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Gentleman Free-Floating Cloud (闲云公子) Chapter 5 Part 2 of 2

The more I translate Gentleman Free-Floating Cloud, the more I like Gong Sun Zhi.  I swear, this guy is the most lovable nag - so long as he is not nagging at me - and be it Jiang Wu Bo or Wang Yun, she is no match for him. 

In this chapter, we learn more of her life in Cloud Manor and flashback to what happened 6 months ago in that rocky valley.  She seems to be recovering well  but we all know her emotional scars run much deeper that her physical injuries.  To Gong Sun Yun's credit, everyone in his family treats Wu Bo well and try their best to to wear her down, little by little, until the day she can trust them as her family.

 - Moonblossom -

Chapter 5 Part 2 of 2

Every evening, Jiang Wu Bo will visit a particular courtyard where a Gentleman will be standing guard.  When he saw her, he greeted: “Miss Wu Bo, I am wondering where you are when I was told you have gone to the restaurant.  I remember you could barely walk two months ago and although it is good you have regained your mobility, do remember not to overexert yourself and break Fifth Brother’s reputation (as a healer).”

“Thank you, Fourth Gentleman for your advice.”

She waited in a corner and after a while, Gong Sun Yun appeared from the inner room.  His forehead was beaded in perspiration despite the cool spring weather.  Fourth Gentleman took in his appearance and sighed. “Is everything still the same?”

“It is good that it is still the same.  Perhaps he would wake up tomorrow.”  When Gong Sun Yun spotted her, he gave her a smile and bade her to enter the room where Gong Sun Zhi was  waiting for her.

When she entered the room, she noticed that the medicine bowl was empty. Gong Sun Yun must have fed the patient his medicine after transferring his energy to him.  She moved a stool to the bedside and looked at the person lying on the bed.  “Let us begin.”

Gong Sun Zhi started speaking to the person on the bed: “Ah Yao, I am Fifth Brother and I am here to see you.”

“Ah Yao, I am Wu Bo and I am here to see you.”

“You have lain here for half a year and it is time for you to wake up.  If you do not wake soon, the other brothers are going to laugh at my poor doctoring skills.”

She repeated after him “You have lain here for half a year and is time for you to wake up.  If you do not wake soon, the other brothers are going to laugh at his poor doctoring skills.”

Gong Sun Zhi went on to talk about his day. “Ah Yao, Xian Yun and I have skipped breakfast in order to rush home.  Lunch was only some buns.” 

“Ah Yao, I…. ate at the restaurant today.”

Gong Sun Zhi look thoughtfully at her while he continued. “For lunch, Xian Yun and I had wheat buns.  When in the jianghu, sometimes there is really no choice, and one cannot take nutritious meals all the time.”

“Ah Yao… I let the waiter ordered for me today.  He served me the oiliest fried soy sauce chicken and the crispiest baked biscuits.  I was powerless to resist, so I ate them all.  When you wake up, you would be able to try it.”  End of report.

“Miss Jiang had a sumptuous lunch?”

She was very polite. “You are too humble.  After getting used to the food at your manor, the food outside is simply too oily for words.”

“Since it is oily, you should take something bland for dinner.  Please join us for dinner at Double Cloud Pavilion tonight.”

She thanked him and stayed another hour talking to the unconscious man on the bed.  By the time she left, the skies had turned a dusky grey and night was falling.  Because of the recent increase in visitors, there were more lamps being lit at night which will be extinguished the next morn.  She gave some thought to the cost of candles, which should have cost the manor a pretty penny, but the people here seemed contented to see money burn.  Where did Cloud Manor get its money?

Originally, she has thought that the people of Cloud Manor would be a thrifty lot behind their glamorous front.  However, she found it is not the case.  She guessed Gong Sun Yun could have discovered a gold mine.

Someone tugged at her sleeve.  When she looked down, she saw a little boy who was her supposed younger brother looking at her.  “Big..big..big sister..” He was barely eight and still has some baby fat. “Fourth Gentleman invites you to dine at Double Cloud Pavilion.  Before you go there, he would appreciate it if you can make an appearance at the ladies quarters.”

Although not exactly willing, she nodded. “Sure.”

When living under another’s roof, it is best to do as one is told.  Just take her ‘brother’ for instance; he was a newly-accepted disciple in the manor but he has to take on a new identity to lend credence to her cover story. Never mind, she could tolerate such a small matter. If Cloud Manor wanted to fake something to such an extent, she could comply, no problem.

Although her ‘brother’ gave her all the due respect of a real sister, she did not think she has gain any advantage because she has to give equal respect to the unconscious Seventh Gentleman, Gong Sun Yao.  He was the youngest among the Cloud Manor Gentleman and supposedly one of the most ardent admirer of Gong Sun Yun.

Although Gong Sun Yun has managed to bring him home, he has been in coma ever since the inccident.  From a moral standpoint, it was partly because of her that he ended up in this state, so it was only right she bear some responsibility towards him.  For that reason, she has been quick to agree when she was requested to speak to him every day to aid his recovery.

Small matter. Small matter.  She will not lose any meat or bone by talking to an unconscious man; this is definitely within her tolerance level.

