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Gentleman Free-Floating Cloud (闲云公子) Chapter 6 Part 2 of 2

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The emotional healing seems to have worked, for Wang Yun appears to have accepted some of the Gong Sun guys as family.  But regardless of how she feels towards the others, Gong Sun Yun is in her heart whether she realizes it or not.  Go for it girl! Life is meant to be savored and an emotional wall is only another obstacle that will put true happiness out of your reach. 

Chapter 6 Part 2 of 2


She opened her eyes, instinctively on guard.  He Zai’s voice seemed to have come from right beside her ear.  After carefully scrutinizing the dark room, she let out a sigh when she was sure that there was really no one.

Her forehead was beaded in perspiration and she got off the bed for some water.  The oily chicken has lived up to its name and made her thirsty.  She opened her window and saw that the distant lights have been extinguished. 

Although she no longer touches her jade flute or hears the sound of bells behind her, she found herself thinking of He Zai sometimes.

She did not want to stay in her room and decided to take a walk because each blade of glass, each tree in Cloud Manor can help her feel more settled.  Although indulgence is not wise, surely an occasional lapse will not hurt?

She came to the house where Gong Sun Yao was recuperating.  When she saw a light inside, she paused before going in. Although the room was lit, here was no one around. She sat beside the bed and looked down at the sleeping man.  She knew that they were not trying to make her feel guilty by asking her to visit Gong Sun Yao every day. Rather, they were hoping that she would slowly start to view him as family; how could she not see through their intentions? She sighed: “I brought some fried chicken home but was forced to share with Xian Yun.  You guys are weird.  Why are you so fixated on nutrition and living to your seventies or eighties?”

Her lips curved as she continued. “However, I respect your little quirks.  I heard that both of us were sent back to Cloud Manor at the same time.  By right, you are the one who should have woken up, but reality is the other way round.  And to wake up is the same as receiving a new lease of life, is it not?”

He Zai. He Zai.  There were times when she dreamt that they could shake off Sect Leader one day and live peacefully in some remote place like siblings, just the two of them. Of course, she has tried to be realistic most of those times and guessed that there would only be her in the end, and ultimately, reality has proven her right.

“Xian Yun has asked me several times to become his sworn sister, do you think I should accept?”  At this, she cannot help but smile.  Since the age of ten, she has been forced to accept He Zai as her Sky Slave.  In order to survive, the young her has tried all ways endear herself to a much bigger sixteen year-old.  On the surface, both appeared to depend on each other although the truth of it was that their relationship could never measure up to that with his blood brother.  Because she has been so busy being wary, it has never crossed her mind about entering into any relationships.

“Xian Yun seems to have developed a liking for me, but where did it stem from?”  What has he seen when she was fourteen?

Even if he has seen her naked, she does not believe that he is the kind of man who will take responsibility for a woman if he is not really willing.  Although he appears very solicitous on the surface, she has come to realize that he has very distinct likes and dislikes. She even thought he could be mildly mysophobic. For instance, she noticed that he would not touch a dish during mealtimes if someone else other than his family has eaten from it.  But since he eats with her and other Gentlemen, does it imply he sees her as part of his family?

She likes the idea but knows she cannot dwell too much on it. Her conclusion after half a year is that Gong Sun Yun is like an addictive drug and it will be hard to disengage herself if she really fell for him. 

Although she likes his looks and the peaceful days.

There was a soft sound behind her but before she could turn behind, she noticed that the person on the bed has opened his eyes and was looking at her strangely. He is awake. Awake!

She can only stare “You…”

A calm voice came from behind her “You are awake! That is really great!”

She turned around and saw Gong Sun Yun standing beside her.  He seemed surprised to see her and reached out to touch her eyelid which she backed away instinctively.

“I have no other meaning, but your eye… is tearing.”

She rubbed her eyes and stared at him again.  Gong Sun Yao looked at her, than at Xian Yun and asked: “Who are you?”

She smiled. “Me?  I am Jiang Wu Bo and am currently staying at Cloud Manor.”  She held his frail hands in hers. “You hold on a second, let me fetch Fifth Gentleman.”

She wanted to get up but he held on to her.  He looked at Gong Sun Yun, then back at her, and said softly: “Your voice…I have heard it in my dreams… Your fried chicken… cannot let Fifth Brother know…”

She laughed at that. “Sure!”  She tried to get up again but he would not let go.  Unconsciously, she fingered her long belt. “I will leave with Xian Yun and return shortly.”

He tried to speak further but she batted her lashes at him.  Finally, he loosen his hold and closed his eyes. “Miss Jiang, I have a small box in my drawers which contains licorice.  Please bring it along with you to see Fifth Brother and ask him to bring a few more boxes over because I love their smell.”

“Sure.”  She turned back. “Xian Yun, do you want to take the box or shall I?”

“You take it please.” Xian Yun sat by the bedside with Gong Sun Yao.

She opened the drawers and found several small boxes.  She opened each of them until she found the box containing licorice.  When she left the room with Xian Yun, she opened the box and sniffed at it again. “This smells nice.”

“Is it so?” He was expressionless.

