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Gentleman Free-Floating Cloud (闲云公子)Chapter 4


Firstly, many thanks to decembi for juggling her postings and mine!  For Gentleman FFC, just before the story reach its mid-way mark, it hits a crescendo, or should I say crash-cendo?  This chapter is a rather short with no obvious break point so I took a deep breath and translated it all in one go. Thanks to the mostly absent but omnipresent Crazy Sect Leader, I never have to try so hard to express the same feeling in so many ways to make them sound different.  Whew!

-      Moonblossom -

Chapter 4

The next morning, the sky was tainted a faint orange and the smell of wet earth lingered in the air.

A storm was brewing and the strong wind was causing everyone’s robes to dance wildly.  He Zai was beside her and blocked some of the wind.  Normally, she would find such weather refreshing but for some reason, she could not help but feel restless and uneasy.

Although she has said before that luck was the primary reason she was still alive, she has never doubted the strength of her sixth senses. She could feel the danger in the air but could not guess what was going to happen next.

Suddenly, colorful fireworks exploded in the distant sky.  Gong Sun Yun narrowed his eyes and ordered Gong Sun Zhi to stick close to the two Protectors while he displayed some rather impressive qinggong* and flew quickly out of the woods. 

Originally, Cloud Manor has arranged for a shelter point in front, in anticipation of the rain.  With the turn of events, everyone could only hurry after Gong Sun Yun in case an unseen enemy was planning to divide and conquer.  The woods passed in a green blur as she steadily followed three paces behind Che Yan Yan and her Sky Slaves. He Zai was besides her and Gong Sun Zhi was at her back.

Gong Sun Zhi tried to comfort her. “You do not need to worry.  There are very few in the pugilist world who would pit themselves against Cloud Manor and the people who dare to do so are either some nobody or mountain bandits.  The fireworks are a sign that our men had encountered some difficulty.  Based on the location where the shot is being fired, it was where we discovered two young pugilists previously, so perhaps our men are having difficulty persuading them to leave.”

Wang Yun was surprised.  “You could tell what I am thinking?”

He returned her question with a gentle smile. “Whenever you are thinking on something, you would touch your flute.  The flute contains a sword and is probably something very important to you. However, try not to expect the worse in every situation to prevent stress from accumulating and affecting your health.”

She gave an involuntary shiver, afraid that he would lapse into his lecturing mode.  She stopped touching her flute but could not stem her thoughts.  How could she not expect the worse in everything?  Had she not done so, she would have died a long time ago.

They spotted some people in front and slowed their pace.  When Fifth Gentleman saw the young man in Gong Sun Yun arms, he shouted “Seven Brother!” and dashed to kneel beside the two.

There were several other bodies on the ground and they were all dressed in Cloud Manor robes.  She observed the scene before her and fingered her flute from habit.  After a brief examination of the bodies He Zai reported to her in low tones: “Miss, these people has just expired.”

She did not reply and turned her attention to their surroundings.  They are at the top of a cliff and a recent shower has given visibility to the normally misty surroundings.  She walked to the edge and peered down the cliff.  From what she could see, this cliff was not as tall or steep as Tian Bi cliff but anyone who fell off the cliff would still die or become severly injured at the very least.

She went to Gong Sun Yun and found that he has sealed the major meridian points of Seventh Gentleman.  Gong Sun Zhi was trying to help but his fingers were shaking.

Seventh Gentleman was very weak but he managed to breathe “The seven disciples I brought, are they… gone?”

Gong Sun Yun was in the midst of transferring his inner energy to him, but he managed to reply:  “They have all gone without any pain.”

“Is that so? Xian Yun, I do not know who he is except that his skills are extraordinary.  Perhaps, it could also be two or three people…”  Seventh Gentleman’s voice grew hoarser and blood dripped from the corner of his mouth.

Gong Sun Zhi tried to stop him from talking but he stubbornly continued: “I may not have the chance so hear me out.  I did not see him or them.  Had Xian Yun not taught me qinggong personally, I would not have been able to dodge the last strike, and now…”

“Little Seven, I do not care about that! You are not going to be telling us your last will!”  With that, Gong Sun Zhi sealed his meridian point for speech and glared at him. “If you want to talk, you will need to recover first!”

“Gentleman Xian Yun, we witnessed everything!” said a young pugilist from another sect. “Although we are a step late in getting here, but the bodies tell their own story.  There are no sword or knife wounds so the murderer must have used his internal strength to shatter the internal organs of these Cloud Manor disciples.  The Right Protector of Bai Ming Sect uses a whip and the Left Protector uses a sword, but their Sect Leader is known to be able kill with his bare hands.  Such evil martial arts have the fingerprints of Bai Ming Sect all over it!”

