have even seen him without his clothes and his dominating aura was undiminished. But today in his robe of dark black with a tinge of red, he gave out a fragile feeling under the dying embers of the lantern lights, as sad as the musical string that had broken.

   For a moment, I was struck paralysed.

  "The Great Phoenix Feather Treasure?" I did not know who had spoken in such surprise, all the expressions on the surrounding gods changed, but they did not dare rebel in front of the Heavenly Emperor and Heavenly Empress, so they suppressed the urge to turn around and gossip in each other's ears, but they could not help tossing glances at me.

  Under the penetrating gazes of everyone, Night took down the grape stem on his head and placed it in my hands, "Why don't you wear this first." After saying this he smoothly took the Phoenix Feather, he calmly turned around and said, "A few days ago, I heard that while the Fire Deity was travelling he had accidentally lost the Great Phoenix Feather Treasure, who knew that Jin Mi must have accidentally picked it up, just nice this lost good can be returned."

  But Night only knew a part of it, this Great Phoenix Feather Treasure was indeed picked up by me, but later Phoenix had personally given it to me. I was about to open my mouth when the Heavenly Empress quickly added, "Luckily it has been found, how coincidental, how coincidental."

  The surrounding gods said, "Today is an auspicious day, the Water God's daughter has returned,  the Night Deity gains a wife, and the Fire Deity has found his lost good, this is truly worth celebrating! Three auspicious occasions arrived today!"

 In the midst of congratulations, Phoenix rose from his seat, step by step he walked in front of me, he lowered his head and took the Phoenix Feather, the Phoenix Feather was as light as a smile, then he placed this feather into the heart of my hand, "There is no logic in taking back a gift that has already been given... what's more what I had lost to Jin Mi is not just this small Phoenix Feather? If it must be returned, then please return everything at once, if not... one must as well not return anything..."***
  Phoenix lost to me more than just this small Phoenix Feather? My heart skipped, what he was saying... don't tell me he was referring to the six hundred years of cultivation?

  I tightly held onto the Phoenix Feather and determinedly said, "No return! I will not return anything!" I had just lost five thousand years of cultivation, if I lost another six hundred years of cultivation, it would be adding snow to the frost.

  Phoenix bitterly laughed and sorrowfully turned back. 

* The chinese phrase <投挑报李> has the meaning of you scratched my back, I scratched yours. Haha. I love Dian Xian's witty uses of phrases. 
** During my translations, the Water God has slowly but surely became my favourite character. I like his elegance, his refined nature and also his blurness (I believe it stems from his good nature and his natural tendency to attribute good intentions to everyone around him - so he tends to take what people say at face value, eg, when the Flower Goddess Zi Fen said she still loved the Heavenly Emperor so the Water God would be able to find his own happiness.) But, here he gives up his personal vengeance against the Heavenly Emperor and Heavenly Empress for what he believes is best for Jin Mi's own happiness.
*** I feel my Phoenix shipping returning. 

Comment: One can probably write a thesis analysing if Night really likes Jin Mi. What is not in doubt is that Night has stepped into the ring to obtain Jin Mi's hand in marriage. Will Jin Mi ever figure out her heart or will she keep switching hair pieces? Haha. 


  1. oh jin mimi....ur adorably funny. I'm happy for night but, my heart fell for phoenix. . .*thud*

    At last....i can't sleep , i peek and rewarded...thanks decembi * sweet dreams *

    - samie

    1. Heehee, yes I remembered telling you I will post on Wednesday, cos I posted the HXY fanfic first, I quickly posted this after midnight. :)

      The next chapter is v romantic!

  2. thanks decembi:)

  3. Jin Mi is always worried about cultivation and nothing else. Once she vomits out the no feeling pill, I wonder if all other emotions will hit her at once.

    1. Yes, can you imagine how overwhelming it is to suddenly feel? :)

  4. thank you so much cannot wait to read more.

