Thursday, 30 January 2014

#talk 3: My Actress for Heavy Sweetness Ash-Like Frost (Jin Mi)

   For those, who celebrate chinese new year, happy eve of chinese new year! :)

   I was watching an old Hong Kong movie a few days ago, 真的爱你 (I really love you), starring a very young Maggie Cheung and Jacky Cheung. I had loved it as a kid, and still love it. It's a whimsical funny HK version of Pretty Woman, with Maggie Cheung acting as a cosmetic counter girl instead of a call girl.

   I was struck while watching the movie at how luminous Maggie Cheung was --- and that was it, she really looked like how I envisioned Jin Mi looked. Someone who could be drop dead gorgeous, but with that kind of child-like whimsy in the eyes and mischief in the smile.

  You have to catch her in movies when she is young, because the pictures don't do her justice. But, here are some of her younger ancient movie pictures:

No idea where this picture is from. Haha.

     This is when she was acting as the Green Snake for the absolute classic, Legend of the White Snake. Ah, still my favourite version of the legend.

Do you have your own person in mind for Jin Mi? :) Do share!

Edited: Here's a link to the movie, I Really Love You, if anyone is interested in watching. 

Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Corrupted Girl GAGA (腐女GaGa) & Black Belly Boss, Don't Run Away! (腹黑BOSS,你别逃!) by The Mew From A Cat After A Lazy Nap (睡懒觉的喵) (4 stars - HE)

    Both novels are fun, light-hearted and comedic romantic love stories by The Mew From A Cat After A Lazy Nap (a pretty epic author's name haha). They are recommended if you like to read boss-worker love stories where the boss strategises into making the girl fall for him. 

   I gave both of them four stars, because they were funny and very readable - no out of this world angst that makes you wonder what happened to these two characters - consistently light throughout. I also liked that in the second one, Black Belly Boss, Don't Run Away!, the girl who the boss thought was cute like a rabbit, turns out to be a LION (best twist ever). 

    The first one, Corrupted Girl GAGA, I started to read it through recommendations from SSB

Spoiler-filled summary: 

    The female lead, Bai Ning, works as a junior officer in the editorial team of a magazine, and the male lead, Ren Han, is the head of the reporter (?) team. The novel starts with a meeting, the very big boss, the head of the company, downloaded from Bai Ning's thumbdrive, to give the office presentation - Bai Ning is stunned because the very big boss was going to open her secret folder, her GV folder!

  I have no idea what GV folder stands for, but it basically contains I imagine pretty scandalous boy-love kind of videos. Haha. This is why our female lead is called Corrupted Girl - she has been "corrupted" by boy love novels (see the cover picture above) and likes to imagine handsome guys together. So, Bai Ning went up and slammed the very big boss' new Apple Mac laptop - ruining it. Everyone is shocked - and Bai Ning says she will buy the very big boss a new Apple Mac laptop. 

   Bai Ning gets very stressed afterwards because she has not enough savings for it! The male lead, Ren Han, introduces the very big boss to a retailer he has a discount with for the Apple Mac, and pays for Bai Ning first - Ren Han becomes Bai Ning's debtor! Haha. Also, Ren Han had gotten Bai Ning's thumbdrive after the meeting and knows Bai Ning's "corrupted" secret - from then on, Bai Ning becomes Ren Han's slave. 

  It's pretty hilarious as Ren Han schemes - each time he "saves" Bai Ning from her mistakes, her debt to Ren Han increases! I seriously had no idea if Ren Han actually liked Bai Ning or just liked bullying her from the start. And then Ren Han "blackmails" Bai Ning to tell him what the editorial team plans to do for next month's issue, so his reporter team can win the next month's challenge. So, as Bai Ning's debt has snow-balled, she does the most awesome thing --- she gets money from her parents (*twist 1: she turns out to be from a rich family but hides her identity) to pay off the debt and QUITS. She says she will not sacrifice her integrity for money and walks out of the office. 