Wang Yun gave a faint smile and said: “If it is Master, there should not be any survivors.  It is possible that someone could be trying to frame us.”

“Demoness, pay with your life!  Bai Ming Sect has turned my brother into a Sky Slave and let him die in shame while leaving my father too ashamed to face the others.  Let me turn you into a slave today and parade you like a dog to give you a taste of your own medicine!”

Someone drew his sword and He Zai was in front of Wang Yun in the next instant.  Che Yan Yan flicked her whip and said coldly. “Sure!  Let us see who is the one who is going to die!”

Seeing that the situation was getting out of control, Gong Sun Yun moved quickly to deflect the falling swords and whip.  His face was pale but stern.  “You are not giving me face if you choose to fight.”

“Gentleman Xian Yun, he killed your people – “

At that moment, Wang Yun could imagine herself kneeling from admiration in front of an altar with a Gentleman Xian Yun statue on it.  From what she could see, he was someone who favored his own.  Yet when faced with the death of his sect members, he could still refrain from turning against Che Yan Yan and her on the spot.  Deities were indeed made differently from common folks. 

She looked around thoughtfully.  Things could not be so simple - there must be another shoe waiting to drop.  She knew Sect Leader was not after discordance between Bai Ming Sect and other clans. She ought to be his main target, but what did he hope to accomplish with the death of some Cloud Manor disciples?

While she was still pondering, some hot-blooded young pugilist could hold back no longer and started fighting.  These young men were probably too young to hold much respect for Cloud Manor.  As for Gong Sun Yun, she knew he has transferred all the energy he could to Seventh Gentleman earlier and his face was very pale.  From one young man swinging his sword, to a second, a third…  the situation was fast getting chaotic.
She continued to observe the situation coldly and thought to herself that Gong Sun Yun would not fight to kill.  True enough, his moves were aimed at disarming the young men and many were soon empty-handed.  When someone turned to attack her, she did not even move except say to He Zai, “Maim but do not kill.”

Ignoring the fight around her, she went Fifth Gentleman. “Can you save Seventh Gentleman?” 

His reply was confidant. “Yes!”

She smiled as she recalled his earlier words that his goal was to let his family live a long life. “It is chaotic here and Seventh Gentleman cannot not sustain further injuries.  Let us move him away.”  This was a good opportunity for her to score some friendship points, and it was also good to showcase her difference with Che Yan Yan, since the latter would not hesitate to kill when given the opportunity.

They managed to move Seventh Gentleman to the edge of the cliff.  Wang Yun was startled when she saw that Seventh Gentleman has opened his eyes and seemed to be focusing on her.  His eyes were bloodshot and he could not be far away from death’s door. She prayed he did not mistake her as the enemy and that his purpose for remembering her was so he could seek revenge in his next life!

Gong Sun Zhi caressed his eyes gently with his fingers. “This is Huang Fu Yun.  Xian Yun has guessed correctly, it is her.” 

Seventh Gentleman tried to reply but Gong Sun Zhi continued with forced positivity. “It is exactly like what Xian Yun thought.  Did you volunteer to take care of our lodgings in order to seek a peek at her?  Do focus on getting well, after which you can look at her to your heart’s content.”

With that, tears started to fall from Gong Sun Zhi.  When she turned to look at Seventh Gentleman, there was a ghost of a smile at his lips but he still looked frightening with blood at his lips.  His hands trembled and she hesitated before holding his cold palm in hers.

The winds were very strong at the edge of the cliff. But there was another sound…

The ground was shaking! 

Gong Sun Zhi quickly shouted: “Xian Yun!  The earth dragon has awakened!”

No.  It was not that.  There were just too many coincidences.  It crossed her mind that the earthquake could have been caused by dynamite, having witnessed a similar scene in her youth. Quickly, she helped Seventh Gentleman onto Fifth Gentleman’s back.  He Zai was back at her side and she issued the order without her usual cower: “Let us leave this place!”

Gong Sun Yun has also noticed the abnormality and shouted: “Everyone, leave the mountain. Quickly!”

Wang Yun was at the back of the group.  Once she stumbled and He Zai held her up and dodged some falling rocks.  As she was fleeing, the sense of unease continued to tug at her.  Ever since leaving Tian He Manor, it was as if she has been reeled by an invisible thread to this place.  Looking at the falling rocks, whom did Sect Leader wanted dead?

Gong Sun Yun went to Gong Sun Zhi and took over the task of piggy-back Seventh Gentleman.  When he passed her, he asked: “Can you keep up?”