Little Brother shook her from her reverie. “Big…big..big sister, please follow me and do not get lost again. The last time you took a wrong turn to the man’s quarters, Sixth Gentleman has scolded you.  It is better to be more careful this time round.”

She made a non-committal sound and followed the little boy.  She is living under another’s roof and has to follow another’s instructions.  Such is the sad truth of her pitiful fate.

She, Wang Yun, former Left Protector of Bai Ming Sect, has changed her name to Jiang Wu Bo and is living incognito in Cloud Manor. Luckily, it does not take much effort to keep her head lowered, so she has tolerated everything till now. Although she was not keen to revisit her memories of that day, she felt she has attained superhuman levels for pain endurance after the incident. 

She remembered vaguely of walking in the rain.  She stumbled several times, not knowing how long she could last, but she has continued walking. As time goes by, she found she could no longer hear the rain and it was getting harder and harder to decipher her surroundings.

When a shadowy figure appeared about ten steps in front of her, she stopped.  The figure appeared to be saying something but she could not comprehend so she did not respond.  The figure came closer and reached out a hand towards her.  She did not move initially but when she registered the hand was reaching for her forehead, she flinched. 

The hand stopped and he noticed her shoulder.

What was he saying?  She could not understand.

He reached out and sealed several of her acupuncture points.

“Miss Yun, did I come too late?”
The voice was slightly hoarse but finally, she started to catch what he was saying.  She even managed a polite reply: “Not too late, at least I am still alive.”

She did not know if she has spoken out loud as he only continued staring at her.  She tried again. “Gentleman Xian Yun, where is He Zai?”

“I did not pay him much notice.  Perhaps, he is trying to find a way down here.”

She thought she must have walked for a long time until Gong Sun Yun and He Zai have found a way down.  Apparently it did not seem to be the case.

“Miss Yun, shall I bring you back to Cloud Manor?”

The hoarse voice with its careful tone bothered her for some reason.  Her thinking was not as clear as before and she has to think for a long time before she understood his meaning.  Her pale lips curved up in a smile but there was no warmth in her eyes. “Gentleman Xian Yun need not fear my hatred for I bear you no grudge.  It is only natural for one to save the one who is closest to them during crisis.” 

The problem lies with her.  She, who is a nobody to him or He Zai.  The truth is simple; some things are easier said than done.  Although she was happy when He Zai said he would follow her for this lifetime, she has not truly believed him in the deepest recess of her heart.  What happened today was only a manifestation of her expectations.

Her heart was now as calm as water. “If I encounter a similar event, I would naturally save my own people too.”

“I could not save you the first time, or even the second time; surely I could save you the third time?”

She has grown accustomed to such polite words. “Thank you.  The remaining two pieces of jade are in my sleeves.”  Take them back yourself if you want to.

“Let them remain where they were.”  He paused and said gently. “Would you let me rescue you?”

It took a while, but she finally understood why he was standing motionless in front of her.  She lowered her eyes and laughed without mirth.  “I have to trouble Gentleman then.”  She finally allowed the pain to overtake her as she fell into a dead faint into his arms.

When she woke up, she was already in Cloud Manor.  She could hear Gong Sun Zhi in the background. “I am really amaze she can walk so far given her injuries.”

In that instant, she wanted to groan.  Did it have to be like this?  Yes, she was seriously injured but her hearing was fine.  Why did she have to meet this long-winded person now?

“Don’t you worry, besides the few of us, no one knows that Huang Fu Yun is still alive. It rained for six hours that day.  When the rain finally stopped, Xian Yun suggested to Che Yan Yan to search for you at the foot of the cliffs.  Before that, we have dressed one of our disciples in your clothes and pretended he was you. The body was badly scarred and Che Yan Yan did not suspect anything.  We have buried him in situ and in another two years, Xian Yun will arrange for the disciple to be buried back at Cloud Manor under his own name.”

 “Xian Yun was carrying Ah Yao and holding on to me, he was really unable to save you.  The rain was very heavy and Che Yan Yan and the rest has retreated further down the mountain. We were right at the back and Xian Yun leaped down the cliff after he passed Ah Yao to me.”

“He was not trying to commit suicide.  His qinggong is very good and he would not have a problem scaling that cliff normally.  But given the conditions that day, it hasn’t been easy for him to go down either.  When Miss Yun is able to talk, you really must thank Xian Yun.”

She tried to talk but there was no sound. So what if Gong Sun Yun went down the cliff?  Had she not been lucky, all he found would have been a corpse.  But Gong Sun Yun did seem to take his parental role seriously and would try to save whoever he could.  Besides, it was also her wish that Huang Fu Yun disappeared since there will then be no more mental games, no more dealings with a Sect Leader who has gone crazy from practicing his martial arts. She should be grateful to him.

She estimated that Sect Leader could only last another year at most.  Once he has passed his position to his successor, she would not care if she was exposed for she would then truly be a free-floating cloud amongst the wild geese in the skies. 
“Do you know how long you have been unconscious?  Only two days.  However, I know this is not because of your good martial arts foundation.  You sustained a head injury, a broken shoulder, a twisted left leg, and your organs were shaken out of place.  How did you managed to walk so far?  Even if I have increased the dosage for painkillers, you should still be in a lot of pain.  Why did you not show any expression of pain?