  Ren Han was stunned. 

  Anyway, I really loved that because I am fine with "stupid"/"silly" female leads but I need them to have a backbone. It turns out (*twist 2*) that Ren Han and the other bosses were part of a plot to test Bai Ning's integrity before promoting her to a more senior position as they needed to trust that she won't betray company secrets. Bai Ning is surprised, then happy, but also a bit sad... because she wonders if Ren Han scheming to be close to her was all just for work?

Sunday, 26 January 2014

Heavy Sweetness Ash-Like Frost (Translations - Chapter 8.1: The Elegant Tendrils)

*Note that the story is written in Jin Mi's first person perspective, so "I" here refers to Jin Mi.

Chapter 8.1: The Elegant Tendrils (Part 1 of 5)

   I dazedly watch as he sharply shouted at me and then closed his eyes contentedly. My heart was slightly grieved and indignant as even when Phoenix was dreaming, he did not forget to diss me. 

  And then another thought hit me, perhaps that question was one of his pet phrases? For example, Saint Sun, no matter who he saw - men, women, old or young - he would ask, "Demon! Where are you escaping?" Another example is how in the mortal world, when humans meet a friend, no matter early or night, they will definitely ask, "Have you eaten?"*

  Thus, I became at ease. 

  I went to the bedside and asked softly at his ear, "Phoenix, do you remember the important matter of owing me six hundred years of cultivation?"

  Phoenix's breathing was long and his eyes were closed shut. 

  "You are not objecting so you are silently consenting?" I asked seriously again to confirm. 

  Phoenix's eyes were closed shut and his demeanour was calm. 

  "To return what is owed is an unalterable principle of nature and earth. Thus, I shall take it myself so I would not have to trouble you." To find such a considerate debtor such as me, I doubt there were many. 

  I raised my index and middle finger on my right hand, and brought them together at the side of my mouth as I chanted the breaking open spell. A golden light started to rise from my finger tips, and I quickly placed my fingertips on top of Phoenix's nose bridge, in between his eyebrows. However, the golden light did not go into Phoenix's forehead as expected, but a seven coloured boundary bounced back onto me. If not for my quick reflexes, my two fingers would have been destroyed. 

  Too evil! I pitifully kneaded my burnt finger tips and blew air on it. The heat of the boundary was even hotter than the red lotus fire, if I was slower by a step, my finger tips would have been cooked. 

  This action naturally affected Phoenix and he slowly opened his eyes. His gaze was slightly misted, he rolled his eyes for a while, and then his gaze fell on a far spot and did not move. 

  I followed his gaze and saw that he was looking at a chinese ink painting on the wall. The painting was of purple grapes - it was exquisitely painted and looked like the grapes could be taken off the wall. 

  I watched Phoenix again, and how he stared directly at the string of grapes, an expression of dejection yet gentleness, sweetness and yet sadness. Seeing his expression, I went through a round of deduction and concluded: He must be hungry!

  Reaching such a conclusion, my body naturally trembled one round. Could it be this bird Phoenix after being drunk, wanted to change his taste and eat grapes? Not that I wanted to praise myself, but my real self was three times more purple, five times rounder, eight times juicier than the grape in the painting. Not too big or too small, just nice for Phoenix's beak to eat smoothly in one gulp into his stomach. 

  I moved my hands and legs back to prepare to escape, when I suddenly heard a voice behind me, "Jin Mi?"

Friday, 24 January 2014

#talk 2: The Books of C-Novels

     I've been looking out for the book versions of the c-novels to keep as a collection! There are quite a few versions with many different covers - so it's rather hard to decide haha. I used to want to buy Bu Bu Jing Xing, but I don't think I will ever read or watch it again honestly.

   This is such a pretty version of the Pillow Book! It's Part 2 and it includes a set of postcards <3. But, there's no Part 1 :(. 

   This is another version of the Pillow Book that I found! It has Part 1 and Part 2 and also includes the postcards. The illustrations are so lovely... although I think I prefer the above one! Shall shop around more and decide later. 


