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Gentleman Free-Floating Cloud (闲云公子) Chapter 7 Part 1 of 2

He seemed to be lost.

Looking at the same scenery for the third time, Gong Sun Yun who has just turned twenty, wrinkled his brow.

There were several black jade stone pillars erected around the natural hot spring. Colourful chiffon cloths hung between the pillars forming the walls of a bath.  There was no roof and whoever in the bath would be able to see the stars, indicating that whoever who built this structure knew how to enjoy life.

He gave up trying to find a way out by the front and walked to the back.  Behind a chiffon curtain was a changing room and behind it was a little lounge.  The hot spring was located at the top of Tian Bi Cliff and unless one possesses excellent qinggong, ordinary folks would not be able to climb to the top.  The other path up the mountain was blocked by a maze filled with poison mist, so he has thought that such a secluded spot would be an ideal place to imprison unruly Sky Slaves. Who would have guessed that it was actually a bath?

He sighed.  He has been asked by the Old Master of Tian He Manor to sneak into Bai Ming Sect to look for He Yue Hua.  It was a thankless task but he has no choice since Cloud Manor was a neutral entity, since his kungfu was good, since he was only twenty and needed to respect the elders…

So what if he was highly skilled?   No one would guess he that he would often get lost, which was why he always need to travel with another Gentleman.  Since no one is perfect, he is not usually bothered by his lack of direction sense until times like now.
It was a secret that Old Master of Tian He Manor has contacted an incurable illness and was unlikely to have long to live.  For this reason, he has agreed to try to look for He Yue Hua and if he failed, he would have tried his best.  But at two hours past midnight, he would be lucky if he could even figure a way out of Bai Ming Sect.

He tucked his long sword into its sheath and cut through the changing room.  Lifting one semi-transparent curtain, he did not expect to find another person inside.  At the sight of a young maiden’s bare back soaking in the hot spring, he quickly turned around in dismay. She was leaning face down on a black jade stone and he did not see what she was doing.

Had he known this, he would never have come!  It was a small matter getting injured or captured, but he definitely did not want get hitched with some stranger. Troubled, he decided not to alert the young maiden to his presence and sat down near a pillar behind the curtain and waited patiently for her to leave.


He kept still.

He remained motionless.  The sighs and tinkling of bells continued and he thought she could be a Sky Slave. But how could an ordinary Sky Slave have the ability to reach Tian Bi Cliff, or bath in such exclusive surroundings?

“Every fifteenth of the month is the day for me to pamper myself. Otherwise, how I can carry on?”  Her self-mutterings were very soft, but he has very good hearing and caught every word. 

Besides, it wasn’t as if he has a choice. 

He heard the familiar sound of a page turning.  Was this her way of pampering herself?  By reading in a hot spring?

“Ay, Guo Jian of the ancient times could taste his enemy’s excrement, laugh happily and even wish his enemy well after that. What excellent ‘taste’! What a good model for endurance!” [Side Note from Mb:-  Guo Jian tasted bitter bile, not excrement.  Oh Wang Yun, where did you get your books?]

His eyes widen.

“I doubt I could ever reach his level of endurance.  Perhaps I could, under extreme duress, taste my enemy’s perspiration.  But excrement? Ay, I think I need to practice some more, pamper myself some more, before I can ever taste someone’s excrement without batting an eyelid.”

To his amazement, she continued to read out other acts of endurance from her book. That was her definition of pampering?  Which young girl in Bai Ming Sect was able enjoy this hot spring and yet needed to attain such levels of endurance?

After a while, her voice trailed off, leaving only the soft sounds of her breathing.  After some hesitation, he decided to stick his head inside and confirmed that she had indeed fallen asleep.  From her words, she seemed apt at endurance and coming here was her way to de-stress and prep herself to endure some more.  This secluded spot must be within her comfort zone that she could even fall asleep here.

The mist from the hot spring has obscured her features, but he caught a glimpse of honey-coloured skin.  Just when he wanted to avert his eyes, he heard a sound and he saw a poisonous snake slithering towards her. 
Thinking, he picked up a fallen leaf on the floor and aimed it at her bare shoulder.  She was on guard even in sleep and woke up the instant the leaf brushed past her shoulders.  She surveyed her surroundings with a cold eye.  It was a pity her kungfu was not very good and she did not see the person behind the chiffon curtain.