Since she couldn’t talk, she decided that she need not answer him.

Gong Sun Zhi gave a small smile and hit one of her accupuncture points.  “Now you can talk.  Previously, I have sealed your speech point for fear you would be groaning and howling.  But you can speak now.”

She stared at him for the longest time.  Gong Sun Zhi waited patiently. She is now lying under another’s roof, ANOTHER’S roof.  Finally, she blurted “… hurt….”

He looked innocent. “I beg your pardon?  I did not hear you clearly.”

She tried again hoarsely. “…It hurts. I’m in great pain!” 

Tolerate. He wanted to hear; she can humor him, no problem.

“Did it really hurt?  Why are you not crying?”


A hoarse voice spoke up “Fifth Brother should stop bullying Miss Yun.”

It was only then that she noticed Gong Sun Yun standing in a corner.  He came to the bedside but she could not make out his expression with the light behind him.   “You have awaken too soon which is not a good thing.  Although I know it is your habit, you need to try to rest more.”  Pressing his palm over her eyes, he continued. “Will this make you sleep better?”

“Xian Yun, you stay and accompany her. I like to take a look at Ah Yao now.”

He nodded and moved to sit besides the bed. But his voice still sounded hoarse; had he hurt his throat?

The warmth from his palm seeped through her eyelids.  She remembered the same hands had covered her eyes when she has woken up in pain on the way back to Cloud Manor.  She was battling the pain and trying desperately to stay awake but he kept repeating beside her ear: “Try to sleep a while more.  The pain will be easier to bear once you are asleep.”

Now, it was indeed alright if she slept a little longer.  Cloud Manor should be a safe haven for the time being and both Gentleman Xian Yun and Fifth Gentleman seemed to be true gentlemen.  Recuperating here would be her best choice.  She decided to indulge a little and let the warm hands lulled her to sleep.  It wasn’t until much later that she found …

She has been conned!

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    1. “I could not save you the first time, or even the second time; surely I could save you the third time?” - Moonblossom I remember you mentioning this phrase a few chapter behind. I still feel for Wang Yun when I read this.

      And "She has been conned!" what did Gong Xian Yun did that makes Wang Yun thinks he conned her?

      1. Alas! much as I like to say he tricked her into a one-night stand or something (me & my one track mind), the reality is nothing exciting. Remember I said before that
        "Appearances" is a major theme in this book? That is what Wang Yun is referring to. The people of Cloud Manor are not just jianghu historians, they are like Vogue magazine in our real world. The people behind Vogue not just write about fashion, they also CREATE fashion, and have the ability to make or break brands. Although this is only a minor thread in this book, the author still make references to it from time to time.

      2. Ahhh 'one night stand' only our wishful thinking ey! Gong Xian Yun is too much of a 'gentlement' to do that. Haha

      3. Gentleman* omg there goes my auto-correct again.

        Btw thanks for explaining that to me :)

    2. The ending is quite epic and makes me want to know WHAT she was conned of? haha

      Hoarse?? does it mean Gong Xian Yun hurt himself?

      1. Probably repeated too many times of "try to sleep". So sweet of him yeah?

      2. I'm a sucker for sweet and caring man who expresses only to me *sigh*

    3. I love the picture of Ariel Lin and Hu Ge! Aww so nice. Though I can't imagine Hu Ge as con artist Gong Sun Yun. :)

    4. Thanks! I'm giving Hu Ge a new face since his Guo Jing is such a straight character. ha.ha. Actually, what I wanted is a picture of a sick woman with a man in white robes hovering by her bedside. I thought there are such scenes in every Wuxia drama I saw. Why is it so difficult to find suddenly? This picture is like the next 100th best thing since I can't find such a pic : (

    5. "The problem lies with her. She, who is a nobody to him or He Zai."

      I felt bad when I read this. I hope she marries and create her own family soon for she seems a very likeable girl.

    6. good ending!!!!

    7. hahhaha, i LOL in every wang yun-zun shi scene :D
      He's truly act as a mom :p
      if there's no xian yun, i won't mind zun shi as the male lead :)

      1. LOL. I disliked him at the first read - he reminded me of the nanny in Romeo and Juliet - and I started to like him only recently. Underneath his nags, he really is quite a sweatheart eg learning medicine to ensure his brothers live a long, healthy life, going after Wang Yun for Xian Yun when she fell off the cliff, treating her heart as well as her body.

      2. he's kind a sweet, he explain everything to wang yun about xia yun 'excuse' not to be able to save her. Wang Yun and Sun Zhi will complement each other very well. The quiet Wang Yun and the noisy Sun Zhi. LOL
        Wang Yun must be endure her self not to close Sun Zhi mouth with her hands! ahaha

    8. Was she trying to humor Fifth Gentleman by pretending to be in pain?

      1. She is in a lot of pain and both Fifth Gentleman and Wang Yun knows that. He wanted to break her by getting her to admit her pain to another person, because he knows she has built a wall around her heart to block everyone out, so whatever pain or happiness she feels, she will just bottle it up.

    9. Ohhh....what, who & why WY got conned? * dead curious *

    10. This is what I think she means that is conned, "She is living under another’s roof and has to follow another’s instructions. Such is the sad truth of her pitiful fate." She has gone from a place where she had no freedom to another place where she has no freedom.

