Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Corrupted Girl GAGA (腐女GaGa) & Black Belly Boss, Don't Run Away! (腹黑BOSS,你别逃!) by The Mew From A Cat After A Lazy Nap (睡懒觉的喵) (4 stars - HE)

    Both novels are fun, light-hearted and comedic romantic love stories by The Mew From A Cat After A Lazy Nap (a pretty epic author's name haha). They are recommended if you like to read boss-worker love stories where the boss strategises into making the girl fall for him. 

   I gave both of them four stars, because they were funny and very readable - no out of this world angst that makes you wonder what happened to these two characters - consistently light throughout. I also liked that in the second one, Black Belly Boss, Don't Run Away!, the girl who the boss thought was cute like a rabbit, turns out to be a LION (best twist ever). 

    The first one, Corrupted Girl GAGA, I started to read it through recommendations from SSB

Spoiler-filled summary: 

    The female lead, Bai Ning, works as a junior officer in the editorial team of a magazine, and the male lead, Ren Han, is the head of the reporter (?) team. The novel starts with a meeting, the very big boss, the head of the company, downloaded from Bai Ning's thumbdrive, to give the office presentation - Bai Ning is stunned because the very big boss was going to open her secret folder, her GV folder!

  I have no idea what GV folder stands for, but it basically contains I imagine pretty scandalous boy-love kind of videos. Haha. This is why our female lead is called Corrupted Girl - she has been "corrupted" by boy love novels (see the cover picture above) and likes to imagine handsome guys together. So, Bai Ning went up and slammed the very big boss' new Apple Mac laptop - ruining it. Everyone is shocked - and Bai Ning says she will buy the very big boss a new Apple Mac laptop. 

   Bai Ning gets very stressed afterwards because she has not enough savings for it! The male lead, Ren Han, introduces the very big boss to a retailer he has a discount with for the Apple Mac, and pays for Bai Ning first - Ren Han becomes Bai Ning's debtor! Haha. Also, Ren Han had gotten Bai Ning's thumbdrive after the meeting and knows Bai Ning's "corrupted" secret - from then on, Bai Ning becomes Ren Han's slave. 

  It's pretty hilarious as Ren Han schemes - each time he "saves" Bai Ning from her mistakes, her debt to Ren Han increases! I seriously had no idea if Ren Han actually liked Bai Ning or just liked bullying her from the start. And then Ren Han "blackmails" Bai Ning to tell him what the editorial team plans to do for next month's issue, so his reporter team can win the next month's challenge. So, as Bai Ning's debt has snow-balled, she does the most awesome thing --- she gets money from her parents (*twist 1: she turns out to be from a rich family but hides her identity) to pay off the debt and QUITS. She says she will not sacrifice her integrity for money and walks out of the office. 

  Ren Han was stunned. 

  Anyway, I really loved that because I am fine with "stupid"/"silly" female leads but I need them to have a backbone. It turns out (*twist 2*) that Ren Han and the other bosses were part of a plot to test Bai Ning's integrity before promoting her to a more senior position as they needed to trust that she won't betray company secrets. Bai Ning is surprised, then happy, but also a bit sad... because she wonders if Ren Han scheming to be close to her was all just for work?

  Comments: This book was really fun to read. It starts out a bit slow, but if you persist pass the first few chapters and once Bai Ning and Ren Han starts interacting, it becomes really funny. Also, you get a chapter that shows the story from the male lead's point of view later, so you realise that he really liked her from the start - because he likes cute things. <3 

   The second one, Black Belly Boss, Don't Run Away!, I read it after liking Corrupted Girl GAGA so much. 

  The synopsis I posted at SSB

   Fairytale version - At a random matchmaking session, Xiao Yi picked up a warm gentle and sweet little white rabbit. So, he carried it home and took care of it, the little white rabbit became bigger under his care, became more playful under his care, until one day, the little white rabbit became a mother tiger. 

