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Heavy Sweetness Ash-Like Frost: Translation (Chapter 11.2: Where Does the Origin of Water Lie?)

   Hello! Taking a short break from my extremely packed work week to say hello! :) I noticed that there has been a HUGE spurt in the love for Heavy Sweetness.

   With the exit of a power player, enters another. It's non-stop drama for Jin Mi, no wonder she's confused!

Chapter 11.2: Where Does the Origin of Water Lie? (Part 2 of 4) 

  However, was there a misunderstanding somewhere? First, the Flower Goddess was a lily, but I was a grape stem, then again I cannot rule out that the Heavenly Emperor is actually a grape stem; Second, the Flower Goddess' divine powers is on the top of ten thousands, but even after cultivating for four thousand years I have not even reached godhood, then again I cannot rule out that I'm the kind who matures late.

  After thinking this way, I was satisfied, but on the surface I revealed a clueless expression, blinking my eyes, softly saying, "If the Heavenly Emperor likes to see flowers, Jin Mi will use all her efforts to plant some, I'm fine even if the Heavenly Emperor wants me to be a little gardener in the Heavenly Realms. But...but..." I furrowed my brows, looking very worried.

  The Heavenly Emperor seeing my hesitation, hurriedly asked, "But why? Jin Mi Immortal can be direct with me about any troubles."

  "But, my divine powers are low, although I have cultivated for four thousand plus years, I am still a sprite, I know a little about planting flowers, but I need to rely on other objects first before I can transform the flowers, the Heavenly Emperor must laugh at me," I criss-crossed my fingers and moved my body slightly away.

  The Heavenly Emperor used his heavenly eye to examine me and said, "Zi Fen must have sealed the origins of your divine energy, I will first transfer you some divine essence, you only need to meditate for forty nine days, after forty nine days I will elevate your soul and your real self..." The Heavenly Emperor suddenly paused.

  I scrunched my eyebrows and sternly said, "Jin Mi is only a fruit sprite, how can I deserve to accept the Heavenly Emperor's divine essence? Jin Min does not think it is proper."

  The Heavenly Emperor affectionately looked at me, "Good child, you don't have to be so distant from me, to give you divine essence is only natural and right in this world."

  Since the Heavenly Emperor was so generous, I would not be giving him face if I rejected him again, so with some effort I accepted it, "If so, then many thanks to the Heavenly Emperor."

  The Heavenly Emperor stretched out his hand, with just the joining of his palms, there was a strong glow, he chanted, "Rise!" That glow flew out from the middle of his palms, before I could even look clearly, that glow entered my forehead between my brows, a cool refreshing feeling spread throughout my body.

  The Heavenly Emperor apologetically said, "I'm afraid your cultivation is not deep, today I can only transfer you five thousand years of divine essence..."

  Five thousand years! Only!

  This "only" caused me to be super happy, my heart pulsated so wildly that I missed out what the Heavenly Emperor later said.

  At the time of our farewell, the Heavenly Emperor said, "Today I disrupted your sleep, if not for my momentary mistake tens of thousand years ago, the twenty four Flower Leaders will also not see the Heavenly Realms as an enemy, the two of us will also not only be able to meet in the night through our souls, I have caused you grievance," The Heavenly Emperor's mouth had a trace of a bitter smile.

  "It's ok, it's ok, the Heavenly Emperor is too kind," I dashingly replied.

  "I have something to say, Jin Mi Immortal must remember carefully," The Heavenly Emperor was going to send me back, when he suddenly called me, "You and Phoenix or Night must definitely not have any romantic feelings."

  I was wondering what it was, turns out it's such a small matter, I said generously, "Oh that only needs a small effort, just a lift of the hand. The Heavenly Emperor does not need to worry."

  In the moment that the Heavenly Emperor was in a daze, I had already returned to my body.

  My soul adjusted properly in my body, I opened my eyes, the sky outside the window was already starting to brighten.

  I heard Yu Lan Flower Leader call, "Jin Mi, have you woken up?"

  I couldn't help feeling my head ache. Since I returned to the Flower World yesterday, the twenty four Flower Leaders have arranged to take turns to guard outside my yard at night, and during the day I had to reflect in front of the tomb of the Flower Goddess. The days were truly intolerable, and today was only the second day, but I already felt like many years have passed.

  But since the twenty four Flower Leaders were busy with their own matters in the day, they did not watch me, only installing a barrier to trap me within 500 metres of the tomb. 

 After Yu Lan Flower leader left, I bowed three times to the Flower Goddess' tomb and sincerely murmured, "Fruit sprite Jin Mi impersonated as a descendant of the Flower Goddess to get five thousand years of divine essence from the Heavenly Emperor, may the Flower Goddess not hold this against me, I will respectfully offer more grapes to you."

  After a round of repentance, my whole body felt comfortable. Thinking of how I had effortlessly gained five thousand years of divine essence, I felt that anything I saw would particularly meet my liking, even the Flower Goddess' tomb appeared to be shining, in my joy I wanted to find someone to celebrate. But since I could no longer find Phoenix or Night, after thinking awhile, I thought I could only find Master Pu Chi, the snake. 

  I murmured the summoning chant.

  After chanting halfway, the clear sky suddenly started pouring a small bout of rain, someone was walking through the rain. This Master Pu Chi's speed is so fast, even before I finished chanting, he had already reached.

  But this person did not touch the ground, his composure was especially distinguished, the rain droplets would go past his body but not wet him, in a grand godly manner, the rain split as he walked.

  I looked carefully - it was the Water God!

  Now that my divine strength has increased, previously I called a water demon, but now I could call the Water God. Judging by this, I truly am a fruit that has matured late!


Comments: Hahaha, Jin Mi is really cute here. Shameless but adorable. All the power players are pulling out all the stops in this chapter. So, who does Jin Mi belong to? :) 


  1. Ahhh! Jin mi is so adorbs. Thanks for the update!!!! :)

    1. Hahaha! Thanks for commenting. She's so cute, she always thinks in her head, BUT I AM A GRAPE. Hahaha. I'm busy now, but once my schedule clears up, I'm going to speed up heavy sweetness translations

  2. Oh goodness, that tantalizing bit of non-information : " This "only" caused me to be super happy, my heart pulsated so wildly that I missed out what the Heavenly Emperor later said."

    Jin Mi is such an unreliable narrator!

    But you decembi are so nice as to translate this story--- thank you!

    1. Heehee how smart of you to see that! Thanks for reading and commenting :), it's a pleasure to share the joy!

  3. Jin Mi's first thought upon finding long-lost family members:
    How can I scam more cultivation out of these suckers?

    1. AHAHAHA! Omg that is truly Jin Mi's state of mind always, How can I scam you suckers!

    2. Its either how to scam people for cultivation or the best way to eat them for cultivation!

    3. Haha! Our female lead drives a hard bargain :)

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    1. Thanks joanna! :) I look forward to having a more calm mind too. Been thinking about one hundred and one things lately.

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      The private encounter is epic! Will be up soon <3

  6. Why are they fixated on cultivation?

    Great chapter. Thank you!


    1. Hahaha! Actually I think it's Jin Mi's fixation that is causing them to be fixated too. Jin Mi is fixated because after 4000 plus years, she's still just a sprite and she wants to become a god!

  7. The emperor is sharp. He immediately know her mother seal of divine energy on JM. He also observes enough to see the entanglement of Phoenix, Night and JM. Phoenix did not know of the seal and he constantly scolding JM for slow in learning.