    11. i really try to find how xian yun or he tai would have been able to save her. im fact there was no way unless they sacrifice one of them. i felt so sad for her. i shared a tears for her wje
      that's a harsh lesson for her.when i read this part. why must she only count onn her capabilities to survive. why all the men of her life betrayed her? i think she should leave cloud manor and stay by herself and not forgive them. they must know what it means to be heart broken.

      1. I am sure she would have left if she could. But she was badly injured and need a place to recuperate. Cloud Manor is the best option for her at this stage. It is just that Xian Yun and Fifth Gentleman has seen through her, and tried to keep her from locking others out of her heart by wearing her down.
        I am sure she would have managed to live well by herself although she would always be a suspicious person, unable to trust. But to find a family who has already accepted her would not be too bad either. Not to mention easy on the eyes. With adorable dimples and cute tiger tooth. : )

      2. "With adorable dimples and cute tiger tooth. : )"

        Moonblossom, did you just spoile us?! lol. This part will be only mention in the next chapter, right?!

        In fact I was really hating gong sun yun till chapter 7 when I read his point of view and how much he was regretful about the whole event this day on the mountain. I still have some sort of uneasiness toward him but no more hate.
        I think if the writer wrote it differently. maybe like she was still hanging on the band and it was her decision to let the band go and felt down the mountain, maybe I will be less angry toward him.

        IWell I read the book in Vietnamese but I like more the way you translated it . I think it is more funny. when I read your translation compare to the viet translation, Fu Yun appears with a different trait of character. I guess you put some of your sense of humour in her . ;)
        Maybe with your translation, I will see Gong Sun Yung in another perspective. Who knows!

      3. Hello Anonymous! For a moment, I thought I mixed up my posts! Yes, I'm sorry, I was editing the next chapter when I was replying and I just wrote "adorable dimples and tiger tooth" without thinking.

        Actually,it is my intention to improve the current few chapters and am glad you noticed the difference. The problem with the original book is that the middle wasn't as well written as the front and back so I have removed a lot of excess text and recrafted some of the paras in order to flash out the punch points. The context is still the same but is too easy miss the key points when there are a lot of uneccessary text. Maybe the author is under time pressure when writing this part? I did not have this problem with the earlier chapters.

      4. Ugh, Anonymous! Thank you for stepping up and saying that you are dissatisfied with Gong Sung Yun! I am beginning to think that other than myself and May (from her comments earlier), no one is angry at Gong Sun Yun. I see a lot of sympathetic comments toward Wang Yun after the cliff incident, but I am actually expecting much more outrage against Gong Sun Yun and He Zai. I think I am more angry at GSY than I am at He Zai, probably because there is not much character development on He Zai, so I am so far somewhat indifferent toward him. But I have much higher expectations of GSY as a romantic leading male since he will have a serious chance of getting the girl in the end. And a guy should not deserve to end up happily ever after with the girl if he tosses her down the cliff in the middle of the story, no matter how compelling his reasons are.

        My brain tells me to be logical, that GSY has a very good reason to first rescue his sworn brothers before saving Wang Yun, but my heart is screaming bloody murder at him. The heart is illogical; love is illogical. I don't know if I want a man who calmly and logically comes to a decision to let me fall to my death during such a moment of unexpected danger. It is during times of such unexpected hardship and danger that we realize who is most important to us, whom we cannot live without. For GSY, Wang Yun is apparently disposable when he is forced to weigh the importance of her life against the lives of his sworn brothers. I don't find the fact that he dived down the cliff later moving at all. Like Wang Yun said in the chapter, "So what?" It is concern that is shown too late. She could have died from the fall. His diving after her after he made a conscious decision to drop her down the cliff almost makes me irrationally madder. It is totally irrational, but I feel like he deliberately stabbed her and then acted concerned for her wound.

        “I could not save you the first time, or even the second time; surely I could save you the third time?”
        This statement by GSY infuriates me. Some find this statement romantic and touching, but I merely feel like slapping him and telling him to shut up. It isn't that he could not save her the first time; he just chose not to. And wow, he is already hinting that he will let her die a second time should they encounter danger again. This guy sure is bold and insensitive. So I guess Wang Yun will have to pray that she will have another life to spare, because she may have to wait until she is in danger a third time before she gets saved. But even that may be putting too much faith in GSY, for there is no guarantee that he will choose Wang Yun over any of his other family the third time. If I were Wang Yun, I would run in the other direction as fast as I can. She spent all her life fending for herself. Shouldn't she finally deserve a guy whom she can depend on completely?

        I guess it is fitting that Moonblossom chose a picture of Hu Ge as Guo Jing to depict Gong Sun Yun. Guo Jing certainly seems like someone who would choose to save someone else rather than Huang Rong if doing so will be for the "greater good." Yay for people like Guo Jing and Gong Sun Yun. (I am sure I have just opened a huge can of worms for attacking Guo Jing. :P )

      5. Whoa... I'm glad you got that off your chest. That is why I find sharing of views very interesting. You certainly gave me some food for thought : )
        While I was searching for a relevant picture, I came across a forum discussion on whether Guo Jing is the ideal man for Huang Rong. Passive viewer that I am, I have never thought there could be another man for Huang Rong when I was watching LOCH until that post where the writer spelt out Guo Jing's sins one by one, then I was like "wow...I never thought about that". I still like Guo Jing and Xian Yun at the end of the day, but it is with increased awareness when I say that. Thanks for sharing.

