Monday, 2 December 2013

The English World of C-Novels

   After the harrowing experience of 步步惊心(Startling By Each Step/Scarlet Heart), I had avoided the world of C-Novels which is a minefield of broken hearts. However, I had recently came across a few blogs which wonderfully and generously shared about Happy Ending C-novels! They also had tantalizing english translations of scenes which caused me to dive truly into the world of C-Novels. 

   As is obvious from my recommended completed reading, I am Happy Endings only. Although the definition of happy ending is probably debatable, because it also depends on which male lead you root for. I am allergic to unfruitful angst - I can angst as hard as the author wants, but it needs to pay off in the end. 

  After some thought, I've decided that I would try my hand in translating C-Novels into English to share them to a broader audience! I'm still deciding which C-Novel to translate though since my favourite C-Novels (3L3W series) are being/have already been translated by the amazing Hamster and Heavy Sweetness, Ash-like Frost had been translated by xiaoyuer in part. 

  I contemplated translating Two Ex Husbands on a Stage but it doesn't really intrigue me enough for me to go back to re-read and study it in depth, since what I would like to do is a detailed summary/translation of favourite scenes with analysis. So, I think I will probably read more and consider first. 

  Still, a directory for beginniner C-Novel readers like me: 

Hamster is such a talented translator!
This is such a great blog which translates Come & Eat, Shan Shan and provides awesome summaries and scene translations for chinese novels. Quite pivotal for me because I won't read anything which ends tragically. 
Koala's Playground is my favourite books/drama/movies/everything blog. She has translated Da Mo Yao and quite a bit of Yun Zhong Ge. 
This is a wonderful directory of great C-Novels, and my go-to place to find the next C-Novel to read. The comments are hilarious and have saved me from a lot of heart break. 
I do not know why her site always crashes on me, which upsets me because I really want to read her entries! The bits that I have read were very beautiful. 

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