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Heavy Sweetness Ash-Like Frost: Translation (Chapter 12.2: The Flower of the Descending Frost)

    This update is for those who check the blog so often! :) This is one of my favourite scenes and I am so glad I can share this with you. Not that it's particularly romantic or beautiful, but I found that for the first time in the story you start to be able to see to the core of what makes up a particular character, who is as contentious as he is beloved. 

Chapter 12: The Flower of the Descending Frost (Part 2 of 4)

  "The Heavenly Empress' natural personality is cruel and devious, she saw through the Heavenly Emperor's actions and bore hatred in her heart, she took advantage of the moment when our previous master had fainted, and poisoned her to incinerate her divine origins. Although the previous master managed to escape, she had greatly injured her divine origins, she knew she did not have much longer to live, so she became cold to the Water God, to force him to marry the Wind Goddess, to forget her and hopefully lead a happy blissful life."

  "The previous master did not want little grape (Jin Mi) to follow in her footsteps, so she ordered the twenty four Flower Leaders to hide her identity from the world, used the Soul Preserving Hairpin to disguise her beauty, and to ground little grape in the Water Boundary for ten thousand years, she ordered me to look after her, who knew..." Old Carrot sighed, his sigh full of sourness.

  "... Zi Fen, Zi Fen, I can go up to the Heavens, can go down to the earth, but where can Senior find you?" The Water God's gaze were filled with tears like crystal chips.

  In my sorrow I rubbed my forehead, who knew that I was actually a descendant of the Water God and the Flower Goddess, to have a personality like the water and flower*, it seems that such a saying is not good...

  Suddenly I realised, in the dramatic play of the big reveal of my birth identity, it turns out that the third parties were Phoenix's parents, next time I can tease that bird.

  "Jin Mi Immortal?" Someone confusedly called me, before I could turn around, I saw a sika deer lightly jumped to my side, its wet nose sniffed at my clothes, its round gaze shining towards me.

  I patted the Nightmare Beast's head, looking at the sunlight that was almost vanishing, I asked, "Is Night going off for duty soon?"

  "Indeed," Night was wearing a blue robe like the lake, floating clouds hovered at his feet, his eyes had a few threads of worry, "Jin Mi Immortal has returned to the Flower World in the last few days, did the twenty four Flower Leaders trouble you?" He continued, "Why has Jin Mi Immortal come to the Heavenly Realms today? The Heavenly Empress is still angry, she might harm Jin Mi Immortal, why don't Jin Mi follow me, so I can take care of you."

  Night is truly a kind dragon, just that I did not have to trouble him this time, I replied, "Many thanks for Night's generosity. But please do not worry, you may go and carry out your duty, I do not want to obstruct you from hanging the stars in the sky."

  Today Water God Daddy was bringing me to the Heavenly Realms to get the Heavenly Emperor to take back his divine essence, who knew that just as we entered the South Heaven door, we would meet Night. Water God Daddy was by my side, so coincidentally he was blocked by a large pillar at the door, only revealing the edge of his robes, Night must not have seen it.**

  I saw Night stroke the side of the Nightmare Beast's neck, smiling gently at me, "I am grateful for Jin Mi's words previously when you said you liked Night, it filled my heart with gratitude, to help Jin Mi is more than I could ask for."

  At the side, Water God Daddy's body shook, his elegant face changed, his brows furrowed.

  Night lowered his eyelids, his face a little sad, and said, "However, Night already has a marriage engagement, I will not be able to repay Jin Mi's kind intentions."

  Why did he suddenly bring up his marriage engagement? But seeing Night looked so sad, it must harm the self esteem for someone to have a marriage engagement, so I consoled, "It's alright, even if Night has a marriage engagement, I will still like you."

 Upon hearing this, Water God Daddy's expressions flickered, his robe moved.

  Night's eyes lit up, his mouth curved into a light smile, he let out a soft sigh, as if he was full of regret in his heart, "I also like you," His voice was so low, it could not be lower, it almost dissolved into the nothingness in the dark.

    Daddy gave a serious cough and walked out from behind the heaven pillar.

