Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Drama Recap: 追鱼传奇 (Mermaid Legend) : The Love Story of The Crown Prince & A Fishing Village Girl (Part 4 of 12)

  Between episode 8 to episode 11, there is some strange kidnap attempt by Hong Ling's sea sprites comrades so that Zhang Zhen can "save the day" and rescue Mu Dan. True to form, Mu Dan does start to soften towards Zhang Zhen a little after he rescues her.

   In episode 11, late one night, Mu Dan comes to Zhang Zhen's house. There, she meets Zhan Feng. Zhan Feng had came to have a late night drink with Zhang Zhen but he was not at home.

  They obviously recognise each other. Zhan Feng asks why a girl is out here so late at night. Mu Dan says for no specific reason, except she is unhappy so she came out to walk alone.

  Zhan Feng said that's just like him.

  Zhan Feng offers Mu Dan a drink of his wine. Finally after some coaxing, Mu Dan drinks the wine, she says it tastes awful. Zhan Feng asks, "It tastes very nice?" Mu Dan says it tastes awful. Zhan Feng insists, "Indeed, it tastes very nice." Until finally, Mu Dan screams, "It tastes awful!"

  Zhan Feng smiles and asks, "Don't you feel better after shouting?"

  And, they both start screaming that it tastes awful across the river. Zhan Feng tells Mu Dan to throw off her unhappiness just like the screams. 

  Zhan Feng then takes out a bow he calls the "Unfeeling Bow" and an arrow he calls the "Feeling Arrow". He tells her to shoot away her unhappiness with the bow and arrow.

  So, Mu Dan closes her eyes, puts her feeling in the arrow and shoots it off. They laugh. Zhan Feng tells her that whenever she is unhappy, she can do two things. The first is to drink wine, the second is to find him. She blushes.

  Zhan Feng takes back the bow and arrow and bids her farewell.

  He smiles when she cries after him and asks for his name.

 He freezes when he hears her introduce herself as "Mu Dan". He realises that this girl is his sworn brother's fiancee.

 (I love the composition and filming of this, we get to see both of their expressions but Mu Dan does not get to see Zhan Feng's face).

   He asks about Mu Dan's identity as the fiancee of Zhang Zhen. Mu Dan confirms it and says both Zhang Zhen and her find it hard to go against their father's orders. Zhan Feng realises this is why Mu Dan was upset and had came here. Zhan Feng bids Mu Dan farewell.

  Mu Dan cries after Zhan Feng for his name. But he doesn't answer, and never turns back.

  Later, Mu Dan thinks to herself that there is also no meaning in getting his name. After all, he is not the Crown Prince.

  In episode 12 and 13, Hong Ling actually traps Mu Dan in a forest while she impersonates as Mu Dan to try and ascertain Zhang Zhen's real feelings (at this point, she realises that she likes Zhang Zhen). About a day has passed, when Zhan Feng comes across Mu Dan and rescues her from some bandits/hooligans. 

  Mu Dan thanks Zhan Feng and he says, "It's no problem, sister-in-law".

   Mu Dan is shocked and asked, "What did you say?" Mu Dan realises that Zhang Zhen and Zhan Feng are sworn brothers. She looks annoyed but lets out a sigh of air and adds, "Then who was the one who told me to do what I liked to do?"

  Zhan Feng smiles and says, "That's me."


  Mu Dan asks Zhan Feng why he has been so good to her, why he talked so much to her, helped her and saved her life. Was it all just because she was Zhang Zhen's fiancee?


   Zhan Feng says, "Yes". Mu Dan looks like she is about to cry, but she smiles instead and asks, "Aren't I pretty?" Zhan Feng says, "Yes. In fact, you are the prettiest girl I've ever seen."

  Mu Dan smiles and asks, "Don't you like me?"

  Zhan Feng answers, "I like you, but you are Zhang Zheng's woman. As a man, there are things that can be done and things that cannot be done."


   Mu Dan shakes her head and says, "Wrong. A man tells me to do what I like to do, but himself? He is a coward that hides behind lies. He gives away the woman he likes to his brother. Such a person, how can he be called a man?"

  Zhan Feng walks off saying that it does not look like the bandits would come back, so he will go off first.  

 Mu Dan asks Zhan Feng to stop, if not she will look down on him. 

  Zhan Feng turns around and laughs, "Who does Jin Mu Dan look up to? From young, she has been so spoilt and only thinks of herself." He moves closer to Mu Dan, "I want to tell you that all the women in this world, to me, are the same. I will not turn against my brother for just one woman. I warn you, be better to Zhang Zhen and not have any bad ideas."

  Mu Dan is angry, "Why do you think I will have bad ideas against Zhang Zhen! Why are all the women in this world the same to you? Are you in cahoots in this with Zhang Zhen?"