He has been unwilling to look at her but when the snake got closer, he has no choice.  Behind the mist, he vaguely saw that she was around thirteen or fourteen.  Her eyes and brows were quite pretty but the expression in her eyes was at odds with her childlike looks

When she has convinced herself that there was no one and the leaf was just something the wind blew over, she lifted her head to the skies.  She heard a slithering sound, turned and saw the snake. She did not move her body but her small face backed away instinctively.  Then as if dissatisfied with her show of fear, she leaned her face forward again.

He narrowed her eyes?  Wasn’t she asking for trouble?

At her confrontational stance, the snake suddenly shot forward while she remained motionless. When the snake was only a finger length away. Gong Sun Zhi was about to strike when the snake suddenly fell limply on the ground.

She shook her head and mumbled. “Ay, which is why I said it is best to depend on oneself.”  Her slight quiver gave away the fear she was suppressing.  Slowly, she got up from the pool, put on her clothes, and slowly left the pool.

He waited until he was sure she would not return before stepping out from his hiding place to examine the hot spring.  He found poison sprinkled around the pool which was likely put there to handle such situations in mind.  At the sound of her distant bell, he left the hot spring and silently followed her.

Her loose robes were dancing wildly in the wind, but she paid them no heed as she walked with her hands folded behind her.  From time to time, she would stop to enjoy the moon and her long hair would fall to her waist. As the wind played with some tendrils of her hair, he thought to himself that she looked very adorable.  Adorable?

Surprised at his turn of thoughts, he looked again at her… white hair?  This young lady was apt at keeping her emotions hidden and revered endurance.  However, she knew how to let off steam so he did not think her white hair was a result of overthinking, so maybe it was genetics?  Looking at her swaying back and forth, he felt his lips curl up into an involuntary smile.

He touched his lips to confirm that he was indeed smiling and started frowning instead.  Since he turned sixteen, he would receive marriage offers from time to time which he would politely turn down every time.  Whenever there were female pugilists visiting the manor, he was also careful to maintain a polite distance.

Most of the men in Gong Sun family were rather cool towards the opposite sex, and he in particular, was cooler than most.  Others can say that he has very high expectations, but he just didn’t like the idea of getting close to some strange woman, or marrying a woman who did not understand him even if she possesses unparalleled beauty.  What he wanted was someone he would voluntarily put inside his heart.

“Ay.” She paused and dipped her head in thought.  “How did it go, the poem that He Zai taught me last time?  It would have been so suited to the beautiful scenery tonight.”

He did not know where she was headed for, but if he continued to follow her blindly, he would likely end up at her home.  And the most regrettable part of this option was that she would not notice him.  Thinking, he drew his sword.

She froze immediately per expected.  He has known she would choose to stay still because she would have deduced she was no match for him from the speed of his draw.  He was pained at her need for tolerance, and was amused at the same time that he could be feeling this way.

“Miss, pardon my offence.”

Worried that his sword may hurt her accidentally, he lowered his hand.  Unfortunately, the move cut off a lock of her hair.  Quick as lightening, he caught the fallen strands in his hand.  The hair was slightly wet, black and smooth like silk.

He heard her sigh. “Gentleman had followed me since Tian Bi Cliff?"

The hair in his hands was obviously wet, but they seemed to contain fire which brought heat to his face.  Was it because he saw her shadowy outline or was it because he was holding her hair in his hands?  When he lifted a finger to his face and confirmed that his cheeks were flaming, he was amazed a young lady could have made him feel this way.  Dazed, he could only say "...Pardon the offence, Miss."

Who would know their next meeting would be six years later?

As two carriages sped towards home, he went to the back carriage which was heavily draped to prevent people from looking inside. “How is the situation?”

Gong Sun Zhi gave a sad smile.  “Still alive.  She will open her eyes occasionally so I know she is awake although she seems a bit confused at her surroundings.  She must be in a lot of pain but she has not uttered a single word.  If I am her, I doubt I could have kept it in.”

