Monday, 20 January 2014

Talk #1: Reviews, Requests & Recommendations

I would like to thank all readers for their warm encouragement and support! The summary for chapter 7 will be out by this week and I'm so excited to finally start on the translations proper. I will be following the breaks in the chapters as per the version I'm following - so you will get chapter 8.1, etc - the updates will be shorter but much more frequent.

The most popular entry on my blog is without a doubt, the Chapter 18 translations of the Pillow Book. Haha. I just wanted to say thank you, and also that at a later stage I will be doing a full review and some translations of the later chapters to wrap up that saga of the fight. But, these may not be full translations and as I earlier said, I am not going to do the Pillow Book as a translation project.

I've been asked a few times - why have I not written reviews for my 5 star novels? Basically, these novels are so good and so close to my heart that I fear I cannot do them justice. Also, for the 4-4.5 star novels, it's much easier to pick out the scene that made me love the novel. But, for the 5 star novels, I love everything. I am going to write proper reviews for them, but they will be in gestation for a long while, because I plan to do quite a few scene translations for them, and even one novel is a prospective future translation project (haha). For Three Thousand Crows Killing, I am definitely writing a review, and I plan to translate the entire epilogue... which is really long, because it's basically the novel in the male lead perspective. Some readers have commented that the novel should have started with the epilogue because you only get hints from the novel of why the male lead loves the female lead so much. The epilogue is one of my most favourite epilogues - basically like Ye Hua's epilogue for 3L3W but 10 times better.

So, lots of things in the works, but I'm prioritising Heavy Sweetness Ash-Like Frost.

If you have good recommendations of c-novels (ancient or modern), please do leave a comment and share! If you have translation requests - small ones, like specific scenes etc, feel free to leave or email a request as well. I can't promise I will translate it, but I will definitely read it and consider. <3


  1. Yay ! You said it so I'll post as many requests as I can.
    I'm particularly interested in ancient or historical novel. I don't know why, it's surely because it' more adventurous than modern novel, there's many battles et so many beautiful things to dream.
    I'm taking reference from Shushengbar :
    1)帝业如画 Picturesque Empire – 慕容湮儿
    2)凤隐天下 World of Hidden Phoenixes – 月出云
    3)Bu Bu Jing Xin
    4) Da Mo Yao
    5)Yun Zhong Ge ( well in fact, every books written by Tong Hua)
    6)春秋大梦 (美人劫) Grand Dreams of Spring and Autumn – 梦三生
    7)三千鸦杀 Killing of Three Thousand Crows – 十四郎
    8)华胥引 Hua Xu Yin – 唐七公子
    9)重紫 Chong Zi – 蜀客
    10)且试天下 Who Gets the World – 倾泠月
    11)孤芳不自赏 A Lonesome Fragrance Waiting to be Appreciated (Gu Fang Bu Zi Shang) – 风弄
    12)蔓蔓青罗 Man Man Qing Luo – 桩桩
    13)凤囚凰 Feng Qiu Huang – 天衣有风
    14)东宫 Eastern Palace – 匪我思存
    15)冷月如霜 Cold Moon-Like Frost – 匪我思存

    Humm Ok there's awfully a lot. All are not recommandations as I've never read them but I'm curious about your opinion for these books. And maybe some are request for you to review but I can't choose when there's too many. I'll think about it hihi.
    Did you read any of these books before?
    What are your 5 stars books?

    I know I'm asking a lot but you don't have to do it all hu ^^
    Jia You ! :3

    Little Red

    1. Hey Little Red,

      Haha I always love your enthusiasm and passion!

      1) As peanuts said, open ending so I will unlikely read it! I like happy ending novels haha.
      2) Oh, the plot sounds pretty similar to We are Both Foxes with a throne element. It's 168 chapters! OMG. Ok, will put it on my to read list, but it's going to be low priority haha! So long.
      3) I didn't read the c-novel except for the ending to compare it with the drama! I think you should just read the drama! It's v popular though, so maybe there will be proper english translations for it one day. It's a classic but v heartbreaking.
      4 & 5 - like peanuts mentioned, they have been beautifully translated by koala! Go koala's playground to read it! I love Da Mo Yao. I will not read Yun Zhong Ge, because it's a complete tragedy, but I may watch the upcoming c drama!
      6) Plot sounds interesting! Will put on to read list.
      7) Yes, will definitely review this. I love this!
      8) Will definitely read this --- it's more tragic than happy though :(. The c-drama is upcoming!
      9) yes, will definitely read this! I like Shu Ke.
      10) On my to read list! Haha peanuts love this.
      11) Oh there appears to be some english translations for this. Have you read this before?
      12) Sounds interesting! Will put it on the to read list.
      13) Hahaha! Wow this is hilarious sounding. Will put on to read list.
      14 & 15 - Haha I stay far far away from Fei Wo Si Cun books because she's called "step mum". She's called that because she tortures her characters. Hahaha. My weak heart can't take the tragedy.