  Night's expression was shocked, with a few trace of fear, he respectfully bowed to Water God Daddy, "Night greets the great god. I was too careless just now and did not realise the great god's presence, please forgive me."

  Daddy did not speak, he looked at Night with a complicated expression.

  The emotional tremors in Night's face when he first saw Daddy slowly stabilised under Daddy's stern gaze, and became calm, he spoke, "Night does not know why the great god has come, you must have heard my conversation with Jin Mi Immortal..." he paused, as if he made a decision in his heart, he flicked his robes and respectfully knelt towards Water God Daddy, "Night admits his guilt to the Water God."

  Daddy's clear gaze stared at Night, after half a moment, he said, "What guilt is Night speaking of? I would like to know."

  "A big guilt, Night should not betray the marriage contract agreed between father and the great god, but I have fallen for Jin Mi Immortal! Although Night is not a saint, but I cannot be with another when my heart is with the other. Since my heart leans towards Jin Mi who also leans towards me, I can only give my heart to her, therefore I cannot marry anyone else and will have to betray the agreement to marry the great god's oldest daughter, Night knows my guilt cannot be forgiven, may the great god punish me!"

  Night knelt on the ground, his grand speech caused me great confusion. In this confusion I suddenly remembered, wasn't I Water God's oldest daughter? Obviously, Night did not know of this.

  Water God Daddy's mouth darkened, "Does Night know the price of breaking the agreement?"

  Night's back was straight as he lifted up his head at me, with a steadfast gaze he smiled, "Removal from the ranks of gods to be demoted to the mortal realm! But if I can be with Jin Mi Immortal, what is giving up my position?"

  Daddy's expression changed a hundred times, "A mortal's life is but a drop in the ocean, only a few tens of years and one must experience the pains of growing old and dying. For Jin Mi, Night is not scared?"

  Night's gaze was like the big dipper, ten thousands of years facing the south, never changing, "Night's heart has its direction, I have no regrets even if I have to die nine times!"

  Daddy seemed to be shaken by this, he carefully scrutinised Night, "Good! What Night said today, I will remember." After this, he turned to me, "Jin Mi, let's go."

  Water God Daddy pulled the confused me towards where the Heavenly Emperor resided, the Nine Mist Clouds Palace, while leaving Night outside the South Heaven door? After a flash of golden light, beyond the clouds I turned back and saw Night, I only saw that he was still kneeling in the evening mist, the Nightmare Beast lowered its head and was licking the back of his fingers. I did not know if it was my mistaken impression, but I just felt that his blue figure was like the moon that had lost itself in the spring, lonely and sad.

  At the door of the Nine Mist Clouds Palace, I heard the playing of musical instruments. The guard announced, "The great Water God is here."

  "Quickly come in," a joyful voice came out from the palace. This must be the Heavenly Emperor. 
*The phrase used is <水性杨花> which means a personality that shifts like the water and floats like a flower, it usually insinuates a woman who is fickle and unfaithful. Haha!
**Our dear innocent Jin Mi.

Comments: This chapter was one of my favourites because it reveals so much about a character that I have grown to love. Yes, the contentious character that is Night. Also, who else can't wait for the face off between the Heavenly Emperor and Water God Daddy? :) 


  1. omg the amount of emotions and thoughts going through The Water God and Night Deity's head as they are talking, must be mind blowing. And we have Jin Mi the clueless one left standing confused. She can make you laugh even without trying.

    "Suddenly I realised, in the dramatic play of the big reveal of my birth identity, it turns out that the third parties were Phoenix's parents, next time I can tease that bird."

    She was more excited about teasing the Fire Deity than the big reveal of her identity.

    1. Hahahah I love what you pointed out. When Jin Mi finds out that the Heavenly Emperor basically forced himself on her mother and the Heavenly Empress poisoned her mother, but all she thinks is, ah Phoenix's parents are such third parties, how I shall tease him later. Haha! Phoenix - the son of the gods who caused her mum's death! Should I be happy or sad that she doesn't see Phoenix as her enemy?

      Haha. The power of the Unfeeling Pill. But, I think even Jin Mi herself doesn't realise how often she thinks of Phoenix.

