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Heavy Sweetness Ash-Like Frost: Translation (Chapter 10.3: The Great Phoenix Feather Treasure)

     This is one of the best Phoenix and Jin Mi parts in the story! Enjoy <3

Chapter 10.3: The Great Phoenix Feather Treasure (Part 3 of 5) 

  "Next time? There will still be a next time?!" Phoenix's face was actually warming up, but after hearing the second half of my words his face started to darken again.

  "No, no, there will not be a next time. Whatever you say will be, I will only listen to you, alright?" I spoke in a very cooperative manner to him. Phoenix is quite stingy, I only took three hundred years more of cultivation from him, but he was so angry that he ran away from the banquet to come down to the mortal world. Who knows if he will arrest me for the Heavenly Empress, and bring me back to the Heavenly Realm...

  Thinking of this, I shook and trembled.

  "Is it very painful?" I felt a heat on my hand, turns out Phoenix held my injured hand and used his other hand to hold a golden needle to pluck out the wooden thorns out of my palm one by one.

  Phoenix's eyelashes lowered, and concentrated on my hand. The hairs at his side were blown by the wind, lightly lifting up, then lightly flowing down, brushing passed my palm, tracing threads of ticklishness that itched at my heart*.

  My hands had only a few cuts, at the beginning it only hurt a little, but now it didn't hurt so much, but I said in a very obedient way, "Very pain very pain..." Even I didn't know why I was lying to him, just like how I didn't know why he didn't use his powers, but chose to use such an effortful way to remove the thorns.

  Phoenix heard this and his brows furrowed. He lifted his head to look at me and hit right into my curious gaze, in that moment a glow shone through Phoenix's eyes.

  His grip on my hand tightened, his eyes suddenly closed and he turned aside, his expression dimmed, he said hoarsely, "I was too harsh, I wanted to punish you, but I didn't think... and only punished myself in the end."

  Ah? It was clearly my hand that got injured, why does this bird say he punished himself? How unfair.

  I fearfully asked him, "You won't catch me to be destroyed by the Heavenly Empress right?"

  Phoenix looked at the blood stains on his sleeves and said, "In all the realms, there is only one Great Phoenix Feather Treasure, but I left it for you. Don't you understand?" His expression paled again, with a few strands of dejection, "Even though we are doomed to never be..."

  I squeezed the Phoenix feather in my sleeve, who knew that this was such a precious feather, thankfully I didn't throw it away.

  Having received such a treasure, I was extremely pleased, and went over and lightly pecked Phoenix's lips. Having realised that male gods liked mutual cultivation just like what the Moon God said, since Phoenix gave me such a precious gift, and I didn't have anything to return, it would be a bit rude, so I gave him some mutual cultivation.

  Who knew that Phoenix froze and his cheeks started to redden, but suddenly his expression became downcast, and as before, he held my shoulders and pushed me away at arm's length, then painfully turned his back on me and faced the mountain cliff. The mountain breeze blowing at his robes, he had a feeling of desolation.

  Seeing Phoenix like this, I had a sudden inspiration, "I know, actually you don't like me..."

  Before I could finish, Phoenix suddenly turned around and said, "How can I not like you!" Completely interrupting my "I know, actually you don't like me to mutually cultivate with you?" into half. Alas, alas.

  But after reflecting on Phoenix's words, he says he likes me, he likes me! He likes me? He likes me......

  In the midst of my confusion, Phoenix sadly shook his head and said, "But you are right, I actually don't like you... just treat it as I have never liked you, you have never liked me..."

  Ah? Suddenly, he doesn't like? Truly always changing his likes and dislikes, but from my examination, his last words, "don't like me" was the truth. So I immediately became relieved and obediently replied, "Yes, naturally I will listen to you."

  Hearing this, Phoenix's face turned melancholic, he neatened the unruly hairs on my forehead and lightly asked, "Where's the Phoenix feather** I gave you?"

  I took out the precious feather from inside my robe, he took the Phoenix feather and removed the grape stem on my head then personally placed the Phoenix feather, "Wear this Phoenix feather, let it protect you and make you happy in place of me, today I will return you to the Flower World, and from then on, we shall never meet again!"