      My 5 star books are in the column at the right side of the blog!

      Will promise to get Three Thousand Crow Killing review up soon <3

    2. Hi! OMG thank you for responding to all of them !
      I hope you'll enjoy some of these books. ^^

      For 3/4/5: I saw drama BBJX and I loved it. The sad ending was expected and tearful.
      I did read Da Mo Yao on Koala's blog (I'm a faithful reader there) and it was also nice.
      Yun Zhong Ge is not complete and I go crazy when something is not in its interity.

      For 8, I read some excerpts on Hui3r and Peanuts'blog and on Koala's one. I dunno why but the book seems epic. I think I'll watch the drama only for Yuan Hong' story xD

      For 10, Oh yeah I did read a review by Peanuts and the novel looks soooo interesting. The leads have an interesting relationship.

      For 14/15, step mum hahaha xD Understood^^ I seem to have a thing for tragedy =x

      Oups on the right they are. Sorry I wasn't enough attentive ^^
      Can't wait to read your review. I'm extremely curious to know why you love this novel so much ^^

      Little Red

    3. Oups I forgot N°11 Gu Fang Bu Zi Shang: yes the novel is being translated.
      For now, I'm quite happy and I like the 19 chapters. But there is 2 or 3 books so I think it's a longggg novel. I'm praying that this book will be 100% translated *-*

      Little Red

    4. Haha oh I will definitely reply! I'm sincerely looking for recommendations. Going to put no. 11 further up my list since it's so popular! Will tell you how it goes after I finish.

      Koala is a phenomenal writer! I really liked her Da Mo Yao translations - although it broke my heart, and I will forever feel bad for Meng Jue. Can't wait for the drama! Liu Shi Shi has the ideal face of most c-novel female leads haha!

      No. 10 is also high on my list cos peanuts kept raving about it heheh!

      Tragedies are not healthy, Little Red! Haha

  2. Peanuts is here:P Ha little red, I see that you've migrated here:P I won't do Heavy Sweetness summary for you since I found a translator for you:P Allow me as decembi's book buddy to give my opinion on your novel requests:P

    1)Opening ending book, so decembi may not touch. I definitely won't touch, lol
    2) Since you like long book, go & give this a try as I also want to read your review:)
    3) Aiyo, so many reviews out there, no need to ask decembi bcos I know she is still having nightmare on it, lol. Don't read the book bcos it is very similar to the drama so you'll be bored.
    4) If you ship the wrong guy, it can be sad ending so I think decembi will not be keen on it. If you don't know, there is completed English translation.
    5) This is a definitely sad ending book so I doubt decembi will touch it. Are you still sticking to your only read happy or open ending novels? There is a substantially completed English translation.
    6) I mentioned this book to you b4 so read it at your own risk, lol.
    7) Decembi has already mentioned, she'll review & translate the epilogue.
    8) Another of decembi's sad ending allergy but I may do a few summaries on each of the sub-stories later bcos the drama is so different fr the book & I hate its misrepresentation:(
    9) No comment on my most hated relationship book, lol.
    10) Hey, don't steal my book:P You better don't write anything bad or else....:P No need to hoard the book, read it and confirm that I've good taste in books, lol.
    11) This is a super duper fav in SSB with the most hits daily. I don't understand what is the attraction, just that I've never been attracted to it, lol. Maybe you can enlighten me.
    12) This is a fav with the Thais but I feel it is only average. It is a timetravel book, so are you still boycotting this genre?
    13) Another timetravel novel which I feel is better than Man Man. Btw, xiaoyuer did reviews & scene translations on both the books so don't duplicate:)
    THe last 2 books are step-mum FWSC's novels so I don't think you wanna read them. I got conned into reading Eastern Palace and will never forget the sad & shocking ending so you've been warned:P

    I also have my wishlist which are non-SSB novels which I shall post in another post as I don't wanna suffer the same fate as Mel:P

    1. Haha peanuts, you know my book reading tastes so well!

      Why no. 6 is read at your own risk?! Hahaha.

      I'm staying far away from Da Mo Yao. I read some of koala's translations and just enjoyed it for its beauty, but I have no desire to ever read the real book. Will watch the drama though!

      Oh please do summaries for Hua Yu Xin! <3

      Heheh your hatred for teacher-student relationships!

