Thursday, 27 February 2014

talk #5: If they were free, perhaps that is not love?

    After trying to find a galaxy picture for the prologue of Once Promised, I found it rather peaceful to just look at galaxy pictures --- I suppose the closest equivalent on earth is the northern lights. 

     I have had some more time this week to read and write before I fall back into the thick of things at work next week, so I'm glad I could have provided some joy and food for thought for readers! I actually finished Book 1 of Once Promised and spoiled myself with the ending of Book 2 and the epilogue. Ah, my heart, how it feeeeels. I am probably going to finish summarising Book 1, but what I'm going to do with Book 2 is still up in the air. Haha. I may just do a one shot summing up when I finally read Book 2, but now, I just need my heart to gently rest somewhere.

    Book 1 is amazing. It's truly epic. And, the best thing is that it's really not just about the romance, it is about love of all kinds - friendship, siblings, parent and child.... so many kinds of love. It's that truth that aches --- that makes me want to write about it, and talk about it, and try and figure out what makes what could have been so sad and yet inevitable? 

   Truthfully, and I say this without reading Book 2 completely yet, I think Once Promised ended sadly just so Lost You Forever could be born. 长相思 is actually better translated I think to "Always Yearning for You", "Always Thinking Of You" or "Always Missing You" and I actually wonder if the two stories should switch titles in the end haha... because what Once Promised feels like is that one will always be yearning for that other, and what Lost You Forever hints at is about past promises. Then again, perhaps they are but mirror images of each other. 

   Because of love, they have duties. Because of duties, they are not free to love. If they were free, perhaps that is not love? 


  1. Hi ! I don't know if it's the case 'cause I only saw BBJX and read DMY but I think Tong Hua everytime explores all kind of love. And it's truly epic. The way she writes her stories always mesmerize me. Everything is linked to one another.
    I really hope you enjoy Once Promised and that you'll give us a nice (and maybe long) summary *-*

    Little Red

    1. Hello Little Red! Yes, you are absolutely right. Tong Hua is just such an epic writer that completely mesmerizes! Haven't read Book 2 yet, but will definitely be summarising Book 1.

  2. Hi decembi. I heard from Peanut that you are from Singapore too. Hi!

    I am at Book 2 now and I am so scared to get to the part where Chi You dies whenever I read the happy moments he has with A'Heng... I like Shao Hao a lot... but he is too ruthless. and he probably deserves what he get in the end.

    At the end of the day, Shao Hao wanted the throne more than anything and is willing to sacrifice anything. sigh D:

    1. Hello fellow Singaporean! :)

      All these c-novels are challenging my mandarin competency haha!

      I've stopped reading for a while, after finishing Book 1 and reading the ending and epilogue of Book 2. My poor heart. I absolutely love Chi You, and so far have generally no feelings for Shao Hao. Haha, maybe I will like him more later. I agree he is too ruthless - no pity for him.