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Once Promised (曾许诺)by Tong Hua(桐华): Translation for Chapter 7 (Part 3)

   To round up the "real life" casting of A'Heng, Shao Hao and Chi You, I do think that Yuan Hong is perfect for Chi You. I think it's his eye brows haha.

  And, yes, my favourite character is back! <3

Chapter 7: If only this scene of beauty will always remain (Part 3)

  A'Heng was also surprised, "This thief is pretty unlucky, why did he come today of all days? To go straight against big brother's blade, isn't he asking for death!"

  The maidservant nodded her head, a face of complete disbelief, "Indeed, to be such an unprofessional thief, to pick today of all days? His courage is greater than the sky!"

  Courage is greater than the sky? A'Heng's heart skipped a beat, "What does this thief look like?"

  "He is wearing a wooden mask, I cannot tell how he looks like."

  "Where is the thief?"

  "He is at the left palace from where the Fourth Prince and First Prince reside."

  A'Heng started to run, the maidservant anxiously shouted, "Princess, slow down, his highness instructed us to protect you."

  With one breath, A'Heng ran to the left palace, she grabbed a guard and asked, "Where is the thief?"

  The guard answered, "The thief intruded to the Fourth Prince's residence and caught the Fourth Prince."

  A'Heng was so angry she started to curse, "That jerk!"

  The guard immediately kneeled down and fearfully said, "Your subordinate admits his mistake."

  A'Heng strengthlessly waved her hand, "I wasn't scolding you."

  A'Heng thick-skinnedly walked in, in the entire left palace there was only Qing Yang, he stood tall with his hands behind his back, his expression was extremely harmonious, hearing A'Heng's footsteps, he said, "Who let you in? Get out!"

  A'Heng looked around the Fourth Prince's residence, the doors were shut close, she tried to use her divine powers to search, but her powers were too low, it couldn't overcome the barrier.

  Qing Yang stood in front of the door, he slowly took out his long sword, "I'm counting to three, if you come out by yourself, I will let you die with one corpse."

  A lazy laughing sound travelled from inside the house, "I'm counting to three, if you dare to come in, you will be a cuckold, if you don't dare to come in, you will be a tortoise!"

  Who else in the world will dare to speak like this to Xuan Yuan's Qing Yang? Although Chi You changed his voice, this tone of speech can only belong to him and no one else. A'Heng bit her lips, she looked at Qing Yang, Qing Yang had no expression of anger, his face was calm without any disturbance, he lightly lifted up his sword, without a sound, the house in front completely broke, as if the wood started to crack, in an instant, there was no more house in front of Qing Yang, only an empty land.

  The land was full of strong green vegetation, they extended to the middle of the Mulberry Forest. Chang Yi was bound by the tendrils and hung in mid-air, his head awry, his whole body was splattered with fresh blood, the surroundings smelt of death, not a trace of life.

  "Fourth brother---" A'Heng's mental state cracked, she painfully called and flew forward.

  Qing Yang's word trembled, only one tremble, but Chi You who was hiding in the vegetation caught this once in a thousand chance and jumped up with all his strength, his hand held a knife that was dripping with fresh blood, his smiling face cried, "This is the blade that killed your brother."

  In his fury, Qing Yang waved his sword, in that instant, the whole place was filled with the flash of the blade. Within ten strokes, Qing Yang's sword pierced into Chi You's chest, with a killing intent that shot to the heart, in the moment in which Chi You was going to die, Qing Yang stopped his sword, a few trace of his divine power flowed towards Chi You's heart, it was so painful that Chi You's entire body softly trembled.

  Chi You's face was deathly white, but he was not afraid, he still smiled and nodded, "You are truly Xuan Yuan's Qing Yang! The traps that I had set up one after another, in order to make you mad, hoping you will make a mistake in your fury, but they were all useless, in fact I actually fell into your trap. The tremble of your hand earlier was for me to see, to think that I had an opportunity and sent myself to death's door."

  Qing Yang smiled and lightly said, "Who says it's useless? I will not kill you, I will let you live with regret."