      6. I ve tried to read LOCH long time ago but I was too lazy so I watched the drama instead, the 83 version.( I didn't watch the hu ge version). I was so invested in the couple story but found Guo Jing too noble idiot for my taste. if not for Huang Rong this guy would have died the first time he put a feet outside of his mongolian village. Guo Jing had so much prejudice and he was so much brainwashed by what was supposed to be the rightful society. In contrary Huang Rong was really carefree and really smart. She was always doing what is right for her and not what is right for the other. I never understand why she loved him so much and a part of me guessed that she wanted to go against her father wish maybe I should go and read the book. I probably will understand more her feelings. The thing is I wished so much that Huang rong will change Guo Jing after they got together. I really couldn't bear the contrary but I was so dissapointed later on in ROCH when I saw, after her marriage with Guo Jing and join the pugilist society that she changed and become like Guo Jing. noble idiots living in a supposedly rightful society. Why did she have to change for him?!! I remember a scene in ROCH where Guo Jing 's daughter was captured by the bad guys and they chose to leave her burn instead of surrender ( because the country could have been in bad situation if so) and told her he would kill all of those men after her death. Poor girl she would have died in atrocious suffering if not for Yang Guo .

        anyway compare to Guo Jing, Gong Sun Yun is a lot smarter but the fact they are the same in character. idiots guys lol What makes me cringe that he judged Fu Yun wasn't living well because she was in a supposedly bad side of the society and have the duty to save her from that. What I saw that she was living perfectly fine. But when she started to care for people that's when her life became a mess. The time she was trying to help to save seventh brother from the unstable cliff that's when she lost her unabality to care for herself. She should just have run fast and alone.:) She shouldn't have changed for Gong Sun Yun.

    12. *whew* what a passionate post Melanie :)

      I guess, GSY found the.opportunity to disguise WY's fall as her death....and, take her to Cloud Manor...away from.the evil sect....and, stay wt him...live happily ever aftet? Or, kinda like as a meanie way to justify a better end? dunno :)

    13. @Anonymous
      GSY did not decide that WY was not living well simply because she was supposedly in a 'bad' society. WY herself told GSY during their first meeting that the life she desires is definitely not the life she is living now.

      WY definitely do not need nor want a man (i.e. GSY or HX) to save her... GSY and HZ not choosing to save her, her main gripe in that is that she is alone and has no family to call her own - when the importance of family itself is reiterated in front of her such as GSY choosing his non-blood related Cloud Manor brothers as well as HZ choosing his blood-related brother that he is estranged to for years.

      GSY and HZ both made legitimately acceptable choices. It is just that both choices were heartbreaking for WY - because she is alone, and because she has no family to call her own... Which is probably the point of the story? For WY to stop not reaching out/connecting to other people because she fears she will always be alone (which is a never ending cycle by the way).

      1. i agree that Fu Yun didn't like the life she is in but she didn't want either to integrate the pugilistic world and Gong Sun Yun proposed that to her (this is my own understanding). She just wanted a smooth life from neither both society.

        And sure she didn't want to be a damsel in distress, she never had it against GSY and and HZ to choose their family than her. It is just for me as a woman, if someone promise that he would always be there for me, I would have expected him to keep his promise.

        well Lets say GSY choose a legitimate choice. If Wang Yun died from the falling down. how would he have been able to keep his promised. How could he save her a second time a third time.

        There a lot to say about heros created in ancient books and GSY is not the worse. I give him a note of 7/10 because of that only choice. he redeemed himself later on and I was so glad that the author chose to wrote one chapter from his perspective. I wonder if the book was write from his perspective, how everything would have been turned out?

      2. If the book is written from his perspective, it would be a lot less funny. I would miss the funny quips like "disease-stricken He Rong Hua", "Hi Mom!" and "Hello Dad!" : )

        To me, he made the only chance he could. If he is the kind who would throw off an injured brother on his back while letting another fall from the cliff in order to save a girl, he would not be the type of man I would admire. It is like Du Shan Jing (LYF), if he is the kind who would seek revenge on his brother, despite having full reason to do so, he would not be as awesome as who we see. It is also like Chang Yi (OP), if he is the kind who would abandon his troops, he would not be the Fourth Brother I admire.

      3. Exactly, Moonblossom! From a bystander's perspective, I can see that Gong Sun Yun made a very reasonable choice in saving his sworn brothers first. But can you imagine what you would feel like if you were Wang Yun, fighting for your life at the edge of that cliff? I certainly know how I would feel! I would want GSY to save me. I would be very scared. I would not want to die. I would not want to be the forsaken one, thrown away, sacrificed. I think if I were Wang Yun, I would understand that GSY did not have an obligation to save me, since I was technically still a stranger to him. And I would be grateful that he was kind enough to go look for me at the bottom of the cliff and to take me in as an adoptive sister. But never could I erase that knowledge from my heart of him letting me go at the cliff, letting me fall to my death. With that kind of memory in my heart, I don't think I could ever love him. I don't think I could ever put my happiness in his hands. Maybe other women can, but I don't think I have that magnanimous and forgiving of a heart.