Gong Sun Yun went to her side. “Why not you take care of Seventh Brother?”  Gong Sun Zhi obliged and went to the first carriage.   

Three nights ago, he has used the excuse that he needed to send Gong Sun Yao back to Cloud Manor in order to hasten home.  The woman hidden in the second carriage has woke up a few times during the journey but has silently endured her pain in order to maintain her grasp on her surroundings.   When he saw her move, he quickly brought a bowl of medicine to her mouth and said gently.  “Drink this medicine, it will help ease the pain.”

She only stared at the liquid and compressed her lips.  Her face was too pale and frail-looking.  He knew she has not eaten since her fall so she was probably not coherent.  Thinking, he whispered in her ear. “He Zai.”

When her mouth opened in surprise, he quickly fed her some medicine.

He Zai, He Zai.  How much of him did she put in her heart? Should he feel fortunate that there were was not one bit of affection in her eyes when she looked at He Zai?
He finally got her to finish the medicine but she could not sleep due to the pain.  He placed his hand gently over her eyes to make it darker and easier to fall asleep.  If she could sleep, she would not feel so much pain.

He helped her lay down and held her firmly against him, using his body to block out more light.

“..Who…are you..”
“I am Xian Yun.”
“...Don’t know you…”

“It does not matter that you do not know me now.  You will slowly get to know me when you are at Cloud Manor.”

He kept looking at her and did not move away.  Six years, he has waited six years for a lady to come to him with his jade pendant.  When he met Che Yan Yan for the first time, he knew then that his young miss was Protector Huang Fu.  But she was too well hidden within Bai Ming Sect that not even Cloud Manor could get a hold on her. So he could only wait.

“…Who are you?”  She repeated again, as if in a dream.

“I am…” he bent his head and whispered in her ear. “I am waiting for a young lady whom I know not how she looks like.  But when I finally meet her, I have to abandon her so she must have been deeply hurt.  Right now, I am only a man who hopes she can forget her pain and let me remember that for her.”

The faint scent of her hair floated up his nose.  When he opened his eyes, he was surprised to find her asleep on his shoulder. 

Despite being highly skilled, it was beyond him to save three people at the same time.  He has to save his brothers whom he has been with for ten over years, and was forced to forsake a woman whom he has been thinking of for six years.

Now, he has been given a second chance.

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        @sutekii, I totally agree that the three of them are deeply connected :).

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    3. Ah we finally we get to know what went on when Gong Sun Yan first met Wang Yun. So he want to the sector to find He Zai. Three of them are deeply connected one way or another.

      "I am waiting for a young lady whom I know not how she looks like. When I finally met her, I have to abandon her so she must have been deeply hurt. Right now, I am only a man who hopes she can forget her pain and let me remember that for her." - I must say what with he said, you can sense the guilt he must have had abandoning Wang Yun at the cliff fall.

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    5. Thanks for the translation moonblossom.. Never thought that the perfect gentleman Xian Yun also has weakness, lack of direction..LOL..

      1. Agree! He is so cute. I was checking Prologue 2 when I doing this and Huang Fu Yun made this statement that all roads lead out of the Sky Forrest. He must be a total klutz to keep circling back to the same spot.

      2. Maybe it's heaven's wish for him to keep circling the same spot (so he can meet his love of his life) :)

        " What he wanted was someone he would voluntarily put inside his heart." --> hahaha, shouldn't that be "involuntarily" put inside his heart (by fate) :P

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      3. Haha.. it reminds me of shi wuji in drama cuo dian yuan yang, almost like gentleman xian yun (except that he liked to wear black all the time) he is cool, charismatic, highly skilled, great martial art, but also lack of direction haha..

    6. It's here!!! So that's the back story. Thank you Moonbloosom for capturing the beauty of this chapter through your translation. It's been written smoothly and one could follow the scenes clearly and get to feel the character's emotion easily. Hmmm... falling in love: makes one giddy just to think about the emotions it evokes.
      Had to check for an update first thing in the morning before heading for work. Am I a confirmed addict? I believe so (^_^). That's because your translations get me hooked all the time. Love it!!!