    1. The next translation part is particularly meaty and dramatic! Will be up next week.

  5. I'm dying for some spoilers, if I wanted some spoilers where can i get them and can you care to spoil me? Please let me know. I would greatly appreciate it ;)

    1. Hello,

      The best place for spoilers is the SSB page:

      Also check out the comment discussions for Chapter 8 here - very epic discussions lol!

      I will be happy to spoil you, but could you ask about specific areas? Haha. I'm not sure where to start. Also, rmb to put *SPOILER* notifications before you ask for spoilers in case some readers don't want to be spoiled :)

  6. Ahh, finally we are getting to the interesting parts. I can't wait for everything to blow up in everyone's faces! When I watch dramas, I usually have this heightened anticipation as the drama draws closer to a climax, and a part of me will hold my breath, waiting for that inevitable explosion. Yet, another part of me longs to rewind, to delay the explosion, so that I can savor those sweet, idyllic moments before all hell breaks loose. I have that exact feeling right now. I know nothing will be the same from this point on. Characters will change, hearts will ache, and as readers, we will cry and hurt along with our three leads.

    Poor Phoenix. First he is jubilant that Jin Mi is not his half sister. Then his happiness comes crashing down when Night so conveniently and expertly steers the conversation toward the fact that Jin Mi is now officially his betrothed since it is revealed that she is the Water God's eldest daughter. Initially, I was mesmerized by Night's loneliness and seeming vulnerability because of that loneliness. But it is around this point of the story that I start feeling Night's sliminess. Compared to the varied emotions Phoenix expresses during this scene, Night's "surprise and joy" at Jin Mi's birth revelation seems almost too well rehearsed, too calculative, too...fake. As decembi pointed out much earlier in her other comments, Dian Xian is very careful in letting Night meet Jin Mi during neutral circumstances, in letting him express an interest in Jin Mi before he realizes that she is a very useful pawn. However, Night's interest in Jin Mi might have started out as pure, but unfortunately, that interest has morphed into something ugly and selfish. That is why Night is losing favor with me. Does Night love Jin Mi? At this point in the story, I would have to say no. He likes her and probably has a budding romantic interest in her, but he does not love her. His revenge, his ambitions are much more important to him, and if he has to sacrifice her, then so be it. In contrast, Phoenix's feeling toward Jin Mi is pure and simple; he loves her and wants to be with her. He has no hidden agendas. I suppose one could say that Phoenix doesn't have hidden agendas because he already is the golden boy. But I argue that even if Phoenix were to lose everything, he would still not make use of Jin Mi. It is simply not in his nature. He is not like Night, who is calculative and manipulative. In contrast, Phoenix is straightforward and would not stoop so low as to use someone he loves as a pawn. And that is why Phoenix remains my romantic hero.

    I must say I am quite amused by the subtle but very obvious verbal battle between Night and Phoenix here regarding the Phoenix Feather. They could not be more transparent. The brothers are like two apes beating their chests, trying to stake their claim on the same prize - Jin Mi. Night, being as intelligent as he is, must have realized that the Phoenix Feather was a gift from Phoenix to Jin Mi. With Phoenix's level of cultivation and powers, he would not have carelessly dropped the feather, nor would Jin Mi have the ability to steal it from him. Hence, the feather must have been given to her willingly as a symbol of his love for her. So with this knowledge, Night is deliberately trying to replace the Phoenix Feather with his grape stem hair pin, essentially saying, "She's officially mine, Little Brother. Here, take your Phoenix Feather back, because she will be wearing my token of love from now on." And of course, Phoenix retorts in code, "Oh, yeah, Big Brother? Let's ask Jin Mi herself if she wants to give back my heart. Ha! Look, she wants to keep my Phoenix Feather! Ha!" And all the while Jin Mi is freaking out about losing more cultivation as the brothers' play for her affections totally goes over her head unnoticed. Haha.