   The last one is for Little Red. This is a version of the Little Prince which has the Chinese, English and French version all collated together. <3

Thursday, 23 January 2014

Heavy Sweetness Ash-Like Frost (Summaries - Chapter 7)

Woohoo, this will be the last summary and the translations can officially start. 

Chapter 7: Vinegar *(Jealousness) can also cause Drunkenness

    It has been half a month since Jin Mi came to the mortal world. Little soil god and Jin Mi are drinking alcohol and little soil god shares that the world's four greatest pleasures are eating, drinking, women** and gambling. Jin Mi tells little soil god that she does not know what are the pleasures of women and gambling. 

  So, the little soil god brings Jin Mi to an underground gambling den and teaches her Mahjong! Hours later, they get kicked out of the gambling den as their luck was too good! The little soil god then decides to bring Jin Mi to a brothel (haha). But before the courtesans could appear, Jin Mi starts to escape as she heard that one of the courtesans is called Mu Dan (a type of flower -peony) and thought she was one of the Flower Leaders! 

  The little soil god is confused as to why Jin Mi wants to run away then he makes the conclusion that Jin Mi is actually interested in guys! So he brings her to a brothel that has male courtesans (haha). At the male brothel, Jin Mi meets... Phoenix! Jin Mi asks Phoenix if he has come here to seek pleasure and he tells Jin Mi coldly that he has come to find her. Phoenix was so angry to see Jin Mi with the male courtesans that he sets fire to the male brothel. 

   A thunderstorm comes and extinguishes the fire quickly. The great Water God had arrived to stop the fire. The great Water God scolds Phoenix for setting fire to the brothel and potentially causing the loss of human lives. Phoenix apologises. Jin Min notices that Phoenix looks a bit scared, so she decides to help him since he still owes her three hundred years of cultivation. She tells the great Water God that Phoenix wanted to set her on fire but had missed and accidentally caused the whole brothel to burn instead (although this was not true, since the fire that had set the brothel ablaze was ordinary fire and could not hurt Jin Mi or the little soil god). Phoenix mutters to himself that he must as well set himself on fire if he wanted to set her on fire. 

  At this point, Night descends from the night sky. Night greets the great Water God and the great Water God grandly excuses himself and flies off. Phoenix accuses Night of being the one who stole Jin Mi away. Night said he was merely helping a friend who had been imprisoned. 

  Phoenix mocks Night for his sudden brotherly concern and states that he must know that the Flower World is blaming Phoenix for Jin Mi's disappearance. Phoenix also mocks Night for his care of Jin Mi since she ended up at a male brothel.

   Jin Mi tells Phoenix and Night about the four great pleasures of the mortal world and offers them osmanthus (a type of flower) wine that she made. Under the full moon, Night, Phoenix and Jin Mi start to drink her osmanthus wine as the little soil god apologises for what he has done. Phoenix says that it is lucky that Jin Mi's heavenly essence is still intact and tells the little soil god to go and tend the ovens of Lao Jun (another god)***. 

   They drink and Night praises Jin Mi for her skill in brewing the wine. Night says that when the flower that Jin Mi gave him, Beautiful Night Scent, blooms, he will seek her advice on how to brew it. Jin Mi agrees - Phoenix is cold and silent throughout this.  Five jugs of wine later, Night falls drunk first. Jin Mi places Night on the Nightmare Beast and the Nightmare Beast flies off to Night's palace with Night on its back. After twenty jugs of Jin Mi's wine, Phoenix is still not drunk - Jin Mi is surprised. So, she asks Phoenix to pass her the three hundred years of cultivation. 

  Phoenix did not respond - his cheeks were red and his eyes slightly glossy. Jin Mi pokes Phoenix and he falls onto her shoulder. Jin Mi then realises that Phoenix had long been drunk. So, Jin Mi struggles and carries Phoenix to the bed in the side room. Jin Mi thinks that Phoenix looks like a child when he is drunk, so she squeezes his cheeks. At the height of Jin Mi's enthusiasm, Phoenix opens his eyes suddenly, gives Jin Mi a swift and fierce glance, and cries, "Little Demon, where do you come from?" 