    7. Where was He Zai when Wang Yun was having a bath? How come he couldn't detect GSY?
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      1. Yes He Zai, where were you? I think I'm becoming paranoid like Wang Yun. Either he tried to give her some alone time for pampering, or is hiding somewhere hoping the intruder will kill his Master for him? But I think Xian Yun would have discovered him if he was in the vicinity so maybe he is just conveniently absent.

    8. Super duper Sly XY...pretending to be blind eh *squealsss* Ya, where is ever reliable side kick HZ? He appeared and told WY...he is indeed a gentleman when they seperated. HZ knows will be his chance to.escape the sect.....unless, he really wanta to be in WY's side *swoon*

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        Hope, he fell in love not out of pity . . .

      2. I mean the first time he sees her bare back, he is not yet smitten. By the second time (or third when he accidentally cut off her hair) he is hooked.

    11. “Ay, which is why I said it is best to depend on oneself.”  - Isn't she expecting He Zai here and he didn't come?

    12. thanks moonblossom:) but im not understand why she not remember Xian yun?

      1. You mean the end of this sub-chapter? She was drifting in-and-out of consciousness from the trauma of her fall, not to mention being fed pain-killers by Gong Sun Zhi, which was why she did not remember Xian Yun. Another possibility was she genuinely did not want to remember him in her mind.

    13. hahhaaha, wang yun has a 'magical' book! :P
      xian yun must be think that wang yun is far from ordinary girl.
      i feel that she has some feeling for he zai sometimes. she always think about him even though he's not there. i hope he can get another chance.
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    16. Hey Moonblossom,

      Well, I've caught up with both of the most recent updates for Gentleman Free Floating Cloud. After reading these updates, I'm no longer as angry with GSY as I was before. BUT it is not GSY's actions in those chapters which have changed mind but rather Gong Sun Yao's actions. I quite like 7th Brother. This guy is very astute and is very much on his way to being a heroic young man, as he has immediately assessed the situation in his chambers with the fake GSY and already makes an attempt to save Wang Yun the second he wakes up from his coma. (By the way, how old is 7th Brother?) Seeing how likeable 7th Brother is, how could I continue being mad at GSY for trying to save him? But just because I can understand GSY's difficult choice and can no longer hold his choice against him, I still don't feel that he could ever be a good husband for Wang Yun. She needs a man she can rely on completely to protect her and to put her interests above all else. Doesn't she deserve that? Is it too much for any woman to ask of her husband/lover? GSY can never be that guy, as he has already proven through his actions that he is unreliable. He may be a good man, but he cannot be a good husband.

      Furthermore, so far, I have not seen him do anything that redeems him for dropping Wang Yun down that cliff. Agreeing, albeit reluctantly, to using Wang Yun as bait for the Jade-Faced Scholar is not winning him any points with me. If he truly cares for Wang Yun's safety and is truly trying to protect her the second time around like he keeps falsely promising, he would have found another method to capture the rapist. Any man who really loves a woman would not let his woman risk the possibility of a rape.

      The hotsprings scene from GSY's perspective was very romantic...if only Wang Yun was not 14 years old at the time. All I can think of when I picture a grown man of 20 peeking on a 14 year old bathing is the word "pervert." Yes, you could argue that most girls would have been married by 16 during ancient times, but still... Pervert!

      And those touching words GSY said during the carriage ride with Wang Yun back to Cloud Manor?

      “I am waiting for a young lady whom I know not how she looks like. But when I finally meet her, I have to abandon her so she must have been deeply hurt. Right now, I am only a man who hopes she can forget her pain and let me remember that for her.”

      Those words would have really won me over, if he had not gone on and let her be bait for an accomplished rapist. :P

      So what other secret weapon do you have up your sleeve to convince me to like GSY, Moonblossom? Hehe. :D

      1. By the way, great picture, Moonblossom! If Wang Yun looked like that at the hotsprings 6 years ago, then it is no wonder GSY has the hots for her all these years. :D Ok, seriously, I think GSY was intrigued by her at the hotsprings, but he wasn't in love. Love at first sight? I don't believe in such things. Now 6 years later, his feelings for her are probably pity (because she is alone without family and has no one to trust) and guilt (for dropping her down the cliff and not choosing to save her). I don't feel his love for her, and that is why I think she will not be his first priority when danger strikes again.