  2. At least this chapter shows that somehow Night Deity have liked or been in love with Jin Mi as opposed to his so called ulterior motive later on.

    Thanks Decembi for the update! I've been devouring this novel too (^_^) and can't wait for the fire deity's next appearance.

    By the way, where did it say that water god and flower goddess had been intimate? I thought the water god was saying it never happened or was he wrong and got confused with his past? Perhaps it was mentioned before and I was wrong.


    1. Hello Peachie,

      Actually that's very interesting that you say it shows Night may have liked Jin Mi as opposed to his so called ulterior motive later on. This is actually v debated - hence I put ** at the part where Jin Mi guessed Night must not have seen the Water God's sleeve. However, my guess is that he did. I find Night very fascinating - afterall, Night knew very clearly from the earlier chapters what Jin Mi's "like" meant but Night directed it such that the Water God had the impression that Jin Mi "loved" Night. I really can't tell Night's genuine emotions at this stage, but he sure is a shrewd one.

      The "intimate" scene was shown in a dream flashback for Jin Mi in chapter 11.4 (http://onesecondspring.blogspot.sg/2014/04/heavy-sweetness-ash-like-frost_25.html). :) Basically, the Flower Goddess pressed the sleeping meridian point of the Water God and......

      The next update will have Phoenix :)

    2. Oh, I get what you mean (went back to previous chap to re-read it).^_^. I read the comments made by other guests here especially Melanie's "epic comments" (wink wink). I both share your opinions regarding the matters of the heart and dare say that of course, I would want to feel that I am someone else's universe and that he'd give up the stars and moon for me should those bring me happiness. On the other hand, I won't feel comfortable knowing that I would cause his downfall because he chose me over his countrymen, family or honour ( should this be the case).

      Perhaps, love is hardly equal on both parties given a situation. One would probably feel stronger and courageous towards love but it doesn't mean that the other half's feelings are unreal and shallow. I would definitely feel honoured should someone decides to sacrifice himself due to his insurmountable love for me but I would most likely decline the offer should it cause a lifetime misery for him. After all, love is selfless and I would rather be on this side for my own peace of mind and heart's contentment.

      Thank you again Decembi for another cute chapter of Jin Mi. I guess Water God would now be talking to the Heavenly Emperor regarding Jin Mi and Night Deity's engagement but they would need first to clear up the issue regarding Zi Fen's death. If I knew what the Heavenly Emperor did to contribute to Zi Fen's unhappiness and bitterness in the end, I would strongly disagree to have her engaged to any of HE's son but since they are gods and have a word honour, engagement is a must despite the past misdeeds committed. I could imagine the strong opposition coming from the Fire Deity so I'll peel my eyes open so as not to miss a thing!


    3. Hello Peachie, I agree and really love what you said, esp about being someone else's universe and the stars and the moon! Perhaps love consists of a lot of external luck besides mutual understanding for not all relationships faces the same difficult choices or require that much sacrifice.

      You are spot on about where the story is going! It's a battle of wits for the clueless Jin Mi's heart :). The Water God makes a choice that only leads me to like him that much more!

  3. Oh does Night turn bad later on in the novel?? What a shame. I really like him. He is always so caring and gentle towards Jin Mi. I guess it's no big surprise that he'd try to change his position in life...he seems to be mistreated by his family and his job is not the most exciting in the world.

    1. I don't want to give out explicit spoilers, but Night is one of the most complicated characters in the novel and one of the most heavily discussed. I find myself liking him a lot in my translation, much more than on my first reading, so I think you might still like him a lot. His story really is very complicated... I sometimes think the he who thought himself the wisest may not know his own heart.

  4. I wonder if Night is actually honest with his word about being demoted to the mortal world, or is he manipulating the Water God, to remind him of the engagement promise. I think Night is very smart to guess who Jin Mi's father is or is not.

    1. I agree that Night is very smart! He is a savvy one. I think that's the interesting thing - even if he was manipulating the Water God, did he meant it too? One can't quite tell either way, which makes Night a very complex character.