  Chi You grinned, the wooden mask only hid half his face, once he smiled it showed a full spread of snowy white teeth, he was indifferent, as if the body that was pierced with a knife, the heart that was pressed down with the aura of a blade was not him, "Then you have made a big mistake."

  He forcefully lifted up his knife and chopped down, the knife's blade had the strength of the thunder, it fell like a falling star, it was aimed at himself, not Qing Yang.

  Qing Yang was dazed, when he reacted, it was too late, the knife flew across Chi You's chest, Qing Yang's sword broke into half, and the price Chi You paid was that the wound in his chest extended to his stomach, it became a very very long crescent moon, the fresh blood spurted out as if it was a fountain.

  In the midst of his huge laughter, Chi You turned and escaped into the Mulberry forest, quickly being swallowed up by the green of the forest.

  Qing Yang carried his broken sword and chased after, but inside the Mulberry forest were dancing mulberry leaves, they covered the sky and ground, nothing could be seen, Qing Yang stopped his steps, he cried, "Seeing how you fought alone, I will bury you peacefully."

  There was no sound, only the mulberry leaves flying in the sky.

  The moon was extremely bright, Qing Yang lifted his broken sword and carefully looked, this sword was in his hand for a thousand years, but it broke tonight. Qing Yang kept his sword, he turned and looked at A'Heng who was weakly sitting on the ground, in her arms was the bloodied, soundless, breathless Chang Yi.

  A'Heng's eyes look forward in alarmed terror, her pupils did not have any reactions.

  Qing Yang walked over and squatted by A'Heng's side, "It's ok, don't be afraid, Chang Yi isn't really injured, this is a trap the thief set up to make me angry." His hand swept across Chang Yi's body and the blood vanished.

  A'Heng's blood vessels started to flow again, she opened her mouth, "Ah, Ah...." a few times, her whole body started to shake, she could not say a single word, the tears started to roll down, she waved her fist and hit Qing Yang forcefully with a punch.

  Qing Yang did not avoid it, just now he knew that Chang Yi wasn't dead, but he let A'Heng grieve in pain, in that instant he was using A'Heng to lure the enemy.

  Chang Yi blearily opened his eyes, "Why?"

  Qing Yang walked towards the Mulberry forest, "Chang Yi, bring A'Heng back to the right palace to rest. The thief is heavily injured, he should have no life to break Chao Yun peak's barrier to escape, but I shall go and check." After saying these words, Qing Yang vanished.

  A'Heng could not stop crying, Chang Yi was completely clueless of what had happened, he just hugged his younger sister and continuously said, "It's ok, don't cry, don't cry, it's ok, be good, good..."

  A'Heng cried and cried, she suddenly lifted her head and asked, "What did big brother just say?"

  Chang Yi said, "He said he was going to check one round."

  A'Heng immediately jumped up, she lifted her skirt and ran, Chang Yi chased after her from behind, "What are you doing?"

  A'Heng stopped, she lowered her head, thought for a while and said, "Let's go back and rest."

  Chang Yi murmured, "For the thief to successfully escape from big brother's clutches, he cannot be an unknown person, but who would do such a thing? There are no treasures on Chao Yun peak*."

  After returning to her place, A'Heng took down the Beauty Preserving Flower, transformed it into a peach blossom flower, and put it into a vase.

  With her clothes, she laid on her bed and fell asleep.

  In a while, there was a light opening sound from the window, a shadow moved towards the bed, A'Heng rose up, the blade in her hand was placed on the neck of the intruder.

  Chi You removed his mask, under the mask his face was a sheet of white, but he still smiled as if he had no cares in this word.

  A'Heng looked at his indifferent face with hatred, she pressed the blade a few inches, it cut into the flesh, traces of blood started to seep out, "What were you thinking?"

  "I've come to see you!"

 A'Heng's blade pierced another inch, a few pearls of blood tricked down, "Why did you intrude at night into Chao Yun palace? Why don't you come openly?"

  "If I asked to see the Xuan Yuan princess, will the Xuan Yuan princess see me? Will Xuan Yuan princess' mother let me up the mountain? Anyway, the girl I want to see is Xi Ling Heng not the Xuan Yuan princess." Chi You's hand grabbed the blade in A'Heng's hand, "You wish to be Xi Ling Heng even more, right?"