She asked casually “Why are you looking for Seventh Gentleman in the middle of the night?”

The night breeze was the same, but there was another scent in the air.

“No, I am actually looking for you.  I followed you when I saw you leaving your room.”

“You have something that need you to look for me in the middle of the night?”

He stopped and looked at her. “Wu Bo, do you not know my heart?”
She gave a tiny smile. “I know.”


She replied candidly: “Xian Yun, I think I have developed a bit of the same feelings towards you.” 

His eyes lit up at her words. “If that is the case…”

She fingered her belt and continued gently. “This is strange. I can keep mum about this previously until this moment under the pretty moon.  I suddenly like to know how you would look like without your clothes?”

She saw his surprise and smiled as she closed her eyes.  His breathing was irregular and she could feel him coming closer.  When he was about to kiss her, she raised her right hand and cut through his robes to draw blood.

She smiled while he was still stunned, and slashed at him again this time aiming for his hand tendon.  He finally came out of his daze and grabbed her hands.  She deftly leaped back, neither shouting nor showing any signs of running away. Her legs were not entirely steady and she realized that although the box that Gong Sun Yao gave her could counter some effects of his drug, it could not stop her from feeling weak all over.

“Jiang Wu Bo, where else can you escape tonight?“  He sounded sure of his victory.

They started exchanging blows.  When he stepped on her long belt, he made use of her momentarily imbalance to unravel her belt.  Although she knew how to counter him in her mind, her reaction was slowed because of the drug.  Just when she felt her belt loosened, she felt a tug from behind and in the next instant, the belt was securely fastened again.  As a pair of strong hands supported her from behind, her dagger sliced her belt into half.  When something has outlived its usefulness, there is no use keeping it.

Her attacker cried “Gentleman Xian Yun!” but before he could flee, several Could Manor disciples have surrounded him.

The real Gong Sun Yun said from behind her. “Fifth Brother, please take a look at Wu Bo.  She has been drugged.”

Gong Sun Zhi took her pulse and looked at Gong Sun Yun. “The aphrodisiac is a very easy drug to cure.”

She blinked and tried to straighten. But he kept his hand at her waist, keeping her in his arms.  

Gong Sun Zhi nodded. “It is best you keep still because the aphrodisiac scent is on your body. It would have been fine if you have stayed in your room, why did you suddenly go to Ah Yao’s room?  Wait a minute, you have smelt licorice?”

“Yes.” She took her time to reply. “Ah Yao gave it to me.”

A moment of silence later, Gong Sun Zhi jumped up and ran away without a backward glance. “Go back to sleep!  You will be fine after some erotic dreams.”

Erotic dreams?  She sighed.  She just knew that the licorice could not be a full cure.  She never had an erotic dream in her life.  Who would she dream of?

Gong Sun Yun suddenly said: “Let me accompany you back to your room.”

“Aren’t you going to take a look at Ah Yao?”

“It is enough that Fifth Brother is there now.”  He let her walk in front while keeping no more than one pace behind.  When other disciples tried to approach her, he would signal for them to keep their distance.

“There were several strange happenings in the jianghu recently which I did not have a chance to tell you during your recuperation.  A pair of lovers would… anyway, the man would deny he did anything.  I did not pay much heed to this until Third Brother mentioned tonight that from his checking of the wulin annals, the Jade-face Scholar was putting up at these places when the disputes happened, and it so happens that he is here tonight on pretext of accessing our library.”

“So I see. His disguise is pretty good.”  They have reached her room.  “There is only one Fairy in Cloud Manor (so his target is obvious).  To think I actually have the ability to attract flies.  Xian Yun, I finally understand why you only smile in private and hoard your smiles like a miser when outside.  It is so easy for your family to spot the real you if anyone ever try to disguise himself as you.  When he is not smiling, the Jade-face Scholar does resemble you to the dot.”

“So you have seen through his disguise right from the onset.”

She raised her brow.  He was very restrained, as if worried that she would jump him if he turned on some of his usual charm.  In truth, the drugged scent only made her a bit weak, a bit hot, but nothing much beyond that.  Perhaps her endurance was indeed top-notch like he said.  She was about to enter her room when he said from behind her.

“You will not shout even though it has been half a year.  You were really hurt badly that day aren’t you?”

She turned around.  Was he referring the fact that she did not shout for help just now?

His warm hands covered her eyes once more and this time, she did not turn away. “It doesn’t matter.  Be it one year or two years, I will be here when you want to shout.  Although I failed to save you the first time, or when the second and third times are unnecessary, I will still try to save you.  Wu Bo, you can let anyone into your heart, but please do not live there alone.”

She remained silent when he removed his hands.  He smiled and said gently “Sleep early.”

She went into her room and shut the door.  As she leaned against the door, she covered her eyes with her left hand.  Her left hand, the limb which she has tried so hard to retain.  Her body and vital organs, which she has spent ages nursing back to health.  She will never forget, or dare forget, the pain she has gone through.

She knew he was trying to wear down her will, but on impulse, she opened her door and met his curious eyes.  “Xian Yun is still here?  The last bird will get the worm, is that how the saying goes?”