      2. I get it, nothing sort of death could warrant a second chance of him for you. But he cannot turn back the clock so what is done is done As for my secret weapon, I thought the idea of a black Xian Yun rather appealing. Of course, I'm the superficial sort and is not above the lures of a good-looking man *ahem!* while you could have more restraint. : )

      3. What is a black Xian Yun? Ha, you give me too much credit. I am just as susceptible to a good looking man as any woman. :D Don't tell me GSY strips in front of Wang Yun to get her to trust him again. :P Didn't I read somewhere that you are married, Moonblossom? Does your husband know you are the superficial sort, who gets easily lured away by good looking men? :D

      4. Melanie, are u young & single? Don't you get lured by good looking men? Just bcoz a person is married, their eyes won't stray? If they did, it makes em superficial? *rolls eyes* i really wana comment wt about ....u read.and.expects.for a.magical land where heroes are perfect. Tsk girl...u have to.socialize more coz ur novel expectations are becoming your.own personal.criteria. it'll be worst, be self righteous. We are all here to enjoy the.novel thru generous translations of passionate.bloggers like decembi and moonblossom...U don't have your tacky comment to a person? Lets.stick wt the novel pls.

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      5. Hello Melanie & samie, both of you are readers that I really appreciate for your personal views and comments. Thank you samie for your continuous support, but I also think Melanie meant everything in humour and light-heartedly. Let me give a big hugs to both of you, to more happy discussions of the novel and future translations! <3

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      7. Oh, I don't see anything wrong with your comment, it's just that I like both you and Melanie so much, and think both of you are very cool readers, so I won't wish for both of you to get upset over this. :) We all get passionate over the things we love and that's cool! :) May we continue to feel so strongly about the things we believe in!

      8. Agree it is a passing remark but I will admit to being superficial. I love beautiful man AND woman, which is why husbands are such wonderful partners, for not only can they help help spot pretty men and women, they help provide a safe "viewing" environment too. Ha.ha. Hope I'm mot making this discussion worse.

      9. Oh gosh, I did not mean to offend anyone with my strong views on novel heroes (and GSY, in particular). I have usually steered clear of discussions on characters because I have seen a lot of ill feelings on forums because of everyone's difference of opinions. I don't know why I have suddenly felt free to let loose on my views this time. Perhaps it is because Moonblosoom and decembi are such cool people who take differing views in stride. I again apologize for any words which have insulted anyone. (And truly, GSY is quite sweet. I am just a hard sell.) Even though I know decembi and Moonblossom have not taken any offense with my postings, I think I will nonetheless refrain from posting anymore in order to prevent any future misunderstandings. I will, of course, continue to lurk about and stalk this blog faithfully, but may largely remain a silent reader. So I will thank decembi and Moonblossom here now for their time and efforts in bringing such wonderful stories to many of us who don't read or understand Chinese.

        In addition, I sincerely apologize to Moonblossom regarding my remarks about her being superficial. I meant those words in jest, but now in retrospect, I understand that sometimes it is difficult to express feelings (of jest) over the internet. I was hoping my :D emoticon would have conveyed my joking intention. However, samie is very correct in pointing out that my words could have been construed as insulting and critical of Moonblosoom. I truly did not mean any ill will. I sincerely am sorry for my thoughtless words.

        By the way, I saw decembi's post for readers to introduce themselves. I initially wanted to introduce myself also, but now I am sort of apprehensive, as I may not have only offended samie but also many others here. Therefore, I will refrain. If anyone wants more spoilers regarding Heavy Sweetness, I will try to provide them to the best of my knowledge at shushenbar, if decembi is ok with that. If not, I will stop revealing spoilers. Just let me know.

        Have a great weekend, everyone!

      10. I agree melanie's comments were lighthearted and did not mean any harm. I quite enjoyed her analytical comments. They make me think about the story instead of just agreeing with author. I am sad that she will no longer be leaving comments. Just my 2 cents.