  A'Heng did not speak, her hand slowly loosened, the blade dropped at Chi You's feet. Chi You smiled at her, "This is much better, I not only entered Chao Yun palace, I have entered your bedroom. Good wife, if you let me hug you and lie down for awhile, then this will not be a wasted trip!"

  A'Heng was so angry she wanted to chop him dead, she gnawed her teeth and bit her lips, "You must also have enough life to lie down!"

  Suddenly a voice came from outside the house, it was Chang Yi's voice, "Big brother, have you found him?"

 A'Heng was so shocked she quickly pushed Chi You on the bed and quickly let down the bed curtains and used the bedspread to cover Chi You. She leaned down at the bed edge and nervously watched the door, using her ears to eavesdrop.

  "No. This thief must either be a beast that grew up in the wild mountains or underwent special training as a wild beast, he is very good at hiding his trace, but I sense that he is near, he has not escaped far, you bring the guards to carefully search Chao Yun palace, search all the houses."

  Chang Yi replied, "yes" and did not say anything else.

  At this, A'Heng's heart that was at her throat finally descended, she rubbed her chest and turned back, she saw Chi You lying on her pillow, hugging her blanket, a face of satisfaction, more proud than the mouse that stole a chicken.

  A'Heng really wanted to slap Chi You, to slap his grin away.

  Chi You smiled and said, "I've already slept on the bed, now I just need to hug you."

  A'Heng coldly laughed, "You can continue to dream!"

   "Dream?" Chi You's face was arrogant, he winked at A'Heng. A'Heng felt her scalp go numb, she wanted to fiercely warn him not to take liberties when she heard footsteps from outside, Chang Yi forcefully hit the door, "A'Heng, A'Heng......"

  A'Heng quickly said, "Why? I am here!"

  Chang Yi said, "I can sense a strange energy from your room, are you really ok?"

  "I'm ok."

  But Chang Yi did not believe, he opened the door forcefully, A'Heng instantly slipped into the blanket, and fiercely pushed Chi You's head into the blanket, but Chi You took this opportunity to hug her.**

  A'Heng did not dare to move, but in her heart she was cursing Chi You to death, she lifted one side of the curtain, and pretended that she just awoke from a deep sleep, "What happened?"

  Chang Yi closed his eyes and used his divine energy to examine the room, he shook his head confusedly, "Looks like I sensed wrongly."

  A'Heng's heart loosened, Chang Yi stared at A'Heng and asked, "Normally, you like to join in the bustle and crowd, why are you suddenly so honest today?"

  A'Heng smiled and acted magnanimous, "I'm tired! Fourth Brother, why don't you sit awhile and accompany me?"

  A'Heng thought that Fourth Brother in order to heed Big Brother's command, would immediately leave, but Fourth Brother actually sat down, he waved at the guards to let them leave.

  He silently watched A'Heng, slowly A'Heng could not smile any longer.

  Chang Yi asked softly, "Do you really wish for me to accompany you?"

  A'Heng bit her lips and shook her head.

  "Do you know what you are doing?"

  A'Heng thought for a moment then nodded her head.

  Chang Yi let out a sigh, "After I finish searching the Chao Yun palace, I will take all the guards to search the Mulberry forest."

  Chang Yi stood up to go, A'Heng cried, "Fourth Brother, I only... he is not bad, he definitely did not intend to hurt you."

  Chang Yi turned back and looked at her, "I know. Who asked you to be my sister, no matter what you do, I will choose to help you." Speaking finished, he walked out, and closed the door carefully.

  A'Heng immediately pushed aside the blanket and jumped off the bed, Chi You smiled happily at her, his face full of contentment.

  A'Heng really had no energy to be angry at him, she only thought how to quickly chase away this shameless plague.

  As she packed her bag, she said, "After the guards enter the Mulberry forest, we will go down the mountain. Fourth Brother will cover for us, you better not make trouble, you should feel grateful the person just now was my Fourth Brother, if it was my Big Brother, you just wait for death!"