    1. By the way, I am curious about something... With the way the Phoenix Feather is described here in this chapter, it seems like this feather reflects Phoenix's emotions, as if it is a part of him. the Great Phoenix Feather Treasure literally a feather plucked from Phoenix's body? Is it sort of like Donghua Dijun's Tiancang Cage in Pillow Book? Is this a similar concept here, where Phoenix gives Jin Mi a token for protection which happens to be an extension of his power, just like Dijun had bestowed his Tiancang Cage on Fengjiu so that he can protect her even when he is not physically by her side? But I thought there was another feather mentioned earlier in the story that Jin Mi had used as a hairpin, and that feather was indeed a feather shed from Phoenix's body, but it was not the Great Phoenix Feather Treasure. I'm very confused.

    2. Hello Melanie,

      I especially liked your comment, " Yet, another part of me longs to rewind, to delay the explosion, so that I can savor those sweet, idyllic moments before all hell breaks loose. "

      The translations are getting pretty intense. I'm particularly excited for the next one, where we head to Night's palace heheh. It's one of my favourites. :)

      Yes, I especially like their hairpiece interplay. Actually, if not for some of Night's subsequent actions, I think such "squabbling" or "fighting" between the brothers are healthy, because they clearly don't interact and have the attitude of your water don't mix with mine, then they ironically fall for the same girl <3.

      Phoenix is the ultimate romantic hero, and Night is the ultimate anti-hero. I love analysing both and I really liked your analysis. I don't know why I have a huge soft spot for Night though (my feelings may have been affected by 2 ex husbands).

      For the Phoenix Feather, it's addressed specifically in the next translation part! It's not a feather literally plucked from Phoenix's body lol, although that's what it sounded like right? The earlier translation part wasn't very clearly because the source I had wasn't very clear, I'm thinking checking with the real book and will go back to edit. From what I understand, they are the same feather - it's possible that Phoenix placed it on Jin Mi, and it fell down to the ground when she woke up.

    3. Decembi,

      Speaking of Two Ex-Husbands, remember those passages from Two Ex-Husbands which May dug up which referenced Night Deity and Jin Mi in Heavy Sweetness? Could you be kind enough to translate those passages into English for me? I listened to them using Google Translate, but I can't seem to understand them very well.

    4. Decembi,

      You know, your comment about how Night and Phoenix ironically falls for the same girl makes me think of something. Perhaps the two brothers are more alike than we think, as they obviously have the same taste in women. If Night and Phoenix had both been the Heavenly Empress' biological children and have been equally loved by her, and if Night had not grown up with such repressed feelings of hate and loneliness, then we would essentially have two very handsome male deities with similar temperaments, yes? Night would probably have less reason to be calculative and may actually be as straightforward as Phoenix (though Phoenix still reminds me more of an ancient version of the black belly boss than Night does). Also, though we have yet to see Night's devotion to Jin Mi, I believe he would be completely devoted to her once he has made a decision to love her. He would not stray in love, just as Phoenix would not stray. Anyway, I know the similarities are a bit of a stretch. :p

    5. Hello Melanie, ok sure! :) I will translate them for you. I will translate them after I finish Heavy Sweetness? I think it might flow nicely... Night's reincarnation hahaha.

      Teehee, your hypothesis! I think Night won't be Night if he was the Heavenly Empress' son (shudders). But, Night's loneliness is definitely a lack of love from his parents and being the shadow of golden boy, Phoenix. I actually like Night much more than Phoenix, but Phoenix is the one I choose for Jin Mi :). Night's heart is so cold, it hardly gets warm, hence the lack of straying! Haha

    6. Melanie, it's years later, but I love your comment! It reflects my impression of Night, and of Phoenix, and their respective feelings towards Jin Mi


      I am reading this after watching the drama (Ashes of Love) on Viki, and wanted to read the epilogues, because I thought the ending of the drama seemed somewhat subject to interpretation, just because of the interactions (or lack of interaction) between the OTP (I won't write the name of who ends up with Jin Mi, although I think it's clear based on my further comments, so if you haven't read the novel or watched the drama and don't like spoilers, read on at your own risk!) in the very last scene. Was she really with him, or was she in some alternate reality, there because she was in his eyes and heart? Despite the child - which definitely required physical contact - it seemed confusing, and a gesture as simple as a hug, an exchange of glances, or holding hands could have made it crystal clear, as I think it was in the book (I read the epilogues here first).