“Of course.”  Besides, she still has He Zai.  But his action has impressed her nonetheless.  Seventh Gentleman’s life was hanging by a thread but these two showed no signs of giving up.  A pity, such a pity!  She can only be an observer in such situations and will never belong to the other side of the fence as a person who has someone who would never give up on her.

She stumbled and He Zai caught her again.  The ground was crumbling at an astonishing speed.  She has barely taken two steps when the ground disappeared under her feet and she fumbled again.  Just when He Zai steadied her, they heard a shout. “Big Brother!”

From out of nowhere, the young master of Tian He Manor was thrown out from the woods.  She could not move as she was caught in an icy grip,  He Zai also knew something was very wrong.  “Miss, stick close to me!”

He flew forward and caught an immobilized He Rong Hua in midair.  In the next instant, three darts shot out from the woods, all aiming at Wang Yun.  He Zai was holding on to He Rong Hua with his right hand but he managed to block a dart with his left hand.  Next to her, Gong Sun Yun flipped his sleeve and managed to deflect the second dart as he shouted:  “Huang Fu Yun, duck!”

Wang Yun quickly took a step back and managed to block the third dart with her flute.  As she stumbled back another step, she wanted to breathe a sigh of relief when she realized there was nothing beneath her feet.  He Zai leaped forward to grab her but another chain of darts shot out from the woods, this time all aiming at He Rong Hua.

If he persisted in going after her, He Rong Hua will die without a doubt.

In that instant, she suddenly understood what Sect Leader has planned.  So this was it, this was it!

Some things are easier said then done…. easier said than done…  she saw a flash of hatred in He Zai’s eyes before he made a half turn and deflected He Rong Hua from the secret weapons.

“Miss Huang Fu!”  Gong Sun Zhi has also turned and tried to grab at her.  Gong Sun Yun uncoiled the band at his waist and hastily festooned a hold on Gong Sun Zhi while the latter leaped after Wang Yun.  As some loose rocks hit him along his descent, Gong Sun Zhi knew it will not be enough. Although Xian Yun’s qinggong was very good, the ground was unstable and he has Seventh Brother on his back, how long could he last?

Just as the thought crossed his mind, he felt the band tightened around his waist and he was jerked upwards.  In that split second, he understood that Xian Yun has made a snap decision and he averted his eyes from the falling Wang Yun.

Gong Sun Zhi has not dared to meet her eyes, but what was there not to dare?  The wind was howling around her as she fell.   As the white mist swallowed the figures on the cliff, she burst out laughing. “Ha, ha..ha.ha…!”

To think she has been mulling for ten years over this question! Is it not a good thing that the answer is now out?  She closed her eyes and let the wind accompanied her fall.  Isn’t a dying person supposed to see her life flashing before her?  Why is it that the only thing she sees is the scene from yesterday when He Zai promised her that he will follow her this lifetime?

She has thought she felt a bit more secure now that she has a family.

She recalled how Gong Sun Yun would smile warmly at his family members.  Hasn’t the world always been like this?  Everyone has someone important in their hearts whom they will not give up on.  She is just a little unlucky to belong to the second category, to be classified as someone who could be saved if one is able, but could be discarded if it is beyond one’s means.  There is really nothing much to it.

He Zai has asked her for the reason she allowed him to return for his father’s funeral when knowing full well they would be caught home.  The answer was because she has been waiting for him to turn his back to her.  Even if it did not happen today, that day will still come in future.  She has expected this.

As for Gong Sun Yun, he too has offered protection if she ever leaves the sect. Too bad he has chosen his family when the crunch came.  It is only natural. She will not bear any grudges.  At most she should only be relieved that ah, it finally happened.

So there is no need for her to ponder when the people closest to her will leave her.  Perhaps this is another form of good luck?  But Sect Leader has chosen a really harsh way to drive home the fact of her loneliness.   Can he not just tell her nicely? She is sure she can understand.  If she falls to her death today, where is the crazy man going to find another successor?  Che Yan Yan is never an option and from the look of things, Che Yan Yan is unlikely to live long if there is a new leader.

Her thoughts were adrift and the roar of the wind seemed to make her even more confused.  Why did she get the feeling that the wind is blowing her up to heaven?  She inhaled the cold air and understood that although it has only been mere seconds, she has already lived an eternity.

She opened her eyes as her survival instincts kicked in.  She tried kicking out with her legs, and after several tries, she thought she has hit the side of the cliff.  Quickly, she tried to dig her flute into the rocks around her to try to slow her fall.