 Mu Dan warns Zhan Feng that he will regret it if he leaves, but he leaves anyway on his horse. Mu Dan tells her maid that if anyone asks, Zhang Zhen and Zhan Feng were in cahoots with the bandit to kidnap her. Her maid says that it is unlikely since both Zhang Zhen and Zhan Feng has both saved her before, but Mu Dan warns her to do as she says. 

 When Mu Dan returns home, Mu Dan tells her father that Zhang Zhen kidnapped her!

So, they go to court...

  And, how does Hong Ling decide to salvage the situation she created? By impersonating as Mu Dan once more!


Comments: Although there's no Tang Xin in the last few episodes, I thought these episodes were important to show Zhan Feng's heart and views of women. To him, his brother is more important than any woman, and I can't help agreeing with him considering how spoilt and capricious Mu Dan is.

But, I also liked that Mu Dan called him out on flirting with her and obviously liking her but pushing her to his brother. I liked that Zhan Feng admitted it, but also stating that he chooses his brother over her (and that obviously drove Mu Dan crazy, because in her mind, she should always get what she wants). 

So what happens now that Mu Dan alleges Zhang Zhen kidnapped her? Lots of craziness ensues! 



  1. yeah no Tang Xin that's why I skipped all this part and didn't understand much of the story and the case. Now that you are recapping it, I can assemble all the plot together. hahahaha

    1. Hahaha! I love Tang Xin <3. I actually recapped quite a bit of the Zhan Feng Mu Dan scenes as I thought that captured a lot about his views on women and love, and it would eb a good contrast with his own budding relationship with Tang Xin.

  2. so when did zhan feng realise he like tang xin anyway cos so far i get the feeling he only likes to tease tang xin..the one in ep 9 when he drove tang xin away from the room by dropping silver taels were funny...

    1. He doesn't know it AT ALL yet. But you will get to see signs of attraction or softening in the upcoming episodes? I like that they got to know each other as persons before they saw each other as lovers. That made it so real for me.

  3. I watched abit of the series after your recommendation. And yes the main pair is quite a boring couple compared to the secondary couple.

    Really enjoying the bickering between Tang Xin and the Crown Prince :D I think the Tang Xin actress has good comedic chops.

    Do you think the actor for the Crown Prince would make for a suitable Phoenix? Haha that was my thought when watching the series. But I googled and found out that he's actually quite old (40 years old).

    1. HAHAHAHAH! Oh gosh, it never occurred to me that the actor could be a good Phoenix, but now that you said it, he is actually not bad! I guess I always imagined Phoenix to look like Hu Ge in my head and Wallace as Night :p

    2. Haha I guess because initially the Crown Prince was quite flirtatious with the girls around him. Then he starts to enjoy teasing Tang Xin and slowly falling for her. So it kind of mirrors the progression of Phoenix and Jin Mi's dating history :p

    3. Yes, his super golden boy nature and flirtatious self is very true to Phoenix! Hahaha. And, his humble pie when he falls for her! Ooooh. Can't wait.

    4. Wow the actor that played ZF is already 40years old? He looked younger than that..
      Decembi, which Wallace are you consider as night? Huo or chung? Haha..
      So agree if wallace huo, he will potray a very perfect night.
      How about eddie peng as phoenix?
      have anyone watch his movie with Bai Bai He, A Wedding Invitation?

    5. Yes, the actor looks so young right? Maybe he had botox haha.
      Wallace Huo! :) He is so pretty. Eddie Peng looks very young though. I haven't watched the movie - would you recommend it?

  4. *nod nod* yes Wallace is so pretty, how come a guy could be so pretty.. he could become He YiChen also..
    I really recommended wedding invitation, the relationship between Eddie and baihe is so unique and sweet..
    try to watch it if you have time, and if you don't like it, feel free to yell at me at mermaid legend discussion hahaha..

    1. Hahahaha yes agree! How can a guy be so pretty. He looks so good now in the Hua Qian Gu film stills. :) Yes another show on my to watch list! Now I just need to wait for free time :(

    2. decembi...are you by any chance a wallace fangirl like hui3r...he he? i love wallace..he's really suited to play the silent, melancholic type...i could imagine him as night n bai zi hua.
      have you watched his perfect couple with tang yan? i love him there...well i love them both n been waiting to see them together again since chinese paladin 3.
      oops..sorry the discussion strays from the topic above :)

    3. Teehee, is it that obvious? I'm a total fan girl of Wallace Huo in the very shallow sense in that I think he is the best looking ancient drama male. But, I actually drop most of his dramas halfway because the plot just mindboggles! Yes yes, I totally imagine Wallace for Night, hence my liking for Night lol.

      I watched the first few episodes and finale for Perfect Couple. The plot just really killed the drama for me, and I found it hard to have any dramatic tension when there was no logic most of the time. They have very good chemistry!

      Lol, it's ok, Wallace is so pretty, is clearly an awesome topic.