      I never, at any time, shipped Night and Jin Mi, and no, I do not think he really loved her. I think he enjoyed her when he first met her, but at least in the drama, he eavesdrops on the conversation between the Flower Chief and Water Deity, that establishes Jin Mi's true parentage, and then he uses that knowledge to manipulate both Jin Mi and Water Deity, and to suggest he is devoted to Jin Mi, and ready to give up everything in his life for her, when he actually knows she is Water Deity's daughter, and his long betrothed bride. He is shown repeatedly being dishonest, pretending ignorance when he is well aware of the true facts, and staging scenes that show him in the best light. Later on he develops an obsession with Jin Mi, that reminds me of the domestic violence/stalker cases I deal with in my job, and I'm not kidding - it's creepy and really a serious turn off, even in a drama. (It's one thing for a Romeo to skulk around Juliet's garden at night, hoping for a glimpse of her, as they professed falling in love with each other at first sight earlier that evening, but it's another to spy on, lie to, manipulate and actually unlawfully imprison your alleged "true love." I actually came to hate Night with a passion, and only felt a minimal amount of sympathy for him in the early part of the series, and none at all in the middle, and actual hate at the end. One of the best scenes was when he is telling Jin Mi how much he loves her, and she looks at him with anger and dislike, and sets out every single misrepresentation, every lie, and every deception, and how he used her as a pawn against Phoenix, and to gain power. That's not love in any romantic, healthy, believable sense. Obsession and desire do not equal love.

      OTOH, Phoenix was madly in love with Jen Mi, even when he hated himself for continuing to love her. I loved his character so much, and the actor, Deng Lun, really delivered. He and Yang Zi had great chemistry on screen, which really makes (or breaks) a romance drama.

      This was my second Chinese drama. The first was The Eternal Love, which was silly, but fun, because of the real chemistry between the lead couple. However, I was shocked at the awful costumes and poor sets, and wondered why a Chinese fantasy/historical drama was so poorly done compared to the Korean ones. Watching Ashes of Love showed me how cheaply The Eternal Love was made compared to those with bigger budgets and known stars. It was so gorgeous to look at! The costumes and sets were stunning.

      My biggest complaint for Ashes of Love was that less-than-clear ending, and the HOURS AND HOURS they spent, in the second half of the drama, on Night's background story, and on a side romance. I wanted much, much more Phoenix!

  7. "In contrast, Phoenix's feeling toward Jin Mi is pure and simple; he loves her and wants to be with her. He has no hidden agendas." - Melanie said is the exact reason why I'm on Phoenix's Ship. For me Night's feelings isn't genuine enough for me, yes he may habour some feelings for her but there's a behind those feelings.

    I feel for the poor guy here, having hope restored only to be crushed within a few seconds

    1. Loving Jin Mi will be the ultimate crushing exercise for any guy!

  8. Night strikes me as someone who can control his emotions & speech very well in public. He is not dumb either so his surprise is a bit too over and fake here and I give cludos to the writer for injecting that. So far, I like both Pheonix and Night but this was the first instant I felt a bit of unease with Night, like he is not all that he appears.

    1. Yes, Night is the ultimate king of suppression lol. He can win the best actor award, so I find the fun in reading Night is guessing when his right emotions come through anyway.

  9. Hi Decembi,
    Thank you for another Chapter of The love triangle between Night, Phoenix and Jin Mi although one is clueless that she's part of the silent war between two deities.
    I agree that Night's action is too fake and obvious for the readers but am not too sure if the Water God feels the same way.
    One of the scenes I've been waiting to read is the day Water God confronts the Heavenly Empress for the crime she committed with Zi Fen. Will she get punish for this? Will Phoenix hate her? What about the Heavenly Emperor, how would he feel about it? Will there be a comeuppance for her in the end?
    I read that Night's action is pushed by his desire to revenge and take power. Is it revenge from not being seen as Phoenix's equal since his mom is of low birth?
    Am excited as well for the next chapter everyone here is talking about. How will Phoenix up the game and out-smart Night knowing too well that Night has the rightful claim to Jim Ni's hand.