*In chinese, when one asks another if she or he is "eating vinegar" - they usually mean "are you jealous?" Because vinegar is sour - so it is insinuating that the person is feeling jealous hence feeling sour haha. 

**Literally, the chinese word is translated to whoring. But I dislike the term. 

*** Lao Jun is literally translated to Old Gentleman - he is in charge of making red pills. Although it is not yet explained, these red pills/pellets have special powers and uses for the gods. 

Comments: The moral of this chapter is to not make Phoenix angry. Haha. 

Monday, 20 January 2014

Talk #1: Reviews, Requests & Recommendations

I would like to thank all readers for their warm encouragement and support! The summary for chapter 7 will be out by this week and I'm so excited to finally start on the translations proper. I will be following the breaks in the chapters as per the version I'm following - so you will get chapter 8.1, etc - the updates will be shorter but much more frequent.

The most popular entry on my blog is without a doubt, the Chapter 18 translations of the Pillow Book. Haha. I just wanted to say thank you, and also that at a later stage I will be doing a full review and some translations of the later chapters to wrap up that saga of the fight. But, these may not be full translations and as I earlier said, I am not going to do the Pillow Book as a translation project.

I've been asked a few times - why have I not written reviews for my 5 star novels? Basically, these novels are so good and so close to my heart that I fear I cannot do them justice. Also, for the 4-4.5 star novels, it's much easier to pick out the scene that made me love the novel. But, for the 5 star novels, I love everything. I am going to write proper reviews for them, but they will be in gestation for a long while, because I plan to do quite a few scene translations for them, and even one novel is a prospective future translation project (haha). For Three Thousand Crows Killing, I am definitely writing a review, and I plan to translate the entire epilogue... which is really long, because it's basically the novel in the male lead perspective. Some readers have commented that the novel should have started with the epilogue because you only get hints from the novel of why the male lead loves the female lead so much. The epilogue is one of my most favourite epilogues - basically like Ye Hua's epilogue for 3L3W but 10 times better.

So, lots of things in the works, but I'm prioritising Heavy Sweetness Ash-Like Frost.

If you have good recommendations of c-novels (ancient or modern), please do leave a comment and share! If you have translation requests - small ones, like specific scenes etc, feel free to leave or email a request as well. I can't promise I will translate it, but I will definitely read it and consider. <3

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都是狐狸 by 千夜魅罗 (Both are Foxes by Thousand Night Forest Web (Qian Ye Mei Luo)) - Review & Scene Translation (3.5 stars)

    The synopsis I posted at shusheng bar

Her looks surpass this world, her talents are earth shattering, but all these can be deeply hidden by her. Because she knows beauty will not be a blessing, and intelligence is a greater virtue, especially in these ancient times where evil runs abound - so in the eyes of the people in this world she is a woman who is so ugly that ghosts will be afraid of seeing, she is a weak lady who does not know anything.
A sacred decree from the Emperor causes her to marry the renowned Prime Minister Dong Ling (North Hill). Having to face all the disdainful glances and open and hidden attacks from the people around her - she looks at it with cold eyes and a cold smile, all these were not what she wanted - why do women like to make things difficult for other women?
She's the ugly, cowardly, useless delicate lady, Zi Yin Ye (Violet Silver Night), but even more she is the handsome, dashing, amazingly talented Prime Minister Ye Yin!

   To be honest, I struggled for a while before deciding to review this c-novel. While I thought it was fairly well written, I personally felt it was far too long (a total of 121 chapters and 2 epilogues) and it did not meet my minimum of 4 stars to be recommended. On the other hand, I've agreed with Peanuts to add more ancient c-novels to the shusheng bar (haha) and despite its many flaws, it was pretty unique and good enough to make me finish it. 