  5. GalaxyAngel0077 May 2014 at 00:48

    I wonder if Night already knows the truth that JinMi is not his half sister. I miss Phoenix so much and his cute interaction with Jin Mi. He is so adorable. Oh~ I so love the chemistry of that bird and little grape! XD♡♡♡

    Thank you for the update. From now on, I will now comment with this username and won't use anonymous anymore. Hahahahaha! Have a nice day.

    1. That's the interesting thing, and I think that's a calculated risk he took - that regardless of whether the Heavenly Emperor or the Water God is Jin Mi's father, he is going to protect his chances. He is a sly and deep one. Haha.

      Me too! I want to see Phoenix bully Jin Mi again, seeing him get hurt again and again by Jin Mi does dampen my spirits. But we have a really good Phoenix scene in the next update!

      :) Thanks for your support! Glad to know it's you :)

  6. *There are some vague SPOILERS in my comments below, so DON'T READ if you don't want any hints of spoilers!!!*

    My main problem with Night Deity is that I can never tell if his affection for Jin Mi is purely for Jin Mi herself or if his seemingly romantic and caring actions and words have hidden intentions. I have no doubt that Night Deity has a fondness for Jin Mi's straightforward nature and her genuine wish to befriend him, but I am always left wondering if he would have paid her such care and attention had she not had Fire Deity's heart, hence making her a useful pawn in his grand scheme. In the beginning, I was moved by his loneliness and that fleeting hint of hurt and longing in his eyes, as what could be more attractive to a woman than being able to successfully fill the lonely void in a man's heart? But the more I read, the more uneasy I become around Night Deity. This man is, in a way, too much like his father, the Heavenly Emperor. I do not mean that he has his father's philandering ways, as Night is not such a character, but I feel that he is someone who would not hesitate to hurt the woman he loves for the greater good of his ambitions. And he would have absolutely no regrets sacrificing her for his goals. Like the Heavenly Emperor who has forsaken his love for Zi Fen in order to marry the Heavenly Empress and hence seal a political alliance, Night Deity strikes me as someone who would absolutely do the same if he had to leave Jin Mi behind and marry someone else to ensure the success of his ambitions. But it just so happens that Jin Mi is the person he needs to ensure the success of his ambitions, so Night's "devotion" toward Jin Mi is not tested in the way his Heavenly Emperor father was tested with Zi Fen. Nevertheless, his use of Jin Mi and disregard for how she would feel as a pawn in his game for supremacy bother me greatly. You asked me in the previous chapter update for this story if I am switching from Fire Deity's ship to Night Deity's, and I would have to say no... I don't think I can ever truly be happy with someone whom I cannot trust. With Night, I can never be sure if he has an ulterior motive wrapped in pretty and loving words. Fire Deity, while he does not have that wounded and lonely aura that is so captivating for some women, is able to make me feel secure in his love. I know that when Fire Deity says he loves me, he loves me because I am who I am, not because of what I can do to help him further his ambitions. I guess we can call Night Deity a selfish lover and Fire Deity a selfless lover. I think the only selfless act Night Deity did for Jin Mi was letting her go. However, even that action was a little too late... :(

    1. And I would like to add that some people call men who can sacrifice a little thing like love for the greater good of their worldly ambitions men of great vision. But I call such men cowards with narrow vision. What is so great about such a man if his success is built on a foundation of tears and sorrow from the woman who loves him?

      This then leads me to think about the typical heroic characters in wuxia novels (like Guo Jing from Condor Heroes) who sacrifice family for the greater good of brotherly friendship, wulin society, and/or country. I find myself forever in debate with others about whether such men could be classified as heroes. I refuse to call someone a hero if he forsakes his family for the so-called greater good of county or society. I believe heroism starts first and foremost at home. If a man has to let the woman he loves die or suffer so that he can "save" millions of other women (and men), then he has already failed as a man, as a husband, and as a hero. When the person who loves you the most and relies on you the most cannot depend on you to keep her safe, then what kind of hero are you? A failure.