“Do you still wish for me to become your sworn sister?”

His eyes gleamed and his lips curved upwards.  “If you are willing, be it Wu Bo, Huang Fu Yun, or Wang Yun, you will always be my sworn sister this lifetime.”

She threw up her hands in greeting as she returned his smile. “Brother Xian Yun, I will need to trouble you to look after me in future.”

This time, his smile reached his eyes and he said gently: “We still need to hold a ceremony, but we can do a simple one tomorrow.”

She sighed. “That’s true.  Tonight is such a hassle, is it not?”

He did not meet his eyes. “Tonight has been hard on you.”

She was surprised. “Is it hard to have erotic dreams?  I never have one in my life before, I wonder…”

He raised his eyes to her and said slowly. “Wu Bo, you have always been clever. There are no other branches to the Gong Sun family tree and we have no other kin other than the ones you already know.  There will never be any female cousins who will suddenly appear out of the blue, especially since I have never acknowledge any outside family. You should be mentally prepared once we become sworn siblings.”

“Dreams are always a reflection of one’s deepest hopes and desires.  How do I know who I will dream of?  How about this, I will tell you tomorrow when I wake up.  Good night, Sworn Brother.” 

She closed the door in his face and bit down on her urge to laugh.  In the darkness, she disrobe until she was dressed in her innerwear. She made her way to the dresser and contemplated on her new clothes.  Fingering the long belts, she took a deep breath before cutting them short decisively. Discarding the portion that was in her hands, she went to bed. 

Good, she never has any erotic dreams before.  What will she see?  Her eyes drifted to the door where she can see the shadow of a man standing outside her room.  Unbidden, a sense of security filled her heart, together with the effects of the aphrodisiac.  She starts to feel a little dizzy, a little high, as warmth course through her body.

Bring it on!  She is curious to know who is the man who will appear in her dreams.

Some thoughts of mine:

I am glad that Wang Yun has not lost her touch and is able to see through the fraudster instantly.  Even more amazing is Gong Sun Yao, who can take in the situation immediately after walking up from a 6-month sleeping spell.  This is probably a chapter where you need to read twice, to realize that the words can mean two different things at the same time.

I think they are talking about different things towards the end.  She knew they have used her as bait to catch the rapist but she is very generous not to pursue it and chooses only to talk about the erotic dream she is going to have.  Somehow I get the feeling she is truely looking forward to that experience, like a child with a new toy, and I love her zest for new things here.

On the other hand, I do not know what GSY is thinking. I am glad he is uncomfortable using her as bait (and that she knows it) and I hope he appreciates how forgiving she is. His words about sworn siblings are a tad mysterious so I think there will be a follow up in a later chapter.

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      3. Yes. He is such a sweeetie - he cannot even leave the bed and he is already trying to protect a girl. When she insisted on leaving (to draw danger away from him perhaps?) he gave her a box that can help her counter the effects of the aphrodisiac.
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      1. Most welcome Peachie! If it is any consolation, it took me a few reads before I got what were talking about too. The first confusion is that there were two Xian Yuns, the second confusion is that both Gong Sun Yao and Wu Bo has seen through the fake Xian Yun at Yao's room, and the third confusion is when they start talking Greek outside her room - he probably wanted to console her and hint about the big deal being his sworn sister, while she purposely went off tangent to change the topic.

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        For XIan Yun, it was love at first sight (or technically second sight). His backstory is coming up next so hold on the question for a while longer.

        Thanks to her reputation, people like Jade Face Scholar thinks that she is a big beauty and wanted to ravish her. Too bad WY has seen through him and lulled him close before striking. She wanted to cut off his hand tendon to limit the damage he can do, but he recovered in time and started fighting with her.

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      1. I remember a team building game where you get blindfolded and have to depend on your team mate(s) to lead you around. It is a game faith which is what I think he is trying to do here. He is pained at her unwillingness to call for help – she believes she can only depend on herself so why bother? – so his gesture is a request to act as her eyes and let him take care of her.

        The other time he covered her eyes is a variation of the same. She was in great pain after her fall and yet insisted on staying awake. So he covered her eyes to let her sleep better in the dark while he kept talking to assure her that he is around and will look after her.

        The most superficial of reasons is that it is a fetish of his, or an excuse for skinship. : )

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      3. The big deal about sworn siblings is explained in chapter 8... Chapter 8, when are you coming?
        **SPOILER: The Gong Suns have a history of marrying their cousins or sworn brother/sister which is well-known among the Central Plain pugilists although she may not know since she is from the other side. He is keeping to family tradition - swear her in as his sworn sister, then he propose. */SPOILER**

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      5. Earlier on before she fell off the cliff, HZ promised to "follow her" which she thought encompasses this lifetime. All the while, she is his Master not sister, but a Master who emphasized on equal treatment above all else.
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      1. Hello!! Thanks for reading and hang in there! The middle part is a bit uninteresting as she was absorbed slowly into the Gong Sun family. Trust me, it is worse when you read the chinese version . The characters are more in gear again in the last three chapters which is why I am happy now since translating is easier. ha!

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