  Why I said it was pretty unique was because intelligent female leads are more the exception than the norm - and this female lead was really very intelligent, and not the kind of intelligence that you kind of semi-scowl at the author for trying to trick you. She actually travelled back from modern times (but this is not really touched on or dragged so I'm fine with it, because I usually hate the time-travelling trope) and this explains her talent in poetry - she copies poems from famous poets (haha) and her intelligence (because she's much older and experienced than her age belies). 

   The title, Both are Foxes, is used to describe the two main leads. They are both foxes - because they pretend to be sheep (harmless, gentle, guileless) but are actually very crafty, cunning and intelligent! This is a love story bigger than both of them - and part of the joy is to see them out-trick each other and use their wits. The main female lead, Zi Yin Ye, has no interest whatsoever in Ren Feng Yao (the prime minister of the Kingdom of Dong Ling) because he is an extraordinary man. Extraordinary man attracts women like butterflies and all she wants is a man who will love her devotedly and only her.

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Heavy Sweetness Ash-Like Frost (Summaries - Chapter 6)

  Dear readers, sorry for the slowness in updates! I have been very much under the weather and having a slushy brain. But, I'm getting better and I hope the Summary of Chapter 6 will do for now. 

  Additionally, I don't have that many pretty ancient chinese fantasy pictures - I will be grateful if readers could send in pictures at to be used for the future entries! I really love the picture above... and thought it really looked like how Night Deity would be - crossing the night sky alone... leaving white flowers in his wake. 

  Now, on to the summaries: 

Chapter 6: The Mortal World in An Instant

     The Flower Leader makes Jin Mi kneel before the Flower Goddess's tombstone. She warns Jin Mi not to lie. First, she asks Jin Mi where her Spirit Sealing Hairpin went and Jin Mi said she lost it. She then asks Jin Mi how many people have seen her real appearance besides Phoenix and Jin Mi starts to name many gods like the Moon God, the Night Deity, etc...

   The Flower Leader gets more angry. She asks if Phoenix brought Jin Mi out of the Flower World, if she has been staying at Phoenix's palace for the last hundred years and if she was the one who made the ling zhi (glossy ganodema) for Phoenix to cure his poison. Jin Mi says yes to all three. Jin Mi gets so used to saying yes that she also says yes to Flower Leader's next question which is if Jin Mi has romantic feelings for Phoenix. The Flower Leader is furious and started to say she needs to give up half of her immortal essence, so Jin Mi tells the Flower Leader that she does not have feelings for Phoenix and Phoenix owes her three hundred years of cultivation for the ling zhi. The Flower Leader is relieved. 

  The Flower Leader reminds Jin Mi that the Flower World and Heavenly Realm are enemies and she must make an oath never to have a connection with anyone from the Heavenly Realm. So, Jin Mi makes an oath that if she has a relationship with people (人) from the Heavenly Realm - her immortal essence will be destroyed, she can never be an immortal again, she will be a human in her next life, and a carrot in her next next life! Jin Mi secretly laughs to herself because there are only gods in the Heavenly Realm and no people, so the Flower Leader has been tricked by her oath.

Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Heavy Sweetness Ash-Like Frost (Summaries - Chapters 4 to 5)

       Thanks for the support :). The kind and warm comments keep me motivated! I'm still trying to settle down in Hong Kong and feeling a bit homesick. I think it's all the concentrating I have to do to try and understand Cantonese! It's giving me a mild headache. 

   So, strangely, what I've been doing to de-stress and get used to this new place is reading C-novels (ok, and doing lots of shopping haha). I'm gearing up to do some translations (before real work starts), so here's the summary for Chapters 4 and 5. 

   By the way, Szara has given some advice on accessing xiaoyuer's blog. I have not tried it out yet, but it sounds good:

For everyone who is having trouble with xia0yuer's tumblr-- the problem is caused by a program called Disqus, which makes my browser freezes. If you're using Firefox or Google Chrome, you can download the "NotScript" add-on which can block Disqus from loading. 