      This then leads me to think about Gong Sun Yun in Gentleman Free-Floating Cloud during the cliff incident at the middle of the novel. (Yes, my mind wanders, so please bear with me.) One of the reasons why I have not warmed up to Gong Sun Yun is because of the decision he made during the cliff incident at the middle of the novel. He chose to save his brothers and let Huang Fu Yun fall down the cliff. While decembi's explanation for this is very logical, deep down, I still cannot forgive him. He says he cannot save Huang Fu Yun the first time (during the cliff incident), but he will the second time, the third time, etc. But sometimes, there are no such things as second or third or fourth chances. In such life and death circumstances, he either chooses to save her or she falls and dies. How can he know, at that very instant at the edge of the cliff, that she will survive the fall and he will have a second chance to save her the next time she is in danger? While this has nothing to do with saving the woman he loves vs saving country or society, it shows what type of character Gong Sun Yun is. He is the kind of man who is righteous, always trying to do the "right thing" for the greater good. He saves his brothers and sacrifices Huang Fu Yun because it is the right thing to do. But what will stop such a righteous man from doing the "right thing" again and forsaking Huang Fu Yun? Such heroic types can never be trusted. If you ask me, I do not want such a hero. I just want an ordinary man who makes me his first priority; I don't want a hero who constantly has to hesitate and weigh the pros and cons of saving me against the greater good whenever I need his help.

    2. Hey May,

      Epic epic epic comment! Haha, thank you, I love such in-depth analysis. Hahaha.

      Actually, I think the attraction of Night is that he isn't simple, and that everything he does he probably has like a gazillion motives all at once. So, maybe he does have affection for Jin Mi, but he certainly isn't above making use of those affections or what he perceives as sincere affection from Jin Mi to him as well. I think that makes him very interesting for me.

      I think Night would have liked Jin Mi regardless of whether Phoenix liked her or not. I say this because Dian Xian carefully let Jin Mi and Night meet at that rainbow bridge and let Jin Mi be Jin Mi in front of him and enter unaffectedly into his heart before Night could possibly be aware of Jin Mi's weight in Phoenix's heart. Definitely, Night had plans and intentions after knowing that Phoenix liked her (I dare say too haha), and Night's feelings are anything but pure, but I think it started from a pure place. Haha.

      I really liked your thoughts about whether Night resembles his father, the Heavenly Emperor. That is truly perfect irony! I won't classify it as "greater good" of their ambitions, but simply that they probably thought they could selfishly have it all - that they could hurt without having to pay the price. That, feelings could be compensated, but as time will tell, the heart waits for no man or god lol. But, I don't think Night would marry someone else if he had married Jin Mi, simply because Night hated how his mother was the other woman, and I believe his love for his mother ruled above all, and he won't want to repeat his mother's fate on another --- though if he did, then that would be the ultimate tragedy where he has become his father.

      And, I loved what you said about Phoenix. Yes, that's why I like Phoenix so much too :)

    3. I find your views about what makes a good husband, man and hero very interesting. Although, perhaps the criteria in judging is just completely different. I like the description of Zhuan Xu in Lost You Forever much - he will not be a good husband, but he will be a great emperor. Just like how the Yellow Emperor destroyed his family in the pursuit of his own ambitions... I don't think we can call them cowards with narrow vision, for everyone's choices must be seen in their own context - is this a time of peace, a time of war. There is an internal tragedy to many great men and this "greatness" will also be highly debated - but I think bringing happiness to many at the cost of your own is a type of greatness, because the world is imperfect and requires sacrifices. I personally won't want to be a sacrifice, but I think there are people who are willing to be sacrificed and who have to make that sacrifices, perhaps we expect too much of "heroes", and a great man can do stupid or silly things.

      I love Guo Jing and Huang Rong, and I love their trajectory. They were situated in a time of war, they had the choice to escape and leave happily on the Peach Blossom Island, but they chose not to because they could not watch their country go down, could not watch innocent citizens die. I really respect their heroism and bravery. What is life actually? Not just to live, but live for a purpose. Always, I find it quite a big part of chinese culture to idealise an honourable death.

      I don't think someone has necessarily failed if they couldn't manage their households, but are able to manage their countries successfully. Perhaps all greatness requires sacrifice, and while we won't necessarily agree with their choices, I can't help marvelling at such of their achievements. For eg, Hayao Miyazaki, he famously wasn't there for his son's childhood, while creating these perfect images to accompany our own childhoods.