  Realistic version - Nuo Nuo's first matchmaking session, she was shocked at her bad luck. Her matchmaking date was her BIG BOSS, and what was even more unimaginable, from this day onwards, their destinies start to shift... 

  The summarised version - This is a light-hearted story of how a Big Ash Wolf who schemed to take care of little white rabbit, got schemed instead to become a Poor Ash Wolf ! 

  Actually the synopsis covers the story very well! Xiao Yi, the male lead, is the CEO of a RPG gaming company which Nuo Nuo works at. She is a new employee - but she is smart and capable. She gave up a good job in another company because she really loves RPG games! Nuo Nuo meets Xiao Yi at a matchmaking date her Mum arranges and she is shocked - because her mum told her that her date will be a simple office worker. Also, Nuo Nuo becomes mortified because she actually stated she was married in her office application as her dad advised her that it will make her look more serious (haha). So, she admits to her big boss that she isn't married. 

   Their fate starts from there - Xiao Yi's little brother also likes Nuo Nuo, and Xiao Yi gets Nuo Nuo to go home with his little brother after he finishes school, makes Nuo Nuo wash his lunch box (after she washes another of her superior's lunch box), etc etc etc. It's really cute and silly in the usual black belly boss - little worker way. 

  But then, it turns out that the black belly boss who appears like a BIG BAD wolf, gets tamed by Nuo Nuo, who is not a lamb or a rabbit, but a mother tiger! Haha, that was fun, because usually the little worker gets bullied all the way, but Nuo Nuo gets to bully Xiao Yi back. She purposely uses Xiao Yi's scheme against him and makes him hopelessly jealous when her "first love" comes back. 

  It's also really sweet because to win Nuo Nuo's heart, Xiao Yi even went to read a dating manual <3. It really is very cute, and Xiao Yi admits in the end that he is willing to be a poor ash wolf for his mother tiger Nuo Nuo. <3

   Here's a short translation of the ending: 

   Nuo Nuo and Xiao Yi have married and are enjoying marital bliss at their home. When the game making team crashes their house! Nuo Nuo can't cook so she buys lots of raw food and they have a steamboat. The game making team teases Xiao Yi that they noticed the kitchen lacks cooking utensils and have not been used. Xiao Yi states that they will cook after they buy the cooking utensils. The game making team starts to reveal their wedding presents for the couple - first a whole set of cooking utensils. Then, the grand present, a cooking apron... for Xiao Yi! Xiao Yi scolds his employees haha. 

  The scene starts after the game making team left... 

   Unexpectedly, Xiao Big Boss hugged Nuo Nuo and asked, "... Do you feel that the apron suits me?"

   Nuo Nuo was surprised, then realised what Xiao Big Boss said and laughed, "Why do you suddenly think of that?"

  Xiao Big Boss pondered then said, "Nuo Nuo, tomorrow let's go to your home."

  "Ah, why?" Didn't they plan to enjoy being in their two person world? This is why the little white rabbit tolerated eating instant noodles and did not return to her mother's home?

   Xiao Yi paused, then said clearly, " Go home to learn how to cook from your mother."

  Nuo Nuo was shocked, "You learn or I learn?"

  Xiao Yi said, "I learn."

  These two words had too huge a killing effect, in that moment, Nuo Nuo could not digest the meaning of these words. 

  Nuo Nuo said, "Why do you suddenly think of that..."

  Ah... alright, Nuo Nuo admitted that she was lazy, she knew that learning how to cook was inevitable after getting married, but she had delayed it and did not do anything. But, she really did not expect that Xiao Big Boss will be so obedient, and raise it on his own. 

  "So after work every day, you will come home and cook?"


   "Xiao Big Boss you ---"

    Even before the words were finished, the lips were already heavily pressed on. What else needs to be said? He had long realised that the little white rabbit was not really a little white rabbit, long realised that someone wanted to transform him into a poor ash wolf, but on the road scheming to marriage, he had slowly, lowly, sunk himself in with no way of escape. 