Chapter 4: A Dream in the River of Forgetfulness

    *I love how xiaoyuer translated the Moon God's place as the Estate of Conjugal Bliss, so I will use that phrase. I would have translated it as House of Matrimonial Fate instead but xiaoyuer's phrase is much more poetic. 

   Jin Mi arrives at the Moon God's place, the Estate of Conjugal Bliss. One of the Moon God's servants is surprised that Jin Mi has turned into a girl! Jin Mi commented that the Moon God has lost weight and he informed her it's because the birds are getting smaller. The Flower Leaders of the Flower World had gone to the Bird World to find a little flower fairy but could not find her despite searching all the eggs - so now the Flower World has cut off the flower supply to the Bird World unless they produce the little flower fairy. This is because it is said that a crow has taken away the little flower fairy (haha Phoenix).

   When Jin Mi goes to watch chinese opera with the Moon God, she meets Lao Hu (the carrot immortal). Lao Hu wants to bring Jin Mi back to the flower world as he got scolded by the Flower Leaders for losing Jin Mi. So, Lao Hu brings Jin Mi back to Phoenix's palace and asks to take Jin Mi back. Phoenix asks Jin Mi if she wants to return to the Flower World and she says yes. Phoenix says very well since he has to go down to the Underworld as there has been disturbances down there. Jin Mi's ears perks up when she hears that Phoenix is going to the Underworld. 

   She tells Lao Hu that before she leaves she needs to take some Buddhist scrolls for her cultivation and Phoenix consents for her to take some scrolls. So, later that night, she turns into her grape form and hides in the sleeves of one of Phoenix's robes on his bed. Phoenix changes into the robe and goes to the Underworld (he clearly knows that Jin Mi is in the robe, and scares her for a moment by pretending he will wear another robe haha).

   At the river in the Underworld, the old boatman asks if the immortal lady is steady before riding the boat. Jin Mi realises she is discovered and transforms back to her human self. Phoenix laughs at her. Jin Mi cups the water of the river and Phoenix whacks her hand - the water is from the River of Forgetfulness. The boatman mentions that he has guarded the river for hundred thousands of years but this is only the second time he has seen such a beautiful lady like Jin Mi. He mentioned that the lady was very sad and wanted to drink the water in the River of Forgetfulness but another guy came and pulled her away. 

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仗剑一笑踩蘑菇 by 囡囝囚团 (With One Smile, the Sword Tramples the Mushroom by Nan Jian Qiu Tuan) (Review + Translations of Prologue & Favourite Scenes)

     This was one of the first books I read outside of the recommendations from Shusheng bar, so perhaps it's apt that this would be the first book I posted on the Shusheng bar.

    The prologue:

   In the six realms, there is god, demon, immortal, spirit, mortal, ghost. 

   In the mortal world, there is a Tian Yan Mountain. On the Mountain, there is a soul splitting cliff. On the soul splitting cliff, there is a small soil mound. On the soil  mound, there is a tree. On this tree, there is a... glossy ganoderma (basically, a mushroom that grows on trees).

   It just had a bit of godly consciousness, it was dry, shrivelled, and scared.  Every day when it saw humans, it anxiously closed its eyes and silently chanted: Don't cook me to make soup, don't cook me to make soup...

    "What an ugly mushroom," Someone furrowed his brow and walked away. 


   This caused the small ganodema to be a laughing stock among the other creatures on Soul Spitting Cliff. Until one day, a wash of white light fell from the sky. It caused her to save 500 years of cultivation and immediately took human form - she became a baby and was carried away. 

   "How can there be a baby on the Soul Splitting Cliff?" Someone asked finding it strange but could not find any answer. The ugly mushroom can no longer be seen. He laughed, "You shall be called Gu Xiao Mo (taking Mo from mushroom)". 

  Gu Xiao Mo? Little Mushroom? 

  Darn! Even after one big transformation, she was still a dry shrivelled mushroom.