    1. Dear Peachie,

      Welcome! :) Very happy that you enjoyed it. The Heavenly Empress will get her due, I can tell you that! Heehee.

      Actually, I can't see why Night wants to take revenge agst Phoenix (if anything, it's probably jealously and self esteem issues). But I can see why he hates his father, the Jade Emperor.

      Ooh Phoenix definitely fights back!

  10. Ahhh...I like moment when Phoenix placed his feather treasure on Jin Mi hand >.<~♡ I am Phoenix fan club ^^~ and always like his expression.

    Really want to know what is the next thing that Night may do. I think that Night may request for his wedding soon. However, I hope that the next chapter may have romantic scene between Jin Mi and Phoenix :)

    Thank you for update this Chapter.

    1. Me too! That was so cool. Placing his heart back in Jin Mi's hand, practically declaring - unless you give me back my heart and everything, don't you dare give me back the feather treasure!

      Night is upping his game :). The next chapter has a really big Night moment, the Phoenix's entrance. <3

  11. Hi decembi, quite puzzled by the last line of this chapter. "Phoenix bitterly laughed and sorrowfully turned back. " Why was Phoenix sad that Jin Mi said she didn't want to return back anything? If Phoenix takes it as face value, he should feel happy if he thinks that Jin Mi is in love with him as well.

    Really loving Phoenix for always showing Jin Mi his genuine feelings although sadly, she mistakes it for being temperamental :p He is really daring to announce his intentions towards Jin Mi in front of the entire court so much love for him here <3<3<3

    Ah sorry Melanie, I said I would translate that scene in Two Ex-husbands but I didn't. I think I started translating abit of the beginning chapter but didn't continue. (The efficient translators here and out there deserve an award) I think Decembi will do a much better job translating and writing a commentary to tie in the two stories (redemption of Night)! (Or if I continue with the translating, maybe Decembi can use it if she wants :) )

    1. Phoenix was probably laughing bitterly and sorrowfully at the irony of the situation. He briefly thought he had a chance with Jin Mi when he found out she was not his half sister, only to have his joy snatched away he realized that she would now be his sister-in-law very soon. So she remains untouchable and forbidden fruit to him. He never really had a chance with her. Poor guy.

      Yes, I really like Phoenix because he doesn't wear any deceptive masks like Night does. That is why I am very surprised that decembi is a steadfast Night supporter, even though she chooses Phoenix for Jin Mi. Perhaps Night's melancholy and loneliness make every woman want to be THE ONE to heal his wounds. Personally, I would rather have a wound-free, burden-free man than one weighed down with baggage, because baggage is not as sexy in real life as it is in novels.

      No problem about the translation, May. We are all busy and I understand it is difficult to squeeze time in to translate. Kudos to all translators out there! I hardly have time to leave comments, let alone translate something! I can't really remember if Night regretted his deception at the end, so I will have to wait for decembi's translations for clarification. I think I eventually forgave Pei Yan Zhen in 2 Ex-Husbands for his deception because he redeemed himself in my eyes toward the end. Night, on the other hand, well, I will have to wait and see if he redeemed himself.

    2. Yes, I fully agree with Melanie's characterisation of Phoenix's emotions :). I felt like his laughter was saying, "Yes, you keep my heart, but you cannot give yours to me."

      HAHAHA! Melanie calls me a "steadfast Night supporter". Am I am i? I thought I was a clear Phoenix shipper. lol. I'm fully supporting Jin Mi and Phoenix all the way -especially at the last third, which is MY FAVOURITE PART of this novel. But I just love analysing Night and find him such an interesting character. :)

      Dian Xian left it vague, but I suspect that Night would have made the same choice if he could choose it all over again. He doesn't give himself chances that way. Yes, I love love love the redemption bit - super romantic!