A pity she did not have enough strength and her flute without its sword was not hard enough to create much hold as she continued to plunge.  She bit down hard on her lips and uncoiled the belt around her waist.  She tried to swing it and see if she could hook one of the huge rocks near to her, but the wind blew her attempts away.  She laughed again, perhaps it was all meant to be.  Her belt continued to dance in the wind, like a red river of blood flowing around but dazedly, she saw the belt has actually caught on some branches growing by the cliffs.  She quickly coiled more belt around her hands as happiness coursed through her, and she prayed fervently that the belt would not break so soon.  Thankfully, the belt broke her fall and when it finally snapped, although she still fell with a hard ‘thumph!’ to the ground, it was no longer a deadly fall.

When she landed, her whole body flooded with pain.  She opened her mouth to gasp but it was blood that spurted out, tainting her face and vision a fiery red.  It took a while for the pain to subside and for her to be finally able to recognize a cloud in the sky… she was alive!

She tried to stop coughing up more blood.  Her left shoulder was burning and her face could not stop twitching.  Her back was starting to feel numb but she knew she needed to stand up.  She has to stand up or she would never stand again…

Her face continued to twitch uncontrollably and when she looked at her left shoulder, she saw that it was an open facture and part of the bone has broken through the skin.  No wonder she was in so much pain!  Although she was no stranger to scrapes and bruises while growing up, she has never encountered such a close brush with death.  She was vaguely impressed that she could still endure the pain without moaning.  Wiping the blood from her face and she found that her hand was still holding tightly to her jade flute.

She stared at it – what is the use of keeping this now? – and let the flute fell to the ground.

She wiped her face and found blood and tears on her face.  Why was she crying?  What was there to cry? Although she managed to break her fall, she has sustained a hard fall and besides her bleeding head, her broken shoulder, there was also a dull ache in her abdomen when she tried to breathe.

Is heaven playing a trick on her or giving her luck, to have her seriously injured instead of dead?  She tried to walk but she has barely taken a step before her knees folded beneath her.  Although she has tried to suppress it, her mouth opened and out came more blood. 

When her eyes fell to the Sky Slave bangle on her hand, her eyes turned cold and she removed the bangle.  The bangle has no key and was supposedly irremovable.  But since she was fourteen, she has figured out how to remove the bangle although she had kept it from He Zai.

Why did she need to wear the bangle now?

The pain in her heart warred with the pain in her head.  She took a deep breathe and forced herself to stand again.  She heard a clap of thunder and figured it was going to pour.  And the rain would erase all her traces….

She bit her lips again and walked away from the foot of the cliff.  With every step, the broken bone at her left shoulder seemed to pierce at her heart, bringing her unspeakable pain.  Great, now she was not only bleeding, she was also perspiring.  The slight weight in her sleeves reminded her that there were two pieces of broken jade inside.  She wanted to throw them away too, but it was too bad she did not even have the strength for this.

She turned to survey the place where she fell.  There were many fallen rocks but there was clearly no body buried beneath them.  The blood on the ground would likely be washed away but if someone came down to look for her body, he or she would conclud that she has left.

Which was exactly what she was going to do.

From henceforth, there will only be her. There will no longer be a companion by her side.  This is good since no one will know her whereabouts, and she need not worry if she will be betrayed one day.

She turned to leave again but the pain stopped her after a few steps.  If only the pain could go away, how great would that be?  But she knew she has to endure the pain because if she could not feel the pain, it would mean she was losing consciousness, so she got up again and slowly staggered away.

The rain started and she thought that the rivets would wash away her footprints.  How great!  Wipe away all her traces, wipe away He Zai, wipe away Gong Sun Yun. Who cares about them? Scumbags.

The pain… she could definitely endure the pain.  In ancient times, Gou Jian could eat bitter gall every day so what was this in comparison?  Just endure, if her hand breaks, just endure a bit more and it will be over.  She bit down hard on her lips…endure… so long as she could walk out of here, so long as she could keep breathing, there will be a wide ocean and vast sky waiting for her…

A wide ocean and vast sky…

And the figure in red slowly disappeared into the pouring rain.

*a branch of martial arts whereby a person with good qinggong can make his body very light, and can run faster and leap higher than a person without qinggong.

Some thoughts of mine:-
What an unexpected turn of events!  Poor Wang Yun, her mental despair seems greater than her physical injuries, which are already quite severe by any standards.  I realize that Yu Qing likes to rough up her heroines somewhere in the middle of her stories and although this is quite mild in comparison of what Nan Ling Slave Girl ended up with, the pain she wrote about still sounded pretty nasty.  What does she mean by 'if her hand breaks, just endure a bit'?  And internal bleeding? Girl, best go find a doctor fast. 

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