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        Melanie, I will feel sad if you no longer comment :( but I also believe that one should just do what makes one most comfortable. Perhaps, our translations will be able to prod you out of your shell again :) Don't worry about your comments, look at the support from anonymous and samie! In a forum with passion and passionate readers, there will be disagreements here and there but what's important is that we can all laugh about it and enjoy the next installment as lovers of fiction! <3

        Oh, and I definitely don't mind spoilers. Haha. I do wish I can translate faster, but unfortunately I am mortal, not a grape sprite like Jin Mi. Hahaha. But, I will update Heavy Sweetness on monday.

        Big hugs to everyone here today! Have a great weekend :)

      13. Aww... but agree with decembi to do what is comfortable for you. N welcome back anytime. : )

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      14. Hmm, I am sad to read that we will be losing a very good commentator. I think Melanie's comments bring depth to the translations. It's like buying the special dvd version of a movie with extra footage and commentaries. Too bad she won't be around anymore but I don't blame her. Well, here is a word of encouragement to Mel, so Mel if you are reading this, know that I love your two stories that you are writing. I accidentally found your story site while searching for original wuxia fiction online. The hero in your first story sort of reminds me of Jing in Lost You Forever, and the hero in your prequel DEFINITELY reminds me of Xiang Liu, so you will definitely like Miss Koala's translation of LYF. Those are your kind of heroes. I think you have great potential and I dare to say that your stories are even a notch above many of the wuxia stories written by professional authors found online. So keep going and don't let anyone dampen your passion for writing!

        -- Stace

      15. Stace, you now make me very curious about Melanie's stories. I am a wuxia fan, but sadly there aren't that many good ones around. Even Gentleman Free Floating Cloud, which is labeled wuxia, doesn't have that Jin Yong feel. This has nothing to do with Moonblossom's translation skills so don't be mad everyone! Moonblossom's is doing a beautiful job. It's just that the fight scenes are very vague and not very epic. Care to share the link to her stories? Are her stories in English because I can't understand or read a word of Chinese.

        Extreme Wuxiafan

      16. Hi Extreme Wuxiafan,

        If you are looking for more detailed fight scenes, then you should definitely read Mel's stories. She describes them so well that I can picture the action. She also talks about martial arts stances and techniques, very similar to Jin Yong! She has plenty of suspenseful confrontations between the good guys and bad guys interspersed with romantic scenes and humor. I was very happy to accidentally find her stories. I agree good wuxia stories in English are extremely hard to find. I think if she actually wrote in Chinese she could give the pro novelists in China a run for their money and maybe get her stories adapted into dramas. Too bad she has not updated for a while. She commented here before that she was shy about her stories so I don't want to post her links without her permission. She has an email on her story site so you can contact her for the links. Give her some encouragement. Maybe she will update faster with more readers!


      17. Oh I apologize to decembi and Moonblossom for hijacking this thread and going off topic. I just want to share stories I love.


      18. Hello Stace, oh no problem at all. I love to read about all things to do with c-novels, and I've told Melanie to look out for your very sweet comment as well :)

      19. Wow, I didn't know Melanie is so talented. Will google for it after the craze this week. I still have some uncleared emails from last Friday if you can believe.

        No offence at all about Gentleman FFC. I grew up on Jin Yong's dramas and sadly, there were nothing close after him - 天龙八步, 椅天屠龙记,射雕英雄专, 碧血剑,鹿顶记, etc, who can forget all the wonderful, heroic characters? 史无前人,后无来着 would be my take on him.

      20. Stace,

        Thanks very very much for the email. Melanie only gave me the link for her prequel story, said she was still trying to make some grammatical revisions on the original story. Read the prequel in one big gulp. *squeals and does a little dance* LOVED IT!!! Now I am stuck waiting for the next chapter. She warned me to read slowly but I couldn't contain my excitement! *squeals some more* LOVED the martial arts! I think I am going to go pester her for faster updates. Thank you decembi and Moonblossom for being so kind and letting us talk about a totally unrelated story in this thread.

        Extreme Wuxiafan

      21. Hello! I'm Black Rose. My screen name is named after one of Melanie's characters in her prequel. Needless to say, I am one of her fans, have been following her story for about 1 year now.. She recommended this site to me a week or two ago and I just had some time now to check this blog out. Great blog and awesome translations! Melanie has good taste. Wow, it's a small world. I didn't expect to find a small group of her readers here. Yes Stace and Extreme Wuxiafan, you should help me pester her for faster updates! I email her all the time and usually she will respond to pressure and write a chapter.