    4. Ok lol, finally to the last part of your comment.


      I think I largely agreed with you till the last part of what would stop Gong Sun Yun from doing the "righteous thing" and forsaking Huang Fu Yun? I like Gong Sun Yun and the fact that he doesn't act all righteous about it - the act of forsaking to save another, or many is not a righteous act - the act of forsaking itself is wrong, we merely examine if it could be justified within the circumstances. I like Yu Qing's guts in putting her "heroes" in impossible situations - the Sophie's choice dilemma - who to save? I think part of Gentleman Free Floating Cloud exposes the ideas and appearances - Huang Fu Yun is supposed to be from the evil sect, but more than anything she just wants to be free and has never killed anyone. Gong Sun Yun is supposed to be holier than thou and a "deity" from nine heavens, but the facts will sure he is just flesh and blood, and a very sly one at that. Haha. These men are not "heroes", just mainly the main characters in their own stories. I cannot see how he could throw away his brother of many years, just because he has finally met a girl he had dreamt for years. Romantic Love cannot be the all encompassing pursuit - such a love where the girl is the pursuit beyond of else without any other considerations such as familial love, is a selfish kind of love that cannot last. A man so selfish who is willing to forsake his brother to save you - what kind of man is that and what happiness will he give you? That is what I wonder. There is no way to truly balance out a life against a life, or one life against many others, that is perhaps the beauty and complexity of life and choices.

    5. Haha, I am Melanie, not May. :)

      I don't dislike Night Deity, but I think if I were Jin Mi, I would definitely choose Fire Deity over Night Deity. Night Deity is too hard to read. He is too good at keeping his true feelings hidden; this aspect makes him an interesting story character but definitely lowers his desirability as a spouse. A good husband should not be an open book so as to maintain some mystery and surprise after marriage, but his feelings and thoughts should not be completely opaque to his wife either, because this will cause a communication issue. I feel like Night constantly keeps his thoughts under lock. He says one thing but his mind is saying something else and he is constantly plotting, which makes me uncomfortable. It will be difficult to trust such a person.

      I agree that bringing happiness to many at the cost of your own is a type of greatness, but these heroes do not bring happiness to many at the cost of their own happiness. They do it at the cost of the happiness of their loved ones. I am fine if they choose to sacrifice themselves for the greater good, but they don't have a right to sacrifice their loved ones' happiness. If those loved ones agree to be sacrificed, then everything is great and rosy, but some do not agree. While these heroes are making unilateral, lofty, heroic decisions to save everyone, have they stopped to consider that their loved ones deserve to be saved just as much as everyone else? Anyway, I know my opinion is unpopular, but I am just a simple woman. I don't ask for a hero or a leader. I just ask for an ordinary man who can think of me first. It's nice to romanticize about loving a man who is great and selfless and saves millions, but when real danger strikes, I want a man whom I can depend on to save me. Is that too much to ask for? Let others have the heroes like Guo Jing, or the brilliant leaders like Zhuan Xu. I just want a regular guy who loves me most.


      As for Gong Sun Yun, I agree that it is more logical for him to save his brothers first and then save Huang Fu Yun second, if she is fortunate enough to remain alive to be saved. Even Huang Fu Yun herself understands this logic. But if I were her, there will always be this tiny speck of doubt in my mind thereafter about Gong Sun Yun's reliability as a protector and lifelong partner. He will always have more history with his brothers than with Huang Fu Yun. So if dangers strikes again and he is again forced to make a choice, whom will he save this second time around? How many lives does Huang Fu Yun have? Does she want to gamble on being Gong Sun Yun's #1 priority if danger comes knocking a second time? If I were Huang Fu Yun, I would be sweating buckets because I again might not be the first choice.

    6. Oops! So sorry Melanie, I think I got confused after reading too many comments lol.

      I agree! Phoenix makes a much better husband than Night. But I suppose it's a matter of preference, because Night's loneliness kills me. Hahaha. My soft spot.