  Xiao Big Boss had said earlier, fate has arrived, no matter what you cannot escape. What belongs to you, even if you want to hide, you can't hide away from it. 

   Perhaps, it is destiny, he was destined to be transformed by little white rabbit into poor ash wolf? Then... I will accept destiny. Actually poor ash wolf is also happy, because there is a cute and dear little red wolf kissing him. 

  Ah, very good, very satisfactory. 

   Plan Poor Ash Wolf, complete success. 


  1. Hi ! I'm late but Happy New Year! Hope that you'll be healthy and happy! :)
    One word to describe these novels : CUTE.
    The second one seems especially funny and a great reversal. Here we have a playful female lead and a mother tiger. Love this ^^

    Little Red

    1. Happy prosperous horse (this year is the year of the horse) to you too :)! May you always have bliss!

      Cute is indeed the word! Haven't found another cute c-novel I like as much. Finishing up one of my favourite ancient series. Will probably organise it into a MEGA entry when I have time!

    2. Ho! Is your favorite one of the books recommended to you in comments?
      Can't wait to read this ^^

      Little Red

    3. It's an ancient series written by Ming Yue Ting Feng (see sidebar of blog) haha! It's a series with 4 novels and one mini novel. I've finished the 3 novels and the mini-novel, and left the last novel to finish! I plan to write a MEGA entry when i finish all. Hahaha.

  2. I just started reading 腹黑BOSS,你别逃! with the help of google translate by listening to the audio.. Although I can only understand about 75% of it, I love the OTP interactions, very cute and funny. For once its the female lead bullying the male lead. Hoho

    1. Yay! Glad you are enjoying this! It's one of my favourite modern ones :)

    2. Have you consider taking up this book translation? since you haven't done modern c-novels translation before? I would love to help even though my chinese-english translation isn't the best and would likely need someone to read over and correct

    3. I have a preference for ancient c-novels and most of the modern novels are too long for me to want to translate them. There have been some nice modern novels, but I actually tend to drop them 30% or halfway through the book because the plot starts to get crazy lol. I doubt I will ever translate a modern c-novel, unless I find one short enough such that I am able to finish it in a month. If you would like to translate, I would encourage you to do so :) you could post the translations at SSB or open up your own blog and post slowly! I'm afraid I don't have enough time to help edit people's translations, but maybe you can ask for volunteers around SSB! I would suggest starting with a book you really really really love, because translating is a long arduous process and readership support will rise and wane, so you just really need to love something so much that you will complete it rain or shine! :)

    4. Thanks I will consider my options =) Black belly boss does have quite a lot of chapter so it'll be nice to collaborate with someone instead of doing it all, I can tell it a long process

    5. I will promise to be an avid reader if you open a blog :). I'm actually going to write an entry about the people who read the blog soon from your previous suggestion lol, it will be probably up next week (Moonblossom and I have quite a backlog of entries to update lol), and I can leave a note about people interested in collaborating, so maybe you can find fellow collaborators too!

    6. wooo looks like I will have a lot to read the coming week since you got quite a few entries to update ;)

    7. Hahaha, yes, have you noticed Moonblossom now updates thrice instead of twice? So I started double posting on some days, since I have a lot of "nonsense" talk entries. Haha. I've just finished my fanfic ending for Song Ning as well, will probably post it tonight. And, I kind of gone mad and went to recap a drama just for a secondary couple lol. I've written up to Part 5.

    8. Which is only a bonus for us readers yay!

  3. Hi decembi!

    I decided to bite the bullet and started the translation! Just dropping a comment here with the link to my blog. :)

    Black Belly Boss, Don't Run

    1. Left a comment at your blog! SO pretty <3 congrats! Will support you.

  4. what does poor ash wolf mean??? is he like whipped?

    1. Hahahah whipped. Yes, kind of like a wild wolf that has been defanged? Haha

    2. Lol, that makes sense. Thanks for clarifying :)