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Heavy Sweetness Ash-Like Frost: Translation (Chapter 10.4: The Great Phoenix Feather Treasure)

   This part is full of juicy action from Phoenix and Night, I think it's also especially squeal worthy for Phoenix fans.

Chapter 10.4: The Great Phoenix Feather Treasure (Part 4 of 5)

"If his Fire God Highness is able to do that, that will be best." The mist on the mountain disappeared and a strong stern voice echoed.

  I immediately bowed down my head and concentrated on the edge of my feet. 

  One pair of feet, two pairs of feet, three pairs of feet....... twenty four pairs of feet. Ah, this formation is quite big.

  Phoenix lightly laughed, his voice contained a thread of bitterness, "I am not an unreasonable person. Now that I know of my relationship with Jin Mi, naturally I will not burden her."

  "This is an old secret, and shouldn't be interfered with by outsiders. Since your Fire God Highness understand it's fine, but please guard this secret......"

  Before the Flower Leader's finished speaking, she saw Phoenix flicked his robes and said, "I'm afraid that is too late". He appeared slightly helpless.

  The Flower Leader immediately stepped forward and asked seriously, "What does your Fire God Highness mean?"

  "Today was the Heavenly Empress' Birthday Banquet, Jin Mi had intruded and unwittingly revealed her real appearance. The Heavenly Emperor and the gods have become suspicious." Phoenix's brow hid a sense of worry.

  "Jin Mi, you......" The Flower Leader held her forehead and gave a long sigh, "Ah fine, if you were able to be conscientious, even I would have the ability to remember everything I see."

  Suddenly, dark thick clouds gathered in the sky, lightning flashed and thunder roared, one flash of lightning cut open the thick clouds with a strong murderous intent. I looked at it intently and saw it was the Thunder God and Lightning Goddess with a group of heavenly soldiers and generals.

  The Thunder God joined the gold bangles on his arm and roars of thunder echoed, "Where is the little demon heading! Quickly surrender yourself!"

  The voice of the Thunder God was too loud, I was almost deafened by his sounds. When I regained awareness, I saw Phoenix blocking me in the front, he said coldly, "What are you doing?"

  The Thunder God and Lightning Goddess finally realised that Phoenix was present. They led the group of heavenly soldiers and bowed towards him. The Thunder God responded, "Greetings to his Fire God Highness, the Heavenly Empress ordered us to catch Jin Mi to face punishment in the Heavenly Court, we plead for his Second Royal Highness not to obstruct us."

  Phoenix's face darkened and before he could speak, the Flower Leader coldly said, "How dare the Heavenly Realms try and catch the people belonging to the Flower World! Jin Mi is a sprite in our Water Boundary, the sprites in the Flower World will not let the Heavenly Realms humiliate us, I ask the Thunder God to speak carefully."

  The Thunder God's huge face, hair and lips were all crow black, only his teeth were white and especially striking, "The Flower Leader has the Flower Leader's reason, Yun Xiang has Yun Xiang's own responsibilities. Since I have come here today under the orders of the Heavenly Empress, Yun Xiang will only leave after fulfilling his duties."

  Phoenix arched his eyebrows and spoke, "The thirty-six heavenly generals, the eight million and twelve hundred thousands of heavenly soldiers in the heavenly realm, if I did not remember wrongly, none of them are under the command of the Heavenly Empress. Yun Xiang Thunder God and Sheng Guan Lightning Goddess, have your forgotten whose command you are under?!"

  The Thunder God was a blunt and straight man, but the Lightning Goddess was smarter, she smoothly pulled the Thunder God's robes, bowed and spoke, "Your Second Highness, please appease your anger. We are under the command of your Second Highness, naturally we will only listen to your Second Highness."

  "If so, I command the two of you to return to the Heavenly Court with the soldiers." Phoenix had a dominating aura as he swiped up his robes, "I will naturally handle the Heavenly Empress."

  "Yes," The Lightning Goddess respectfully closed her hands into a fist in receipt of Phoenix's command, the Thunder God opened his white teeth and seemed hesitant, but at a look of Phoenix's expression, that last thread of hesitation immediately disappeared.

  At this moment, a timid voice rang out. "Greetings to his Fire God Highness, little god is not under your Second Highness' command but under his Night First Highness's command..." One small heavenly soldier raised his hand and nervously replied.

  "Ah?" Phoenix's gaze fell on him. 

  The small heavenly soldier trembled, but his resolve did not falter, it turns out that the new born calf is not scared of the lion, he had only started being a heavenly soldier for a few days. When I was Phoenix's book boy, he frequently brought me around the military training camp, that scene... ah, extremely bloody!

