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Heavy Sweetness Ash-Like Frost: Translations (Chapter 8.5 - The Elegant Tendrils)

   Happy valentines' day! My family has flown over to Hong Kong for the weekend. I will be flying back home next weekend, so lots of stuff to pack and wrap up at my job too before I go home. Ah, home! But, I will try and update a few entries before I fly, because it's become a habit (haha).

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Chapter 8.5: The Elegant Tendrils (Part 5 of 5)

   Xiao Er Immortal... I thought for a moment, well this name certainly matches Master Pu Chi. However, I clearly summoned a local soil god, why did a water sprite arrive? Did I have an aura that attracts sprites? ... I looked at the darkening sky, there was not much time left, so I guess I have to make do with what I had. 

   "I summoned Master Pu Chi for one task. Does Master Pu Chi know a short cut to the Heavenly Realms? Please lead the way." 

   Master Pu Chi spread out his sleeves and shook off the water droplets. He said slowly, "Xiao Er Immortal wants to go for the Heavenly Empress' Birthday Banquet?"

  I answered, "Yes." 

  Master Pu Chi asked again, "Xiao Er Immortal is prepared to go to the southern sky gate or the northern sky gate?" 

  I reflected that the northern sky gate was the main entrance, and this did not suit my style, so the southern sky gate would be more suitable. I answered, "Southern sky gate."

  Master Pu Chi then asked again, "Xiao Er Immortal is prepared to arrive at the "Shen" hour or the "Xi" hour?" 

  I answered, "Naturally, the faster the better."

  Master Pu Chi then asked, "Xiao Er Immortal is prepared to fly or swim there?"

   "Fly there." I wasn't a fish, how could I swim there... 

    After a series of detailed questions were asked over half a burnt candle, Master Pu Chi gave a "wo" sound and said disappointedly, "I know the way to the Heavenly Realms, but as I was bathing halfway just now and Xiao Er Immortal had hurriedly summoned me, I'm afraid I have to return and bathe finish first."

  I almost fainted and was going to kick him to death, when he slowly continued, "But, considering how well we get along, I shall tolerate this and first show you the way."

  As he finished, Master Pu Chi gathered a cloud, and without haste stepped on it, and started to lead the way. I bit my teeth, summoned a cloud and followed behind. One in front, one at the back, we crossed the Heavenly River and reached the southern sky gate. It was still the "Shen" hour and the "Xi" hour had not been reached, Master Pu Chi had caught the time accurately. 

   Outside the southern sky gate, there were two mighty heavenly soldiers guarding it impressively. I anxiously kept the cloud and wanted to barge in with Master Pu Chi languidly following me behind, when one of the heavenly soldiers stretched out his weapon and blocked me, "These two immortal friends, where are your invitations?"

  I paused for a moment, "I have no invitations. I am a good friend of the Moon God, and I hope the Heavenly Soldier can accommodate me."

  "I'm sorry, but today is not like other days. Today is the Heavenly Empress' Birthday Banquet, if there is no invitation, no one can go in the southern sky gate." To think that even using the Moon God's name has no effect, the heavenly soldiers are truly like stiff mahjong tiles, not flexible at all!

   Master Pu Chi suddenly stretched out and gently pulled my hair, "Xiao Er Immortal is truly interesting. You carry the Shang Fang precious sword* but still want to exchange words with the heavenly soldiers."

  "We humbly apologise!" The two heavenly soldiers knelt down towards the Phoenix Feather held in Master Pu Chi's hands. 

Comments: Finally the last of Chapter 8! Short but very exciting. Master Pu Chi is hilarious. 

*The use of Shang Fang precious sword here is metaphorical to express that Jin Mi has the magic passcode to go in. 


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