        Pretty much to me, any true chance of a romance between GSY and Wang Yun ended when he made his decision at the cliff. If Wang Yun still later chooses to be with him, then I believe it is because of a conscious decision on her part to accept that she will never be important enough to him to be his #1 priority, that he may always choose to save someone else before saving her. As long as she accepts that fact, then they will have a chance to be together. However, I cannot say I feel happiness for her if she were to make that decision to be with him, because I feel that she deserves better. She spent her whole life as an outsider, without friend or family, always a "nobody" to everyone. Didn't she herself say that she was the problem, that she was a nobody to GSY and He Zai, and that was why they dropped her and opted to save someone else? She deserves to be a somebody to someone out there, to be that someone's #1 priority for once. She has been waiting all her life, longing for that day she will mean something to someone, but afraid to allow herself to hope. I just wish she would finally find that someone, but I don't think he is GSY.

      4. I think it is a sequence issue. If she is the one gravely injured and being piggy back, and 7th Brother fell off the cliff, I doubt GSY would dive after 7th Brother either.
        Hmm... but going by your logic, Gong Sun Zhi could be the one for her since he was the only one who tried to dive down after her. But that pairing makes me laugh just thinking about it - I think she will poison him if he tries to get near her.

      5. I sort of disagree with the comment way above about how Wang Yun does not want anyone to save her. I agree that she is not and does not want to be a damsel in distress, but I do think she longs be a somebody to someone out there. She wants to be important enough to someone so that he will think of her first and save her first should danger strike. Why do you think she was so happy when He Zai told her he would follow her for the rest of his life? She probably thought she finally meant something to someone (He Zai). She was no longer a nobody. She now had He Zai. She would be able to place her life in his hands and rely on him to protect her. Imagine how crushed she must have been when two men, one who vowed to follow her for the rest of his life and one who promised to take care of her because she had previously saved him, chose to turn their backs on her? She was just beginning to allow herself to hope, and then both men simultaneously stomped out that spark of light in her heart.

      6. Which is why the Sect Leader is an asshole to create this kind of situation. But I wonder if he is really the one who planted the dynamite though? Why did the Huang disciple looked sheepish when Gu Shao De mentioned the possibility that it could be the Central Plains pugilist who planted the dynamite? Of course the youths on the cliff were pretty stupid so it is more likely Sect Leader is the mastermind, and the Huang fellow is just sheepish to be one of the "assholes", but still I wonder.

      7. Moonblossom,

        It didn't matter if GSY dived down afterward or not. What mattered was that he had let her fall down the cliff in the first place. Yes, he was only one man and could not save 7th Brother, 5th Brother, and Wang Yun. Ultimately, Wang Yun was the more disposable of all three who needed rescuing. When push came to shove, Wang Yun was the first to be dropped. How can any woman overcome that knowledge? How can she be sure that she won't be the first to be dropped again in the future when GSY is forced to choose again? Maybe I am just not generous and forgiving enough, and that is why I have a problem with GSY, while most people here are totally fine with his actions. Logically, his actions and choices make sense. But I cannot bring myself to forget his decision. Let's just say that if some guy lets me fall down a cliff to my death, I am surely not going to choose him as my future husband, no matter what his reasons are. I just cannot.

        By the way, you don't think GSY would dive down after 7th Brother if he were the one who was dropped down the cliff? I think GSY would. But that is a moot discussion, as I think GSY would probably let Wang Yun fall first, injured or not, before letting his sworn brothers come to harm. Like many have said before, he has more history with his sworn brothers, whereas Wang Yun is merely a woman he has fantasized about for a few years. Naturally, that makes her less important. Again, the logic is clear, but I still cannot bring myself to like such a character.

      8. The Sect Leader may be a butt head, but he was right about one thing. Pretty words of loyalty and love do not mean anything unless they survive the test of hardship. It is easy to say touching words during times of peace, but more than likely, these words will fail to hold up when real danger strikes. Look at He Zai and GSY! Sect Leader did not force these two guys to forsake Wang Yun. He just set up the situation, but the decision was wholly GSY and He Zai's.

    14. Having said so, I know what you are trying to say. WY wants to belong (other than to her crazy Sect Leader), and to belong means the people whom you belong to and who belongs to you, will not forsake you.

    15. Whoops, I misread your comment about Gong Sun Zhi diving down the cliff, Moonblossom. My apologies. Yes, I quite like Gong Sun Zhi. I don't find him nagging at all. He is actually quite funny and likeable. In fact, I would probably support a romance between GSZ and Wang Yun rather than one between GSY and Wang Yun. GSY just rubs me the wrong way, and everything he says, I find grating and laced with fake concern. I just can't help feeling that way. I wish Wang Yun can find a better man, but given that GSY is the titular character, he will probably get the beauty, no matter how undeserving he is. I think I am a very unforgiving person when it comes to important matters. There are no second chances with me. :p

      1. Ha.ha. Melanie - the no-in-betweens woman. For the books discussed in this blog, I think you will like Chi You and Pheonix? Chi You is the most epic I-don't-care-how-the-world-thinks-so-long-it-is-you, although he has his constaints as well. He is one of my favorite man - together with Huo Qu Bing, Xiang Liu and Lu Li Cheng (yeah, lousy choice I know, but I just like him). From my list above, you will see that they are all alpha guys so I'm not overly big on GSY despite my defending him. But he is rather sweet and cute in Chap 7.

    16. Moonblossom,

      I haven't read any of the Once Promised translations yet, but I will take your word that I will like Chi You. :D

      Yes, I love Phoenix. You should see me waxing poetry about him in the comment section of the Heavy Sweetness translations. I can defend a character I like just as fiercely as I can verbally beat up another character I don't like. Haha. I don't know what it is about GSY, but I just don't like him. I don't think I have beaten up a character so passionately since Murong Feng in Too Late to Say I Love You, and Murong was played by Wallace Chung, my favorite actor, too!

      I have not read Huo Qu Bing and Xiang Liu's stories, but if they are alpha males who don't care how the world thinks just as long as their sweethearts are safe and happy, then I am sure I will love them!

      As for Lu Li Cheng, what is wrong with him? I love the guy, or should I say, I love the guy who plays him (Wallace Chung) in the drama. The character Lu Li Cheng in the drama kicks butt, too. Love him!

    17. I agree with what Melanie says - can understand the logic behind the two men's actions but it is really quite devastating for Wang Yun to be forsaken at the critical point. The scene really exemplifies the phrase "between a rock and hard place" and poor WY was the one to get her hopes crushed. I think probably HQ's action to save his brother instead really hurt her the most because he promised to follow her for a lifetime (romantically or familially doesn't matter) because she thinks now she can finally let down her guard and rely on someone. But the next moment, she realizes that it is an illusion and when push came to shove, blood was thicker than water.

      Perhaps the author is trying to show the cliff scene as the part of WY's life when she has totally hit rock bottom (figuratively and literally). So that the later scenes with GSY and his brood of brothers can show her the true meaning of family (OHANA) which she has never experienced before. WY also learns to let go of the past and trust people. However, the cliff scene was quite hard for me to stomach. (Equally bad or worse than other novels where male leads abuses the female lead for revenge or something because I think one of the worst thing in the world is to give someone hope and then be the same person to betray them)

      But I think the fault is not really in the two characters but in the way the scene was written by the author? If the author wrote that before the two men decided to give up on her, she would "sacrifice" herself first, the scene would be more acceptable for me. Otherwise if the scene remains unchanged, the ending of the novel could be a open ending one - Wang Yun realizes that she doesn't need a man, she has an occupation (teacher/shopkeeper/healer or whatever) and she's self reliant. But still she learns to open up to others and have a chance of love again with a totally different male character.

      I didn't really read the rest of the novel in detail except the ending but hoping that Moonblossom's translations of the remaining chapters can redeem the male leads for Wang Yun's sake. (I really love this female character and she deserves a happy ending!!)

      1. Well said, May! I couldn't have said it better. I also really like Wang Yun and truly feel that she deserves someone better than He Zai or GSY. I don't think I can accept an ending where she lowers her own value and accepts that she may never be GSY's or He Zai's top priority, because when push comes to shove, she may end up disposable again. She shouldn't have to settle for that! GSY and his brothers can be her "brothers." They can be the family she never had. But when it comes to finding someone as important as a husband, someone whom she can rely on completely to take care of her and protect her for the rest of her life, then I don't think GSY can meet those requirements. In fact, he falls pathetically short of those requirements. He is just not husband material after what he did at the cliff (just like Guo Jing is "almighty hero of the country" material but not good husband material). Just like you said, Wang Yun should have the opportunity to meet a totally different male character and fall in love with him, without the bad memories of being dumped down a cliff.

      2. Hi upside_down,
        Whoa, stress! What if I can't redeem them? I'm still muddling through chapt 6 & 7 and trying to figure out what the author is trying to say for some parts, so putting them in a good light is the last thing on my mind. Err, I think there is some skinship in the end, maybe I'll add "salt and vinegar" if all else fails since sex sells.

        Melanie - Technically, LLC has never professed his love so his 'cowardly' act is a hurdle for me somehow.Second leads get bypass all the time, but for the male lead to be so quiet? He did hint a lot, but it is obviously not enough. Chi You is EPIC, but I won't recommend you to read OP unless you don't mind sad, and I mean really sad endings..

      3. Lol. No wonder Moonblossom tells me my blog is like a forum. Heehee. I'm going to step away gingerly from the Gong Sun Yun cliff fiasco. I can totally understand upside_down (May right?) and Melanie's views, but I also can totally understand what the author was aiming for - she doesn't write perfect love stories, just stories where two people are fortunate enough to be able to find happiness and love together. That's what I think at least haha.

        Also, I came because of CHI YOU! <3 <3 <3. One of my favourite leads ever. Actually, Moonblossom, I've decided that I'm going to write fanfic alternative HAPPY endings for everyone in Once Promised. Chi You + A'Heng forever in my happy alterna-universe.

      4. Yes, that would be GREAT!!! Can you also include a happy ending for Qing Yang's servant - the flower sprite - like Qing Yang picking a river god for her?