      Hey May, don't worry about it. I'm going to take a while to reach the end, despite trying to quicken up my translation pace lol. If you have anything, you can send me at the end, and I will translate and edit. I plan to do a novel summary + scene translation so everything will make sense.

  12. thanks a lot Decembi ;) Here are some of the things I'm curious about,

    Does Phoenix and Night know about Jin Mi's unfeeling pill?
    Does Jin Mi show or reciprocate any feelings to any of them?
    And when will we have another steamy kissing scene between Phoenix and Jin Mi? lol I'm a Phoenix shipper and dying to know more about him ;) Your help would be greatly appreciated

    1. Phoenix and Night doesn't know about Jin Mi's unfeeling pill at this moment.
      Yes, although Jin Mi doesn't understand her feelings, it's pretty obvious from how she acts and the strange way she thinks who is special to her. Jin Mi says lots of times that she doesn't bother to delve into why Phoenix is angry again or happy again, but she always notices him! And she thinks about him a lot. Haha, even if it's just to scold him in her head!

      YES. Lots of steam ahead, in fact it makes me blush and not know how to translate. The next update will have super awesome Night and Phoenix parts.

  13. Dying so much for the steam!!! �� lol

    I like Night too....he reminds me so much as Wang Yun's male version.

    - steamy ;)

    1. *blushes* the steam is very hard to translate. Hahahah Night as Wang Yun's male version. Wow, I need to really reflect on that. Interesting thought.

  14. Helo,
    I do not know how to read chinese and Sorry to say that I am kind of late blooming flower as I have just recently (6-8 months) started to read of all these c-novels which helps me everyday to enter into a totally different universe which has various magical worlds. "Three Lives Three Worlds, Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms" was my first c-novels i have ever read. At first that was just an experiment. But after finishing that book I already knew that it was just a beginning of a new universe. Through "Hamster" I knew about your blog on 1st May, 2014 and from that day I regularly come here to fulfill my thirst.

    At fisrt I was just reading "Heavy Sweetness Ash-Like Frost by Dian Xian". But now i am also reading "Emperor's Strategy". Your translation's style is really specific and clear. In one word, it's just cool. Sometimes I am full of joy and sometimes my mind is really heavy after reading translations. Please carry on. I am eagerly waiting for your each and every updating.

    P.S. It will be a great help for me if you give me "Peanuts blog address" here.


    1. Hello Hannah,

      Haha, you probably have been reading c-novel translations longer than I have been. I only started translating in Dec 2013. :) I really agree about entering a different universe, that's the beautiful of the fantasy genre in c novels!

      I'm really glad you enjoy the Emperor's Strategy too. Heavy Sweetness is like the favoured child, and Once Promised and Emperor's Strategy are its quiet siblings, and I'm always happy when readers of one of my projects go on to read the rest. I think they are all very good, and I try my best to reflect the author's characteristic style!

      Peanut and hui'er co-blog at:

  15. Night shipper reporting! I agree with the other posters' assessment that Night is rather "sly," but he has a vulnerability to him that really softens my heart. I'm a sucker for those types.

    That said, I did feel my heart sway a bit when Phoenix said to either return everything or not at all. Ah~!

    1. Awww a rare Night shipper!!! I do agree that Night's multi-faceted personality makes him more intriguing.

      But I swwooon at Phoenix's bold declarations of love ;)

  16. Big noo for night..pheonix act fast than night -- he gave jin mi his feather!!! its look like a trademark or symbol owner..night didnt gave jin mi part of his body that representing starting read translation from hamster 3w3L n i found so nice so continue with second master n now im enjoying heavy sweatness

  17. I understand but hate Night manipulation. Yes, Jin Mi belong to Phoenix. Night steps into the ring; perhaps for the first time, directly challenge the fire god.