  I was suddenly excited and prepared to watch how the little heavenly soldier would battle with the Fire God, but someone said calmly, "Since you are under my command, would you listen one line from me?"

  Ah, why is the Night God here too?

  The little heavenly soldier admiringly looked at Night, earnestly nodding his head, "I'm at your First Highness's command."

  "Today's matter is a misunderstanding, return to the military training camp, if the Heavenly Empress has any doubts, I will take on all responsibility." Night patted the little heavenly soldier's refined shoulders.

  The little heavenly soldier looked at Night with shining eyes and happily bowed, "Yes! I will listen to your Highness' command!"

  Phoenix coldly watched and did not make a sound.

  The fierce battalion of heavenly soldiers and heavenly generals were so quickly resolved back by  Phoenix and Night, I couldn't help feeling a little disappointed.*

  Night straightened out the sleeves of his robe and gave a respectful gesture to the twenty-four Flower Leaders, "Night greets the Flower Leaders."

  Ding Xiang, the little Flower Leader, carefully examined Night, suddenly she stretched out her hand to attack Night's face, Night quickly rose up a boundary and avoided it. Ding Xiang, the little Flower Leader, pulled back her hand and said, "This boundary power... turns out it was Night who broke the boundary spell of the Water Boundary and took Jin Mi away!"

  The other Flower Leaders had the same expression, a little taken aback and hostilely looking at Night. 

  "The two great gods of the Heavenly Realms barged into my Flower World, I can understand the Fire God's accidental intrusion, but what is Night's motive?" The Flower Leader agitatedly furrowed both her brows and sharply stared at Night.

  Night gently smiled and looked at me, "Unlike my reclusive personality, Jin Mi's personality is curious and likes new things and crowded places, she would not be able to bear being trapped in the boundary of the Twenty Four Flower Leaders. Since Jin Mi is my friend, it was only within my strength to release her."

  "Friend?" Ding Xian, the little Flower Leader, broke into laughter, "The Heavenly Realms is truly a superficial group of people, after seeing Jin Mi's remarkable appearance, isn't Night's expression of friend being rather artificial? At least, the Fire God is honest, why does Night not speak straight from the heart?"**

  "Ding Xiang Leader can doubt my words, but my actions are aboveboard, and I have never breached any rules of proprieties. I have no guilt in my heart to use the 'friends'". Night was completely indifferent to the Little Flower Leader's provocation. 

*Haha, Jin Mi is bloodthirsty as always.
** Perhaps, one of the truest criticisms and comparisons of Phoenix and Night? 

Comments: Lots more secrets are going to be revealed soon! Ah, Phoenix and Night, Phoenix and Night, even now I cannot decide. 

The contrast between the little heavenly soldier and the huge troops of heavenly generals and soldiers is not just a funny joke in the novel, but I think Dian Xian's very subtle commentary on the power imbalance between Night and Phoenix......


  1. Hi there! New reader here. Thank you for putting your time and effort in translating for us. I find Heavy Sweetness such a light-hearted read, and I love the writer's sense of humor. Jin Mi is one heck of a female lead. She cracks me up almost every time she does or say something. On the other hand, she kind of comes off as a ditz sometimes, but hilarious nonetheless.

    1. Thanks for reading and commenting! Welcome to my blog :)

      Hahaha! Yes, Jin Mi is so hilarious! It's a real pity Dian Xian doesn't write anymore.

    2. Why does she not write anymore?

    3. I'm not sure! She doesn't update her weibo either. Although I have not checked weibo in a while! She has three full length c-novels and a short novella I think. Her Heavy Sweetness is hugely popular, but I think her 2 ex-husbands on a stage probably rivals its popularity.

    4. What a shame and a waste of good talent. I feel so sad when authors just disappear.

    5. Heehee! Maybe she will write again. We don't really know her real identity, she could be busy with university or work. But she's so talented that I believe she will write again :)

  2. ah - the comparisons between the two gods' powers - I understanding so far (correct me if Im wrong) is that Phoenix is the next-in-line for the Heavenly Emperor's throne, right? But he is not the first-born...? Why ? is there any explanation?

    1. Phoenix's mother is the Empress. Night's mother was just some random woman the Emperor slept with but never married. I guess that technically makes him illegitimate, and that's why Night is not highly regarded as Phoenix. I think that's how things go.