      I agree to! I don't want to be sacrificed. I will be quite contented with an ordinary life. Oh, I forgot to add to your other comment to LYF characters, it's true that Jing makes the best husband material! I don't know if it's strange to say this but my husband resembles more of the Ye Hua and Jing type, haha. If that is possible. But without the sly interior (or at least that's how I have been duped).

      Aww, that is very true. I think Huang Fu Yun felt that too and it was a very real hurdle in their relationship I appreciated. But of course, I'm happy that she found it in herself to trust him again - because his family is also her family. I know so corny - but they do learn to all love each other. :) *END SPOILER*


      Perhaps Wang Yun didn't find it in herself to trust Gong Sun Yun, but simply realized that if she wanted to be with this man, then she must accept the chance that he might not choose to save her whenever she was in danger because he had too many other responsibilities. I found it sad that she had to settle for that. For someone who had to watch her own back growing up, she deserved to finally find someone whom she could truly depend on. I know, my animosity toward Gong Sun Yun is showing, but perhaps I am a lot less forgiving and understanding than Wang Yun is. If some guy lets me fall down a cliff, I am surely not going to marry him. :p

      Does this couple make an appearance in the sequel? What is the sequel about? What are Gong Sun Yun and Wang Yun like in the sequel?

    8. Hi all,

      Melanie nice to see you around again! How have you been? :)

      This is May here. But i feel like changing my nick (again) because seems like there are too much confusion and similar sounding names :p

      I read Gentleman Free-Floating cloud once over the weekend. It's quite an enjoyable story but somehow I didn't quite feel the "romance" for the reasons that Melanie listed. It is understandable that GSY and HQ would choose to save their kin over WY. I don't think that GSY saved his bros before WY because of a righteous nature but because they didn't have any kind of formal relationship (lovers or husband/wife) yet even though he had feelings for her. If they already had some kind of relationship, he may have saved WY first? That's what I think, not sure if it correct. Also HQ had to save his brother who is the last heir of their family. The logical part of me understands that but for a romance novel, it leaves me cold. But as decembi says, I'm glad that in the end WY could learn to trust GSY and understand him for saving her first.

    9. Hello Melanie,

      The other book One Cry to Rule The World is not a sequel, although it's set in a later timing. Gentleman Free Floating Cloud is actually the prequel! It got popular so the author wrote it. Lol. Gong Sun Yun appears but he is a bit out of character since One Cry was written first, Wang Yun does not even appear at all!

    10. Hello upside_down :),

      *SPOILER* Actually that's very interesting, I do agree that it's more playful banter and explosive chemistry more than anything else. It's also quite short, so there's only so much that can be developed. It's a fun sweet kind of romp :). I think the cliff part will be pretty controversial and might even stir up some heated debate. I guess because I've read soooo many romantic novels, I'm pretty open to authors experimenting more left field? Haha. It's not perfect definitely, but it's hopeful that people can heal themselves from trauma and find their own happiness - because happiness must largely be pursued.

  7. Oh dear, so much reading to catch up on! So glad that Jin Mi is not related to Pheonix or Night. It is so interesting to read about Night because he is so hard to grasp. I also feel that he knew the Water God was there, but I am not sure how sincere (or how not sincere) he was in his talk with Jin Mi. I look forward to read more about him.

    And I sure miss Pheonix - so fiery!

    Thank you again Decembi ^^

    1. Hello Bella, yes, Night is very complicated, or maybe he isn't but we try to justify his flaws because we like him haha. There's going to be a lot more Night soon.

      Phoenix will be back in the next update! He was so cool, I started to return to his ship again.

      Welcome :)

  8. fiuh i finally finish reading all in few hours lol:) i like this novel too:) thanks decembi:)

    1. Hello hanny! Haha I'm glad you liked this novel. We have passed the halfway mark of the novel at this point :)

  9. I wonder if Phoenix ever consider that his mother is evil and cruel? Or Su He is just a lighter younger version of his mother? Does Phoenix ever feels bad that JM's mother was murdered by his mother? JM as I remember, seems to never hold grudge against Phoenix, the emperor or even the empress. She grows up in the floral realm where everyone hates everyone in the heavenly realm, but it does not effect her.