Monday, 10 March 2014

#talk 6: Bride of the Century (Episodes 1-4)

       I've just marathoned the first four episodes of Bride of the Century. I fast forwarded all the makjang parts, but all the OTP (one true pairing) parts between the male and female leads are absolutely adorable! It has all my favourite cliched tropes - rich male heir who is cold (because he was *gasp* kidnapped as a child by his favourite female tutor) and cursed (the first wife of his family is doomed to die), he does not believe in love and only business transactions ("you are just like the rest... you only want to be Taeyang group's daughter in law and not my wife"). The female lead is the typical spunky poor girl who because she needs medical fees for her sick grandmother, agrees to pretend to be the fiancee of the rich male heir who she just so conveniently appears to look alike! 

   The female lead, Doo Rim, isn't annoying but extremely lovable - she isn't stupid either, and just trying to make the best out of all the situations while taking no fools. It's a joy watching the male lead, Kang Joo, fall for Doo Rim. How in the first episode when the real rich female fiancee lead asked what does he like --- and he's like, do you actually believe I will play in this poor game of love? He tells her his mother will provide a list of his likes and dislikes as there is much more convenient. BUT, in the third or fourth episode, he actually asks Doo Rim what she likes... and then goes to buy her a mango cake just because she likes it. Oooh, it's too cute and there's a kiss in practically every episode. 

Haha! Look at that smirk! 

So many chinese novels try to "re-invent" the fairytale trope, but I'm like, hey I just want a good ole' Cinderella story. Thank you! 


  1. Recently, i read the recaps of sunny happiness and made me want to try to watch the drama. i really loved already just in read the resumes, imagine seeing. Cinderella-like too.
    Bride of century, i will wait to know more of the plot but that fantasm and Doo Rim are super, they are. :)

  2. Ooh yes, Sunny Happiness is another drama I always wanted to watch but haven't had the chance too. I agree the fantasy element of bride of the century sounds awesome!