The synopsis is largely modelled after the prologue, but there's an extra bit:

   It turns out that he and her were both monsters. Under this big sky, it is afraid that there is no space to hold them. 

   What is spirit, what is demon, what is immortal, what is mortal? 

   After expending all their efforts and everything they had, all the two monsters wanted was to gain some warmth from each other. 

  For love and justice! Little Mushroom! Transform!

Warning - review is full of SPOILERS:

   At shusheng bar, I've commented largely on the flaws of the book - the plot and pacing is quite slow (3-3.5 stars), but what made it special for me is the main couple - Little Mushroom and Yu Liu (his name is made up of words suggesting fragance and beauty).

  To me, they are a five star couple.

   Little Mushroom is a mushroom spirit, in which a small immortal who had descended to become a demon had taken possession of part of her spirit. This small immortal is made from one of the stones of Nu Wa (the great mother goddess), she is made of the same material of the Heavenly Sword - the most powerful sword in all of the realms. She descended to become a demon because she fell in love with a the great god, Zi Wei, and this was against the laws of heaven. They locked her up and she stole the Heavenly Sword and caused great chaos.

  Yu Liu is the reincarnation of the Dragon God, the ruler of all the heavenly creatures. When his birth was forecasted, the world fell into chaos to gain him. His whole tribe was killed off. He was then locked up by the Jade Emperor - he was released by the small immortal. From then on, in Little Mushroom's dreams for 10 years, she inexplicably dreamt of him - not knowing, who is this beautiful man?

Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Heavy Sweetness Ash-Like Frost (Summaries - Prologue & Chapter 1-3)

     Happy New Year! A new year, a new project. 

   I can't start this project without recognising that the prologue and chapters 1 to 7 have already been beautifully translated by xiaoyuer. It's with much appreciation to xiaoyuer for letting me continue the project and also much thanks to Peanuts for helping me get started as well <3

   This was my first ancient c-novel, thus naturally a sentimental old favourite. I think it's probably one of the best books that tears your heart between two equally worthy male leads (though we can all debate and differ later haha and please discuss in the comments or at shusheng bar because that makes it so much more fun). 

   I am not sure if xiaoyuer was translating from the same website source (because some websites seem to divide the chapters a bit differently) but the source I am using has 68 chapters for the main story and a few epilogues. The chapters are usually split into a few parts but xiaoyuer has combined them so her translations are especially long. I should be able to get at least a part of a chapter out weekly and will try my best to get them out as fast as possible since as a reader, I also love to read everything in one go (heh). 

   I am providing a summary of the prologue and chapters 1-7 as I still have problems trying to access xiaoyuer's translations online and so I'm guessing some readers might have that problem too. 

   First, a summary. This is translated by xiaoyuer and also available at the shusheng bar: 

In the prehistoric times, the 200,000 year of Tian Yuan, the flower deity Zi Fen dies after giving birth to a daughter. Before she passed [away], she fed her daughter the Unfeeling Pill, ordered her subordinates to keep the girl’s birth story a secret and to imprison her within Shui Jing for ten thousand years. The girl’s name is Jin Mi.

Four thousand years later, the Heavenly Emperor’s second son, the Phoenix Fire Deity was entrapped by someone and mistakenly entered Shui Jing. He was saved by the ignorant Jin Mi. After living together for a hundred years, the Fire Deity gradually developed feelings for Jin Mi. Who would have thought that he would be attracted to Jin Mi?

In between the Heavenly World and the Devil World, there is an immeasurably deep River of Forgetfulness, where the war between the Fire Deity and Night Deity finally erupts.
   I will generally follow xiaoyuer's names and phrasing for the novel so there's not too much confusion.  Instead of flower deity Zi Fen, I will use Flower Goddess. For Phoenix Fire Deity and the Night Deity I will use the full name sometimes, if not it will just be Phoenix and Night. 

  Here is the summary for the Prologue and Chapters 1-3: