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Once Promised (曾许诺)by Tong Hua(桐华): Prologue (Translation)

  Actually now that I'm reading the correct version, this fits the mythological vision of Tong Hua much better than if the first chapter started with the fated meeting of Chi You and A'Heng. If we started with Chi You and A'Heng, they become the centre of our universe, magnified, our main focus points. But, now that the landscape has been pulled way back, until we are looking at it on the level of the creation of the universe, we see that every figure is but a star in a wider galaxy. Even the mightiest creator will one day fade, what more the descendants of the descendants of the once great? Maybe, all we can ask in life is to meet people who will imprint onto our soul, love into our bones and give us a promise we try to fulfill in all our finiteness.


   The universe was in chaos, when it just started to form, there was only one Emperor King, which was the person who created this world, the great Emperor Pan Gu*.

  At that time, the distance between the sky and the land was not so great, humans belonged on the land, gods belonged on the godly mountains, people could pass through the heaven stairs to see the gods. The God Tribe, Human Tribe and Demon Tribe were all mixed between the sky and land.

  The Great Emperor Pan Gu had three subordinates who were as close to him as siblings, the one with the greatest power was a girl, it has been too long ago, so her name cannot be remembered, it is only known that later she built the Hua Xu Country, and the people bestowed on her the title, Ruler of Hua Xu. The other two were males, one was the Ruler of Shen Nong, he garrisoned himself in the Central Plains, defending the peace from all four directions, the other one was the Ruler of Gao Xing, he positioned himself in the east, he protected the point from which the sun rose and where all the water flows to.

   After the Great Emperor Pan Gu passed away, wars were ablaze on the lands, the Ruler of Hua Xu hated the never-ending wars and recused herself from the war, creating a beautiful and peaceful Hua Xu Country. However, she is still remembered by later generations not because of Hua Xu Country, but because of her son, Fu Xi, and her daughter Nu Wa.

  Fu Xi and Nu Wa were powerful and virtuous leaders, they gained the respect of all the heroes of the land, and finally stopped the war, and were crowned the Great Fu Xi King and the Great Nu Wa King.

  The deeply battered Great Wilderness finally reached a reign of peace and regained a sense of life and vitality.

   Many thousands of years later, the Great Fu Xi King passed on, the Great Nu Wa King was in great pain from her sorrow and left to live in the Hua Xu Country. No one ever saw her again, whether she is dead or life became a mystery, and the tribe of Fu Xi and Nu Wa disappeared.

  With the disappearance of the Fu Xi tribe, the Central Sheng Nong and the Southeast Gao Xing became the two great conquerors, on the surface they maintained the blood oath signed in front of the Great Fu Xi King and the Great Nu Wa King and did not transgress each other, but secretly their ambitions were burning and they wanted to swallow each other.

  In the Northwest Wilderness, there was an ordinary mountain called Xuan Yuan Mountain, at the foot of the mountain lived an unnoticeable small god tribe, Xuan Yuan tribe. At a grand ceremonial rite, the Great Elder of the Xuan Yuan tribe overcame the group's disagreement and appointed the youngest hero of the tribe to become its leader. But even that Great Elder did not expect what the young hero ultimately accomplished.

  In just a span of a few thousand years, this young hero led the unnoticeable Xuan Yuan Tribe to a rapid ascent in power, when Sheng Nong and Gao Xing finally realised his danger, they had already missed the opportune chance to eliminate him. They could only sit by and watch the Xuan Yuan Tribe rise to become the third Great God Tribe, a strength that equalled the Sheng Nong and Gao Xing's two ancient god tribes.

  The Three Great God tribes, at the top was the Sheng Nong tribe, the descendants of the Sheng Nong Ruler who was commanded by the Great Emperor Pan Gu to defend the Central Plains, the head of the Sheng Nong tribe was called Yan Emperor, the Yan Emperor ruled with benevolence; the second was Gao Xing Tribe, the descendants of the Gao Xing Ruler who was commanded by the Great Emperor Pan Gu to defend the Southeast, the head of the Gao Xing tribe was called the Jun Emperor, who ruled the country with proper custom; finally there was the newly risen Xuan Yuan Tribe, governing the Northwest, the head of the Xuan Yuan tribe was called the Yellow Emperor and he used law to rule the country.

  Thus, the Central Sheng Nong, the Southeast Gao Xing, the Northwest Xuan Yuan, they each ruled a third of the land, three independent Imperial Empires.

*In Chinese Mythology, Pan Gu was the creator of the universe.


  1. Just got back from holiday. And OMG was my reaction : there's soooo many new posts! It's amazing ! Thank you :3
    Once Promised and Lost You Forever are great and epic books right?
    I'm actually reading all your posts and Koala's translation of LYF ( Faithful reader I am! )
    So good to read *-*
    As always I'm in love with your translations of Heavy Sweetness, Ash-like Frost. ^^

    Little Red

    1. Little Red! Haha, I have been wondering where you went! I hope you had a great holiday. It's so nice to hear from you again :)

      So far, Once Promised have been good. And, I super love Koala's translation heehee.
      Thanks for reading Heavy Sweetness!

  2. Oh dear, I didn't realize you were translating Once Promised until now. I had already translated most of the prologue, but our writing styles are different (I think mine has evolved quite a bit from 1.5 years ago). If you don't mind, I'll post my version and then start where you left off? Or we can take turns doing chapters (bc this is a ridiculously long book…)


    1. Hey xia0yuer, please post your version! :) I'm sure it would be super cool to read different versions. Koala also translated the prologue of Once Promised. How about we take turns doing chapters? I'm going to post up my chapter 5 this week, and you can post chapter 6, so I take odd chapters, you take even? I still can't access your website though? Any suggestions how to?

  3. Please continue dear translator, a good novel must share to the word, pity me, my chinese language is really 0, one of hardest language i think, i want to read the raw, but i think if i start learning the language, i died first before i can read the novel. I'm not god my time is limited. i still have the blood of chinese n very interested in chinese culture n myth, thank god i still can understand english, even my grammar is suck, so hope translator can finish this.