      22. Can someone be very kind, pretty, pretty please, and email me the link to Mel's stories? I tried googling but no avail. My email is Please remove the '123456' before emailing because I added it here to prevent spam

      23. I am silent lurker but I must jump into any discussion regarding wuxia! I also emailed Melanie and got the link to her story to see what the fuss is about. I am reading the prequel right now and I am pleasantly shocked. She writes really well and is very eloquent. The martial arts scenes are way better than Gentleman Free Floating Cloud. No offense, but Gentleman is not really hardcore wuxia. It is lighthearted and funny and I love it for that. Also credit must be given to Moonblossom for doing a terrific job. However, I think Gentleman is more of a modern piece set in ancient time with its characters carrying around swords for image instead of truly using them. If they are truly using them, then the author is doing a poor job of conveying this to us. I am very surprised that Melanie is doing a much superior job of bringing forth a 'wuxia' feel in her story compared to a professional novelist. To Melanie's credit, I think she does a wonderful job bringing us Jin Yong - like fight scenes! I say this with an exclamation mark because it is VERY difficult to write and describe fighting, because you have to do it well enough to allow the readers to SEE the battle and FEEL the suspense. In this sense, Melanie has succeeded quite well for an amateur where so many authors in the post Jin Yong era have failed. This is my humble opinion, of course, but I only know how to read English and just get by with Chinese. So if you looking for awesome fighting, Melanie's stories will deliver. But if you are looking for heroes like Guo Jing, then beware. LOL. Melanie likes bad boys. She admitted this to me in her email when we were discussing her characters so her male lead is, umm, *choke cough* tsk tsk on the naughty side. I also don't think she likes Guo Jing very much, so don't read if you want an upstanding stereotypical hero.

      24. Forgot to leave my name. I am Maxine. Nice to meet you all.

      25. Hi everyone. Decembi informed me of activity here regarding my story, so here I am. :)

        First, I would like to say hi to samie. I know you only intended to defend Moonblossom and there are no hard feelings. Let's call it a big misunderstanding and move on to more important matters like supporting decembi and Moonblossom and enjoying their hard work. Group hug!

        Second, I would like to thank Anonymous, Stace, decembi, and Moonblossom for their kind words regarding my comments. I only write so much because everyone's comments here are so thought-provoking that I cannot help but respond, too. Plus, decembi and Moonblossom have put so much effort into translating that I only wish to repay their generosity with the only way I know how to - long, wordy comments.

        Last, but not least... I am very, very happy to suddenly acquire three more readers out of the blue. Thank you, Stace, Extreme Wuxiafan, and Maxine for giving my story a chance. Also, hello again to Black Rose. Thank you for your unwavering support and loyalty for the past 1-2 years. But... Hahaha! Sorry, I cannot help but laugh at all the praise given to my stories. Stace, Extreme Wuxiafan, Maxine, and Black Rose, you all are way too generous with your praise. Truthfully, my writing is only below average. (Yes, I am being very realistic with myself. My writing is not even average but below average. It's the sad truth.). And I am most definitely not Jin Yong or anywhere near His Magnificence's equal. I almost feel like there is a Cloud Manor rumor-spreading situation going on here. First, I am just Melanie the amateur writer who writes for kicks. Then, as the rumor spreads, I am as good as the legendary Jin Yong. Then, before I know it, I am Jin Yong himself masquerading under some fake screen name "Melanie." Hahaha! So please, thank you so much for all your compliments, but just a pat on the head is enough for me. I am too mediocre for anything more than that. Thank you. :)

        Moonblossom, I am too, too embarrassed and shy to have you read my story. It's not as good as everyone makes it out to be. I am extremely afraid that I will let you down, as you have obviously read much more exemplary works written in Chinese. After reading translations of such wonderful ancient novels brought to us by wonderful people like you, decembi, and many others, I know for sure that my story will not live up to your expectations. I just don't want to make you laugh at the ridiculousness of my little side hobby, nor do I want to waste your time. Maybe one day I will get enough courage to share.