    2. Ho Peanuts ! I'm here but I'm still faithful to your blog, just a little more silent =p (I read the new Shan Shan chapter and OMG was my reaction because in the previous chapter...there was a very spoilery image! >_<)

      I'm happy to read your opinions :)

      For 3/4/5 : Loved BBJX and I did read DMY's translations. Can't wait to watch the drama. Ho Yun Zong Ge is really complete?!
      For 6 : Ho why? o_o it's bad? just readable?
      For 8 : Yay please *-* I heard so much about this book.
      For 9: Hu? Wasn't this book on your to-read list??
      For 10: Love your review and the excerpts your translated ^^
      For 13 : I did read them on Xiaoyuer's blog but I can't acces it anymore :'(

      Did you like Dong Gong? Or absolutely not?

      Little Red

    3. For no. 6, the novel is sort of based on real historical figures. It is not that I know China history well but I saw a drama on it & I hate most of the characters in that drama so this book is definitely not for me.

      Actually, I personally feel Yun Zhong Ge is a better novel than DMY but it is just so sad, sob sob....:( Although YZG translation is incomplete, you still can read it as the missing parts are not that impt. Actually Dong Gong takes the cake as it is one of the saddest novel I've ever read and it is still hunting me, lol. Don't bank on the drama adaptation bcos I read they gonna turn it into a comedy. Yes, comedy is nice but it will lose its poignancy. Decembi, you should read Dong Gong as an exception:P

      Okay, I'll release part 1 of HXY either tomorrow or Fri, depending on my mood, lol.

      I read Chong Zi half way & it shall be on hiatus forever:P

      That spoilery image is a red herring planted by lidge to trick you, lol.

    4. I'll re-read again Yun Zhong Ge then. But yes, I did remember that it was incredibly sad and heartbreaking. With 2 amazing male leads, so much that I still don't know whose ship I prefer in the present.

      There's gonna be a drama adaptation on Dong Gong? Do you know the actors who'll play the leads? A comedy for Dong Gong?!! My god, it it Yuzheng? oO

      Yay for more HXY chapter ! ^^
      It worked. I was totally tricked by Lidge. xD

      Little Red

    5. I join the chorus of yay of more HXY chapters!

      Hahaha poor Chong Zi.

      Oh, the last I checked they have not cast the leads for Dong Gong.

  3. I am not as greedy as little red so I only have 5 requests, lol. They are books which I will like to know more details eg summary, spoiler, review, translation, or anything you know:)

    祸国 To Ruin A Kingdom – 十四阙: This book is in SSB but not much details:( It seems like a very popular book in Chinese forum.

    凤临天下 - 世风流: There is even a cartoon serial on it so is it that interesting?

    盗妃天下 - 月出云: Same author as World of Hidden Phoenixes

    扶摇皇后 - 天下归元: Yah, I like to know abt books with the words 天下, lol

    琅琊榜 - 海宴: Hu Ge gonna act in the drama adaptation and many ppl like this book. Why?

    1. For the 1st one, I went to read a few reviews and synopsis. The female character is apparently super awesome and smart (hence she can become an empress), but the male lead she first loves... never ever loves her back. UGH. It's a happy ever after tragedy, because she learns to let go and marries the second male lead.
      2) Oh this is vvv popular apparently. It has 100 chapters and is a happy ending <3. Will put this on my to read list. But it's an empire conquering and time travel type book, a little tired of such plots for now, so will wait for a while till i read this. There's a manhua about 17 chapters so far.
      3) The reviews are mixed - don't think I will read this. Typical girl who is talented in everything and all the male leads will fall for her. Also, the male lead was v cold to her at the start, then suddenly falls for her dramatically - one of those lie to you to protect you kind of books. It's also v long! Think not special enough to read.
      4) One of those fighting for throne books? Hmm the reviews are vvv mixed. Some love it and some hate it.
      5) Oh, this has vvv good reviews. Not a love story, more about brotherhood, revenge and fighting for the throne.

      Peanuts - you really love the fighting for empire kind of books! Hahaha!

    2. You always put books on your read list:P Actually I find some time travelling books are not as bad as they sound as they come in all shapes and sizes. Some are rather creative, lol.

      Books with mixed reviews doesn't necessarily mean they are bad. Just that some who read them, don't like them. Similarly books with good reviews doesn't mean I will like them. I believe books with bad reviews are really bad, lol. Diff ppl have diff taste so it is hard to say.

      Fighting for the empire is better than fighting for the king/prince etc., lol.

    3. Heheh but I do read them! Actually I've finished a lot of the modern novel recommendations on SSB, but I don't like them enough to review them. Haha. For eg, I practically finished all of Big Grey Wolf with Wings' novels - in some psychotic obsession to finish the series, but they are all pretty awful in retrospect. Haha.

      Yeah, reviews are often not v accurate, because I tend to like some pretty low key books. But they are helpful in indicating if the ending is HE, SE or OE heehee.

      But fighting for prince could be fighting for love :) <3

  4. Has anyone translated Bloom into English please?

    1. Hmm not that I know of. You might want to check shusheng bar