  A'Heng quickly packed finished and hurriedly wrote a letter to her mother, saying she was using the night to head down the mountain. She could not guarantee her sharp Big Brother would not sense anything, in order to protect Chi You's life, it was best to leave immediately.

  After she finished preparing, she told Chi You who was lazing on the bed, "Let's go. Is your divine strength sufficient? Can you seal up your divine essence?"

  Chi You nodded his head, "As long as your Big Brother is more than ten metres away and if the length of time is not too long, there should be no problem."

   A'Heng cried, "Then you better pray to heavens!"

 Chao Yun's barrier was powerful, but it had no effect on A'Heng, A'Heng successfully brought Chi You down Chao Yun peak through a small passageway down the mountain that only she and her Fourth Brother knew.

  Halfway down the mountain, a big black beast suddenly appeared and pounced onto A'Heng. A'Heng was shocked and wanted to dodge when she realised it was Ah Bi. She happily hugged it, forcefully kissing it a few times, "Ah Bi, you came at the right time, bring us down the mountain."

  Ah Bi licked A'Heng's face and made happy cries.

  Lie Yang was sitting on the tree tops, proudly gazing down at them, as if he looked down on Ah Bi's childish antics.

  Lie Yang led the way, Ah Bi carried them down Xuan Yuan mountain.

  Chi You looked at A'Heng, he satisfiedly smiled, "A'Heng, you still went down the mountain with me.***"

 A'Heng coldly said, "On account of your injuries, I will send you on one journey, tomorrow morning we shall split."

  A'Heng suddenly felt something was wrong, Chi You's divine strength started to dissipate, she grabbed Chi You's arm, "Don't act strong, tell me the truth about the severity of your injuries. It's not a loss of face to lose to Xuan Yuan's Qing Yang at all, maybe out of all the warriors in the great wilderness, you are the only one to have escaped from his sword."

  Chi You gazed at her, in a low voice, in a low sigh, "A'Heng, I will not let you marry Shao Hao!" His lips slowly revealed a satisfied smile, as if a child had finally eaten the candy he had been desiring, without caring if his teeth gets decayed, the smile was still on his face when Chi You fainted in A'Heng's arms.

  The unconscious Chi You did not have his usual wild brazen nature, his smile was extremely content and pure, this smile was rare on a young man's face, because the older one gets, the more complicated the desire, only the children with simple desires can be so easily satisfied.

  The sky turned dark, the moon gently hung in the sky, the sky was beautiful and quiet, Ah Bi's huge wings soundlessly flapped in the air, his flying posture was extremely elegant, as if a big fox was dancing with the moon in the sky, he carried Chi You and A'Heng over a cloud, over the river of stars, flying into the far distance, but A'Heng felt at a loss in the dark, not knowing where they were headed to.

*The treasure is right next to you, Chang Yi!
** Hahahaha! Chi You gets whatever he wants.
*** *Squeals* Chi You is stubborn like a mule.

Comments: Love Chi You, love his audacity, his unpredictability (except his one desire for A'Heng), his shamelessness, his courage that exceeds the sky!

To be honest, Tong Hua's chapters are soooo long and translating this whole chapter was pretty tiring (haha). Chapter 8 is very important so it's likely I will translate it fully. 

Back to the title, if only this scene of beauty will remain --- with the best mother, loving brothers, and a lover who risks his life to meet you. 


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  2. Chi You keeps stealing my heart. It's funny how this scene reminded me of the time on Lost You Forever, when FengFang Bei sneaks into Xiao Yao's bedroom. These scenes are so similar and yet so different. If only my FengFang Bei acted a little like Chi You, it will make me one happy girl.

    Cheers for the new chapter.

    1. Oooh you totally said it! I had a lot of Chi You A'Heng flashbacks when I read all the Xiao Yao and Xiang Liu moments in Once Promised. It's so cute because Chi You so shamelessly goes after A'Heng, like he says - there are only things he doesn't want, nothing he doesn't dare to do. For Xiang Liu, he actually cares too much, so he doesn't dare to want.

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