      26. Ha.ha! I can imagine your eyebrow arching higher and higher when your find yourself turning from amateur writer, to Jin-Yong-wannabe, to the Jin-Yong himself.

        Did you know that Tong Hua wrote the-book-that-started-it-all, ie BBJX, when she migrated to the States and started writing to get over her settling-in blues? It seems like a masterpiece can just happen regardless if you have ever tried writing but knowing it is from you, I have full confidence it will be an insightful. Whenever you are ready to share then, and happy writing!

        .. and thank you for your gracious praise. I do not think myself a good writer too. Maybe I'm good in contents & vocab but I'm poor in grammer - and I humbly thank everyone for overlooking all the grammer and spelling mistakes in GFFC.

      27. Yay *GROUP HUG*

        I look forward to the day when you have enough courage to share your work, Melanie. :)

        I remember reading one author saying that being a writer is just like any other professional job and you have to put in the time. You can improve upon what you have written, but you cannot improve upon a white page.

      28. Hi Moonblossom. I tried sending you the story link by email but I kept getting some message saying message cannot be sent. Not sure what the problem was. Here is the link to one of Melanie's stories. If you like it, you should encourage her to update. She hasn't updated in so long probably because not many people comment. :(

        Happy reading!

        Black Rose

      29. Thank you so much Black Rose!

      30. Thanks Black Rose. ^-^


    17. "But just because I can understand GSY's difficult choice and can no longer hold his choice against him, I still don't feel that he could ever be a good husband for Wang Yun. She needs a man she can rely on completely to protect her and to put her interests above all else. Doesn't she deserve that? Is it too much for any woman to ask of her husband/lover? GSY can never be that guy, as he has already proven through his actions that he is unreliable. He may be a good man, but he cannot be a good husband. "

      - what more in reality? In today's world of selfishness and self centredness....where can u find a good husband who will put his wife's interests above himself and his mother's ? One thing i like so much wt.C-novels whether its.old or.modern times, they are more realistic and pragmatic than their "wishy washy" western counterpart. I can't just imagine the amount i wasted reading mills&boon, historical romance novel & etc during my youth.

      Just my 3 cents....

      1. Hi Anonymous,

        True, today's world is filled with self-centered men and women. Mostly, it's every man or woman for himself or herself. That is why I look for the perfect man in novels. Stories can transport us to the past, to the future, to a fantasy land, to worlds we may never see and allow us to meet characters we may never encounter in real life. I think I may be a closet romantic, despite not believing in love at first sight. Therefore, even though I know I may never meet the perfect man in real life, I want to meet him in the stories I read. Pragmatic stories with pragmatic characters are...well, realistic, but they don't make my heart flutter, they don't thrust me into a world where anything is possible. Don't we read xian xia, wuxia, or novels set in ancient times because we crave to explore a magical land of unknown, where it is "realistic" for maidens to be so beautiful that even the moon sighs in reverence, where romantic heroes love so intensely and completely that they are willing to give up their jiang shan and risk their lives for their meiren?

      2. You should read Lost You Forever, if you can last 3 books and get to the epilogue, you will find a guy whose love is so pure, it can only be found in story book. There are many perfect heros, but while this guy is not perfect, he set a new standard for pureness.

      3. Are you trying to corrupt, I mean, convert me to a Xiang Liu supporter even before I start reading the translation? Like plant the seed in my mind? :P But I thought Jing is the perfect husband type?

      4. He is. But if Xiang Liu has been available, he would have been the perfect husband material in that story as well. Anyway, I usually ship whoever the author want me to ship and I am happy Xiao Yao ended up with Jing. It is just Xiang Liu is so awesome at the epilogue, I decided to forsake the entire book and hop on to his submarine.

      5. Oh yes, one last comment, because I don't think I can keep my mouth shut. :D Even though I have not read koala's translation yet of Lost You Forever, I am already sort of partial to Xiang Liu, thanks to Moonblossom's spoilers. However, I peeked at her most recent few chapters (ch 25, 26, and 27) and really wanted to hug Jing. He just seemed so despondent. All three male leads seem so likable that I am afraid to start reading the translation before the whole novel is completed, because I will just pass out from the long wait.

    18. Dying.for more :)