*This is honestly one of the few times I can sense that Jin Mi, despite the unfeeling pill, likes Phoenix. 
** Sometimes they refer to the Great Phoenix Feather Treasure more casually, I've decided to use Phoenix feather, but just remember it's a special one.

Epic! I love it. Awww, Phoenix's love confession and Jin Mi's response... and then Jin Mi's confusion. You don't like me - that's the big truth. <3

For Night fans, Night will appear in the next chapter. 


  1. Hi - I simply wanted to thank you for your translations. I realize the commitment this entails. Really, thank you.

    I find Jin Mi endearing yet frustrating. I really want to shake some sense into Jin Mi sometimes... Does Pheonix realize that Jin Mi sometimes just doesn't get it? I mean, poor guy. Lol

  2. Thanks for reading and taking the time to comment :)

    I also got frustrated with her at times, because Phoenix and Night appeared so devoted... but then again, you got to accept Jin Mi as a whole right? She's so funny because she ate the pill, and hence there are things she can't get --- it's like her feelings got short-circuited and she can't process, so you either tell it to her straight as it is or you will just confuse her. Haha.

    I think Phoenix is like a boy deep in the bosoms of love, he can't see straight.

  3. I'm with you, Anonymous; I also find Jin Mi frustrating, but I can't even say I find her endearing enough to balance out the frustration.

    I'll gladly read anything/everything Decembi translates/summarizes, and that includes Xiang Mi Chen Chen Jin Ru Shuang/Heavy Sweetness Ash-Like Frost, but my personal feelings toward XMCCJRS are mixed. I'm not as enamored with the story as so many other people are, and it kind of makes me sad, like I'm missing out. I'm a Night shipper, but shipping second male leads hasn't stopped me from enjoying other novels before (just look at Lost You Forever - I'm shipping Zhuan Xu/Xiao Yao, and that boat never even left harbor!).

    I think my discomfort with XMCCJRS stems from the fact that Jin Mi has that feeling-repressing pill inside her. As a result, I feel like she's only "half" of who she's "supposed" to be, and that Night and Phoenix fell in love with someone who's not fully herself (whatever "herself" entails). I see JM as a child, so it really discomforts me when I see Phoenix getting close to her physically. To be fair, he does believe that she has all the facilities and thought processes of a grown woman, so I'm not condemning him for taking advantage of JM's naivete, since I don't think he is purposefully trying to, but it still doesn't wash away my discomfort.

    In fact, I'm starting to suspect that Dian Xian just may not be my kind of author. From what I understand, her first novel (Bo He Tu Mi Li Hua Bai/Peppermint Thistles without White Flowers) features a female lead who gets raped twice by two different male leads and gives birth to two babies as a result - and then she ends up with the first male lead who raped her. And in her second novel, Two Ex-Husbands on One Stage, the female lead gets drunk and the male lead sleeps with her - resulting in the female lead getting pregnant and having no idea who the father could possibly be, because she doesn't recall having sex with the male lead.

    Decembi knows I like smart female leads, but I definitely enjoy my fair share of books with female leads who don't have IQs of 150+. (For example, I really enjoyed Dong Gong/Eastern Palace, and the female lead there was quintessentially "young and naive".) I think my issue with Dian Xian's female leads isn't that they're "stupid", but rather that their naivete/innocence feels awfully contrived, and as a result their interactions with the male leads makes me feel like they're being unfairly taken advantage of. Hmm, I guess XMCCJRS is just the black-belly-boss-poor-downtrodden-employee trope wrapped up in ancient form, and we all know how I feel about that category of books.

    Ultimately, I think what I'm uncomfortable with is that it feels like these female leads have been robbed of their capacity to say "No". I'm fine with naive/innocent female characters, but when push comes to shove, I think every woman needs to (be able to) know when to say "Yes" and when to say "No". Does that make sense at all? (Yeah, I know, I'm not making any sense at all. :P)

    On a less grumpy note - Decembi, I just glanced over at your sidebar, and HA! I don't know why I never noticed this before, but I'm loving the name of the author of 仗剑一笑踩蘑菇. Nan Jian Qiu Tuan/Nv Zi Ren Cai? Okay, so it's not super-super-clever, but still, gets points from me. :)

    1. Yeah, I get what you're trying to say. Jin Mi isn't really able to give 'consent' because she doesn't understand such things, which makes the romance kinda sketchy. But deep down, I think a subconscious part of her loved Phoenix regardless.

      Anyway, thank you for the translations Decembi. So far, my favorite characters are the moon god and the snake guy. I just love funny & shameless characters.

    2. Hello Mei!

      Haha, thanks for your always very insightful comments. Thanks for the vouch of support too! :) I think you may enjoy The Emperor's Strategy, I'm going to post my write up and translation of the synopsis on SSB soon.

      For Heavy Sweetness, as of what I've translated now (because I can't remember the finer details of the later parts), I don't really see Jin Mi being robbed of her capacity to say yes or no. I suppose if there's anyone to blame, there's her mother, the Flower Goddess, but she also has her own reasons, since she was going to pass on and she was worried about the Love Crisis that she sees in Jin Mi's life, so she thought she could help her pass it by feeding her the Unfeeling Pill and grounding her with the Water Boundary until it passes. But you can't fight fate, and so Phoenix flew through the Water Boundary and meets Jin Mi.

      I suppose Jin Mi may sounds young and child-like, and maybe 5000 years in the god's world is still considered youthful, but I suppose I never had the feeling that Phoenix was taking advantage of her that way. Because, it was basically the Moon God who had given her all those "mutual cultivation" books and one can't blame Jin Mi whose sole goal in life is to become a god to think that ah, so that's the way of mutual cultivation. In fact, all the physical interactions between Phoenix and Jin Mi were initiated by Jin Mi, she always kissed Phoenix on her own accord, and I think Phoenix is right in his own way when he sees Jin Mi as just being a girl in love with him because her actions can rightfully be interpreted as so! Haha, so I still see it as a love comedy.

      For 2 ex husbands, there is questionable sexual politics and ooh I don't even dare to touch Dian Xian's first novel. Most modern c-novels also have this problem, and I try my best to recommend only those I am comfortable with - so no matter how good the novel, if it's one of those guy makes girl drunk and they consummate their relationship kind of novels without the girl being cognisant, I will steer clear.

      Haha! I just noticed what you wrote about Nan Jian Qiu Tuan. Genius!!! Love her. Maybe I will try another one of her c novels again, the mushroom c-novel was good, though incredibly draggy at the start.

    3. Haha thanks Szara for reading :). Haha, I agree I love the Moon God, his real self is a fox, which just sounds so cute and fluffffy!

  4. thank you for your hard work. it is much appreciated.

  5. Damn, unfeeling pill. If I am not mistaken, it will come out of her system, right? Is that going to occur anytime soon? Will there be any Night-JinMi scene?


    1. *SPOILER* Yes, it does come out of her after a pivotal scene. *END OF SPOILER*

      Night appears in the next part. Are you a night fan? :)

  6. thank you sooo much...JinMi and phoenix is so the moon god hehe and the snake always a snake creepy.

    1. Thanks for reading! Hahaha. I agree, the Moon God is totally one of my favourites!

  7. I don't understand hoe they can even fall in love with her when all she ever thinks about is cultivation....and seriously that fox uncle was a very very bad influence on her. I pity the gods that have to put up with him....

    1. Hahaha your comment on the fox uncle. Jin Mi has a one track mind - i think it's easy to see why Night fell for Jin Mi but less so for Phoenix

  8. I’ve been searching for some decent stuff on the subject and haven't had any luck up until this point, You just got a new biggest fan!..

  9. I love your little explanations at the end! I feel like I am reading the story with a friend! 😊

  10. , "Wear this Phoenix feather, let it protect you and make you happy in place of me, today I will return you to the Flower World, and from then on, we shall never meet again!"~~~~~ and the tears fell..i am crying!!! nooooooo....!

  11. I'm feeling that this scene is more 'power full' than in drama. Don't get me wrong. I'm still in love with phoenix
    Thank you for the translation, it's a cure for my post-drama syndrome ..

  12. I wish there was an easy way to navigate between chapters...

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  19. I want to cry. This is so sweet.

  20. I think this chapter was cut from the drama?

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