      5. Hi, yes this is May :)

        Don't worry Moonblossom I'll still enjoy your translations no matter what happens (so far my two different characters are actually Gong Sun Zhi/Mum and WY)!

        That will be interesting Decembi - Chi You and A'Heng should have a happy ending. Actually the ending of this couple in Lost You Forever later on can be considered a tragic happy ending too! At least Chi You was there to accompany A'Heng in spirit throughout all those years she had to wander in the desert by herself. Chi you <3 <3 <3 And Xiao Yao got to find out how much her parents loved each other and her as well. Decembi I'm also relying on your Once Promised translations because I still haven't mustered the courage to read the actual text :x

      6. Hahaha! Ok, I shall write for Qing Yang's servant just for you, Moonblossom. Although to me Qing Yang's servant should be with Qing Yang! I love that combination. Hahaha.

        *SPOILERS* Yes, I love that ending too. Super romantic. I totally teared. I have a few versions in mind already - one is totally alterna-verse and wish fulfillment, the other is more fitting to the Lost You Forever universe, there's going to be a funny one where Chi You and A'Heng pick who they want Xiao Yao's husband to be, and also another where all my favourite (dead lol) characters meet in Heaven (?), I actually may do one for Shao Hao too - but maybe just to bully him. haha. *END SPOILER?*

      7. Haha the picking of a son-in-law story would be a really cute one! Wonder if Chi You and A'Heng would agree or disagree? ;)

      8. *Fangirling* Chi You!! Chi You!!

        Qing Yang is too powerful for his servant girl whom he picked up as a challenge (with Shaohao?). I have been besieged in real-life recently with ... underperforming people, so the mere thought a clueless girl who gives Qing Yang headaches, gives me the headache just thinking about it. But you can write what you want. Any happy ending is welcome although it would be an uphill task to inject the characters with their depth.

        And maybe I should not use the word 'clueless'. She did a good job maintaining the secret information servce, which we learnt from Zhuan Xu, and with her capabilities, it must have taken a lot of sweat and tears to do. Her devotion to Qing Yang is to be expected because he literally nurtured her to life with his powers.

    18. I, too, skimmed the novel and am hoping Moonblossom can prove me wrong about He Zai and espeically GSY with her translation. Go, Moonblossom!

      Ugh, skinship at the end? Sex does sell, and normally, I would be cheering when hearing that we have sexy moments coming up, but somehow I feel like throwing up if GSY gets his undeserved sexy scene with Wang Yun. Please tell me Wang Yun made out with Gong Sun Zhi instead.

      Hey, by the way, does anyone find it interesting that the female lead, Wang Yun, is described as more handsome than beautiful, while the male lead, Gong Sun Yun, is likened multiple times to a beautiful female fairy, Luo Shen? So is GSY effeminate? I think I am starting to like He Zai more and more. At least, he sounds manly.

      1. In my mind, he should be quite handsome with manly looks and built. So we can only say WY goes for pretty-boy looks.
        **SPOILER:- WY does not like hunky guys. I really went 'ouch' when she gave her frank opinion on his built. **END OF SPOILER

    19. I really quite like the debate here and it make me realize how the author was really for having create such a situation where the choice is saving your love or your family.

      Melanie GSY or HZ I dislike both of them. :) . The latter instead of killing himself like a man, prefered to be a slave. promise one thing and din't keep it. poison your love . hmmm quite not a guy for a lady. GSY, well I m not strating the debate again but what redeem him A LITTLE it is really his cuteness and the fact he, himself, wished he could have done otherwise at this time

      Wang Yun could be seen as a man amongst all of them but she is the only sweetheart for GSY. GSY could be considered as a fairy amongst all of his pair but he wished he could be the man for GSY. I am totally trying to make poetry here but I think I failed because of my bad english. English isn't my forte

      well the fact that I never understand why a man can not be delicate and a woman cannot be handsome. man and woman are equal and there no characteristic only for women and characteristic only for men. Maybe the author wanted to show us that there is not distinction between man and woman and GSY and WY are made together because they can be woman or man in the couple. they are complementary

      1. I mean the author was really good. (smartphone is so small screen. should get those samsung notebook)

      2. oopps he wish he could be the man for WY. again small screen smartphone...

    20. In regards to cliff scene....i guess, GSY & HZ made a calculated risk WY.will try.and do her best to.survive the.fall as she is no ordinary " fairy "....she is well trained in martial arts. She may had wallowed in self pity but she.do understand the.concept of filial and brotherhood responsibility....its the same as asking a bf, " who will u save, ur mom or gf ( not yet.wife ) ? " just like in real life....we can't get everything we want. I luv this story esp, WY. I wonder how will XY break her barriers and be happy together.

      I visualize XY as lee min ho....not the hunky or boy next door.type.

      I so much luvs HQB ( opkors, he can't be compare wt GYS and WY is no Jiu Yu ;)....and so much.more wt XiAng Liu ( wish i have a soulmate like him....Phoenix. ( hold tight my panty...he he! )

      Cheers to all comments!

    21. I was also very disappointed with the cliff scene. GSY just dropped her and saved his brothers. While it's understandable, it's really not something a person can just forget.