    2. Actually, there's no crown prince, but like Szara said Phoenix is considered more legitimate because his birth mother is the Heavenly Empress. Plus, Phoenix has more real power because he is given control of the Heavenly Army but Night has much less power in that sense, although he is the older prince.

    3. ooooh thanks for the clarification.

  3. Night, swoon~ Why?! Is there any novel where the main character does end up the second male chara?

    1. Haha! What do you mean by second though? The second male lead that appears? Well in the Crazy Adventures of Wu Gate, the the final male lead is the last male that appears. I also like 8 and 9 in my side bar because in 8 the female lead returns the affections of the second male lead even if she still loves the first male lead (cos there's a few lifespans) and in 9, the female lead realises the male lead is the one who truly loves her and ditches her first crush. WOOHOO

  4. Thanks for this chapter translation again! Every chapter is so enjoyable, I keep checking your blog for updates. Night is sweet and has a quiet dignity but I remain a steadfast Phoenix shipper!

    1. Thanks for reading :) Aww, i'm so glad you find it enjoyable! I can't decide if I should update Once Promised, Heavy Sweetness (again) or The Emperor's Strategy next haha. I constantly flip flop between Night and Phoenix :)

  5. So far I've not been on any ship. Phoenix although seems like the obvious choice but somehow something about his feelings for Jin Mi just doesn't quite fit. I can't really put a finger on it yet but I think I'm leaning towards Night as he seems so vulnerable. I want to give him a tight hug. :)

    1. Haha! I think it's because Phoenix is the bullying boss type of lover, so until you see all the secret sweet things (or maybe not so secret) he does for Jin Mi, it's not easy to really get touched by his love. There is a lot of development on that aspect in the second half of the book so it gets better!

      Night on the other hand is suchhhhhh a slow burn. A different kind of icy cool fire. He is interesting because you kind of just want to warm him up and give him some real happiness, even if he is always standing apart from the situation.

  6. Thank you for this new update! For the moment, I think I am on Pheonix' ship. Not quite sure why yet - maybe because despite all his bullying, you can see right through him when it comes to his feelings. I think I am a bit confused with the following:

    "Phoenix lightly laughed, his voice contained a thread of bitterness, "I am not an unreasonable person. Now that I know of my relationship with Jin Mi, naturally I will not burden her.""

    When he means relationship with Jin Mi, does he mean the fact that she is the Flower Goddess daughter and he's a prince from the Heavenly Realm or does he mean that they like each other? If it's the second one... poor guy... she does not have any feelings!!! It seems like there may be plenty more of miscommunications coming up!

    Thanks Decembi for the translations! Truly appreciated :)

    1. Thanks for reading and commenting! :) I think Phoenix is the kind that isn't used at all in wooing girls because he has been idolised by all the female goddesses and worshipped all his life, so his ego is pretty big. Haha.

      Oh yes, on one level, you can read it as she being the Flower Goddess' daughter and the Flower world having an enmity with the Heavenly Realm. But it's actually much more and relates to the history of the Flower Goddess and the Heavenly Realm which affects Phoenix and Jin Mi (or at least what he thinks). It will be revealed in the next part!

      For the second, I'm afraid he is a poor bird for Jin Mi doesn't understand her feelings or can't quite have any! Haha. He does misunderstand and can you blame him when Jin Mi kisses him first twice already?

    2. I agree with Bella that we can see right through Phoenix regarding his feelings for Jin Mi. However, I don't see him as bullying but consider him just somewhat arrogant because of his high status. He's a bit high handed with Jin Mi because she is such a klutz!

      Yes, Night is such a SLOOOW burn. If it takes too long for him to warm up, he will probably lose out in the love rivalry for Jin Mi.

      Decembi, I'm all for Heavy Sweetness and find myself waiting eagerly for every update. Thanks to you, it's one of the very best stories I'm enjoying!

    3. Awww! Thanks for your support! It makes me very happy to share the joy of Heavy Sweetness. It's a nice contrast to the emotional heft of Once Promised :)

      Teehee, I love Phoenix and ache for Night. Perhaps that is the difference! But I think there are still so much more good Phoenix and Night parts that are yet to be. Shall try and translate faster...

  7. Hi Decembi,

    I just want to say that I am really grateful that you translated this book. I started reading it because I recently watched the drama "Ashes of Love." It was a really good drama, I just couldn't get enough of it. But the book is actually better since there are details that the drama was not able to capture so I am so so so happy that I found your blog.


  8. Same! I watched the US release and the subtitles don't translate everything, plus they skipped some details. Reading your translation explains so much more. Thank you for all the effort.